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Zhou Nutrition Elderberry Syrup - Organic Sambus Black Elderberry

Zhou Nutrition Elderberry Syrup – Organic Sambus Black Elderberry

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Zhou Nutrition Elderberry Syrup – Organic Sambus Black Elderberry.

  • YOUR SUPERIOR IMMUNITY SUPPORT Elderberry is utilized all over the world as an immunity booster that provides powerful anti-oxidants to assist support body immune system health while battling free radicals in the body.
  • DEVELOPED FOR DEFENSE This unique formula integrates simply the correct amount of organic elderberry, organic raw honey, organic apple cider vinegar, propolis, and echinacea to ensure you re providing your body whatever it requires to preserve a strong defense.
  • ANTIOXIDANT POWERHOUSE Anti-oxidants are your wellness BFFs, working to combat off free radicals and keep your body healthy, well balanced, and working effectively. Elderberry is declared for its antioxidant power, supporting your body immune system year-round.
  • POWERFUL AND PURE Produced with the greatest quality organic active ingredients with no synthetic colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Our Elderberry Syrup is checked for pureness and effectiveness so you can trust it to do the job and assist you power through any season.
  • WHAT SETS United States APART? At Zhou, we utilize only the first-rate active ingredients in an FDA licensed center following GMP (good production practices). Plus, we evaluate whatever at our laboratory right here in Utah, so you can be positive that you re sustaining your body with the absolute best.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Zhou Nutrition Elderberry Syrup – Organic Sambus Black Elderberry.
Fuel your immunity and power through any season with elderberry syrup, an effective syrup that provides a powerhouse mix of organic elderberry, organic raw honey, and organic apple Cider Vinegar. Sambucus elderberry has actually been utilized for centuries for it s immune-supporting antioxidant flavonoids that stop free radicals in their tracks. Elderberry syrup provides among the greatest strengths of elderberry on the marketplace at 125 mg per serving it s your 3-in-1 immunity booster for every season.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Zhou Nutrition Elderberry Syrup – Organic Sambus Black Elderberry.

Question Question 1

Can We Shop This In The Fridge?

The bottle doesn t state you require to or must save this in the fridge however in a cool dry location. we put on t see why you can t shop it in the fridge though. It must maintain it for a lot longer in the refrigerator.

Question Question 2

Just How Much Elderberry Remains In This?


Question Question 3

Is It Gluten Free?

It is made from elderberries, raw honey, and apple cider vinegar. Ought to be gluten free.

Question Question 4

What Is The Quantity Of Elderberry In This?

They put on t offer you the quantity of Elderberry concentrate alone however for Elderberry Apitherapy Formula that includes Elderberry concentrate it is 6.2 g per serving. Serving size is 1 tsp and there are 48 portions per container so overall approximately 297.60 g.

Question Question 5

We See The Syrup Is Evaluated In Utah, However Where Is It Produced?

Zhou Nutrition’s Elderberry Syrup is produced, checked and packaged in Ogden, UT.

Question Question 6

Where Are The Active Ingredients Sourced From?

The Elderberries in Zhou Nutrition’s Elderberry Syrup are sourced from Chile.

Question Question 7

Just How Much Elderberry Remains In This?

we put on t understand

Question Question 8

How To Return?. Broken Cap And Seal?

Do not have a response regarding’s return policy as we are customer and not a client service agent

Question Question 9

Why Does This Contain Grain Alcohol.?

The alcohol portion is less than 1% and only utilized in the extraction procedure. We need to list this due to FDA requirements.

Question Question 10

What Is The Typical Rack Life Of This Product?

The Elderberry Syrup has a service life of 2 years from the date of production.

Question Question 11

Just How Much Elderberry Remains In This? There Are 6G Of Sugar In A Tsp Of Honey Is This Mostlu Honey?

yes.it is really great stuff.all natural and very particular active ingredients that really assist. Attempt it, in our viewpoint.

Question Question 12

Does This Syrup Have Glycerin In It?

No, Elderberry Syrup does not contain glycerin.

Question Question 13

Does This Taste Sweet? We Are Hoping It Doesn’T.?

It appears naturally fruity.we do not believe it is excessively sweet, however has a natural elderberry flavor.we more than happy with this product I

Question Question 14

Just How Much Elderberry Remains In This?


Question Question 15

Is This A Product Of China?

It saysPark City, Utah on the label (image of label is revealed on ).

Question Question 16

Is This 12 Ounces Or 8 Ounces? Pictures Revealed 8 Ounces. Baffled.?

The Elderberry Syrup is 8 ounces.

Question Question 17

Is This Expected To Be Cooled After Opening?

Yes, you can cool Zhou Nutrition’s Elderberry Syrup after opening, however it’s not required.

Question Question 18

Just How Much Sugar Remains In This?

3 grams per serving

Question Question 19

Gluten Free?

Zhou Nutrition’s Elderberry Syrup does not contain gluten.

Question Question 20

Do You Have A Vegan Variation Without Honey?

