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TrekProof Ice Pack Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Wrap Support Injury Recovery

TrekProof Ice Pack Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Wrap Support Injury Recovery

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of TrekProof Ice Pack Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Wrap Support Injury Recovery.

  • Comfy Pain Relief These adjustable hot and ice bags use therapeutic relief for myofascial, soft tissue soreness in addition to stiff joints and hurting muscles.
  • Hot or Cold Compress Trek Evidence medical-grade gel packs are safe for the microwave and freezer to quickly turn in between icing and heating injuries.
  • Enhanced Recovery Along with basic pains and discomforts, our therapy pads can help in reducing headaches, swelling and fevers in addition to eliminate menstrual cramps and sinus problems.
  • Double Pack Every order comes complete with two body-forming ice bag so you can keep one in the freezer and one bag with your emergency treatment kit all set to be warmed up.
  • Consists Of Comfort Strap Trek Evidence soothing therapy covers come with an adjustable, one-size-fits-all strap that s great for men and women.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on TrekProof Ice Pack Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Wrap Support Injury Recovery.
Get the joint, muscle and soft tissue pain relief you require to deal with each new day. All of us suffer from pain or injuries sometimes in our lives, be it tooth pains, sore muscles, joint pain or injuries. And while we can t avoid them all, we can assist you recuperate so you have more versatility and less pain throughout your day. Presenting the Trek Evidence Ice Pack set that comes with two hot/ cold gel covers ideal for warming muscles or eliminating inflamed ankles, a stiff back, or exhausted knees and joints. Soft, Long Lasting Support Crafted with skin-safe material, our ice bag come with an adjustable strap so you can utilize them all over your body. What s more, they re freezer and microwave safe so you can get them the right temperature level prior to you put them on your skin. As a suggestion, you must constantly examine how it feels versus your skin and limitation treatment times based upon comfort and therapy requirements. Product Information: Two (2) Hot and Cold Gel Packs One (1) Adjutable Comfort Strap Soft, Flexible and Reusable Microwave and Freezer Safe Velcro Closure Home, Workplace and Travel Friendly Complete Satisfaction Ensured Click Contribute To Cart above to get flexible Trek Evidence ice bag and begin eliminating pain, swelling and sores so you can feelbetter

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on TrekProof Ice Pack Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Wrap Support Injury Recovery.

Question Question 1

What Is The Size?

The packs themselves are 5 inches by 10 inches. The strap on the cover is an extra 22 inches (flexible). It can fit practically anywhere.

Question Question 2

Why Only One Wrap?

You only require one wrap, however two ice bag implies you constantly have a reserve pack to slip into the wrap and continue icing.

Question Question 3

How Long Does It Work?

Both cold and heat packs stay that way about 30 minutes.It is advised you only utilize either for 20 minutes at a time so lots of time to stay cold or hot when you require it.we believe the ice bag takes a few hours to get cold again in the freezer prior to you can utilize it again.

Question Question 4

Will This Work For Your Wrist?

It may be a little huge for your wrist, however we make certain you could make it work (wrap all the way around possibly?). we would definitely pull this out first if we hurt our wrist and provide it a try prior to we attempted a new icing technique. Good Luck.

Question Question 5

Can We Utilize Around The Ankles?

we wold state, yes. The velcro on the stap can stick yo the blue cover or the the strap. So you might wrap it as much as required and velcro it in location.

Question Question 6

Can You Order The Strap Only?

we do not understand. we do not believe so. The strap is a device. Attempt browsing for it individually

Question Question 7

How Long Does Cold Hold?

30 to 60 minutes depending upon where you put it.They stay cooler than most others available.we like them.

Question Question 8

Do The Ice Packs Sweat?

The ice bag do sweat however the material cover does not absorb it so the packs stay dry.

Question Question 9

What Is Consisted Of In This Set?

2 packs and a waist band holder

Question Question 10

Does It Fit Around Your Waist For Your Lower Back?

Depending upon your size we might see it fitting. we are bigger so it would be very tight around us however the flexible strap is very elastic. we like mine for our knee and headaches. Plus getting to ice bag assists us to keep icing even when we forget to put one back in the freezer.

Question Question 11

Is The Elastic Strap Adjustable? We Are Wishing To Utilize The Product On Our Jaw And Wish To Know If It Will Fit Well Or If It Will Be Too Big Or Too Small?

Yes, it is adjustable.The badge is 1 long strap with velcro attachment.It’s long and flexible sufficient to be utilized on basically anything.

