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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Zippo Survival Tools.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Zippo flint stimulate wheel
  • Consists of 5 simple light-weight paraffin wax-coated cotton stimulate tinder; ignites with stimulate or flame and Burns approximately 5 minutes
  • Ergonomic style with textured grip; waterproof storage
  • Drifts in water; formed lanyard hole

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Zippo Survival Tools.
Emergency Situation Fire Kit Beginning a fire has never ever been simpler. Read more View bigger Created To Conserve The Day In the outdoors, getting a fire began quickly can be a matter of life and death. The Emergency Situation Fire Kit (EFK) comes through when others reverse. Fire up your camping site at a minute’s notification as the EFK’s compact and superior building packs enough punch to subdue bleak conditions. Constructed for years of usage, this kit is one you’re not going to wish to go into the outdoors without. Read more Emergency Situation Fire Kit Functions Water- Resistant Our waterproof fire beginning kit drifts in water for extra comfort. An O-ring develops a waterproof seal that safeguards the 5 simple stimulate tinders from wetness and keeps them dry. Trustworthy Glow The EFK includes the exact same flint wheel (made in U.S.A.) that remains in our Zippo lighters.The flint wheel offers reputable stimulating (approximately 1,700 triggers) in any weather. Keep in mind: When the flint wheel stops stimulating, you can change the flint in the flint wheel (ASIN B00 0EAEAHK). No requirement to change the kit. Ergonomic Style Constructed with reusable ABS plastic and an incorporated textured grip, this case makes it simple to grip in the most difficult conditions. This kit likewise offers a tinder compartment for simple storage and protection from the aspects. Portable Keep this Emergency Situation Fire Kit close with it’s molded lanyard hole. Link it to a lanyard or clip, connect it to your knapsack, and you’re all set to go. Read more Get Your Fire Began Quickly & Securely Action 1 Location the simple stimulate tinder on a stick or branch. Press cotton up through the tinder. Action 2 Fray out the cotton that was pressed through on the tinder. Action 3 Take your EFK and stimulate the tinder utilizing the flint wheel. Action 4 Location fired up tinder into fire. Read more View bigger Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Zippo Survival Tools.

Question Question 1

Does This Take The Exact Same Flint As Their Lighters?

Yes it does take the exact same flint as the zippo lighters.

Question Question 2

How Long Are These Matches?

Sorry we can’t respond to properly, we only bought them in October and we are still waiting for them to be provided. Nevertheless they appear to be very comparable to the UCO Stormproof matches which are 2 & 3/4 inches long.

Question Question 3

Does This Actually Work Even The Stick Has Wetness?

Yes, the matches work. No, the sticks do not come with wetness.

Question Question 4

Can This Be Left In Hot Vehicles In The South?

zippo is not accountable for any lost or taken posts from cars left ignored in the south

Question Question 5

Where Was This Made?

the mag strikes are produced to Zippo quality requirements in China

Question Question 6

How Do These Compare To Uco Titans?

No distinction. Have utilized both. Side by side you can not inform the distinction

Question Question 7

About The Number Of Strikes/Lights Will This Last?

Approximately 2500 strikes. All of it depends upon the pressure appliedduringthe strikes.

Question Question 8

Is This The Exact Same Thing As Zippo S 4 In 1 Woodsman? Axesaw Is What S Noted On Their Site However There S Two Listings Here?

It is.we purchased two of these.One for spouse, one for buddy that is devoted gardner.They both enjoy it and enjoy that the saw blade gets saved in the handle.we wold extremely recommend.Of course the first one we purchased was $5400 however the 2nd one was $8000 Do not understand why, however paid it anyhow as it was a great present.

Question Question 9

At Checkout It States Product Can Not Be Delivered To Our Address.Can This Product Not Be Delivered To Illinois?

Some states have amusing guidelines about delivering combustible items. You might simply need to buy from a various source or buy in your area. They will not deliver bear repellent spray to Massachusetts for example.

Question Question 10

Where Are These Made?

The Zippo Tropical Cyclone Match Kit is produced in China according to our high specs and quality.

Question Question 11

Does The Container Feature Matches?

Yeah, it comes with Zippo Tropical storm Matches.we can’t keep in mind the number of, 12 or 15? They’re bigger than the UCO Titan matches however IMO not rather as good.They do not burn rather as long at the UCO variations however they’re still respectable.

Question Question 12

How Does This Work Better Than A Bic Lighter?

