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Size: 9.5″ x 16″ (24 x 41 cm) – Large Please keep in mind: Due to product packaging updates, the image revealed might temporarily appear various from the product got. Therapeutic Hot & Cold Padfor soothing pain reliefMaintains Optimum Therapeutic Temperature Levels Better Than Gels.9.5″ x 16″ pad Reusable/ portable Cools in freezer Heats up in microwave Flexible at any temperatureContouring Theramics Glowing/Thermal Ceramic TherapyDesigned in assessment with doctors, chiropractic doctors & physical therapists.Theramics innovation utilizes glowing energy to bring soothing relief to: Arthritis Sports Injuries Muscle Pain Joint Tightness Menstrual Cramps Chronic Back Pain Sinus/ Tension Headaches Post-Surgery Pain SunburnRecommended by leading healthcare specialists and sports authorities for home treatments.Enjoy one of the most Therapeutic Hot & Cold Relief with ThermiPaq.Thermipaq transcends since of our patented, thermal ceramic compound made from 100% natural, clay based products. Established by a previous NASA engineer, this advanced “Theramics” compound uses glowing energy to produce a deep permeating, therapeutic system for both hot and cold applications.Theramics Innovation Uses Glowing EnergyThermipaq’s glowing energy uses unique benefits over the convective energy utilized in gel/liquid-basedproducts Convective energy transfers instantly, leading to a rapid loss of temperature level and the capacity for locations. On the other hand, glowing energy is moved gradually and equally to the impacted pain location. This characteristic permits Theramics therapy to permeate deeply and more efficiently for soothing relief.Thermipaq Provides Therapeutic Treatment at Optimal levels (see charts on box) For both hot and cold usage, medical professionals have actually recognized the perfect mix of time and temperature level that brings the greatest level of therapeutic relief. In contrast to other products, Thermi

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ThermiPaq Therapeutic Hot & Cold Pad.

Question Question 1

How Long Do You Microwave It? Can You Wipe Out The Cover With It?

we microwave 1 minutes 25 sec.but EVERY microwave is different.start at a minute then include by 10 seconds and check.you will find best time for YOUR microwave. Do not get too hot. It will turn hard.start low.

Question Question 2

We Don’T Have Microwave; Can We Heat Thermapaq In Large Pot Of Boiling Water?

You can heat it in a sink of hot water.Boiling water would make the clay harden.

Question Question 3

Where Do You Get The Extra Clay Packs From?

our recommendations is to simply however a new one, and if you choose (as we do) the heat therapy, heat the pad thoroughly per product directions (stay below 2 minutes microwaving, or the clay gets hard more quickly.). we attempted the “company” printed on the product packaging (CAREX > COM), and might not even find The “Thermapaq” noted u our recommendations is to simply however a new one, and if you choose (as we do) the heat therapy, heat the pad thoroughly per product directions (stay below 2 minutes microwaving, or the clay gets hard more quickly.). we attempted the “company” printed on the product packaging (CAREX > COM), and might not even find The “Thermapaq” noted under their line of product. They appear to be pressing their gel-filled products nowadays. we have actually utilized 2 of the bigger clay pads for over 2 years, and get 1-2 hours of heat when we lay on them (microwaved (1100 watt system), about 1 1/2 – 2 minutes on high, turning over as soon as throughout the warm up.Here’s an ideally handy tip: we purchased our pads through for $1599 each for the plus size, latest purchase in 2018, and by searching for our previous order lists, chosen the previous purchase again. The rate is now about $1700, however far less than what you see on’s “cutting edge” product display, inquiring about $2300 approximately almost $4000 each. So if you have a friend who got one for a less expensive rate, you may inquire to “re-order” some, utilizing their account lists to find the previous purchase.

Question Question 4

How Long Are The Straps?

The strap is an” h” structure where and both sides are12″ long. Hope that assists,

Question Question 5

Has Anyone Had The Clay Separate Into Pieces? We Have Had It For Numerous Years And It Jus T Appeared To All Of A Sudden Separate Into Small Pieces.?

Yes.we had mine for a number of years and then the clay broke in half.

Question Question 6

We Long Ago Lost The Instructions. Could Someone Share The Microwave Times For The 9.5″ X 16″ For A 1000 Watt Microwave? Thanks.?

Here is the very best response to your question:” Test heat it to the temperature level that is the hottest you can endure.” we have a ThermiPaq.And we found that heating it as advised DID NOT truly get it done for us.Of course, the things is not to burn your skin.But you desire it hot sufficient to do some good.In fac Here is the very best response to your question:” Test heat it to the temperature level that is the hottest you can endure.” we have a ThermiPaq.And we found that heating it as advised DID NOT truly get it done for us.Of course, the things is not to burn your skin.But you desire it hot sufficient to do some good.In reality, we wound up utilizing another wrap holder that we had from another treatment.The wrap was MUCH thinner that the Paq’s. And it worked great.Start with the pad only.and your Microwave.Set the microwave for 30 seconds.Take the Paq out and massage it a bit.Then location it on your skin.” How does it feel?Too cool?Put it back in for 20 seconds.Find the temperature level that is acceptable for you.If you have something you believe will work better as a wrap/ holder.try it.If not, do your finest with the one that comes with the Paq.our microwave is very comparable in power to yours.Microwaves tend to lose some of their power (the power of the magnitron tube in the oven) over time.So nobody’s is exact.Just start sluggish, evaluate the temperature level of the Paq when it comesout experiment a little.There is no risk in doing any of this.Just think about it as something you generally heat in a microwave.You put it in, evaluate a little, change, up until you find the right duration of the heating time.It will only take you a couple of tries.a few minutes.From then on, you can heat it precisely the exact same each time.Paul/ Texas

