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Triaminic Nighttime Cough Cold

Triaminic Nighttime Cough Cold

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children’s cough syrup

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This is the only night time medicine our household will utilize (adults consisted of). It assists get a peaceful sleep when you’re not feeling good.

Works great, among the only cough medications that assist our kids and tastes better than most.


The only cold medicine our kids will take that likewise works.

The only cough medications that work for our kids.

Our 18 years of age child and we swear this is the very best working cold medicine. It tastes better than other children’s cold medications. This assists us sleep, relieves congestion and runny nose.

Got this for our other half. He can t have paracetamol/ acetaminophen.

Our go to cold medications for the kids.

Our kids like the flavor, and the shipping is constantly fast enough.

Great offer while it lasted. Offer is gone.

5 stars.

This is the only cold nightime syrup she will consume. She s out light a light. Very well rested and all better the next day.

We have actually attempted whatever and we lastly found one that works.

This things truly works at night for us and our little sis, we do not like the taste of other medicine and this things truly works good. Actually assists us sleep through the night and real taste.

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