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The Coldest Water The Coldest Ice Pack Large Flexible Gel Ice Pack - Specific for Cold Therapy

The Coldest Water The Coldest Ice Pack Large Flexible Gel Ice Pack – Specific for Cold Therapy

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of The Coldest Water The Coldest Ice Pack Large Flexible Gel Ice Pack – Particular for Cold Therapy.

  • THE COLDEST ICE BAG- Specifically developed for quicker recovery, soreness, injuries, sprains
  • CRAFTED FOR COLDEST – Aids in recovery in back pains, discomforts, soreness
  • FASTER RECOVERY – For back, ankles, calf, thigh, chest, head injuries
  • PRO ATHLETES CHOICE – Utilized by over 400 Pro Professional athletes at the greatest level, advised by physicians
  • COLDEST JOY- If you have any concerns, contact us with us and we’ll constantly make it right.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on The Coldest Water The Coldest Ice Pack Large Flexible Gel Ice Pack – Particular for Cold Therapy.
The Coldest Ice Pack – Faster Recovery for Professional Athletes and High Entertainers (Several Sizes) The Coldest Water Ice Pack, (Gel Pack) was at first developed for Expert Professional athletes in high carrying out sports. We suggest it to all professional athletes and high entertainers for pain relief and injury treatment. Do not settle for a less quality gel pack Faster recovery for: Ankle Sprains, Back Pain Muscle discomforts, stomach pains, stiff neck Calves, Quads, Sports injuries Sciatic Back pain Hamstring Injury And lots of other pains and pain injuries too. It’s reusable and therapist advised. The Coldest Flexible Ice Pack By making our ice bag exceptionally flexible, it enables for for the area of the ice bag to mold to your body, enabling for much quicker recovery by using cold throughout What makes The Coldest Ice Pack feel so wonderful? The science & engineering behind the scenes. Many products you have are typical. We dislike that. When we construct a product, we seek to reconsider how we can do it better, cooler and more superior. We are an elite group of engineers based in Naples, Florida working day and night to develop the coldest, most superiorproducts 5 years later on, and lots of legal things submitted, The Coldest Ice Pack was born. Some call it game-changing however we simply wish to construct products we take pride in, that we enjoy and utilize every day, which eventually, produce less waste for the world.–David, Engineer & Creator Read more Sciatic Back Injuries, Back Convulsions, and Pain Relief – Developed for quicker recovery We are continuously pressing our bodies to the max. From long days at work, to injuries on the fields, our bodies take a whipping. More significantly, as professional athletes and engineers and high entertainers, we understand that the quicker we recuperate, the more we can train and work. So we developed this ice bag to offer us not only quicker recovery, however a benefit in on the fields. Use our ice bag for approximately 20 minutes at a time. This ice bag is re-usuble and more long lasting than the majority of ice bag. Maximum Cold Therapy Relief – Reusable ice bag Cold therapy usage only – Faster Recovery We have actually created the chemistry of the Gel pack to particularly be developed for Cold Therapy applications. Cold therapy is advised for the first 48 hours following the injury. Likewise assists with soreness and pains. Shop the gel pack in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours. Apply for 20 minutes max per application. Flexible and molds to body Molds to your body and disperses cold uniformly. Whether you play sports like soccer, football, hockey, or are a high entertainer in organisation, this was developed for you. Start-up established in Naples, Florida The Coldest Water was established by Engineers in a little town in Southwest Florida called Naples. Our products were at first developed for Professional Athletes and High Entertainers. The products we make are developed by requirement, rather than desire. We enjoy developing perfectly developed products of superior innovation. Every product we constantly engineer to excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on The Coldest Water The Coldest Ice Pack Large Flexible Gel Ice Pack – Particular for Cold Therapy.

Question Question 1

How Resilient? About The Number Of Utilizes Prior To Leak Happens?

we utilized it nearly every night. It lasted about 10 months.But it did stay cooler longer than the other ice bag we purchased. That one is still going strong. Dream the joints held up better.

Question Question 2

What Size Is It? Width X Length. Thanks?

It is 11 3/4 X 15 1/2 inches. 1/2 inch thick. It is seamed in 3 equivalent areas 5 X 11 3/4 inches to enable shape wrapping. Bonus offer is it folds so it suits the freezer much easier. Very pleased and believe it’s the very best ice bag ever.