Question Question 7

Can Pad Be Folded To Heat? Required 9.5″ X16″ Size However May Be Too Long To Lay Flat In Our Microwave.?

YES. The contents are clay so it will heat through no issue. we heat it in any case and there is no distinction. we utilize mine EVERY night and a minimum of as soon as daily for back and stomach pain. we would pay two times as much for it if we needed to.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on ThermiPaq Therapeutic Hot & Cold Pad, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We injured our tailbone a number of months ago and needed to utilize this basically for two weeks strong simply to offer some relief. It is a good size to cover the whole lower back location and it maintains heat after a one minute warm-up in the microwave for about 45 minutes to provide pain relief. After that, it is still lukewarm, however you can put it in the microwave for an extra 30 seconds to get it going again. Do not overheat this thing. It will rupture, and give off poisonous fumes. If utilized as recommended, it needs to last for years.

Up until now we are quite happy with this heating pad. We desired a non-electric pad as it’s difficult to get to an electric outlet from where we utilize it most. It warms up quickly in the microwave and remains warm for 30 – 45 minutes. Dream they used a bigger size as it does not rather cover our entire back.

This is s great product. Way better than standard heating pads. We would suggest not utilizing the fabric pouch that comes with it. Simply heat it and put it straight versus the skin. Do they caution you about that? obviously. You can heat this thing up till it burns the crap out of you. Simply do not do that. Simply spread out the pack night utilizing pressure with your fingers. Then put it in the microwave and bump up the temperature a little at a time, up until it specifies where you can hardly stand it. Then, here is they essential. Massage the pack. It tends to get “hotter aroud the edges”. When you’ve done that? simply put down in bed, and put it under you. Or simply push it versus the part of your body requiring relief. With a little practice you will find the strategy. The right variety of seconds in the mircowave for you. And when you do, you have a great product that is hot and can get those hurting muscles loose and unwinded. Some foolish heating pad with a long cable to the outlet and all that crap? that is an inconvenience. This product works. And when it cools off, if you still desire more relief? simply enter and bump up the temperature again in the microwave utilizing the exact same techinques asabove Check the time a little. The product is currently warm. So do not leave it in there for two minutes or something. All the very best. This is a great product and lasts about 200 heatings up until the interior products begins to break down a bit. We purchased two. We utilize one, and we wished to make certain we have another simply in case we can’t get another one.

Never ever believed we would be a weekend warrior, have the extra 20 pounds on me, or have our knees pains from playing tennis, running, and so on. Such is life, especially after one turns40 Because context, this is the only way to ice a sore elbow, wrist, ankle or knee. We now have 3 of these (2 various sizes), so we can ice longer and do not need to go without if we forget to stick one back in the freezer. Our kids likewise like utilizing these when they get a bump, have a headache or fever.

We enjoy this hot pack. It holds the head, has some weight to it that contributes to the comfort of the muscle pain and convulsions. The only issue that we have actually had is that our doberman pincher pup appears to like it also. She has actually chewed two of them to shreds of fabric and clay. We have actually simply bought a 3rd one with the hopes that we will not forget and leave it someplace within her reach.

We own two of these, they are so great. The clay supplies glowing heat for extended periods to eliminate pains and discomforts. We have actually owned are smaller sized one for more than 5 years, utilized it typically and it still works in addition to the first day we purchased it.


Good size for our hamstring.

Our thermipaq showed up very fast and we are very pleased with just how much longer the paq remains much chillier than the typical ice bags. This is our 2nd time that we have actually bought the thermipaqs however this time we chose to go much larger. As normal the product did not let us down. We would extremely suggest thermipaq’s to anyone.

An outstanding, if costly product. We suggest it.

Our spouse had actually raved about utilizing this clay pad at physical therapy, so we acquired one. It showed up quickly and didn’t dissatisfy. Super pain relief without electrical energy. Simply heat the clay pad in a microwave and let lasting heat ease your pains.

Outstanding products.

