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Smith’s Rosebud Salve Tin

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Smith’s Rosebud Salve Tin.

  • A favorite of master makeup artists and designs, this cult-favorite multi-purpose balm relieves dry lips, relaxes skin inflammations, conditions the rough skin of elbows and knees and takes the sting out of small burns.
  • The original, one and only Rosebud salve was first prepared by a druggist in 1892
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 4 pack value (4 x 0.8 tins)

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More Info:

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Smith’s Rosebud Salve Tin.8 oz (Pack of 4)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Smith’s Rosebud Salve Tin.

Question Question 1

Is These 4 Packs All In One Flavor( Rosebud Salve) Or Others Flavors Will Integrate Together?

This 4 pack includes 4 tins of the original RosebudSalve To acquire a variety, which is available in a charming little tin, you might wish to attempt this link: https://www..com/Rosebud-Three-Lavish-Layers-Ounce/dp/B002 HTREHE/ref= pd_sim_bt_6? ie= UTF8 & refRID =1711 ARFMDFTGXVVW2HQG.

Question Question 2

Does Lot171211 C Mean The Product Has Expired?

not that we understand of.we have 6 tins in our home today, 1 each coming from our sibling and me, and 4 we purchased for gifts.none of these have lot numbers or expiration dates on them.also, we have had a tin that we kept and utilized for a minimum of 10 years.we hope you keep yours and enjoy it for several years as we have.micki

Question Question 3

Exists Tea Tree Or Melaleuca Oil In Your Products?

There is not tea tree or melaleuca oil in the rosebud product.Cotton seed oil is noted.

Question Question 4

What Is The Size Of The Tin?

The size is 2 inches.BTW we enjoy this stuff.we have been utilizing it for years

Question Question 5

What Are The Active Ingredients In Rosebud Salve?

The components list states a blend of essential oils, cottonseed oil, and a petrolatum base.

Question Question 6

What Is The Distinction In Between R And The B In The Middle Of The Tin?

Only Smiths Rosebud Salve has an R in the middle of thetin The one with the B is a various brand which we are not familiar with.

Question Question 7

What Are The Active Ingredients?

Blend of essential oils( smokily), cottonseed oil in an unique petrolatum base. Terrific on cuticles and hands. Takes simply a bit. we enjoy the very minor rose scent.

Question Question 8

What’S The Distinction In Between By Rosebud Fragrance Co And By Rosebud? Are They Both Lip Balm? If Yes, Why Is The Company Various?

Yes.that are both lip balm. might never ever figure out why some products are identified in a different way. we do understand that this product is amazing. we utilize it for whatever. consisting of under eye cream. it is fantastic.??

Question Question 9

We Simply Got The Products And There Is A Serie Of Number: Lot171211 C. Does The Number Mean The Product Has Expired?

we are unsure what that indicates. Sorry we could not assist

Question Question 10

Does It Have Expired Date?

The tin does not have actually a printed expirationdate.

Question Question 11

What Does This Taste Like If It Gets In Your Mouth?

There is truly no taste. This is among the very best products ever made. our granny utilized this for whatever from cuts, scrapes, chapped lip – everything.we utilized it on our children & they now utilize it on theirs.

Question Question 12

Can You Utilize It As Blush?

we enjoy it as a lip gloss, however we believe it is too oily as a blush.You might attempt it though if you wish to.

Question Question 13

Does This Been Available In The Collector’S Tin? Or Is It Simply A Pack Of 4 Tins? Cause The Rate Doesn’T Make good sense, Thinking About Private Tins Are Around $3.?

Emily, It was simply a pack of 4 tins. we have no concept about the reasonable rate of the product because we purchased it here in Brazil, through a friend coming from U.S.A.. For us the cost-benefit worth.we keep in mind at the time, a tin was more costly than the package with 4 systems divided by 4.

Question Question 14

Ican Not Get The Tin Cover Off.Anyone Else?

Provided bad evaluation on this.had very same problemOf all 4 tins in pack.What a waste.

Question Question 15

We Idea We Would Check Out Someplace That The Product Has A Rose Scent, However We See No Reference Of That Anywhere. Does It?

No Smith’s Rosebud Salve does not have a rose aroma.It is a great product and we would not lack mine.

Question Question 16

We Are Remaining In A Hot And DampCountry We Are Concerned That If We Were To Order These, They Will Melt Throughout Shipment?

