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ZINCOFAX ‘EXTRA STRENGTH’ Ointment for Treatment

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ZINCOFAX ‘EXTRA STRENGTH’ Ointment for Treatment.

  • Effective diaper rash relief that moves on efficiently
  • For external usage only

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More Info:

Here are some more information on ZINCOFAX ‘EXTRA STRENGTH’ Ointment for Treatment.
Zincofax Extra-Strength Effective diaper rash relief that moves on efficiently. Zincofax Extra-Strength has greater zinc oxide material to treat diaper rash and promote healing. Even with 40% zinc oxide, it stays a velvety ointment that moves on efficiently to provide a protective barrier to assist treat diaper rash without triggering pain to your baby. Instructions: To treat diaper rash, use Zincofax Extra-Strength, a baby diaper rash zinc oxide cream, at every diaper modification up until inflammation vanishes. To avoid diaper rash, use Zincofax zinc oxide for infants, offered in Spray, Original or Scent-Free, daily to produce a protective barrier. Keep diaper location tidy and dry and modification diaperfrequently For more information on the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of diaper rash, visit our Diaper Rash area. Care: For external usage only. Prevent contact with eyes: if this happens, rinse completely with water. Seek advice from a health care professional if symptoms get worse (i.e. the rash establishes blisters, pus-filled areas or is associated with fever) or last for more than 7 days. Active Ingredients: Medical Active Ingredients: 47% white petrolatum, 40% zinc oxide. Non- medical Components (alphabetically): scent, lanolin, mineral oil. Shop in between 15 ° C and 25 ° C.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ZINCOFAX ‘EXTRA STRENGTH’ Ointment for Treatment.

Question Question 1

Active Ingredients Please??

White petroleum and zinc oxide

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on ZINCOFAX ‘EXTRA STRENGTH’ Ointment for Treatment, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We in fact purchased this for our acne. When we have a substantial acne area appear, we put this on prior to bed and when we get up the inflammation has decreased by 90%. After 3 days of usage on the area, it s totally gone. We likewise utilize this as a face mask once a month and it s great for our skin.

We saw on instagram that you can utilize this to clear acne. In the beginning we didn’t believe it held true however we attempted it ourself and it cleared our skin better than any our skin doctor provided me.

Our child utilizing for face for pimples. Works great she states.

Very thick and def safeguards the skins wetness. We used it to our face as a mask over night and it was so thick it adhered to our face up until we exfoliated. May ve taken it over board however we are def not dissatisfied. We utilize it for our 2 years of age child and we are pleased to state the least.

We have attempted numerous numerous diaper rash creams and absolutely nothing is as effective as zincofax. Even if our baby has severe diaper rash, we can put this cream on at bedtime and by early morning, diaper rash has recovered. This things is incredible.

Good for rash.

The one and the only cream that assists our children diaper rash.


No other rash cream on our extremely delicate kid. This was the only one and it worked fast to relive rash.

Works remarkably well.

Fast shipment incredible product.

We liked it. Worked right now for our baby butt rash.

Good product.

Me gusto.

We have utilized this product because our children were infants. They are all grown in their 50’s and we still utilize it for whatever. A bump in the day, use zincofax in the evening and gone within 24 hours. Our kids state if zincofax does not treat you, you can’t be treated, great product.

We utilize this for our acne and acnes it 100% works.

We checked out someplace on our instagram that you might utilize this to treat acne due to the fact that of the zinc in it and it likewise assist secure delicate skin. Bought it and attempted it on our substantial agonizing pimple we have on our chin and nose. Within a couple days our pimple was practically gone. We didn’t have the irritation acne medication would leave. We like this things. And it doesn t odor gross like those other diaper rash cream. A little more pricey however this jar goes a long way.

Great this things is good for you bbys butt carefully, we utilize it as an acne fighter, we had rosacea and this a minimum of assist us with the fire and flare. We do suggest.

This is the only things we utilize. Absolutely nothing else appeared to deal with her bottom. She has incredibly delicate skin. Only unfavorable would be is the application is very unpleasant, particularly when you’re midway through the tub. Would suggest purchasing the silicone applicator to earn less mess. We want it can be found in tube kind also. Still well worth it.

This things is great. It’s way more cash than we wished to pay for cream, however it works marvels.

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