Question Question 3

How Long Does It Stay Cold For?

The packaging states do not utilize for longer than 20 minutes. at a time – think us it remains very cold for a minimum of that long – and Iwrap it in a towel when we utilize it.we have actually got a very bad back and we have actually attempted a minimum of 5 other types and this is without a doubt the coldest one we havefound Appears to refreeze quickly also.Love it.

Question Question 4

Does It Feature Staps To Hold It In Location?

The smaller sized size does. The bigger size does not.The smaller sized (6×14 in) has a great strap.It quickly twists around our waist and the Velcro holds well.we can walk and do things with the ice bag on our lower back.It likewise remains very cold for a long time.we have actually owned a number of ice bag and this is our bes The smaller sized size does. The bigger size does not.The smaller sized (6×14 in) has a great strap.It quickly twists around our waist and the Velcro holds well.we can walk and do things with the ice bag on our lower back.It likewise remains very cold for a long time.we have actually owned a number of ice bag and this is our finest financial investment so far.The Cryomax is likewise good (stays cold a good while) however the strap is not as good and the quality isn’t there.It gets too stiff, rather than The Coldest, which is great for covering due to the fact that it remains soft, even believed it’s freezing cold.Search for “The Coldest,” and you must have the ability to find the one with the strap.

Question Question 5

Just How Much Does This Weigh?

Like a routine old blue collapsible ice bag however they do last longer and are cooler

Question Question 6

Does The Extra Large 15 Inch Design Contain Straps So As You Can Connect The Gel Pack To Your Chest Or Back Potentially?

There are no straps. For our back we put it in a pillow case and lay on it. You might likewise lay on your stomach and lay it on your back.

Question Question 7

When You Put It The Freezer Should You Open It Or Should You Leave It Folded?

Open it up, it will be difficult to open it up after it is frozen.

Question Question 8

How Thick Is This When Frozen?

It s simply the exact same size as when not frozen.Very thin, however works great. we have actually bought 3 ofthese You ll be very pleased with it.

Question Question 9

Exists A Guarantee?

we do not understand. Sadly we didn’t conserve package or documentation. However we are VERY dissatisfied in it. It is strong, however it does not stay cold very long. It is rather thin.

Question Question 10

How Long Does It StayCold We Required It For Cooling Vest To Work Outdoors For A Minimum Of 2 Or 3 Hours. We Have A Medical Problem?

It only remains cold about 20-25 minutes.

Question Question 11

Do You Have An Ice Pack That You Can Put Under Your Back And Lay On?

we lay on mine, however it would most likely not last as long – depending upon an individuals weight. we likewise put a pillow under our knees or lower thighs to take pressure off the back.

Question Question 12

Can We Lay On This– Lower Back Pain?

we lay on everything the time. You will require a towel over it due to the fact that it is so cold. It is great.

Question Question 13

How Huge Is This Ice Pack??

It is 15″ x12″. And it folds perfectly 3 times. It is much easier to put in the freezer.

Question Question 14

Does This Get As Cold As Real Ice Cubes In A Ziplock Bag?

we do not have temperature level measurements however it feels as cold as an ice bag made from ice. we have actually discovered it remains cold for about an hour and it does not have the typical condensation ice bag generally get.

Question Question 15

Is Latex Utilized In This Product?

If you check out under “Crucial Information” and Components, latex is not noted as utilized in this product.

Question Question 16

The Number Of Hours Do The Pack Stay Cold?

None of our ice bags of numerous brand names stay cold longer than 20-30 minutes. Lots of therapists state that s enough time per session. This ice bag a minimum of has a long-lasting assurance and is flat for simple storage in freezer. we have actually made our own with gallon Ziplock freezer bags (doubled) utilizing water and rubbing alcohol. These actu None of our ice bags of numerous brand names stay cold longer than 20-30 minutes. Lots of therapists state that s enough time per session. This ice bag a minimum of has a long-lasting assurance and is flat for simple storage in freezer. we have actually made our own with gallon Ziplock freezer bags (doubled) utilizing water and rubbing alcohol. These stay cold longer however are unsteady (difficult to get air out).