Zhou Nutrition does not have a vegan variation of Elderberry Syrup.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Zhou Nutrition Elderberry Syrup – Organic Sambus Black Elderberry, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have actually been utilizing this product nearly 2 weeks now. We wished to ensure we offered this product a sincere evaluation, as we typically do. We currently take the gummies, however need to state, the syrup, we felt a huge distinction. We had actually begun to get a cold, got this product on the 3rd day of our health problem. We felt better 2 days later on. No more sore throat or sniffly nose. The taste is not as strong as we anticipated it to be. Our hubby even attempted it and stated he believed the taste of acv would be more powerful in it. The consistency is good. It’s not too thick. The cost is very reasonable for the product too. Our only issue was the product packaging. The product remained in bubble wrap, nevertheless, the cap was busted and simply hardly holding on it. It does not posture a direct problem, and it appears to be a quite spill evidence style. As constantly, we enjoy this zhou product and will keep it on deck.

We purchased this as an immunity booster. Up until now we sanctuary t captured anything. We include a bit of water to our dosage to thin it out and mellow out the taste. We have actually established a preference to it. We are unable to endure apple cider vinegar by itself, so this is a good alternative for us. Ensure to shake the bottle well prior to putting. We have actually suggested this to a few individuals based upon the active ingredients. We hope this appears again quickly. Update – after going to a birthday celebration with great deals of school aged kids, we boiled down with a cold. Nasty non stop runny nose, headache, tiredness and sneezing. We never ever established a cough while taking this. We were taking one dosage of this a day however upped it to 3 doses the first 2 days we began to feel ill. Today is day 5, and we are back to typical. We have actually never ever recuperated from a cold so quickly. Extremely suggest.

Got this to attempt and lower our hubby’s death like flu symptoms. He is our sole company and we require to keep that guy in idea leading shape. We are actually attempting to check out more natural and healthy options prior to heading to the over-the-counter medicine. Pros **- we seem like this helped in reducing the length of his cold. Absolutely not a remedy all however we believe it really assisted to lower the length, although there was a day he was seriously not well sensation and stayed at home- we enjoy the glass bottle and style- labels are simple to check out- no filler active ingredients- 3 tsp max a day (3 portions)( 1 serving every 2 hours) and 48 servings a bottle. We feel it’s good value for the cash. ** cons- holy crap does this taste and odor dreadful. Seriously buy something to mix this with or have a chaser near by. Wow. In general, we seem like this is a good purchase. We would certainly take this with some orange juice or something though to attempt and mask the taste and odor.

We are huge time supporter for zhouproducts We utilize numerous of their supplements every day and am constantly video game for attempting new products of theirs. After attempting the elderberry gummies and liking them we naturally stated yes to checking the syrup. The gummies are actually simple to take; like candy most likely due to the sweetener they put in them which we attempt to prevent a great deal of extra sugar in our diet plan so we were wanting to enjoy the syrup. Sadly the syrup was much more difficult to swallow. We need to take it like a shot of strong alcohol to ascertain. We nevertheless do believe it does it s task. We have actually not gotten ill at all. We tend to have a more powerful body immune system in basic however we have actually been exposed to a great deal of infection recently and we sanctuary t captured one. So is it worth it?. We leave that approximately you. If you put on t mind taste for benefits certainly offer it a shot, however zhou has a little methods to go on the taste of this to get us to continue utilizing it. We might simply change back to the gummies.

First off, we enjoy the glass bottle. The only little issue we had with that was that we broke the cap in some way. We are uncertain how it took place however over tightening up needed to be the factor. Possibly a metal cap would be a better alternative? we delight in the syrup itself truthfully. We are not a big fan of apple cider vinegar, so that is a little tough for us when we take the syrup. Could the quantity of the acv be reduced potentially? that s really the only defect we can see with it and that is our individual viewpoint. Others might enjoy it. In general, we believe it s a great product and the cost point is best based upon the history of quality in yourproducts We enjoy zhou and we constantly will. You people have actually offered us a lot over the previous year. We might not be more grateful. We wish to see the company grow bigger and bigger. We will be right at hand to see it occur.

Incredible product. We got this for our hubby cause he had a cold he couldnt get rid off. He took the first 2 teaspoons and over night he right away felt better and his immunesystem was increased. That conserved our vacations. Thank you zhu.

Thanks to the previous evaluations we were prepared for a dreadful flavor. Thankfully, it wasn’t half-bad. We nearly find it enjoyable (nearly). It’s rather thick, which is great. We seem like it has a good throat-coat to it. Appears effective. We take it at the first indication of a tickle.

Zhou elderberry syrup is working. Both our hubby and we established fevers on march 25,2020 Naturally, we feared the worst. We had actually purchased this a week prior and it appeared in the nick of time. We began taking it right away and were back to typical in 36 hours. We heard that elderberries are natural antwe viral, immune boosting supplements. The included honey makes the apple cider vinegar bearable. We like the flavor, our hubby on the other hand (drama king), imitates a child when taking it however doesn t refuse. We believe he privately likes it too, he s feeling muchbetter We will be utilizing it everyday till this blows over along with all our other disinfecting and tidiness steps. Yes, we have a germaphobic character. We extremely suggest this product. 8 oz bottle, 1 teaspoon approximately 3 times a day (do not go beyond 3 times) thank you.

