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Zen Therapy - Microwavable Neck Wrap for Therapy - Hot & Cold Neck Shoulder Pad

Zen Therapy – Microwavable Neck Wrap for Therapy – Hot & Cold Neck Shoulder Pad

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Zen Therapy – Microwavable Neck Wrap for Therapy – Hot & Cold Neck Shoulder Pad.

  • Cyber Monday Rate Cut THERAPEUTIC 2-IN-1: This microwavable neck and shoulder wrap is developed to resist extreme temperature levels appropriate for therapy. We utilize unique clay beads and flaxseed which assist keep heat for a longer duration. Simply heat the wrap in the microwave for 2 minutes for soothing heat therapy to eliminate pain from the neck. The very same neck wrap can be saved in the freezer for a lasting ice bag to minimize pain and swelling or to reduce the fever.
  • WIDE PROTECTION THERAPY PAD: This therapy pad assists in dealing with migraine, arthritis, muscle pain, tightness, soreness and other small injuries. Our neck wrap fits completely on shoulders and covers the neck, upper back along with a part of your chest, all at the very same time. Our neck wrap is flexible and you can utilize it on any body part. The style of the wrap equally disperses the clay beads and herbs throughout the wrap therefore optimizing making use of every grain and area.
  • IDEAL FOR AROMATHERAPY: This gorgeous neck and shoulder wrap is evacuated with 4 therapeutic herbs – lavender, lemongrass, chamomile and peppermint. These herbs work, great for relaxation and tension relief. The health benefits of aromatherapy include its capability to minimize stress and anxiety, anxiety, boost energy levels, accelerate the healing procedure, treatment headaches, boost cognitive efficiency and cause sleep.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & COMFORT: The extra soft material follows the curves of your body to take full advantage of heat protection and provide maximum comfort. The nature of the product needs it to stand up to thermal abuse and resist damaging bacterium accumulation. Our neck and shoulder wrap is exceptionally strong, made from premium and non-toxic extra soft fabric product. This heat pad/cold pack is developed to resist molds or mildew and will stay odor-free for a long time even with regular extended usage.
  • 100% COMPLETE SATISFACTION ASSURANCE: Your comfort is our # 1 concern and we are dedicated to making sure 100% fulfillment to our consumers. We provide only authentic products and react to all queries. In case you are still not pleased with our product, we provide a replacement or a refund. So buy with self-confidence.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Zen Therapy – Microwavable Neck Wrap for Therapy – Hot & Cold Neck Shoulder Pad.
Color: Dark Grey Zen Therapy – Microwavable Neck Wrap for Therapy Neck Wrap Hot or Cold – A quick solution for dealing with migraine, muscle cramps, neck pain, shoulder and upper pain in the back. This Neck Wrap can be utilized to eliminate soreness and any other pain that develop due to small neck and back injuries. Our shoulder neck wrap works completely as an ice bag or a heat pad. It consists of unique clay beads and flaxseed which soak up and keep heat for the maximum duration. Simply heat this wrap in your microwave for 2 minutes and you’re all set for soothing heat therapy. It unwinds tissues and assists increase blood circulation therefore offers instant pain relief. The clay beads pack is exceptional for cold therapy functions. Simply put it in your freezer for an hour or 2 for a soothing cold therapy. The decreasing of blood circulation to your hurt tissue (within 24-48 hours) lowers muscle convulsion, swelling, pain and inflammation. So, whether dealing with an injury around your neck, shoulder and upper back or simply attempting to unwind and easing tension, all you require is our single package neck and shoulder wrap. Characteristics & Benefits: Made by clay beads and flaxseed Lowers neck and shoulder pain Suitable for Aromatherapy Tension relief and relaxer Perfect for small injuries & swelling Heating and Cooling Directions: Microwave: Location wrap in microwave Make certain turntable can turn easily Heat for 1 minute Boost in 30- 2nd increments as required however not for more than 3 minutes Examine the temperature level for wanted heat Carefully move herbs from side to side Note: Do not get too hot. Freezer: Seal in ziplock or comparable a plastic bag Freeze neck wrap for 1-2 hours Click ” Contribute To Cart” now to buy this fantastic neck wrap.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Zen Therapy – Microwavable Neck Wrap for Therapy – Hot & Cold Neck Shoulder Pad.

