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Tea Tree Therapy – Chest Rub – Eucalyptus

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The Call Of This Product: Tea Tree Therapy – Chest Rub, Eucalyptus 2 Oz (Multi-Pack) Does Multi-Pack Indicate More Than One Of This Product?

The sale at” our” shop “Healthy Food Store” is for 2×2 oz

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4 years back, our hubby bought this at a regional health food shop when our child had pneumonia. We ve been utilizing it for every cold given that. It opens overloaded chest and nose is however doesn t burn like vicks or other mainstream pharmaceuticals. Our child likewise asked us to rub her back in some cases prior to bed and it s a great ointment to utilize as a back rub. It assists her to unwind and breathe better through the night.

We found this in a tjmaxx shop and after utilizing it up, began browsing for it in your area. Then we began online, so happy we looked at. Comand there it was. It is great if you have a cough or cold. Attempt it, we believe you will be satisfied. We are great follower in tea tree oil for healing.

We like this things. We have purchased it lot of times over to soothe newly waxed skin. The tea tree oil functions as a natural antiseptic. The eucalyptus cools the somewhat inflamed location, and most notably does not obstruct our pores.

We utilizes this all the time for a relaxing nights sleep. Great things. Love the odor.

This is an effective chest rub. Relief came quickly when used. It works like the youth remedies our mother utilized. Highly suggest this product and whatever else teatree therapy makes.

We utilize this nearly every night, although we do not have chest congestion. It has a spa-like relaxing odor and we have seen (although we do not believe this product declares to assist with this) that it has assisted the condition of our chest and neck skin. Appears to have in fact fixed some of the old sun damage which was a great surprise. We find that it assists us go to sleep to have that therapeutic warming fragrance. Very calming. Extremely suggest this product.

So happy we found this on – it works for congestion and sinus issues. Powerful natural oils are the very best remedy and you have it here at an affordable rate.

Great product open air passages.


Our children all under the age of 5 passed a difficult cough around for like a month. We likewise, like another customer, found this at tjmaxx a while back and have constantly utilized it for toe fungus and scalp problems. We forgot that we had it and we rubbed it on all of their chests and we are speechless since we sanctuary t heard a cough in 3 hours. This is a great product to have on hand.

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