Mine were melted when they showed up, we do not have this issue with CO Bigelow

Question Question 17

We Got Our 4-Pack However The Backs Of Each Tin Were Significant Through With Black Magic Marker. Why?. Ugly.?

we observed the black marks likewise. The product remained in good condition so we didn’t stress over it. we picture it is so scan maker didn’t simply charge for one can when there were 4. It is a great product so we can install with black marks.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Smith’s Rosebud Salve Tin, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Pros: we utilized to utilize bag balm on our lips however chose for the much more enjoyable flower scent of smith’s rosebud salve. It’s got a great texture, a wonderful (however not frustrating.) rosy fragrance, and does a remarkable task of moisturizing our lips and cuticles. The rosy color of the balm is stunning, however is more of a large gloss when used, however likewise works great when layered over a more powerful lip color. It likewise has a lots of usages- essentially, anything you would utilize vaseline or petroleum jelly for, you can utilize this. The little tin is truly adorable and a great size for bring around, and the 4 pack is ideal since we can keep one by our bed, one in our bag, and one in our desk at all times and still have one to extra. And our outright preferred aspect of this product is that it’s ruthlessness free. Cons: since it includes natural components and no waxy preservatives, it does have a very low melting point, so you can’t truly put it in your pocket or leave it in your automobile when it gets too warm, lest you have a sticky, albeit aromatic, mess to tidy up. Smith’s now makes a lot of other fragrances (e. G strawberry, mandarin, mocha, brambleberry) which would be enjoyable to attempt.

Have actually been utilizing this for 7 years because looking after grandchildren with runny noses and chapped chins from tongues licking that location. The sweet odor persuaded them it was not medicine and yet the salve is soothing and cleans up dry skin areas in addition to any inflamed skin location. Have one in handbag constantly in addition to in powder space drawers for quick applications when kids require it. Will constantly be purchasing this salve.

This salve made our lips super soft and hydrated. This salve has the ideal smoothness/thickness/consistency (not like nivea where it’s thinned down, like it’s inexpensive). Not exactly sure how to explain it however absolutely a greatbuy The only con we have is we want this was available in a chapstick kind because we do not like to stick our fingers in the salve. We constantly utilize a q-tip however still worth every 2nd lost getting the q-tip. We wish to buy more for ourself and our household. The 4 pack is great.

This things is fantastic. If you have any dry locations on you put a little dab of this on it. From what we comprehend this things has actually been around permanently. It advises us a little of vasaline other than this things absorbes and makes your dry areas disappear. We just recently found out we have hypothyroisism and we sort of understood something was incorrect since our skin would get so dry, then harden, then fracture & peel. On myface Can you think of? it remained in one area, and only a little area, however seriously on ourface Right in between our eyes on the top of our nose. That & a few other beautiful symptoms like our hair falling out has actually not made us a very delighted individual recently, anyhow this was something we had simply constantly had. We kept it around for chapped lips and cuticles. So we began putting some on our beautiful face scale and it disappeared. We are not going to inform you some phoney it was entered a 2nd, and we were being dealt with for our thyroid issue. It did not treat a skin issue, it assisted to graduly deal with the unsightly dry alligator looking conceal on ourface We likewise have actually utilized it when we purchased a lipstick that was simply excessive. It mixes with the lipstick & turns it into a more subtle gloss. With the dry winter we have actually been having we put it around our eyes prior to we go to sleep. We have actually utilized this little tub of salve for lots of issues. We enjoy it. We have not ever seen it stain anything either, however we have never ever flat out smeared it onto a fabric to see if it would. The only unfavorable we can consider is the container, or opening the container with it on your hands can be challenging. We believe they require to include that little twist thing that is on shoe polish cans. We do not truly desire them to alter to a various container simply make it a bit much easier to open. We saw when we put our last order that you have the choice of little tubes.

Our female good friends have actually enjoyed this for a long time. The price has actually constantly turned us off however. Then, among our good friends offered us among her tins. Due to the fact that every lip balm we have actually ever attempted has actually caused chapped lips, we were a little reluctant. However we attempted it, and we are follower now. Has a great rate too, at sephora, one of the only other locations you can buy this, it’s a dollar more pertin Do yourself a favor and buy this wholesale, it’ll constantly be fantastic.

Great for your lips, particularly if they are chapped. Keeps them moist. We likewise put it under our nose when it gets dry from blowing it excessive. It has lots of usages, we simply want it was available in a bigger container since we utilize a lot we run out quickly. One unfavorable. Container is very tough to open. Can be found in a metal jar that you should twist open. There are lots of nights, at bedtime when we have actually battled with the cover so long attempting to get it open that we simply quit. Why is the cover so tough to open? it’s very aggravating. Assist.