Question Question 17

How Does This Compare To Theracool?

we sanctuary t had Theracool- however what we can inform you is that this ice bag is actually the coldest pack we have actually ever had- it s slim and collapsible and we can utilize it anywhere. Love it.

Question Question 18

Good To Minimize Swelling Of Feet And Legs?

Ice in basic is utilized to decrease swelling.The kind of bag you get molds to a particular location like knee, hand, leg etc

Question Question 19

It Has 3 Folds? Can We Cut It To Have It As 3 Different Pieces?

we would not because it folds in two areas ANF each area is pushed sealed. It’s your call however our suggestions is not to.

Question Question 20

Is It An Ice Pack Or Gel Pack?

our company believe that this is a gel pack.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on The Coldest Water The Coldest Ice Pack Large Flexible Gel Ice Pack – Particular for Cold Therapy, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have actually remained in burning, chronic pain for 11 years and have actually attempted lots of ice bag. Even simply attempted truly costly clay, allegedly the future of ice bag. Not. The coldest is without a doubt the very best ice pack we have actually ever utilized. Freezes fast, types to our back and front of upper body completely. They delivered fast, and we will buy this brand for buddies and household. The finest = the coldest. We purchased two large ones, and our mommy even covered it around her thigh. So flexible. We purchased 2 however will be purchasing 2more You do not require to, due to the fact that they get frozen so fast, however we like having enough around, in case somebody else requires one. We can’t live without ice bag and now we can’t live without these ice bag. Style and execution well done by this company. Great service, too.

We have actually been dealing with a l5 disc concern this year, and being the owner of a landscaping company who trims 8 hours a day, we might not find an iceing choice that would fit our requirements. We needed to either offer with ice in plastic bags and get a very wet butt, or rest on hard/lumpy ice bag made for our drink cooler, or offer with conventional ice bag that lost the cold in 15 minutes. Then we googled for alternatives for our ice bag requirements. We found “the coldest”, liked what we saw in the requirements (specifically the size and tri-fold hinged style), purchased two of them, and can’t stop speaking about this solution with anyone with comparable concerns. This has actually dramatically enhanced our iceing requirements. It lasts a minimum of 4 times longer than other ice bag, is hinged for more ice protection in non-flat applications, is large, is simple and quick to re-freeze, and lacks a doubt the very best ice bag for us.

We purchased this along with another ice bag made by a various company (will not discuss any names). The other ice bag had a nearly ideal ranking with lots of evaluations and this ice bag had a best ranking however it didn’t have almost as lots of evaluations as the other one. So, because we required 2 ice bag and we wondered to see which of these two extremely ranked ice bag truly was the better of the two, we purchased them both. Let us inform you, do not squander your time with the other one (or any of the others for that matter). This one blew it away. Astonishingly cold and it remained cold two times as long as the other one did. Look no more our fellow ians, buy this ice bag, we assure you will not regret it. The 5 star ideal evaluations are on the cash and well should have.

In time this turned out that this ice pad is the very best of all the 6 ice pads we have which we need to utilize several times daily. We have 2 of these now for approx 2 years and now have actually purchased 2 more to change 2 of another brand we have.

We bought this for our other half, to assist in your area handle the temperature level (metabolic process and sensory) of a location when he has an acute, systemic allergy flare-up, which generally begins with hand-itching that ultimately advances to the rest of his body (no anaphylaxis). The size of this pack is great to cover a bigger area, and its a lot easier, and less issue with leaks, to pull this out of the freezer than to make a gallon-sized ice bag, and is definitely more comfy than an ice bath (which has actually been needed on event). The pack remains cold enough time for him to move from one location to the next, if required. Unsure if it would be properly cold enough time for several 20 minutes applications for injury treatment, as we ve (luckily) not yet had event to attempt it for that purpose. It s certainly super cold. Ensure to safeguard your skin with a barrier in between the pack and your skin (as is advised by their literature, and must be done with any industrial ice bag, no matter how cold you feel it might be).

Up until now so good and we do not see any issues coming. Simple and appears well made. Outdoors product is comfortable beside skin, no plastic beside your skin which is great. Definitely assists with pain from our aging procedure.