We got this to take as an immune booster throughout the winter. We take about a tablespoon each early morning. We have actually been getting up crowded and with a sore throat each early morning, uncertain if we are fighting something or if it’s allergic reactions however after we take this the symptoms enhance. The consistency is thick and the taste is much better than we anticipated. We believe some of the evaluations of individuals who are stating it has a dreadful taste are not shaking it first. You need to shake it actually well otherwise it does taste very vinegary. We forgot to shake it first as soon as and was rather stunned by the distinction. So shake it first.

Our household boiled down very ill after going to a school in feb.2020 We didn’t understand that the school had a significant outbreak and that they had actually not determined what it was. Later on, we discovered that it remained in truth, covid19 Two days after returning home, we were struck hard by this infection. We had it even worse than the 3 people. It resembled we were drowning in fluid in our chest. It would not stop. We attempted whatever we understood to attempt from our herbal remedies and medications and absolutely nothing worked. Out of desperation, we purchased this syrup hearing homesteaders stating it was the very best mix for infections. One does and we might inform an enhancement. With each dosage (and we cut the dosage in half) the infection decreased and by the end of the week, we were over it. We were blown away since we have actually a jeopardized immune system. We had fever, we were delirous, and we would sweat so terribly during the night, we needed to alter our clothing in the middle of the night. This syrup is remarkable. We now will keep this in our herbal medicine chest as our go to for any sort of health problem such as this. 5 stars.

Substantial fan of this product. Great for when you re ill or on the edge of getting ill. We mix it with warm water to make a tea or include it to tea.

We have actually attempted several elderberry syrups and this one is actually great. It has actually the included benefits of apple cider vinegar, raw honey, echinacea and propolis tincture. Thinking about all this and the size of the bottle it s fairly priced too. Some individuals have actually grumbled about the taste however our entire household likes it. We are all quite huge vinegar fans though however we believe it s tasty. It is a lot thinner than lots of other elderberry syrups which we enjoy since they can be so thick and excessively sweet. This combination of elderberry, acv and honey is best in our viewpoint. Ensure you shake it up well prior to you consume, otherwise not only will it not taste as good, you won t get all the aspects mixed together for intake. We offered this to our sis who just recently captured a quite bad upper respiratory infection too and it seriously assisted her reduce the seriousness. She was we are quite bad shape for over a week when we have her this, along with some vitamin c and a mushroom complex and within a day of that she was 85%better She forgot to take it one day after sensation better and her congestion and cough returned. She launched again and has actually been feeling great since. Absolutely worth having on hand for any colds or flus this year.

We purchased this for an immunity booster throughout flu season and throughout a time when we require it most being as we are pregnant and there s a pandemic going on. The flavor for us is actually various however we enjoy it strangely enough, our kids papa dislikes it and states he requires a backer. However total you only take a teaspoon anyhow so it isn’t bad. Naturally we can t state if it s assisting us or not however we sure hope so. The active ingredients are good. And it s better tasting cold in our viewpoint.

Ok, we are household of 4. We have two working moms and dads with our kids being at various schools. The weather condition has actually remained in the high 70 s to the high 20 s in the last two months. All the aspects exist for illness. All of us take a teaspoon in the early morning and one during the night. It has actually not been a best winter, however relatively we have way less sniffles, coughing, without journeys to dr. Care or pediatrician. We consume healthy and all workout, however we understand this assists us keep our bodies healthy. Good cost, tastes fine.

This has actually been a great elderberry syrup. We enjoy that it consists of acv and echinacea. The flavor is very strong and our child doesn t even mind the flavor.

Kinda various taste however better than another brand we attempted. Assisted us through pollen season with no medications. Pollen id rough in our neck of the woods. Worked.

The only disadvantage – this product requires to be in some other container that’s simpler to put onto a teaspoon. Up until now, we have actually spilled more than we have actually taken in.

We ranked this 5 stars throughout the board. While acv is an obtained taste and not constantly simple decreasing, the quantity of other active ingredients make this taste great. The finest aspect of this product is how effective it is. We bought it after getting ill and it reduced the illness time. We took it daily for some time and discovered that when we stopped taking it daily that our allergic reactions and sinuses ended up being excruciating again. Which then often leads us to getting infections and colds. This product is remarkable. It works and we will never ever lack a bottle.

We weren’t anticipating it to be this gross however it is. It’s the apple cider vinegar in it that offers it that kick of nast. We offered it to our 4 years of age and they didn’t like it either however they likewise have actually totally declined it yet so we will call it a win. Great active ingredients and 100% worth requiring to avoid being ill. Extremely suggest. The triple risk of elderberry, honey, and apple cider vinegar is no joke.

Okay the taste is not the main factor to purchasing this. However it actually assisted fighting the flu. Household of 4 all down other than me. Can t think that we were spared. Even living at close quarters with the ill this things secured me.

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