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Sunbeam Heating Pad for Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief

Sunbeam Heating Pad for Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Sunbeam Heating Pad for Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief.

  • CONTOURED FOR DIRECT HEAT THERAPY: Contoured heat wrap provides gentle heat to the neck and back of the head. The product remains in location
  • HIGH COLLAR: Extra- high, adjustable collar offers a tight fit around neck
  • SNUG FIT: Somewhat weighted edges and magnetic closure guarantee tailored fit and comfort
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Controller lets you select from 4 heat levels
  • SUPER-SOFT AND EASY-CARE: Soft micromink material cover is device washable for quick cleaning. Watts: 75 W

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Sunbeam Heating Pad for Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief.
Color: GreyProvide direct, soothing heat therapy to hurting neck muscles with the Sunbeam Renue Neck HeatWrap Distinctively developed to target the muscles in the back of head and neck, this heat pad includes an extra-tall, adjustable collar that contours to the shape of your neck to provide targeted relief. This electric neck heating pad provides gentle heat to tender muscles, increasing blood circulation and enabling muscles to unwind. Somewhat weighted edges and a magnetic front closure assistance keep this heat therapy twist around your neck and guarantee a custom-made fit for effective heat transfer. A controller lets you quickly select from 4 levels of muscle-relaxing heat, while a 2-hour auto-off function assists guarantee safety throughout extended usage. This portable heat wrap comes with a soft micromink material cover that provides comfort and is device washable for quick clean-up.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Sunbeam Heating Pad for Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief.

Question Question 1

Is This A More Newer Variation Or Older Variation Of The Sunbeam Renue Heat Therapy Neck/ Shoulder Wrap? Link Here Https://Www..Com/Sunbeam-Renue-The?

This is the more recent variation.

Question Question 2

We Simply Got Mine. Not Covered In Plastic In The Container? Is This How It S Generally Loaded?

Yes please it is covered in plastic in the container

Question Question 3

Is The Neck Part Of This Soft And Flexible, Or Is It Rigid?We Required Something We Can Utilize While Setting.?

All of that is very soft and plush there is a metal band that fits around the neck location so that you can make it tight, However it is stitched inside the pad you might very quickly usethis while putting down

Question Question 4

We Observed In The Directions That It States Not To Raid This HeatingPad We Would Never ever Have Bought It If We Would UnderstoodThat Is Sunbeam Serious?

we not do anything however lean versus it. we are still here.

Question Question 5

Is This Unpleasant When Laying On Back?

we find that it is limiting when laying on back.The cable is on the left side (and we sleep on the right side of the bed), so the cable crosses our body.

Question Question 6

Does This Have Moist Wet Heat Likewise?


Question Question 7

This Is For A Senior, So We Required To Know If It Is Heavy?

It s not so heavy, particularly as soon as you get it on. we like it since it sort of molds around your neck.

Question Question 8

Cable Lenght?

A guess simply by looking, 5 feet

Question Question 9

What Is The Voltage? 110 V Or Both 110 V And 220 V?

It’s 110 V.Not sure if a 220 V converter would work if your going international due to the frequency distinction.

Question Question 10

Where Is This Heating Pad Made?

we enjoy this pad. It remains in location. Nevertheless if you’re seeking to prohibit specific nations, it’s made in China., like a number of our well made products.

Question Question 11

Does It Plug Into Electrical Outlet Orhave Battiers?

It plugs into the wall. These need excessive electrical energy to be warmed by batteries. The cable is long. we enjoy our heating pad.

Question Question 12

We Notification The Graphic States Moist Or Dry Heat However The Includes Area Doesn T Reference This?How Do You Make The Heat Moist?

we likewise returned, heavy, unpleasant and not huge enough. Restricting.

Question Question 13

So, Do You Need to Stay Plugged In And For That Reason Near An Electric Outlet To Utilize This Pad?

Yes, however it s an incredible heating pad. we have severe c-spine injury along with severe arthritis. This heating pad is the something we can rely on to alleviate our pain and pain. we can t live without it. Great high quality material and structure even unwinds your shoulders. It s a should have product for us. You won t be di Yes, however it s an incredible heating pad. we have severe c-spine injury along with severe arthritis. This heating pad is the something we can rely on to alleviate our pain and pain. we can t live without it. Great high quality material and structure even unwinds your shoulders. It s a should have product for us. You won t be dissatisfied.

Question Question 14

How Far Down Over The Leading Of The Shoulder Does The Wrap Decrease?