Question Question 12

Can We Utilize It Around Our Head Like A Pirate Patch To Cover One Eye? And Will It Stay Frozen In An Insulated Little Cooler If It’S Covered In Ice?

we utilized it around our knee so we are unsure about your eye.It is relatively big.we make certain it would stay frozen in a cooler with ice.

Question Question 13

Are Straps Large?

The strap is completely connected to a pouch into which you drop the heated or cooled pack. It’s large and depending upon where you require the gel pack, it might or might not work. For instance we could not utilize the velcro strap for our shoulder pain or neck pain. However we believe the packs are good quality and completely beneficial The strap is completely connected to a pouch into which you drop the heated or cooled pack. It’s large and depending upon where you require the gel pack, it might or might not work. For instance we could not utilize the velcro strap for our shoulder pain or neck pain. However we believe the packs are good quality and completely beneficial with or without the strap.

Question Question 14

Where Is This Product Made?

TrekProof is based out of Orlando, FL however package and ice bag do not define where they were made.

Question Question 15

Are These Bpa & Bps Free, Phtalates Free, Lead Free, Chemical Free, Non- Harmful???

we simply returned from trip which is why we didn’t react earlier.The box has this info: Gel: glycerol, CMC, water.Pouch: polyester Belt: polyester, flexible, Velcro.Manufacturer: Trek Proof.UPS #: B01 KS0ANK.

Question Question 16

Can We Wrap It Around Our Back?

Potentially, depending upon your size.our spouse covers it around his lower back every night.For referral, he s 6 1 and 220 pounds.The belt is long, extends well, and remains in place.He likes it.

Question Question 17

Would This Work As A Stress Headache Band?

No, it is very thin and not very tight.

Question Question 18

We Required To Ice Both Our Knees However The Package Includes Only 1 Strap. We Might Not Find A Standalone Strap That We Might Order. Can We Order A Strap?

iIt woked geat on our ankle.

Question Question 19

Does It Cool Both The Lower Back And Stomach At The Exact Same Time? We Don’T Have BackPain We Simply Required Something Wearable To Assist With The Heat.?

Be rational. Inspect the size. See how huge you are. If it is a 2 pack you can put cold on front or back or both. If you do not have pain you can put it on the back of your neck for some time. Cooling the blood circulation there can cool you more quickly. Or simply take a cold shower.

Question Question 20

What Is Return Policy If Not Pleased?

we do not understand what return policy is from this seller.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on TrekProof Ice Pack Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Wrap Support Injury Recovery, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We like it. The felt pouch is simply the right density to go on bare skin without freezing. Long strap is ideal for numerous locations – we utilized it for lower back, heel and calves with no issue. There is a good quantity of filler in the packs so they can stay cold for about 30 mn. Good stitching, we are not stressed over this ripping anytime quickly. We have only utilized ice bag, did not heat so can not talk about that. In general, we were amazed to get this quality for the rate.

We have numerous troublesome joint concerns and am continuously icing some part of our body. These ice bags get cold within a sensible quantity of time in the freezer and stay cold for a superior quantity of time. They are bit “frozen” when first taken out of the freezer, however that does not hinder me. We basically a pack on whatever joint in question and within a minute or more, the pack is flexible and quickly complies with the shape it requires to. They get cold enough that we at first put a thin fabric barrier over our skin to secure it, though depending upon where we are putting it, this extra protection might or might not be needed. We would suggest setting a timer when you start utilizing it, to evaluate the length of time you require or should keep it on. Usually, our other ice bags get warm enough after the recommended 20 minutes that we do not fret about being “on the cash” time-wise to eliminate them. With these packs, depending upon the place, we will adhere to the 20 minutes guideline, particularly with our skinnyknees The cover is soft and comfy. We suggest these extremely, and as our other older packs use out, we will change them withthese (we are an ice woman and have not attempted them on the heated side so we can’t talk about that. ).

We purchased these and the size did not work for us, or the strap, however we were going to keep them anyhow since the pack is great, soft and flexible for a great rate, we did call the company about a bigger pack and a longer strap, they sent us there updated variation when it appeared and it’s great. This size is ideal it covers our shoulder and we can do things while using it, and the straps are yielded to the pack which we personally like, we are constantly miss out on putting the cover n strap for the smaller sized ones.

We have severe arthritis and bone stimulates in our knees however we stroll a minimum of 3 miles every day as workout. We utilize these first thing in the early morning while preparing for work and we put these on in the evening when we are ended up working out. We like these and they do assist. The only problem is we want it would consist of is a 2nd pouch so we can ice both knees at the exact same time. We prepare to make ourself a 2nd pouch however we like these.

