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Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel - Homeopathic Medicine

Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel – Homeopathic Medicine

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel – Homeopathic Medicine.

  • HISTORY S BEST KEPT TRICK FOR HEALING *- Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel represents the crossway of a long healing custom and state-of-the art modern-day science. Silver is a natural aspect and has been utilized medicinally for more than 2,000 years. Silver has played an important function in securing human health. Hippocrates, the “daddy of medicine,” composed of silver s healing residential or commercial properties in his medical texts. Today, silver-based products are extensively utilized in burn systems around the world.
  • FOR FAST HEALING OF SMALL CUTS, SCRAPES, BURNS, BITES AND SKIN INFECTIONS – Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel operates in 3 methods to assist small injuries recover fast. It can lower topical pain quickly, taking the sting out of skin inflammations; relaxes inflammation lowering the swelling, inflammation and heat that typically accompany small skin injuries; and assists the body to keep small skin infection at bay, enabling small injuries to recover quickly.
  • EFFECTIVE EMERGENCY TREATMENT FROM THE MAKERS OF THE UNDISPUTED LEADER IN COLLOIDAL SILVER – Sovereign Silver Bio- Active Silver Hydrosol is a premium silver supplement in The United States and Canada for immune support *, relied on by millions for over 19 years for its extraordinary safety *, quality and effectiveness *. Our Bio- Active Silver Hydrosol, which represents the supreme improvement of the colloidal silver classification, is the basis of our First Aid Gel.
  • HIGHEST SAFETY *, PURENESS AND EFFECTIVENESS * – Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel is the only topical homeopathic preparation to harness the innovative power of silver in the type of Argentum metallicum 10 x, 20 x, 30 x, and uses a topical type of our popular supplement product. Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel is Vegan, Gluten-free, Allergen-free Non- GMO. It is happily made in and dispersed from Sarasota, FL, U.S.A.. Never ever evaluated on animals.
  • THE ONLY TOPICAL PRODUCT YOU REQUIRED – Since it works for a broad spectrum of small topical problems, you can now change your over the counter (OTC) antiseptic cream, burn ointment, calamine cream, and acne creams with one product. Keep one bottle in your restroom cabinet, one in your bag, diaper bag or brief-case, and one at work, so you are constantly prepared for life s little incidents.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel – Homeopathic Medicine.
FOR FAST HEALING OF SMALL CUTS, SCRAPES, BURNS, BITES, BRUISES AND SMALL SKIN INFECTIONS Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel can lower pain quickly, taking the sting out of skin inflammations. * By lowering topical pain *, calming skin inflammation, and fighting small skin infection, Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel assists skin recuperate from all type of small injuries. Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel assists the body keep small skin infections at bay, enabling injuries to recover quickly and naturally. Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel relaxes inflammation, lowering the swelling, inflammation and heat on skin that typically accompany small skin injuries. Read more YOUR FIRST CHOICE FOR EMERGENCY TREATMENT No other natural emergency treatment gel has such a broad spectrum of applications: Burning Stinging Soreness Itching Tightness & Soreness from Minor Wounds Ulcerations (Minor Cuts and Scapes) Skin Eruptions from Acne, Eczema or Small Infections Swellings Bug Bites Rashes Blisters Read more SOVEREIGN SILVER EMERGENCY TREATMENT GEL IS THE NATURAL RESPONSE TO ALL YOUR AT-HOME TOPICAL REQUIRES KID-FRIENDLY Sting-free formula developed to lower topical pain, not contribute to it. ODORLESS, NOT GREASY Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel is odor free, non oily and transparent SAFETY Over-the-counter (OTC) homeopathic drug products have no recognized negative effects. TIDY AND PURE No artificial preservatives Check out more Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel – Homeopathic Medicine.

Question Question 1

Can The “Strength” Or Concentration Of This Product Be Compared To Others In Regards to Ppm? We Are Not Acquainted with Homeopathic Terms. Thanks.?