Well, if you have ever attempted to utilize a Bic lighter in a rain storm, or when the temperatures are cold and windy to light a campfire, then a lotbetter Exist better approaches? Sure. Nevertheless, we have been purchasing these to toss in our searching bag, or for assisting buddies construct their own survival packages and get home bags. They work jus Well, if you have ever attempted to utilize a Bic lighter in a rain storm, or when the temperatures are cold and windy to light a campfire, then a lotbetter Exist better approaches? Sure. Nevertheless, we have been purchasing these to toss in our searching bag, or for assisting buddies construct their own survival packages and get home bags. They work simply great. Gimmicky? Possibly a little, however often that’s not always a bad thing.

Question Question 13

Inside Size And Length?

Inside size is 1 7/16 inches (36 mm), total length is 4 2/4 inches (12 cm) long. The matches are * 4 1/4 inches (*107 mm) in length the yellow striking idea is * 4/16 inch (* 8mm) in size and the red accelerant length is * 2 1/2 inches (*62 mm) in length (not consisting of yellow idea.). (* Around, due to not specific Inside size is 1 7/16 inches (36 mm), total length is 4 2/4 inches (12 cm) long. The matches are * 4 1/4 inches (*107 mm) in length the yellow striking idea is * 4/16 inch (* 8mm) in size and the red accelerant length is * 2 1/2 inches (*62 mm) in length (not consisting of yellow idea.). (* Around, due to not specific production. product differs a little)

Question Question 14

How Or Where Can You Get Replacement Fire Tenders For This Zippo Efk???

right here on. the link for the tinders is right on the fire kit page a minimum of 3 times for us.https:// www. com/Zippo-40479- Easy-Spark-Tinders/dp/B074 HG17 ZT/ref= sr_1_1? ie= UTF8 & qid =1539117653 & sr= 8-1 & keywords= zippo% 2Btinder & th= 1

Question Question 15

The Number Of Matches Are Consisted Of In The Match Refill Packages. All We See Is “Matches”, Is It A Complete 30 Pk Refill?

Sir we have never ever taken a look at the refill packages. You got us on that one. we respond to things all the time for them, however we have not had it however for about 6 months or two. we are intending on leaving it in/ on our John Boat. if you are out searching because type of weather condition matches may simply conserve your life. Wanted we might of assisted better.

Question Question 16

Does The Container Have Enough Space To Hold The 30 Match Refill Or Only 15 At A Time?

It may hold simply a few more than 15, however it will not hold 30.

Question Question 17

If We Get An Extra Saw Blafe Can They Both Fit In The Handle? Or Does One Need To Be Geared up?

we extremely encourage versus this product specifically if you are going to do anything needing numerous blades very inexpensively produced get a firebird camp hawk rather. it probably would fit an extra blade

Question Question 18

Can You Buy Simply The Matches?

The matches come with the container. The strike zone can use out so they constantly send out a new container. Possibly attempt bought straight from their site.

Question Question 19

If You Buy Simply The Matches With Out The Case The Number Of Do You Get For 10.76??

Matches offered without the case, you get 30 matches

Question Question 20

What Preventative Measures Do We Required To Require To Shop These Long Term In Our Home?

Is this a real question?Speaking for ourself, we increase the kid’s kool assistant and when they’re greater than a kite, we provide all the matches they can bring and inform them to release hell.Seriously though, these matches have one job.These matches are for when you require a fire in the next 5 minutes or you’re going to di Is this a real question?Speaking for ourself, we increase the kid’s kool assistant and when they’re greater than a kite, we provide all the matches they can bring and inform them to release hell.Seriously though, these matches have one job.These matches are for when you require a fire in the next 5 minutes or you’re going to die.In parts of Alaska where we have been, this is extended cold water immersion, and very wet fuels.we got these and the even better Uco matches for when you’re so cold your hands will not work, these are huge enough that you can light them with your elbow or teeth without breaking.If you can utilize your hands, there are more economical options.As we stated, these matches have one task.Heat and oxygen has to do with the eneour of whatever in regards to storage.vacuum seal them and put an oxygen absorber in with them and put them in the freezer.we take no such preventative measures as lifesaving devices isn’t perfect for long term storage.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Zippo Survival Tools, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Substantial distinction in between what we anticipated and what we got. We have the uco stormproof matches in the waterproof container and the striker on the outdoors, which can and does get wet and weaken. We saw these evaluated and the selling points that got us were that the striker is sealed with a rubber cap and the container drifts. We got it on sale for around $12, which was well worth it for us and we were simply wanting to it as a container upgrade over our uco stormproof matches. What we got was a pack of big matches and huge container. Each match has to do with 4x the size of a uco stormproof match ormore Much more robust than we had anticipated, we were happily amazed. Not a replacement for the uco’s, as their size may be a disadvantage if packaging little and light, however a beefier alternative when a little extra weight and/ or bulk can be endured.