Question Question 1

Does This Provide Moist Heat?

The product does not provide moist heat naturally. Nevertheless you can heat the product and wrap with wet towel or fabric quickly.

Question Question 2

What S Inside The Wrap?

Flaxseed and Lavender.The product has a great feel and odor.

Question Question 3

Does The Stay In Location Or Sink To The Bottom.?

? Not exactly sure we comprehend the q6

Question Question 4

Will This Fit Men?

yes, this product certainly fits men.The product complies with fit lots of sizes.

Question Question 5

No Product Evaluation For This Product Yet? Very Curious About This, Provided It’S Well Priced Compared To Others.Anyone?

It does as anticipated it s simply not that aromatic.

Question Question 6

Challenging To Distinguish The Image – Does The Wrap Have A Hook And Eye Closure?

No hook and eye closure. It simply rests on your shoulders

Question Question 7

What Are The Measurements Of The Wrap?

Product Measurements: 11.4 x 3 x 7.1 inches

Question Question 8

Country Of Origin?


Question Question 9

Does This Have Peppermint, Lemongrass, Lavender And Chamomile In It? What Is The Overall List Of Components?

this product consists of flax seed, lavender, peppermint, chamomile, and lemongrass.

Question Question 10

How Long Does It Stay Cold???

Long time. only expected to keep cold on 20 minutes and then off 20 minutes. It will stay cold that long. Never ever timed it.

Question Question 11

Is A Cover For The Wrap Removeble? Is It Washable?

No, its not removable.Not washable. The only drawback.

Question Question 12

Do You Have The Exact Same Design Arome/Fragance Free?

regrettably not at this time. We do value your question for future production.

Question Question 13

Why Are The Various Colors Different Rates?

Rates is based upon specific need. All products are presently at affordable rates. Thanks

Question Question 14

Are The Colors Real To The Pictures?

yes there are. All are made with brand new product. Please let us understand if you have extraquestions Thanks

Question Question 15

Is This Device Washable?

we are uncertain, however we question it. The material does not come off

Question Question 16

How Long Does It Stay Hot?

Hey There with minimum heating time of 1 minute the product will stay warm for 10 minutes. Max heating time is 3 minutes which will keep it warm for 15 minutes. It can be reheated after that as often times as you like. Please let us understand if you have extraquestions Thanks

Question Question 17

Just How Much Does It Weigh? If Particular Weight Not Understood, Is It Heavy Or Light? Thanks?

the product is around 3.5 pounds.The weight is topped your shoulders and neck.We have found that is a very soothing weight and not too heavy.Thanks.

Question Question 18

Where Is This Product Made?

our company believe china

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Zen Therapy – Microwavable Neck Wrap for Therapy – Hot & Cold Neck Shoulder Pad, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

It lays on your shoulders like a cape. However we should caution you that it is heavy * and that it keeps the heat from the micro for a long time. We almost burned ourself the first usage. Experiment thoroughly with your micro system to find the very best time to heat itfor We picked this pad over less expensive ones due to the fact that its shape was best for our location of pain & we desired it as near the therapist pads as possible. It is. The cover is thick enough that we do not utilize a towel under it. It is a great addition to our pain management & worth the expense. * we have caretakers and we let them heat it and put it on us due to its weight.

Back pains, neck pains, stomach discomforts- this does it all. High quality, thick fabric, soft product. A best present for pain in the back patients. Our only suggestion is to buy a complimentary oil (lavendar, sweet orange, lemongrass, etc) and put a few drops on system after microwaving. It makes all the distinction.

Simply the weight of it assists, and the heat is great. The high collar twists around your neck and the back of your skull to heat the entire length of your neck muscles. The only factor we didn’t offer it 5 star is that it appears underfilled.

Love the part of the wrap that extends up around the neck. We usually have stress in both our neck & shoulders however this wrap covers both locations without needing to move the wrap around like we do with other covers. Sits tight too without moving off.