The heating pad decreases roughly 4-5 inches. A good quantity in fact. we didn’t understand what to anticipate as we require something that covers as huge a location as possible & this product covers a good quantity of our shoulder neck & upper back. we suffer from numerous back & neck & shoulder locations with pain. The front part has magn The heating pad decreases roughly 4-5 inches. A good quantity in fact. we didn’t understand what to anticipate as we require something that covers as huge a location as possible & this product covers a good quantity of our shoulder neck & upper back. we suffer from numerous back & neck & shoulder locations with pain. The front part has magnets & will stay closed & warms up rather warm also. we truly like it.

Question Question 15

Does The Cable Disconnect From The Pad?

Yes, however a bit hard to press release buttons

Question Question 16

How Do We Contact The Seller? We Simply Passed The Date To Return & The Heat Is No Longer Working?

1-(800) 435-1250

Question Question 17

Can We Disable The Auto-Shut-Off? I.E. Can We Leave It On Permanently?

There is no function on the controller to disable auto-shutoff. we expect, nevertheless, if you have enough technical understanding, and you re not stressed over harming the controller by opening it up and messing with it, then you might have the ability to do it yourself.

Question Question 18

Our Heat Pad/Wrap Got Here Connected Together In Front.Do We Leave It Like This And Pull It Over Our Head Or Cut The Threads Threads?

There are 2 magnets that hold the wrap together. Simply pull them apart and position the heating pad over the shoulders, then re-attach these magnets at the front.No requirement to cut anything. we do not have any threads.

Question Question 19

Required An Electric Heat Wrap ForNeck Does This Product Fit Snug Versus Back Of Neck?

yes, this fits snug as there are magnets in the front 2 flaps that come together in the front of the neck/ throat area.we value the snugness and total comfort when we have it on – not to discuss the heat too.:–RRB-)))

Question Question 20

How Long Is The Cable?

To he truthful, we do not understand. The pad itself was too little for our preference. we desired one that would cover a bigger location, perhaps more in the shoulder location would have been more useful.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Sunbeam Heating Pad for Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

There were a variety of mixed evaluations with this and some other comparable specialized heating pads and we were hesitant however purchased as an offer of the day product and it works great. A variety of women have pointed out that it didn’t appear to fit well and didn’t like it since of that. We have a 17 1/2 inch neck and it fits well. There is a soft metal bar that runs horizontally in the neck part that can be bent to make in shape snug, similar to the nose pincher on a paper dust mask. This gets rather warm/hot so often we will put it on 4 for a few minutes and then drop it down to 2 or 1 and it feels excellent and it has assisted provide some relief for a chronic neck condition we have. Other times we have simply begun it on 2 and left it there and that works well and does not take long to feel the heat. The building is leading rate and the external edges are filled with weights which work well in enabling the pad to contour around your neck and shoulders. The cover is very plush and soft and it fits so well and is comfy regardless of it weighing numerous pounds when you choose it up, once on you do not see it at all. This is more of a recommendation than a problem as the controller only has forward motion which indicates you need to cycle though all 4 positions prior to it returns around rather than having up and down switches like a lot of heating pads. Going from 4 to 3 needs biking off, 1, 2, and then 3. Not a huge offer, simply questioning why they didn’t utilize the exact same kind of controller as they have on their standard heating pads. It has a 5 year guarantee that most likely would cost more than it deserved to deliver back if the important things is brief lived, though this is a common problem with most service warranties. Hoping it works along with our sunbeam flat heating pad that we have had for years.

Our hubby has recurring neck and rotator cuff issues from a 100 pound pet crash and he frequently utilizes ice and heat for therapy. This sunbeam renue heating pad fit his shoulders and neck completely and he uses a men’s plus size coat. The neck location offers more heat than the remainder of the pad, however the whole pad is warmed. It is rather heavy for a heating pad, weighing in at about 2 lbs., which is why it can contour itself to your body so well. The whole boundary of the pad is weighted, filled with a bead like compound. The cover is exceptionally soft product and would feel very comfy on bare skin. There is a magnetic closure in the front which assists to close the neck and keep the pad in location. There is likewise a wire in the base of the neck, which permits you to mold the fit customized for your neck. The collar can be denied if it makes you more comfy. The 9 foot cable is removable so the pad can be cleaned securely. Directions specify to wash the pad on gentle cold settings and dry on low heat or line dry. The 4 heat settings are good alternative and we can confirm that the high setting is quite hot. This pad is more costly than a typical heating pad, which for most applications must be sufficient, nevertheless if you have neck and/ or shoulder pain, this is an exceptional alternative. We have constantly found sunbeam heating pads to last a very long time.

