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Wuru Wool - Premium Blister Prevention & Foot Comfort

Wuru Wool – Premium Blister Prevention & Foot Comfort

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Wuru Wool – Premium Blister Prevention & Foot Comfort.

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  • Wool’s natural residential or commercial properties carry out marvels, offering cushioning, soaking up wetness, lowering friction, avoiding blisters, and promoting breathability.
  • Reduce Soreness: The included cushion and protection from Wūru wool on high effect areas will lower soreness and tiredness.
  • Decrease Blisters: Blisters are triggered by friction. Wūru decreases the friction in between your skin and your socks
  • Keep Your Feet Dry: Wool naturally soaks up wetness keeping your feet dry. Dry feet enjoy feet.

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Here are some more information on Wuru Wool – Premium Blister Prevention & Foot Comfort.
Size: Pack of 2Product DescriptionWool baselayers and garments have actually taken the outdoor market by storm recently, and for good factor. Wool has lots of natural residential or commercial properties that make it a perfect product for an athletic way of life. It’s not surprising that that these residential or commercial properties make it ideal for foot care also. Lanolin-rich wool is breathable and wicks wetness, supplies subtle cushioning and comfort, and is smooth and soft for lowered friction.Manufacturer Contact Information251-879-4686

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Wuru Wool – Premium Blister Prevention & Foot Comfort, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We figure skate, and a small area on the back of our right heel began to get inflamed by our boot. We attempted all sort of gel inserts, however they ‘d make our boot feel too tight, or triggered arch pain. We believed we would need to buy new skates, however then found this. We simply pack a little heap of wool over the back of our heel under our nylons, and have not had any more issues.

We have a set of rm willams and they are alittle too huge in the heel (we have very broad feet & narrow heel) so foot wear never ever fits us properly. It was an imagine mine to have a set of these boots (we acquired them a little utilized) as soon as we used them for a few days we began to establish a great deal of heel slippage and our foot would move forward smashing our pinky toes. This is no good. So we attempted 3 various insoles and no luck. We chose wth individuals at rewe informed us about utilizing wool in shoes and it was too inexpensive not to attempt. With that being stated these boots are remarkably comfy now all we did is put some in the toe box of the shoe and boom night and day now our foot states in location and our toes are resting up versus a pillow lol. Only problem we have is the wool stays with your socks however we do use wool socks and it does come straight off. Extremely advise.

We actually like this product. We have issues with locations and blisters each and every single time we trek. We checked out this product on a blog site and came here to purchase it. They were out of stock for a while however as quickly as it was readily available we positioned our order. It comes packaged very comparable to a hank of knitting wool. We managed a hair and covered it around our toe where we have the issue and off we went. We didn’t get a blister however we did feel a little rubbing, typically the start of a hot spot/blister. Some individuals state that they wash it out and utilize it again. The package states single usage. We got a beautiful hand composed note from matt with our order. We like that individual touch. We will keep utilizing it and upgrade our outcomes.

Our dad is senior and has foot concerns. Two times a week, we get to play amateur home health nurse/foot wound preventer. He gets callouses in a number of locations, and the podiatric doctor states this relates to pressure. We found this product when we were looking for something to keep our shoes from rubbing the back of our ankles raw. Then, we put two and two together. Never ever attempted it for ourself, concerned think about it. However we utilize a little this wool each time we do some foot doctoring. Our company believe it does assist ease pressure, keep callouses from growing as quickly, and prevent/heal foot sores prior to they end up being a problem. If he does have a sore area, it definitely supplies relief. We are not exactly sure this is a big value in regards to just how much you get for the cash, however, it does go a long way and we are grateful for a natural product that breathes and cushions.

Great for including an extra layer of cushioning and protection to shoes. Perfect if preparing to be on your feet for longer time period. Bought for usage with our hiking boots to eliminate persisting blisters and locations. Likewise wound up utilizing in a new set of running shoes to avoid blistering. Had the ability to break in the new shoes without missing out on a beat.

We believed it would seem like we were strolling on a swelling, however this things is fantastic. Simply wrap it around your toe or location it anywhere you desire and placed on your sock and the sore location is gone. Conserved our disney journey for sure. We will never ever do a journey like this without it.

If you get blisters quickly this product is way worth the purchase, we are beyond grateful for this things.

Utilized for cushioning while healing for our feline who has a partly amputated leg. We believe we made a good choice.

This is a quality product we simply found out about just recently. This was delivered quickly and got here well under a week. We will be sharing with all our good friends, thrilled to tame the soft areas from all our roadway running.

We were hesitant that this product would do much considering that we currently run and trek in wool socks. However, we are so grateful we attempted it on our newest race – very first time we have actually ever ended up a long race without blisters. We now loosely wrap it around our most typically impacted toes for long terms and have actually had zero concerns considering that. Wuru has actually likewise been a lifesaver throughout a backpacking journey (heel of our hiking boots) and snowboarding (absolutely more difficult to get to remain in tight boots however has actually entirely conserved our heels and huge toe).