Well silver is determined in ppm and this company is the very best. we choose this brand over any other at anytime.we usage this for whatever way better than Neosporin.we reside in mauwe and staph is a huge issue in the jungle and beaches.this is it.we put in on burns cuts scrapes etc.we would likewise advise the li Well silver is determined in ppm and this company is the very best. we choose this brand over any other at anytime.we usage this for whatever way better than Neosporin.we reside in mauwe and staph is a huge issue in the jungle and beaches.this is it.we put in on burns cuts scrapes etc.we would likewise advise the liquid for internal usage or for eyes ears nose and mouth.the gel is strictly topical. No matter other business strength they have the very best particles.silver has been utilized for countless years. Type of fantastic

Question Question 2

What Is The Consistency Of This Gel? Thin Or Thick Is What We Mean?

we do not indicate to seem like a smart-alec, however truely, it relies on the temperature.we keep it in our medicine cabinet and in summer season, it’s hardly gel.Winter- time, quite gel.Hence, you might fairly manage it’s consistency to your taste.

Question Question 3

Does This Product End?

Acquired it in August 2013 and it ends 1/2015 we luv this product.:-RRB-. FYI, we checked out the short article below mine and we needed to share this with you. we have a friend that is very knowledgable, she stated the very best thing for shingles is: 1 aspirin, collapsed onto a tsp. with nail polish eliminator enough to make a paste, then Acquired it in August 2013 and it ends 1/2015 we luv this product.:-RRB-. FYI, we checked out the short article below mine and we needed to share this with you. we have a friend that is very knowledgable, she stated the very best thing for shingles is: 1 aspirin, collapsed onto a tsp. with nail polish eliminator enough to make a paste, then use it onto the shingles at the START PHASES. Heals within days. Sounds insane, however it’s expect to work. Pass it on.

Question Question 4

Does This Really Have A Gel-Like Or Watery Consistency?

It has a gel like consistency.

Question Question 5

What Is The Silver Concentration In “Components Per Million” (Ppm) In This Product? This Is The Only Way To Compare It To Other Topical Silver Products.?

This is homeopathic. The bounce in concentration is not the QUANTITY of silver. It is increased by vibration. It sounds odd if you do not comprehend the frequency of homeopathic. It is far more powerful than if it were simply metal silver. Incredible for burns or obstructing infections.

Question Question 6

Could This Gel Be Utilized As A Hand Sanitizer As You Would Purell?

This product is anti-bacterial so it might be utilized for that purpose.

Question Question 7

Is This Made From Garlic Or Sulfur?


Question Question 8

The Bottle We Got Is Broken. How Do We Tackle Exchanging It For An Intact Bottle? Thank You.?

we would call the seller or for help.

Question Question 9

Which Is Best For Swellings?

The gel is for topical use.we do not understand about swellings -we never ever attempted it for that.we utilize it for cuts, scratches, burns, professional athlete’s foot, and so on

Question Question 10

Is This Truly A Gel, Or Simply Runny Liquid?

It’s a gel.But it’s not a strong either.Squish out a bit and you’ll spread it on the wound.It will not stay stuck on a vertical airplane like gum.

Question Question 11

Would It Assist Ezema?

we would not advise this for eczema, we would advise a modification in diet plan and supplements. we would reach out to Ingredientmatterhere.com they are very practical.

Question Question 12

Sodium Hydroxide Is Lye.Does This Not Make It Burn When You Use It?

What we understand is that this product does not burn. we have utilized it on topical cystic structures and it is the very best.

Question Question 13

Im Wondering About The Purpose Of Sodium Hydroxide In This, Isn’t Sodum Hydroxide Really Lye?

If it was very pure and very strong.we have not had any irritation.

Question Question 14

We Bought The First Aid Gel And It Showed Up Broken How Do We Get Credit Or A New Product?

Email the folks at Zquared asap. Make certain you send out an image of the harmed product. If they have a replacement in stock they will deliver it out instantly, otherwise you’ll get a prompt refund.

Question Question 15

The Number Of Ppm Is It?

It does not state that on the label.This is a homeopathic remedy.

Question Question 16

The Number Of Bottles In This Package?

There is 1 Bottle of 2oz. in this pkg.