We suffer stress headachs typically. We have utilized rice/bean filled neck covers that you heat in a microwave and attempted covering flat heating pads around our neck. The rice covers are simple to over heat and they do not cover much while flat heatinfb pads do not contour enough. This neck & shoulder heating pad genuinely contours from the base of your skull to cover your shoulders, reducing every muscle assosiated with stress headachs. No more heavy rice covers that we need to keep putting in a microwave and burn our skin. And the cover of this contoured neck wrap is so plush. We let our household attempt it & needed to order more for them. It’s absolutely worth it if you have any kind of muscle/shoulder/ headache issues.

We purchased this heating pad since of severe neck issues. We truly like it. It has no smell, it is weighted, and has little magnets to close it (not entirely beneficial). We keep it on the greatest heat and it is not too hot. The cable is long which is useful. Worth the cash. Highly recommend this one over other brand names or lower design.

We weren’t anticipating to like this as much as we do. The material is so soft and the heat strikes us where we require it most, our neck and shoulders. To be truthful the very first time we utilized it we practically went to sleep since it felt so good. Our hubby has arthritis in his knee and he covered the collar around it and took pleasure in the heat. It’s not expected to be utilized for other body parts however it worked. Grateful we bought this.

We purchased this as a replacement for an old variation that simply used out from very heavy usage. We are older, have severe arthritis, and invest a great deal of time being in front of our desk leading computer system. We have neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches. We would be lost without this heating pad. We checked out the evaluations on this sunbeam renue contouring neck and shoulder pad. This evaluation is based upon us utilizing this approximately 6 + hours daily. 1. This design is much bigger and much heavier than our old one. Yes, it took some getting utilized to, however the extra weight keeps the heat comfortably versus your neck and shoulders as you type, see television and chat on the phone. 2. There are 4 heat settings. We utilize the 3rd setting. The fourth setting is a little too hot for us. We use a t t-shirt or light blouse in your home. Our guess is individuals who mentioned this did not fume enough may have been utilizing it over a heavy t-shirt (?). Regardless, we can’t endure the fourth setting for more than a few minutes. We typically go to sleep in our reclining chair with this on the 3rd setting. 3. The cable is on the incorrect side – yes, it is uncomfortable and takes getting utilized to. We would choose the cable on our right like our old one however oh well. You get utilized to having the cable curtained in front of you. The essential thing for us is the heat and the location it covers. 4. You can pull the sides in to change how it fits versus your neck. We utilize the magnet closure in front to keep it in location. Wrap-up – we have utilized sunbeam products for years and will not even attempt other brand names (no, we have not been paid to state this – we have been utilizing sunbeam pads considering that prior to individuals composed evaluations). The only thing we wish to alter on this design is to move the cable to the right side.

Uncomfortable positioning of cable. In general a great product assists with stiff joints and shoulders in the early morning.

We have arthritis in our neck. It goes breeze, crackle, and pop all the time. When a cold front comes through, it hurts along with loud. This heating pad fits well and remains in location. The magnets close the front and keep the heat in. We begin on level 4 to get it heated up, then relocate to level 2 for a long, warm, soak. It relieves pain and enhances variety of motion.

This product is ideal for neck and shoulder pain. The heated neck piece comes near the back of your head simply as marketed. Utilizing this has considerably reduced our neck pain, and increased movement. Likewise, you will not be dissatisfied with the variety of heat levels since this thing fumes on settings 3-4, we practically never ever utilize 4.

This is our 3rd electic neck heating pad, and wow.– it is the very best without a doubt. We had the previous variation of the sunbeam heating pad (light green colored, we used it out), and we constantly wanted it might in some way lay better/ better on our neck. We even presumed regarding put among those beanbag/microwaveable neck things on top of our old heating pad so we might get heat where we desired it. Issue fixed. This new variation has a thick, tough, bendable wire in it, so you can curve the pad perfect, making better contact in between your sore neck locations & the heat. It’s great. Plus it has greater sides (the bits twisting around from the back), providing even better protection. It appears rather long lasting, is super soft, and way more effective than any other heating pad we have attempted.

We reside in this thing it assists alleviate our neck pain from muscle to assist simple our occipital neuralgia and what leads into that awful migraine. It has a metal bendable piece to assist close it in around your neck that assists however as we utilize it putting down to place the very best we can for our neck it might take a minute to get comfy however it is still a lifesaver and we go to sleep with it on as our neck chills out. We are going to acquire one for our granny also for christmas.

Very good neck pad. Provides heat to the right locations. The greatest level gets very hot which is right down our street. The neck location is quite tough so it hugs the neck location. Likewise, a great deal of evaluations experience an odor. It is faint practically not even visible unless you pack your nose in it. The pad we got is great.