First, we are constantly impressed by how quickly products get delivered as soon as the order is positioned. The delivery shows up precisely as assured. Second, this wrap is magnificent, it feels so great and it does assistance with arthritic pain. It fits well around our neck and boils down our back simply enough. The only thing that we would do in a different way, the “beads” inside tend to swimming pool at the bottom and we need to keep adjusting them, not a huge offer, however we can see a manner in which might be fixed (we do a good deal of sewing). Otherwise, we enjoy it and it offers exceptional relief.

We enjoy our new neck wrap. It is soft, and it is simple to utilize. The wrap feels heavy when you select it up, however doesn t feel that way once it is twisted around you. We are utilizing it to assist with shoulder pain, and we enjoy it due to the fact that we can utilize at work and still be mobile.

We routinely have pain and stress in our neck and shoulders. We rate age 76, that’s not unexpected. However heating this in our microwave and getting it around our neck and shoulders actually appears to be assisting. It does not hold the heat long, so we need to zap it consistently. (we have not attempted heating it for longer than the minimum each time. )it is heavy. We think of that some may need to have assistance with it. Up until now, we are raving about it.

We like the way it fits around the neck line. One was a present for a senior female and she enjoys it. She remains cold around the neck and it is ideal for her. We utilize it likewise for pain relief. It does not stay hot enough time or does not keep the heat enough time for us.

We enjoy this product. Such a great product. It actually assists with our pain and remains hot for a long time. We have actually purchased it two times currently, one for home and one for work. We work for a pain management medical professional and we advise it to our clients all the time.

We have actually been having neck issues for about 6 months and have actually consulted our medical professional who recommended numerous workouts plus a heating pad. We do not like heating pads and the workouts didn’t appear to make much of any distinction. A friend has among the neck covers and recommended we get one. We did and have actually had the ability to utilize it two times and it appears to currently have actually made a distinction. We will continue to utilize it till the neck issue is gone.

Chronic migraines run in our household, and this is the first ice/heat pack we have found that can get the majority of the difficulty areas simultaneously. Not only is it extremely soft, however given that it s not filled with gel like lots of others we are not so worried that a person of our felines will pop it. We were a little concerned about if the odor from the aromatics would be excessive given that our mama and we both have delicate noses — smells that are too strong are frequently sets off for queasiness and migraines — however it turned out to be hardly visible. The filling makes it a little heavy which is ideal for including a little pressure in with the cold/heat and assisting to unwind the muscles. In general we are very happy with this, and our only dream is that the neck piece were a bit taller so it might quickly reach the occipitals.

We enjoy utilizing this at the end of a long day to assist with neck stress. The weight and scent work well with the heat itself to assist unwind. We do want the back cape part extended a little lower and the front part had a strap to assist keep it in location better, however in general this is a great purchase. We have actually advised to good friends and household.

There were lots of options on. We picked this one due to the fact that it satisfied our requirements for aromatherapy for our neck and shoulders. We were happy with the outcomes. We intend on utilizing itfrequently It feels so soft to the touch we were worried about the weight, however it felt good on our shoulders.

The heat pad contours great on your shoulders and around your neck. The moist heat offers alot of relief to soreness.

After lots of hard workouts we prevent great deals of pain by utilizing this. It has actually ended up being an irreversible component in our life.

We pulled our shoulder muscle after taking a huge fall and might not find relief. Since of the angle, a heating pad didn’t work and the drug shop heat covers were simply not huge enough to assist. So we browsed and found the zen neck wrap for therapy and it is sufficing. It sits completely on our shoulders and neck and the heat is such a relief. Extremely advise.

Not only does it soothe and eliminate the pain, it enables us to continue our motion. We are not we would to an electric cable. Well made and has a good weight so it remains in location. Extremely advise. Thanks.

So soft and warm and smells so good does assistance with neck pain from tension and if you duck your head a bit, tmj pain. Remains in location with ease due to form. We enjoy it.

This product assisted ease our pain in our shoulders and neck. The scent is likewise fantastic. We believe this is a great product and eagerly anticipate utilizing it for some time. Our only question is, the length of time does this product last? exists a cut off time regarding when we should stop utilizing it?.

What a treat – the heat is so soothing. The collar fit completely and does not walk around while we are working around your house. The only thing we didn’t like was a strange odor. We envision it will fade or we can utilize some essential oil to deal with it.

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