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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of SmartLife Lip Balm.

  • Compare to Chapstick Classic Cherry
  • Assists avoid and temporarily secures dry chapped lips
  • Cherry flavor
  • Skin Protectant

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More Info:

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Flavor: Cherry|Size: 18 Count SMARTLIFE LIP BALM CHERRY 3CT/.15 oz each

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on SmartLife Lip Balm.

Question Question 1

How Does The Beeswax Ones Compare To Burt’S Bees?

Flavor is almost similar. Protection is good, however does not appear to last as long as Burt’s. Likewise, if you resemble us and bring it in your pocket all the time these appear to twist much easier than the Burt’s simply from walking and can often collapse versus the cap. All in all we would still suggest.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on SmartLife Lip Balm, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Actually like it. Makes our lips feel tingly we enjoy to spearmint ace and it was truly good for the quantity of cash we paid again done it again thank.

Finishes the job.

Bought these for our children softball group with softball made holder keychains for it and they enjoyed it.

This is very “creaour” for the lips. Not hard like many other chapsticks.

Feels good on your lips. Its precisely what we desired.

We have actually been utilizing mint-flavored chapstick for years, however recently it has actually gotten tough to find. Huge box shops are frequently offered out and cost gougers on charge ridiculous costs. This things is half the cost of mint chapstick, tastes comparable, and does an appropriate task of moisturizing our lips on dry days. It does not have a spf ranking, however neither does mint chapstick (or any of the basic chapstick flavors). If we are investing a great deal of time outdoors, we will utilize a more pricey spf lip balm rather, however when we are being in the workplace throughout the day, this is great and we enjoy the cost.

We are enormous lip balm users in our home. Our other half particularly has a thing for lip balm- to the point that it will totally destroy his day if one isn’t an arm’s reach away. Both people have actually utilized all sorts of brand names, and have our go to brand names. However we both enjoy to attempt out new things, so we enjoyed to provide these a try. We both feel that this is a good lip balm. It does sooth and safeguard, and slides on quickly. It does not feel gooey or thick, which is a perk for us. The spearmint flavor is very light- good for him although we would have liked it to have a little more punch. It lasts for hours, even when consuming and drinking. Used at bedtime keeps our lips from getting up dry and broken. In general, a good buy and alternative to the chapstick brand.

We go through a great deal of lip balm and truly like this. It goes on quickly, not too sticky or dry, and moisturizes our lips well. We enjoy the strawberry flavor. We are happy that it does not have spf in it. We are unpleasant with that chemical on our lips, constantly questioning just how much we are swallowing when we lick them. It’s tough to find spf free lip balm. We would get this again. Update: we likewise attempted the beeswax lip balm and wasn’t as delighted with it as we were with the strawberry. It’s much thicker and much heavier sensation on our lips. As we put it on, there was a tip of honey which was quickly surpassed by the mint. The mint made our lips tingle and they got a hot sensation. If you like thick lip balms and tingly, warm lips, then you’ll like this. We didn’t. We didn’t see “mint” on the label, however it is noted in the active ingredients. We truthfully anticipated more of a honey flavor. Oh well.

We utilize aquaphor on our lips every day and our lips are constantly soft and smooth. However it’s constantly enjoyable to attempt new things and these spearmint lip balms are truly good. As quickly as we opened among the bundles of 3 the fresh aroma wafted approximately our nose. We enjoy the odor of mint so that was a plus. The cap came off quickly and we slid it onto our lips. Oohla. Our lips quickly tingled with a minty experience. We might see utilizing this as a replacement for dessert i. E. Swiping it on when we long for a treat. This is implied to be a rival to a popular brand which we have actually attempted in the past and this is much better than that. Lips felt softer and the taste yummier. And the cost – you get a great deal of lip goodness for your dollar. We will still utilize our aquaphor however we will absolutely bring among these with us too.

These are incredible. It appears so frequently when we attempt brand names of lib balm we have actually never ever become aware of they wind up being not excellent. They wind up being hard, or have an odd non-appealing flavor to them. These nevertheless are exceptional. They are super soft, to the point where if you lips are chapped to the point where they harm, it will not harm to use this. And the cherry is even better than the cherry chapstick brand flavor. Do not be reluctant purchasing these in the bulk pack. They are incredible.