Question Question 17

Which Is Best For Swellings?

we utilize this as an antiseptic for scratches, cuts, bug bites.It heals fast.For bruising we utilize Arnica.Arnica works fast likewise however is indicated for bruising and we utilize it for foot cramps, charlie horses.

Question Question 18

Does The Gel Be Available In Larger Size To Refill Smaller Sized Bottle?

The gel is only offered in this size presently.

Question Question 19

Can It Be Utilized On Open Cuts?

Definitely on cuts.we have put it on pimples that were beginning and they go away.we can’t think about all the important things we do with this product.This and the liquid are must.

Question Question 20

Will This Assist On Keloid Scars?

we have never ever utilized silver for keloid scars. we have discovered that it assists lighten age areas and accelerate healing time for acne scars.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel – Homeopathic Medicine, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We utilize this product for any small burns or inflammations. We placed on q pointer for fever blisters likewise. Relieves the burning. This time around, we wound up getting a rash under our arms from an antiperspirant. Now approved, it s winter, however we have been utilizing it as our go to antiperspirant. Cleaned up the rash, and sanctuary t stopped utilizing it. It has an soothing cooling result. Our nephew wound up with burns from an air bag blowing up in hisface Provided him a bottle of this and he had such relief, and assisted clear it up quickly. We were at a dining establishment a few weeks ago and among the ladies in cooking area burnt her arm. We ran home and got our extra bottle for her. Blistered bad, about the size of a silver dollar. Saw her the next week and it was nearly totally gone with no scar. Have another friend whose pet dog had eye infections and he was placed on numerous prescription antibiotics. We provided her some and saw her a week later on and she stated the infection was nearly gone. Poor little man had been suffering with infection for about 2 months. We buy these, and wind up providing out to whoever remains in requirement. We extremely advise this product. Remarkable company. Gotten quickly. Certainly will buy again.

We suffer from neighborhood mrsa infections (antibiotic resistant staph infections) on various random areas on our skin (primarily in locations we sweat a lot) they’re not where we get them on the very same area whenever they appear on random areas whenever. This is the only thing we can utilize to assist recover our random abscesses due to the fact that absolutely nothing else assists ease them. We clean our abscess with liquid colloidal silver by the very same brand or 92% alcohol if you cant get the silver and then we put some of this gel on a band aid (we choose water evidence band help) and then cover the abscess and alter it two times a day up until it completely disappears and typically leaves a scar. We truthfully would be absolutely nothing with out this product. We wouldnt have the ability to do everyday basic activities due to the fact that mrsa is very agonizing and can quickly get out of control. We have been to transmittable illness physicians in beverly hills and they not did anything for us however take our cash. Provided us dreadful prescription antibiotics in pill and topical type that not did anything. We needed to do research on our own and we discovered how natural prescription antibiotics are better due to the fact that they are genetically various each time not like a laboratory produced antibiotic thats precisely the very same and the germs can break their substances and end up being more unsusceptible to and end up being more powerful. This does not treat our mrsa due to the fact that we still get them on random locations however it does assist us control and handle our agonizing abscesses and we no longer need to go to the health center to have them drained pipes due to the fact that absolutely nothing had the ability to manage them and they would get so huge to where id get to that low point. We will never ever utilize neosporin or any other crap again. We only utilize this gel as an antibiotic topical. Absolutely nothing has worked better for us and we suffer from an antibiotic resistant germs.

Every home need to have a bottle of this stuff-great for any sort of abrasion, cut, and so on. We have even utilized it on sore gums and it works marvels. Our kids have utilized it on acnes, too and the healing time is fast. Better than acne medications. -.