These things are great. We do not utilize the heat choice, so this is practically freezing (we have arthritis in both knees, bad in one and practically no soft tissue behind the patella, however heat does not assist). We liked the first set a lot, we purchased a 2nd set. That gets us to the only real downside we can talk to from the cool side. The packs do not stay cold an extremely long time, possibly 20 minutes or two, depending upon the ambient heat and how severely our knee has warmed up. Nevertheless, at this expense, the solution was simple, get a 2nd. Despite the fact that you most likely do not wish to put 80 minutes of ice undisturbed, they do take a little time to re-freeze. One unanticipated advantage, our even worse knee tends to lock and wish to flex all sort of methods a knee isn’t expected to flex. The strap is flexible, velcro accessory, and you can put it on as loosely or securely as you want. Securely enough to stroll a bit while using it, and enough to provide some support, like a good flexible knee brace. No strategy to evaluate heat choice, however the combination of direct cooling, material protection that safeguards your skin, and as much or as little bracing support makes this a winner in our book. We simply want we had these 40 years back, when we first started harming body parts.

This was our first time acquiring an ice bag of any kind. We have a damaged foot that is shattered and required something better than ice in a baggie. We asked our mother to get one at the shop, however believed it would be great to have at least two. This one is the ideal choice. It s far superior to the routine ho-hum one our mother purchased. This one came with two and a pocket with strap to protect it to whatever body part required it. On a plus side, it can be heated up for the times when the heat is required. We practically want we had a larger one for bigger locations, however for now, it does a great task on our foot.

Love this a lot. We had it twisted around our very sore ankle for a minimum of an hour since we forgot it– since it is so protected and comfy. We like it a lot that mu spouse and we purchased two more to provide as presents to individuals who have badknees They will get a great deal of usage for our bad ankle, knees, and neck (and in some cases shoulder). And when we require heat, they can be heated up in the microwave. It can likewise walk around your waist if required for low neck and back pain.

We have seen lots of ice bag claim to be flexible. Either they were very stiff when frozen, or didn’t stay cold enough time. These are the exception. We purchased 2 sets while recuperating from surgical treatment, and to be truthful, we chose to change all of our ice bag with these, consisting of the ones we tended to utilize for migraines. The sleeves feel a bit lightweight, so we’ll see the length of time they last, however we can constantly wrap the ice bag in a fabric or towel in the future. Most importantly, they are rather flexible and stay cold enough time to be beneficial.

Precisely what we require. We acquired a wrap around beaded gel cold gadget from our regional pharmacy however it does not stay cold for a good length of time and they do not cover a broad location. The set we bought from trek evidence, nevertheless, is great. The very generous quantity of elastic product is comfy and the velcro holds on to it rather well. The 2 gel packs that come with the kit are great. The freeze in a number of hours or less and when we move one into the pouch of the wrap it fit completely. Twists around our leg, in our case, and remains cold for a long time. Love it.

We like it, makes it simpler to ice down, we got harmed in numerous locations and it works for all knee, ankle, shoulderupdate: the stitch wasn t the best it began to unwind.

We purchased these on the day after back surgical treatment. Believing we prepared ahead improperly and they would not get here for over a week, we got them in two days. These things are ideal. We purchased two, so one’s constantly fresh and all set to go out the freezer. Whatever compound they utilize is a harder gel that maintains more cold longer. So they’re not constantly heating up and requiring to be changed. We are so pleased we browsed a little more difficult and found these rather than purchased the first impersonator we found in a shop.

Works well for ankle, knee, wrist, and other area locations where you are attempting lower inflammation. The ice bags are little stiff when they come out of the freezer, however you can push down on the pack to mold it your joint. They stay cold longer than some of the other packs we have utilized. We ihave not attempted the heat therapy, however the cold therapy works effectively.

We desired a product that might be both a hot & ice bag, so we picked this, & while we have not utilized it as an ice bag yet, it warms up in the microwave quickly with no concerns, & it feels so great on our lower back. It certainly relieves pain, & the gel is super comfy. Our only grievance is that we have a little a stubborn belly, & while the strap does extend around our tummy & fit, since the strap is elastic, it will not stay velcroed, so we can’t utilize the strap at all. The velcro on the pocket that holds the hot/cold pack is in fact inside the pocket, making it tough to gain access to, & the velcro on the pocket is very little, so the strap will most likely only stay locked on individuals who are thin enough that the strap does not need to extend at all. It would be great if the velcro was bigger & more quickly available, & if the strap was made for all sort of various individuals, no matter the shape or size of the individual. That’s the only factor we subtracted a star. We have prime, so we get 2-day shipping, & this was delivered instantly & gotten here in 2 days like it was expected to.