This ice bag is without a doubt the very best we have actually ever utilized in our life. We have chronic back pain/neck pain that we have actually had for a number of years, this ice bag provides us a lot relief after a long day at work. It is large enough to cover nearly our whole back, we can even go to rest and awaken hours later on and it is still cold. We are disputing purchasing a 2nd one to have.

Our relative has osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and an auto-immune illness, not a day passes that she does not battle with a lot of pain. For many years we attempted various kinds of water based ice packs, they were either too difficult and not flexible at all or they were melting and sweating all over getting whatever wet. Lastly we settled for the old wait, a bag of frozen peas, which appeared to be the only thing that worked for her. Last spring she hurt her knee and we felt that we had actually lastly reached a location where the frozen peas simply weren’t going to suffice, so we checked out old trustworthy. Amazon. After a short search we stumbled onto the coldest water ice bag. The thing that captured our attention was the truth that these packs weren’t filled with water or ice, however they are filled with an awesome gel that remains very flexible all the time, no matter how cold they were. We purchased an xl compress and two little ones. Our relative is very economical and was a little frustrated at us for pocket money on ice packs, when we had actually frozen peas. After the first day of utilizing the new packs she was floored by the distinction that the coldest water packs made and she never ever discussed us investing cash on them again. The truth that you can wrap them around the joint was a big selling point with her. Not a day passes where she does not utilize her gel packs they have actually truly added to making her life a little more pleasurable. It might appear a little sappy, however when you live with terrible pain day in and day out, an ice bag that works might not appear like a huge offer to the majority of folks, however to the victim, it’s substantial. Our dear partner has actually put these packs to the test and is very delighted with them. The large pack gets one of the most usage and it has actually begun to divide a little bit on a corner joint, we messaged the company and s automated message informed us to anticipate an action within in two days, the coldest water folks reacted in simply over an hour. Later on that exact same night we got a message that a new gel pack was on its way. We were floored by that. So if you have not figured it out by now we are huge fan of this companie’s products, “it’s a great train. Everybody must ride. ‘.

Gotten this the other day and tossed it in the freezer over night. Utilized it today and it was great. Very cold and lasted for more than 20 minutes which is the suggest limitation for utilizing an ice bag. We will state we put it in zero temperature freezer rather than freezer on fridge. Wow. Put in order for another one today. Hope the plastic cover lasts and does not let the gel leakout Likewise it’s great that it is divided into 3 areas, folds flat and suits the freezer effectively. In our experience the ice bags that do not have areas do not fold well, do not suit the freezer well and the plastic covers break due to the fact that they aren’t made to be folded. At this moment we extremely suggest.

We are an amputee with severe nerve damage. For some factor, icing our limb at nights appears to assist with the pain that we have, and this product simply may be the very best ice bag that we have actually ever utilized. The product is long lasting, simply holding one of these in your hands, you can feel the distinction in between this pack and the other affordable ones. The pack remains ice cold for approximately 30 minutes, however that may differ from user to user, and 30 minutes suffices time to bring us some great relief. These appear to freeze up quite quickly, we would approximate approximately an hour prior to it’s all set to be utilized again. We have actually attempted a number of products, however this one appears to be the best we have actually utilized to date. If you utilize an ice bag product daily, something like this would be right up your street. We would suggest it without booking and would quickly buy it again.

Unsure if it is due to the fact that this is strictly an ice bag and the specific product utilized however it does tend to stay cold longer than the other hot/cold packs we have. It is a little huge and is difficult to remain in location however this is not an issue of the product, simply understand if you are only preparing to utilize it for a single purpose, we would recommend purchasing the size you require. The pack does need a cover due to the icing that develops on the exterior of the pack which can get a little unpleasant. A cover does not come with it however a pillow case works great. It must not be positioned straight versus your skin, we believe this might be unsafe due to the icing and temperature level.