This is our 3rd bottle of the first-aid gel in last two years. We provided one to our senior mom for an eyelid-edge redness/infection, however she declined to utilize it often-enough for any real advantage. (however a minimum of we attempted). Likewise, we acquired 2 bottles of the sovereign silver (1-32 oz & 16 oz.) for our own usage as preventative/treatment for colds and upper respiratory infections. Concerning the gel, it is great. We liken-it to an enhanced variation of neosporin. This gel develops an outstanding environment for your body/skin to recover on it’s own. The silver gel is understood to eliminate numerous various germs and infections. It is now our go-to for whatever from cracked-dry skin, blisters, red marks & swelling and small cuts too. Likewise, it is popular for the treatment of burns all over the world. We now utilize it daily on ourface As we have aged, we have established a number of red areas on ourface The silver gel minimizes or eliminates the inflammation. It is understood too battle infection which typically triggers inflammation/redness to the skin. This things gets the job done. We even had a black/white head that simply grew and then reddened. After a number of months of gel application (and some tries to capture-out the blackhead) the inflammation is almost gone, swelling is much minimized by more than 50% and the pore is beginning to lower in size and look typical again. However it still has a little-ways to go. This gel is not an over night fix/heal. However it gets the job done in time. We are well happy, as we have attempted other remedies prior to with little success. We will constantly keep this first-aid gel on hand. We are follower now. (however, our senior mom still does not think me. Oh well).

We extremely advise this product. It was advised to us when we were having radiation treatments. When used to our radiation burns, it not only alleviated the pain, however our scars absolutely vanished. We have likewise utilized this product on cuts and have no indications of injury. Our partner is presently utilizing on sebaceous cysts and two have totally disappeared.

Our pet dog has deep cut so rather of taking her to veterinarian costs hundreds we got our sovereign silver liquid which we currently had and put it on cotton ball and simply dabbed it on wound so regarding not harm our pet dog. Attempt to keep coot in ball on her for minute. And omg wound immediately was cleaned up from dirt, particles etc and our pet dog did not appear to be in pain. So utilized liquid mornjng and night simply putting silver liquid on cotton ball and dabbing wound. It cleans up astounding without running and wound looked better andbetter So we chose to buy this the ointment so it would remain on longer. So again would clean up with liquid first then use this ointment two times day too. After week wound recovered never ever got contaminated and so on. Its inexpensive, no veterinarian costs, wound mentioned healthy looking, if other pet dog licked her wound would not damage him and so on. Might go on and on about this line ofproducts Exact same time our 2 year old grand son had bad cough so purchased his very same things in nasal spray due to the fact that – year old can not blow their noses so in couple days silver nasal product cleared him up. Not one of those whatever needs to be 100% natural however when our pet dog cut cut and we cleaned up the wound very first time by putting liquid silver on cotton ball and simply hardly dabbing it and seeing prior to our eyes the wound pink, cans cleaned we were blown away. This worked better than any prescription did for very little expense. These silver products can breathe in, dab or consume for lots of disorders to check out and buy bottle of ointment it liquid to have around home for lots of disorders or mishaps.

This evaluation will be simple. We are novice when it pertains to taking silver. Our friend who seriously never ever gets ill at work has taken it for twenty years. We chose to offer it a shot. Well guess who does not get ill at work now either. This man. We are not calling this a wonder drug however we likewise do not think in coincidence. When 75 individuals in your work location are ill and need to call out and the only individuals that do not call out all utilize this product, then we rest our case. Our relative was extremely doubtful and now she utilizes it. It’s what $11 dollars? offer it a shot. We utilize our points and you need to too.

We have had severe eczema our whole life that comes and goes. Based on medical medium’s suggestion we found this product. Just recently we were broke out basically over our whole body, hot burning, itching, splitting, bleeding, and suoer agonizing rashes. Much of our skin was inflammed and contaminated from night scratching. Our medical professional recommended prescription antibiotics the very same day we put this order and chose not to have the script filled. Two days later on we got our order and upon application discovered immediate relief from our itching, burning, and tightness. Within a few days a lot of the staph bumps had dried out along with some of the eczema spots. A lot of our deep scratch marks and the terrible skin fractures were likewise were healing. This product is a should is you or somebody you like suffers from any skin conditions. We intend on keeping this completely equipped at all times from now on.

Utilizing colloidal silver for wound healing and for lessening itching has shown a real benefit. We were doubtful, in the beginning, however, into the first bottle, understood it was a little miracle-worker, as far as above goes. Consequently, have acquired a number of more, both for home usage and as little presents.