We are uncertain why individuals are not amazed with this gadget. It is simple and waterproof and self consisted of. We didn’t even check out the directions. We pulled out the offered tinder roll. Poked it on a stick and loosened up the little bit of waxy cotton that snagged on the stick. Put the flint wheel versus the offered tinder and struck the wheel. 2nd spin of the wheel it break into flame. Burned for about 5 minutes and then we smashed it to snuff out the flame. We have utilized compression fire beginners, flint and steel, and magnesium rods to begin fires and this, without a doubt, out performs them all. We get that it would be difficult to light a tinder stack with the quantity of triggers it tosses however that isn’t the point of this gadget. It has its own tinder which lights withease The point of this gadget is a little, packable, waterproof, self consisted of fire beginning gadget. And it is all those things for sure. All we would state is if you get cold and exhausted attempting some other approaches, you are welcome to come rest and heat up by the fire we began in the time it took you to slash off some magnesium chips. Now the real test of this product isn’t the ease of usage or how well it works since that evidence exists. It is if you can find refills?.

This is an great case. The kit comes with zippo matches, the case and a couple extra striker pads. They’re simply a little bigger than a uco titan match. Comparing the zippo matches to the uco titans nevertheless exposed that the titans are better matches. They burn longer and with great ferocity, plus they’re more difficult to snuff out. Nevertheless the zippo case is much better than the uco titan case. For beginners the zippo tropical storm (tmk) has the striker under a waterproof cap that appears like the caps on a rifle scope. This keeps the striker bone-dry not matter what you do to the case unlike the uco with a striker on the exterior. The tmk is likewise a bit bigger than the uco. We will utilize the compare, no doubt, however when they’re gone we will change them with uco matches. No knock on the zippo, we simply believe the uco arebetter However there’s no rejecting this match case is great. After utilizing it for a while we purchased a 2nd one.

Exact same concept thats been done a hundred times for one of the most part. What sets this one apart is the tinder. The “cotton” (?) “donuts” work by pressing a stick into the hole which will press out fibers to capture a trigger and have stated stick as a “handle” to get the lit tinder to where you require it under your fire lay. (based on package instructions)these are a lot easier to get your fire where you require it to get things going, and no scorched fingers attempting get a burning tinder put pinched in between your fingers.

This is a remarkable product. The matches are huge. When we bought it we were anticipating the normal sized match holder. This one is double the size. It belongs to strike the matches on the bottom and is extremely well sealed and waterproof. We can not wait to utilize this out outdoor camping we sense that rain and wind will not indicate a thing when you light these matches. Extremely suggest super cool product from zippo.

Our father utilized to be a kid scout master years earlier so he lives by the slogan “constantly be prepared.” he had seen this on a youtube video and liked it so we amazed him with it for his birthday. He was so thrilled. In the pictures, we were getting him to reveal us how it works. It was simple to reverse completion to eliminate the saw blade and connect it. It was likewise simple to utilize. The axe came relatively sharp and all set to utilize. The sheath over it is very protective and very simple to eliminate when required. The behind of the axe works as a hammer. We would not always construct a home with it however it is absolutely a tough hammer. When we asked our father how he liked it, his reaction was that he required another one for the vehicle since that a person was entering his truck. So we would state it’s absolutely worth it for you or ther guy in your life that likes to be prepared.

Pros- resilient, quality, safe, angled stryker cons-stiff to open, much heavier than anticipated, bigger than anticipated, stryker is exposed or without coating. It loses a star for being so stiff, we are adept, however needed to opened it with a flat head and needed to sand the inner area around the flint rod. It then opened and closed quickly, however was still safe. We want the styker was coated because it is exposed. We would recommed those who wish to save a flint and steel versus deterioration. The stryker is rather good. It is not pocket sized and is triagular. Hope this assists. Ps. Zippo, there is alot of uneeded mass( plastic) here and it didn’t require to be triangular, and we want it was slim and box formed, so we might edc this.

Zippo has assembled an good, well-thought kit. The only downside for us, was the striker system seems the powerlessness – feels lightweight. This is the one location that you desire things to be strong. The flint was likewise simply a fragment and it would make good sense if zippo simply put a full-size flint in from the start. We changed consisted of flint – all is right on the planet. We likewise believe some folks might not be following directions. The tinder in mine fired up first or 2nd strike dependably. Make certain you select at it a little to fray it up. Other than that, it works like a beauty – even in the rain.

Utilized these in the current heavy thunderstorms in maryland. Match worked great in the rain, however didn’t last as long as we would like it to. Wound up needing to utilize numerous to light the fuel tablet we were utilizing for our outdoor camping range. In general a good product, we will need to find longer ones for a longer light.