We usually utilize chapstick however this product is a great alternative at a much lower cost. We likewise like how it can be found in a box of 6 specific 3-packs so you begin out with a good supply of 18 tubes. The type we got is “wetness” which does not have any real flavor to it and for that factor it looks like it possibly does not last as long however that’s since you can’t taste anything. We have actually been utilizing it for a while, particularly when we go working on cold, dry early mornings and it gets the job done to keep our lips from getting chapped or broke. No requirement to pay more cash for the chapstick brand label when this gets the job done at a lower cost.

We dislike dry lips. It’s our most significant animal peeve so we constantly keep a stash of lip balms and glosses in our handbag. Smartlife lip balm impressed us with how smooth it goes on and for how long it lasts. Made we petrolatum it isn’t waxy. It leaves our lips safeguarded from the dry heated air inside and the cold vigorous air exterior. We do not require to reapply it as frequently as we do other kinds. It is very strawberry flavored however it does not truly have a taste. In a tube like a routine chapstick it is little enough to keep in a pocket of all your coats and coats or stow away a few in the console of your automobile. You’ll wish to keep these all over.

We see that the package states “compare to chapstick” and this does quite advise us of spearmint chapstick, which was our preferred as a child. (it’s been rather some time considering that we have actually utilized that name brand, however we can’t discriminate from what we keep in mind.) we find spearmint refreshing, and while peppermint lip balm is too extreme for our children, this spearmint isn’t. We do choose a beeswax balms to petrolatum, however these are good for what they are, and appear to be a great value if you require anything like 18 sticks of lip balm.

This is very comparable to chapstick brand lip balm, however it’s a lot more sensible in cost. You get a lot for your dollar. We go through a lots of lip balm in our home so this great to have around your house. As far as the spf, they do have a moisture spf 15 that feels great on the lips. We have actually attempted the original, the spf and the cherry. The original & cherry do not have spf so examine the label if spf is what you’re lookingfor The cherry smells and feels great. It’s a hit in our home. In general, this is a great alternative to chapstick and works similarly too. Would suggest.

Some folks like a very soft, nearly creaour balm (like a number of the beeswax ranges) and other folks like a stiff wax that leaves a thin coating and lasts longer. This lip balm is more on the latter’s side. It’s a little “drier” than chapstick however is quite comparable. The strawberry flavor is small, enjoyable and, for us, hardly obvious. We would enjoy to utilize this again, however we believe it’s priced a little high for what you get (chapstick and even generic balm sticks you get at a discount rate pharmacy are priced better).

We found this smartlife lip balm to be good however not great. We ve utilized beyond seaside lip balm for years, after seeing its great ranking on ecological working group s cosmetic database. When provided the possibility to attempt smartlife, we believed we d provide it a shot, however we simply didn’t like it as much as the beyond seaside, in part since of the ewg s ranking and in part since of the way the various lip balms feel. Smartlife is a much more cost-effective choice, however. However that s justme.

We like the aroma and very very moderate spearmint flavor of this lip balm. It is moisturizing without being oily. We would have liked some spf however that s not an offer breaker for us. We likewise would have like a bit more flavor, however including excessive spearmint may trigger drying, so we can see why they keep it to the level they did. We got many in the pack that we shared some with our colleagues and everybody of them truly liked how it smelled and felt on their lips. So these were a struck all the way around.

We constantly utilize chapstick brand lip balm and was very curious to see how this determines up. We were happily amazed at how good this balm is. It is so moisturizing. It doesn t feel thick or sticky and keeps our lips smooth for hours. They are likewise spf 15 so we understand our lips will be safeguarded in all kinds of weather condition. We are very happy with this product and strategy to utilize all of it all year.

An 18 pack of lip balms with 15 spf? yes please. We are lip balm addict and we have one in our handbag, one on our nightstand, one on our desk at work and we bring one in our pocket most days. We dislike having dry lips particularly throughout winter so we utilize lip balm numerous times a day. This one goes on efficiently and isn’t waxy at all. We like having numerous tubes on hand in case we lose one or a friend requires one if they runout Great cost for a lip balm with 15 spf to safeguard versus the sun.

We are sort of a lip balm addict, particularly throughout the winter. We keep a lip balm in our handbag, in the automobile, on our nightstand, in the cooking area. We are constantly use lip balm, particularly throughout the winter. The smartlife lip balm wetness (with spf 15) goes on efficiently with little to no scent/taste. It appears to provide wetness, however it does not last long and requires to be reapplied frequently. We personally choose nivea wetness or blistex deep renewal since the wetness is thicker and lasts longer.

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