We definitely enjoy this ice bag. It remains cold for a very long time, is flexible to mold to your body curves, and is large enough to cover a good sized location. We have chronic, repeating lower pain in the back/ sacroiliac joint concerns that we get treatment for, and ice bag are requirement. We have actually been going through a great deal of ice bag throughout the day due to the fact that they wear t last long or stay cold in between treatments. We want we had actually gotten the coldest water ice bag faster. After the 15-20 minutes of having it on, we can put it aside and it will still be cold for our next treatment (not as cold as fresh out of the freezer however still as cold as some of our other packs). We likewise like that it has a tri-fold style. We didn’t understand that when we purchased it. We believed it was one strong piece. However this is even better due to the fact that relying on the surface area we are covering, we can have it totally open or fold it down to a smaller sized pack without harming it. Plus it is an area saver to have it folded into thirds.

We just recently had significant stomach surgical treatment. (hysterectoour plus oophorectoour at the exact same time) we have what they call, swelly stubborn belly. Essentially a great deal of stomach swelling due to the injury of surgical treatment. We were looking for an ice bag that was large enough to cover our whole abdominal area and this one is ideal. To top it off, it folds nicely in our freezer. Does not lose shape and really remains coldest for 20 minutes like advised. It has a some weight to it likewise so you do not seem like you need to hold it down. It inspects every box. And it’s still very cold after the 20 minutes. If you’re reluctant, do not be. Its worth it.

These ice bags are the outright finest ice bag we have actually ever utilized. It is likewise the last ice bag brand we would ever buy as we would never ever attempt any other brand, absolutely nothing might ever come close. We purchased 2 of these for post surgical treatment knee replacement and they are the very best. They actually stay cold for 5 hours. Most likely longer however after 5 hours we put it back in the freezer. We can not suggest these enough. We would certainly buy again however won t requirement to due to the fact that the quality of this product is extraordinary and will last us permanently.

Great ice/gel pak for your back and sciatic nerve concerns. We have it down our left leg and our pt trainer informed us to rest on a cold pak two times a day, and it must assist with the pain. We have actually been utilizing it for 3 days and it does help in reducing the pain. We still have it as we have actually been intensifying it daily. With our upcoming relocation. Raising and climbing up stairs. So this does assist handle the pain. This is ideal for lower back abs sciatica pain. Again, it won t eliminate your concern however it assists manages it. Covers a broad location so you can utilize it throughout your back or resting on it assists. We extremely recomnend it.

These are the very best. We wound up purchasing a 2nd one too. They stay cold for about 20-30 minutes. The trifold style is good to twist around your arm or leg or is can be folded. We utilize my own mainly on our lower back so folding it offers back support along with the cold. Likewise very long lasting, we have actually had ice bag with jelly in the within in the past that ripped open. We toss this one around with no issues.

Love this ice bag. Without a doubt the very best we have actually utilized. As a chronic severe migraine victim we run though ice packs like insane. We typically feel as though they do not stay cold sufficient for extended periods of time (30-60 minutes). This one does. We were likewise able to utilize it to lower swelling on our leg after mountain cycling. The swelling minimized quickly after 2 20 minutes utilizes. The only thing we would recommend to the company: offer your packs with sleeves to put them in. Brrr. They’re cold. We find ourself covering it in a bath towel prior to positioning it on a body part, even when covered by clothes. We will make another purchase.

This is a fantastic product. Reside in florida and have much in the way of pain in the back, this assists tremendously. We are no new user if we have packs and this one appears very long lasting and well made in addition to being cooler while staying mailable sufficient to curve around the body. The tri-fold is very hassle-free for freezer area and for performance of utilizing the we have pack. Currently purchasing a 2nd for us and a present for our relative.

These are cold and stay cold as marketed. You certainly desire something in between your skin and the ice bag. Another benefit is saving them in the freezer. These packs fold to a compact size and lay flat. Makes saving them simple and they hold their shape when you utilize them on your back or stomach. Outstanding quality that appears as quickly as you get them. Great product. Update: we have actually purchased another set plus the hot/cold pack that works in either case. No grievances. The ice bag stay cold a lot longer than needed. Absolutely nothing we have actually utilized comes close.

We utilized this due to the fact that we have neuro-dermatitis, and in the evening the itching is extreme. This ice bag not only remained cold on all of us night, however we might put it beside us and layer other ice bags on it and it kept them cold. We required several sizes and shapes and this has actually made all the distinction. We are lucky not to have pain – however itching is not enjoyable and we weren’t able to sleep. Terrific product.

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