Amusing enough it got here in the nick of time to assist us through yet another flu. The product nevertheless was foul-smelling and the gel bags stayed with that smell even after a cleaning in the sink with warm water. It was a bit worrying however we had no skin responses to the product either. The gel packs didn’t seem like they remained cold for long however we were likewise ill and went to sleep while using it on our head to help in reducing fever. We seem like it worked well sufficient to call for 4 stars today.

First off – when we opened the package the gel packs did appear smaller sized than anticipated as we had acquired these to assist with lower neck and back pain triggered by back spine stenosis. Nevertheless the packs turned out to be simply the right size for the purpose without being so large that it seems like we have got an ice monkey on our back when we walk around. We checked the first pack at the minimum freeze time noted in the guidelines (60 minutes) and initially it didn’t appear very cold. Nevertheless we were again happily amazed at how cold they are when used with the belt. Therapeutically cold without freezing our skin. Perfect. The cold lasted at that level for a good 30 minutes which is ideal because the advised cold therapy times tend to be 20-30 minutes. The greatest thing we observed throughout that time is how comfy the belt is. Normally belts like this either are too loose and flop around or they’re too tight and get unpleasant quickly. This one fits perfect. We will state, nevertheless that we left our evaluation at 4 stars due to it not being flexible for a number of factors – 1. We can’t picture utilizing the packs to wrap, state, a knee or an ankle. They simply aren’t enough time. 2. While the strap is long enough for us – it would be too brief for somebody a bit larger than us to use for their back. Thinking about that we are on the little side – this would be a little an issue for lots of. Otherwise we certainly suggest these.

We have been utilizing this pack for over 3 weeks now. And we should state, this product is remarkable. We utilized to ice our neck and our back with simply ice packed in a zip-lock bag. The issue with that, it didn’t adhere properly to the curves of a body. With this ice bag, we had the ability to mold it to twist around our shoulder, or our neck, or our back, or our thigh, or. (you get it). The velcro wrap assisted do that too. The only thing, why we are not offering this a 5-star evaluation, is that the strap might be a bit brief when covering it over one shoulder and under the other arm and trips up a bit. However other than that, this ice bag is a life saver. It helped in reducing swelling on our neck from a current automobile mishap that trigger a whip-lash. Having an extra ice bag is great too. Particularly when you wish to ice another part of your body that do not always require the wrap.

This worked fairly well. We had some swelling around a knee after a fracture. This was quite simple to utilize. The packs when frozen are relatively flexible and can be formed to fit whatever it is you’re attempting to keep cold with the consisted of sleeve. The quality of the sleeve is fine. The stitching began to ravel on one corner, however a quick stitch of our own stopped that. The elastic part worked well for holding it in location even while crutching around your house, without requiring to be on super-tight. We can’t talk about the heating element, however because the gel is quite standard for this sort of thing, we presume it works too for that as any other. If you require to have a functional ice bag at a sensible rate, this is a bargain.

This is a great product. It’s a good size for most injuries. We have been utilizing it on our knee and it adheres perfectly to its shape. We like the sleeve that comes with it that makes it simple to strap the gel pack to your body. The pack remains cold for a minimum of 40 minutes. We typically put it on our lower knee first for 20 minutes, then our upper knee for another20 It’s still rather cold at that point, however you’re not expected to utilize ice for more than 20 minutes at a time so we do not understand just how much longer it would stay cold. We likewise generally put it on over a set of thin pajama trousers as it’s simply a bit too cold putting the sleeve on bare skin. We did attempt the pack with heat too by putting it in hot water. While it at first is rather hot, it certainly does not hold heat in addition to it holds cold. It got the job done, however we would state it works much better as an ice bag.

The gel pack gets cold and remains cold. The case is ideal. We require to use to back muscles throughout recovery from surgical treatment. The place in some cases differs and we do’ t have a great deal of versatility to place the pack. The case makes that a lot easier to enter the right area. We do not utilize it to keep anything in location as we normally lay on it. We have not utilized the heat element and most likely will not however we are very delighted with the ice bag. If you only utilize one at a time, two is plenty. It has to do with an hour from loss of cold to freezing again.

The product came as explained and has worked well up until now. It’s great that it has the rubber band to hold it in location, particularly in tough to reach locations that require iced (or heated up). We are offering 4 stars since of the way the product was delivered. It appears like some swindled a corner of the package. We were a little sketched out by that as when we opened package the gel packs nor the holder remained in plastic or anything. Whatever appeared to be in good condition, so no requirement to return.

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