We typically awaken with a stiff neck and can not move/turn our neck for numerous days. We constantly utilize our routine sunbeam heating pad which we enjoy, however we need to keep holding it around our neck or set on it. This product is precisely what we desired. It s not ideal, however it s quite great. The neck part is warmed and has a wire to form it around your neck. The only issue is it doesn t stay that shape since the rest of it is so heavy, it chills out. The parts that twist around to the front and grip magnetically are bit huge for us, so it doesn t hug our neck firmly like we would like. We need to keep improving it and pulling it closer to me. Our other gripe is that it has automobile turned off, which is both good and bad. It s a good safety system, however it shuts down by itself and we put on t recognize it s done so up until it s super cold. The product is super plush like a blanket and very good. We didn’t see any odor and it absolutely gets warm enough without burning our skin like our other heating pad does. All in all, it s quite great and is assisting our neck pain a lot.

Great weight to this, the edges are filled with weighted “grains” that permit the heating pad to sit well. Gets splendidly warm. We do not understand if the automobile off works, we have not checked that function yet. Our only problem is the neck pieces, we are smaller sized than the frame this was built on, for it to sit well on our we require to overlap the “chest” pieces rather than utilizing the magnets to keep it closed. The neck piece does not stand by sufficient around/on our neck to stay as hot as we would like it. Would buy again, however would desire a ‘smaller sized’ variation.

After checking out numerous unfavorable evaluations we chose to purchase based upon the greater ranked evaluations. Unlike a lot of orders, when we got the product packaging we kept them aside in case the poor-rated evaluations were appropriate and we require to send out the product back for a refund. After a few hours, the product packaging remained in the recycling and the neck pain we had been experiencing for 3 weeks was astoundinglybetter The heat is effective, permeating, and effective throughout all 4 (4) level settings. The pad is well covered in fleece, with sand-filed ribbing around the boundary to keep it in location when sitting, standing, or laying vulnerable. The fit is ideal and comfy. All- in-all, the very best heating pad we have ever owned. Uncertain what took place to the customers who had less than perfect experiences, however we can heartily advise this heating pad.

This is definitely great. We enjoy it. We were shocked to find this much better quality than we anticipated. It s simple to place on, and enjoy the magnetic clip. It is made with very soft product, rests on shoulders firmly without being heavy and has the most fantastic heat particularly in the neck location. We are so thankful we chose to go with the extended neck location design. It gets warm very quick. We generally like the setting around 3, however it is great to have 4 levels for various requirements. Get the extended neck design. It makes all the distinction. You won t be sorry. The grey color is very good – thankful we selected that color.

We believed this would be a great alternative to a heat blanket. We do have a lots of neck and shoulder pain so was hoping for some relief from this. We can state it is comfy for the many part however sort of odd since you cant lay any way with it. Likewise when it s covering our neck, it doesn t always sit tight. Sort of requirement to direct it with pillows or something to remain on our neck. It s great quality and good cost. We likewise put it down for our pet and assists him unwind?? hope that assists.

The cover is very soft and snuggly, and the system warms up quickly. Nevertheless, we purchased this to assist use heat to a stretched tendon in our neck, however the heat primarily concentrates on the upper back. There s likewise inadequate to protect the system around the neck for functions of heat application. There s a magnet in the front to keep the pad closed at the collar, however it s not strong enough or tight sufficient to keep the pad snug around your neck. Great pad for heat to shoulders and upper back. Not a lot for neck.

We put on’t generally evaluate a product up until we have utilized it for a number of weeks a minimum of. Nevertheless, we truly like this heating pad. It is ideal for our neck and shoulders where we have arthritis and stress. We had the ability to change the neck location of the pad to fit our neck completely. The reality that we are getting heat on our shoulders too is a fantastic benefit. We have had this on for an hour and a half and am now going to sleep. That is how comfortable and relaxing this is, it is making us sleepy. We prepare to utilize it at nights while we see television and if we intend on investing a great deal of time on our computer system. Must anything alter with our sensations for this product, we will return and modify our evaluation. We are, up until now, very pleased with it.

We would been requiring a heating pad particularly for our neck due to suffering from tightness and headaches, and we were rather delighted to find something like this that was developed particularly for that location. It does provide a good little bit of heat, though for some it might not suffice. The max setting absolutely might have gotten a little hotter, however at its limitation it does not appear to overstay its welcome while twisted around you. For what it deserves, the product itself is relatively comfy and does not chafe. Cleaning the pad is likewise relatively simple, though do ensure it’s entirely dry prior to usage. All things thought about, it’s well worth a shot and a lot much easier to utilize in the neck location than conventional rectangle-shaped heating pads.

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