Bought this to utilize on our children mollescum and it worked great- dried them out within a week. Dream they offered a larger size however, we went through an entire bottle in 1 week.

This product is supernatural for our acne. We are an esthetician and nursing mother and fight skin issues and attempted whatever in our toolbox to clear our skin. Absolutely nothing worked even near this product. Plus it s homeopathic, which is an a+. We get many compliments and it s only been a week. It took the acne away the first hour we put it on no lie. A should get. Even our customers talked about our skin.

Colloidal silver is ideal for cuts, sores, acne, any sort of abrasions. We really began utilizing it for our acne/rosacea/scars on our face and it cleared all of it up significantly fast. We have been having a hard time with this for a very long time too and medications from physicians never ever worked for us, not scrubs and so on. We only advise that if you anticipate to utilize it for your face to utilize it only for 7 days/a week. Overruse can result in blueing of the skin, so take care. Otherwise, pleased healing.

Incredible things. We are type 1 diabetic on dialysis, at age 47, and we have what is called tension dermatitis, which is where the skin on our lower legs forms very scratchy blisters, than pop open and ooze and itch even worse. This is the only thing that works to dry up the blisters and recover the skin. We likewise utilize this on toe-nail fungus. Works great. We had a surgical wound open, and it wasn’t up until we attempted this that it recovered completely. We like this things and would not lack it.

This things is fantastic. We utilize it for all sorts of first aid. Dealt with a second degree burn, hardly a scar left. Cut the pointer off our thumb with a little piece hanging, utilized this and it recovered up. Roadway rash, heals great, no scar. Rash on the stomach, recovers it up. Utilized it in our canines ears to soothe the pain for an ear infection, no more shaking and digging at his ear. (put on cotton ball and rubbed it on, didn’t pump it into his ear) many more testaments. So if you sanctuary t figured it currently, this is a should have.

This things is fantastic. Utilized it on an nasy burn on our arm and it’s healing much quicker than our previous burns. (our oven and we do not constantly get along) it’s not sticky at all nor does it leave an oily residue that gets all over whatever. A very percentage goes a long way. Apply and offer it a few minutes to take in and you’re good to go. We are astonished at how well this things works. Our mother utilized it on her stubborn belly button after laproscopic surgical treatment and had a comparable action. Her stubborn belly button was totally bruised. Inside andout We discovered some inflammation after surgical treatment however weren’t anticipating the degree of bruising. It later on beginning burning and itching. She was anxious she was having a response to something they utilized. We brought her some of this things and she stated it assisted alot.

We contracted shingles, we remained in misery, the costly otc purchases didn’t work. Then a native american sista sent us a care package, consisted of was this. Right away upon usage, our skin feltbetter We now utilize it daily.

This is a great product. The day after you utilize this gel your wound has closed and beginning to recover. We have been utilizing the liquid for over 5 years. When we saw the gel marketed we instantly bought it. This product needs to remain in everybody’s emergency treatment kit. We will absolutely continue to utilize sovereign silver.

Remarkable things. Our baby got impetigo so we had been putting the claudio silver on it in drop type. We then discovered this in gel. Our baby had staining from the rash and we though she may have a scare on herface We began putting this on it for a few weeks and it s gone. Great things.

We really purchased a bottle of this for our canines. If they ever get scraped, or have an injury we utilize this. We were utilizing a various brand that we had purchased from our groomer however our liquid drops for our emergency treatment kit are from sovereign silver, and we liked that product. We likewise utilize the liquid drops on our canines for eye irritation (like for us). This product works quickly and conserves us cash on the veterinarian costs. It is typically good for the basic products and likewise good in combination with veterinarian treatment.

Fast shipment. Exceptionally pleased with outcomes of thisproducts We utilized it for cut that was likewise scratchy. We used a thin layer 3 times a day and the cut recovered within 3 days. After using the gel. The itching immediately stopped. The gel is odor free and very gentle on the skin.

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