We would need to concur with other customers that this is not a product to take backpacking as its too large and the construct quality do not appear hard adequate to be something to depend upon. Were this product shines however is for home and outdoor camping usage. This assists a lot when cold beginning a fire or rebooting a fire from coals. We utilize it for our wood burning range which warms our home and we can state it deserved every cent. It gets the fire going much quicker.

This is a lil smaller sized than we believed it would be however its quickly packable & bring with you camping, hiking, backpack and so on. It carries out as advertized however you need to keep in mind to fray to cotton after you press ur stick through the center and one stimulate is all it requires to get it going. We can suggest this product as a should have.??????.

Easy fire beginning, offered you follow directions. You are expected to pull out a good quantity of the fire starter from the center of the roll prior to striking. Works like a champ when done this way. Only 5 fires possible with the provided tender rolls so either get more or comprehend you will something else relatively quickly. We saw a youtube video of this where the “customer” had not even check out the very brief and simple directions, might not get the securely rolled tender to begin and provided a very critique. There were a great deal of very crucial remarks about his efficiency however he left it up and confessed that he was at fault. Nevertheless, he did not remedy his preliminary video. Rtfm.

It’s smaller sized than we believed however that’s a good idea. It’s little enough to be a keychain or fit in your pocket. Very simple to utilize. We checked it when it was 30 ° outside with a very little breeze. The tinder donuts are super securely loaded and it burned for 5 minutes prior to we blew itout It took 2 individuals blowing quite hard to put itout The striker might be a littlebetter We snapped it 4 times prior to it lit however it’s still got the job done. Worth the cash for sure. Great present concept for anyone that enjoys the outdoors.

We utilize the zippo to begin our kamado joe grill. We begin with a base of a royal oak fire starter and then utilize royal oak charcoal. We develop a dome with the starter on the bottom and then light it up. The zippo does a good task of boosting the air supply and getting a strong fire began for smoking cigarettes or barbecuing. Not as effective as we had hoped however suffices all the exact same.

If you are ever dropped naked on a deserted island, this is the fire starter for you. Much better than rubbing stick. However not as good as a match (and for gods sake, take a can of insect repellent with you).

Good quality all in one solution to get a fire going under not so ideal conditions. Will remain in our pack, and the bic (the very best fire maker) will still remain in our pocket. Not real keen on sticks and fero rods. Zippo needs to consist of a little tube with some extra flints for it.

We like uco titan stormproof matches a bit over zippo due to the fact that the wood is dealt with and they were simpler to strike on rock. Nevertheless, neither match laying sideways on a rock captured the match wood on fire. These are more difficult to strike than uco titans. Strikers are consisted of, however these are strike anywhere matches. The storage case is much bigger size and much heavier task than your standard orange cylinder, so it’s bulkier and much heavier. Rewarding compromises we would state. It has lanyard accessory point (crucial) and sealed striking surface area with extra strikers. Striker cover is connected to the body. You might string the cover to the striker cover accessory to make sure keeping the entire thing together. A lot of burn time and they can be the basis for an emergency situation super-match when you require to get a fire going quick fast and in a rush. Mine burned over 5 minutes with 2 matches, wood from fireplace matches, and gauze dipped in paraffin. Make a pull tab of masking tape and wrap the heads to avoid them getting covered in paraffin. Considering that the match wood didn’t burn, we will simply suffice off much shorter next development. We believe the value of this product over uco titan holds true. Both are good stormproof matches imo. We didn’t attempt the dunk it in water test to see if it relights by itself or prestriking immersion yet.

Outstanding product. It’s great to have the “steel” included into the body rather than a loose piece of metal that can tear your gear or go into your leg at an unfavorable minute. The only factor we do not provide it 5 stars. You can’t change the rod, however you’ll get numerous fires out of it and it’s a great deal.

Great fire kit. Actually like the concept of having the ability to put it on a stick so you can get the lit end under the tinder and wood. Well made and like the capability to refill the flint with simple to find zippo flints is great. This product is extremely well made and crafted, we are amazed. Way to stay relevant and innovate when individuals do not smoke and require the traditional zippo lighters.

This thing is remarkable. The container is great and the matches are way better than we anticipated. The matches will not go out once they are lit, even immersed in water after lit they light right back up and continue to burn up until the match part is gone. Definatly for outdoor usage, not an at home usage match. It would be great for outdoor camping on the beach or in extreme conditions. It will not dissatisfy. * shout out to youtube’s insane russian hacker *, he evaluated zippo products that included these matches that led us to purchase them. Examine him out on youtube (insane russian hacker) he is remarkable similar to these matches. Zippo ois it to him for a great evaluation.

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