We have actually utilized smith’s rosebud salve for the last 15 years and have found it helpful to smooth onto our lips each night prior to bed. It has a light enjoyable fragrance and lasts all night. We are sorry for when we forget to utilize it because we awaken with chapped, dry lips. The value of 4 tins in this purchase is wonderful because we have actually invested $8-$10 for simply one tin with other merchants. The efficiency and lasting usage of this balm is still # 1 with us after all these years.

Our roomie (raised on a farm) and her mom utilized this servant for years and she offered us some as a present, this was several years back. Up until we saw it on the “today reveal” we didn’t understand they still made it. We purchased 4 cans, 2 for us & 2 to share w/ household. It’s fantastic, extremely advise. ~ tracey.

Love this product. Our lips were constantly chapped and this keeps them smooth constantly. In addition, it is great for burns. We have actually burned our neck and hands with a curling iron and quickly put this on and instant relief next day no scars or blisters. We have actually likewise burned our hands utilizing the oven and very same fantastic outcomes.

Live for this. Utilize it numerous times a day for whatever from lips to fingertips (cuticles). Retro product packaging is enjoyable and this is simple to bring in any handbag. We laugh when we leave it in an automobile and it merges cover. Then we simply re- melt it and put it back. Lasts permanently.

This is a great accompaniment to the tea rose fragrance (see our other evaluation). Its a bit greasier than other creams. However our dry skin consumes it up. Simply put on t attempt to drive or use the monkey-bars right away after utilizing. It s little and compact sufficient to suit even our little bags. And the rate permits us to present it to a number of workplace good friends. When empty, the tin is a beneficial container for paperclips, stamps, ear-ring backs and other small products. We enjoy having the ability to recycle containers.

Our household has actually utilized this salve for years and years. Have yet to find something that it isn’t goodfor It’s fantastic how something so simple can work so well. Put some of this on your lips prior to going to sleep and wake in the early morning with the softest lips you have actually ever had. Got a cut? chapped hands? attempt this things. You’ll be pleased you did. Great seller and attempted and real product.

We have actually suffered from dry chapped lips for years. We have actually constantly purchased a good natural chapstick. However we wished to attempt this and we are so pleased we did. It was available in a pkg. Of 4 tins and we were a little worried about having a lot. We are so pleased we have 4 of them. We enjoy this product and keep one in our handbag, our automobile,and our restroom, we were utilizing the fourth on getaway at our child’s home and she attempted it and we wound up providing it to her since she liked it a lot. It smells beautiful, has such a fantastic texture and if you have an issue with dry lips, our company believe you can be assisted with this salve.

This things is great. We enjoy it, and we buy it for our child and daughter-in-law too. We keep a tin in our bed room, and in the restrooms. The only issue is that it’s often tough to get the top of the tin off. We leave the tins out and do not snap the covers back on completely as soon as we open them. This is a very enjoyable product however.

We utilize rosebud salve for nearly whatever: to hydrate lips, if our skin is inflamed, moderate burns, and so on. We can t run low on it. We enjoy it a lot.

Rosebud is the cure-all. Finest product ever. Up until now, we have actually utilized it to soften chapped lips, eliminate diaper rash, stop a fever blister from breaking out, recover small cuts, and the list goes on. We won t leave home without it.

Finest lip salve ever. We have actually been utilizing dr. Smith’s for about 20 years and have never ever found anything as fantastic. Our 4-yr-old child and we both have very delicate, dry, eczema-prone skin. We invest a great deal of time above 5k elevation in very low humidity. This rosebud salve handles to keep our lips from chapping all year long. It’s even great to utilize on the nose to keep from chapping when there’s a great deal of blowing going on. Love it.

We are 48 years of ages. Our mom utilized rose bud salve for a great deal of things on our sibling and i. We were so delighted when we found it on. It s great for lips, chapped skin and great for utilizing on infants for diaper rash. Great old timey remedy, that s a great skin treatment.

We utilize this regularly. It is great for under our eyes prior to makeup. We simply utilize a small dab n makeup doesn t settle in lines. It is likewise great for lips n any dry spots in face or anywhere. Great things.

Significant fan of rosebud salve. We have actually been utilizing for 10 years. We decline to use any other brand of chapstick. It s great for all sorts of things. We have actually utilized it for wind burn, dry skin spots, eczema and diaper rashes on both of our kids. Extremely advise rosebud salve to anyone and everybody and you can t beat the rate of this 4 pack. So delighted.

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