We like it needed to protect with a sock or plaster though however it assisted a lot.

This things works marvels. We constantly get chafing and blisters when we snowboard and chose to attempt this after becoming aware of it from a friend. Easy to utilize, simply take a percentage and layer it over the impacted locations prior to placing on your socks and your good to go all the time. This is a should have for us for future skwe trips/long walkings, runs, and more.

Remarkable product. Played basketball for the very first time in years and utilized it on our recover to avoid blisters. We generally get blisters, however not this time. Thanks to w?ru. Idea it may be a little unpleasant in our sock however not. Extremely advise this product. Works like a beauty.

Simply utilized this product for the very first time and we like it. We ran a half marathon today and had zero new blisters. Will constantly utilize this things now.

Our friend let us obtain some of this wool on a 10 mile walking after the previous day’s walk in a new set of shoes chapped our ankle up a bit. Complete life saver. Came home and purchased 2 packs. Would absolutely advise.

Love the resealable bag.

Got for new hiking shoes, assisted to avoid blisters and ease pain from far away walking.

About 4 years back, we observed among our toes gradually altering till the idea was a little pointed downwards. When that took place the leading joint was greater than our other toes and socks inflamed it. It’s been unpleasant. Sort of like having a small pebble in your shoe. We have actually been attempting to think about methods to safeguard that toe that would not include more bulk and make the issue even worse. When we check out wuru & how it decreases friction, we believed we would offer it a shot. Being a skeptic, we didn’t believe it would assist. We detached a piece that was broad sufficient to cover the issue location & utilized scissors to suffice enough time to overlap the wool below the toe. The wool was fluffy around our toe. We held it in location as we slipped our sock on & felt relief instantly. The wool cushioned our toe & supplied a barrier in between the sock & the toe. In the past when we have actually covered bandages around a toe, it’s been unpleasant & they seldom remained in location. We were anticipating the wool to move too, however it didn’t. As a matter of reality, the wool sealed to itself under our toe where we overlapped it. It remains in location with or without socks & does not trigger any bulk or pain when we put our shoes on. It entirely fixed the irritation issue. Our feet sweat unless we use leather shoes. We believed the wool may trigger issues with sweating, however, nope it does not. Wool naturally soaks up wetness. We understand we are utilizing it on a small toe so getting too hot, sweating, and so on. May not be much of a problem. All we can state is it’s the most comfy solution ever. We are going to attempt it on a callous next. Cutting has actually triggered it to be a bit unpleasant. We informed our podiatric doctor about wuru today. He has an interest in discovering more.

We feel quite silly for not believing of doing this ourself. We are constantly looking for non artificial choices to do the task in this plastic world. This is pure sheep wool (that our felines keep attempting to take). We are so grateful it is packaged in a resealable plastic bag that we can keep in the restroom so the feline can’t smell it (generally we are not delighted with plastic product packaging. ). In the winter we clomp around our mud farm in our filth boots that offer us blisters in the heels. We have charming organic wool socks by maggie’s, however they use out much faster than we would like. Things some wuru wool in those locations & we are good to go. We are going to need to attempt this with our angora bunny wool (our felines attempt to take this also, so it is saved wayyy up high where we require a ladder to get to it.) & see if it works simply as good. Who states you can’t teach an old farmer new techniques?.

We got this product through vine voice in exchange for a truthful evaluation. This captured our eye due to the fact that we have actually been fighting a blister on the ball of our foot. You can picture how tough it is to get a bandaid to adhere for any length of time to that location. We believe that the blister was triggered by the socks we are using when we jog because that is the only thing we have actually altered. So, not only did we require a product that would remain in location, we required a product that would remain in location while we were running and sweaty. And by the old time magic of felting, this product actually works. The wool is available in a long hair. You manage the quantity that you require and put it over the hurt location. Then you pull on your sock while keeping the wool in location. This is the difficult part, depending upon where your blister lies. Contortionist abilities might be needed. Now for the magic. When you stand and stroll a bit, the wool knits itself into the material of your sock. This is the exact same concept associated with felting; fibers collaborate helped by agitation such as with a cleaning device or a needle. Or in this case a foot moving versus a sock. Wuru wool is extremely soft and comfy. You will completely forget it exists. It supplies a good cushion for your injury. After a few minutes it will mat down enough that you can t feel it. And it remains in location. No fret about it ending up being partially looser and balling up like a bandaid is susceptible to do. When you remove your sock, simply pull the wool off. It separates very quickly. We are very happy with this product and will buy some on our own when this runsout Thank you for permitting us to attempt this out.

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