We got this product as a present, so we do not understand where it was acquired, however we enjoy it. We have chronic complex migraine and this assists. We have actually owned it for over 3 years with utilize a number of times a week. We have actually never ever utilized it warm/hot, however only in the freezer (and even space temperature level). We have the plus size (the 9. 5 x 16 inch) and it will fit on the top of our head and likewise the back and one side all at the exact same time. It is heavy (which is great for us, since the pressure that its weight supplies likewise help in the pain relief). The clay within is very flexible, no difficult edges like ice, and it molds to the body. When we get it out of the freezer, it is very very cold. Truthfully, we have actually lost the cover that comes with it, and we put it in an old pillowcase. We depend on bed or in the recliner chair and let the cold do its work. We turn it from side to side and we do utilize it a lot longer than the 20 minutes physician suggest for cold therapy. We can’t state for particular for how long it remains cold, however we even utilize it hours later on, for example, if we doze off from the medications and awaken, its cool to the touch and cool to our head when we take it out of the pillowcase and utilize it to soothe the pain. Those of you who deal with migraines understand that they can and do last hours and often days, even with treatment. Its long lasting. Beginning to reveal wear, however no leaks, although it has actually gotten mislaid numerous times (falling off our bed and under, onto the flooring and we have 3 pets). We enjoy that we can simply clean it down with a clorox clean and toss it in the freezer. We generally keep it in a ziploc bag to minimize that “freezer odor” as we are delicate to smells when we have a migraine and that troubles me. We have about 6 ice bags and this is by far the very best one we have. The only con we can state is that its weight makes it tough to utilize when you require to be mobile, we can hardly hold our direct when we put this on our head, however it remains cold a lot longer than any of the more portable ones we have, and better protection location.

This pad shapes to your body and soaks your joints with heat like absolutely nothing else we have actually ever attempted. It is likewise good as an ice bag, however as a heating pad this product genuinely shines. We have actually utilized them on our knees and ankles, and our relative on her hands. They comply with your difficulty areas and put the heat where you truly require it. The reality that you can connect it to yourself and walk around is likewise a huge benefit. This product is very safe, however please read and follow the directions. If you do not, you will burn yourself or rupture your pack, and it will be your own fault. There are lot of unreasonable unfavorable evaluations here from individuals that can’t follow simple directions.

We injured our back all of a sudden recently, and didn’t have a heating pad lying around. We got a thermipaq, opened it up and was dissatisfied to find that the instructions only included microwave heating. Thankfully, we e-mailed thermipaq and they notified us that we might heat the thermipaq in near boiling water for about 2 to 3 minutes. This works wonderful. We have actually been truly amazed with how hot the thermipaq gets and it likewise remains hot for truly long period of time. We like that it’s clay, since it’s soft and type fits your back. We extremely suggest this product.

Thermipaqs purchased in regional cvs, walgreen, etc are only 6. 5 x 12 inches (78 sq. Inches). We desired a 9. 5 x(***************************************** )((************************ )sq. Inches – nearly double the location) that would cover a bigger location of the our back. We might not find them anywhere other than. This is a remarkable innovation. Hot or cold stays flexible. Heats up in microwave 2 minutes remains warm over an hour. The heat is soothing enough to rest on and put you to sleep. If you do go to sleep no risk of burn since it settles in at your body temperature level. When you awaken tight muscles are gone. For moist heat we microwave first then wrap in medium hot hand towel then put it on bed over a thick/ folded as soon as complete size towel. For cold – it only takes 1 hour to “freeze”, however it remains flexible. Simply as effective as an ice bag therapy. The smaller sized size is around $13 in your area, however this bigger one is almost $20 online. Due to the fact that shipping can be reasonably high (they are much heavier than they look)for one you might wish to buy two if you can manage it. The incremental shipping expense for 2nd isn’t that much. Because way you can have one in freezer and the other for heat. Or you might be freezing one while the other remains in usage. We have actually attempted numerous products for hot/ cold treatment of our back muscles for 30 years. This is best to date. P. S. You do not require to utilize it for extended periods or go to sleep for it to be effective. Brief 15-20 minute treatments 2 to 4 times a day is likewise effective. As in any product follow producer and medical professional suggestions.

Can not state anything bad about it. It gets the job done. Large enough to cover back, shoulder, legs and so on. Have actually only utilized the hot function. Can not state about the cold however we make certain it will work well too.

Truly holds heat and cold. Great product.

Very good, plus size covers the shoulder better.

Our body simply isn’t as long lasting as it utilized to be & pains & discomforts prevail. We were looking for the ol’ made ice bag, could not find a resilient one anywhere, & our medical professional informed us aboutthese Unbelievable. The product can be cold or hot, whatever you require. You can make them slightly cold or warm, or blisteringly hot or freezing cold. One caution is that when microwaving, the within warms up prior to the outdoors, so initially touch you do not believe it’s hot. However put it on & in a minute or so the heat truly cranks up. We took a look at the unfavorable evaluations here & can state this. If you do not follow instructions, they can take off. If you do follow instructions, they will never ever get near taking off. And about the one that stated it does not get very cold – huh? when we take mine out of the freezer it instantly ices up. At work we revealed the people the inner pack right out of the freezer & it was so cold they could not hold it for more than 60 seconds. To put it simply, it’ll get as cold as your freezer does. We utilize my own a number of times a week at the minimum. The cold/hot will last an unexpected 45 minutes. We do not wish to duplicate what the others have actually stated, however do wish to point out how well this producer idea out this product – it is truly good.

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