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Silver Sinus - Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray

Silver Sinus – Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Silver Sinus – Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray.

  • All natural 10 PPM ionic colloidal silver nasal spray, roughly 96% ionic and 4% colloidal
  • Offers relief for symptoms connected to allergic reactions, sinus infections, headaches and congestion
  • Large 2 Ounce Bottle – Yields over 600 sprays
  • 99999% pure silver in pure steam pure water, absolutely nothing else.
  • Our cutting-edge consistent existing innovation produces constant nano particulates for maximum efficiency.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Silver Sinus – Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray.
Offers relief for symptoms connected to allergic reactions, sinus infections, headaches and congestion All natural colloidal silver spray Large 2 Ounce Bottle – Yields over 600 sprays 99.999% pure silver in pure steam pure water, absolutely nothing else.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Silver Sinus – Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray.

Question Question 1

The Number Of Ppm Does This Contain?

label states 10 ppm

Question Question 2

Where Is This Product Produced?

This product is made in Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.A.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Silver Sinus – Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Absolutely Nothing better for resisting a sinus infection, works great and a needs to have for all individuals suffering with sinusitus.

Have utilized for numerous years and have likewise had our hubby and noe our child utilizing it. For sinus problems, this product is great. Keep in mind: we do not utilize it as frequently as suggested, only when or 2 times a day, one spray per nare.


We like the concept of it, however can not vouch for its effectiveness long term. Found a generic allergy pill that, taken daily, appears to have fixed the majority of our nasal issues.

This product has provided us a lot relief from sinus problems where other products came a cropper. We would certainly suggest this product to anyone with seasonal allergic reactions, or chronic sinus problems. Very very pleased.

We have been utilizing this product a number of years now given that we found it online. It has stopped a number of our sinus infections dead in their tracks. Periodically however, we would get one along with pollen, allergic sinus problems that the spray alone didn’t deal with. Thus the 4 stars. We concur with other customers. We believe this is a great product to avoid sinus infections and to eliminate them in the early phases. This last infection we got, we needed to go on prescription antibiotics since it was bad and we utilized the silver sinus as a back up to exterminate anything left and to keep it from returning. We would not lack this things. It’s great. We extremely suggest it along with the netwe pot, and possibly preventing dairy.

This product is great, it assists with eye infections, sore throats, and assists great rid of warts.

Appears to assist. We keep having sinus problems and simply began this to see and up until now so good.

It assists our sinuses. It needs to be taken control of the long term, however we believe you will enjoy with the outcomes.

Up until now so good.

Backup for flu.

We do not suffer from sinus infections, however we do have allergic reactions sometimes and colds that remain in our nose. The visible thing when utilizing silver sinus when we first have symptoms is that the cold/allergy does not become worse and in some cases does not establish at all.

Here is the cathc we waited till our sinus infection got real bad. Then we utilized it about 15 sprays a day for a week. Finnally our nasal discharge was entered the left nostrill however not the right nostrill becasue it was inflamed in the passage and we might not get the spray all the way inside. So we went to a docotr and she prescriibed a nasal spray to decrease the swelling. The we had the ability to spray the silver nasla spray all the way inside the contaminated location and it worked. God is our witness it realy worked. We woorked without those hazardous medications.

It worked in reducing length of time dealing with sinuscongestion. We are with confidence suggesting this product to others.

Silver sinus has assisted immensely with our chronic upper respiratory infections – & it works for all sort of infections, fungal and bacterial. We have a history of consistent, severe sinus problem due to a hidden illness, main immune shortage, which leaves us not able to eliminate off infections as a healthy individual would. As an outcome, we typically have numerous various sinus & other ur infections going on all at once, & we need to get laboratory cultures of what’s growing in our nose, throat, & sinuses regularly, typically every 6 weeks. This is to see what organisms lag our symptoms & to examine what medications, if any, are most effective versus them. As was shown in the landmark mayo center research study from circa 1999-2000, the majority of sinus infections are fungal, not bacterial, in origin, so the classic pcp or ent practice of “dealing with” these infections by rxing prescription antibiotics only makes things even worse. Even when an infection is bacterial in nature & an antibiotic is called for, the majority of docs – operating in the lack of cultures & drug-sensitivity tests – will rx an antibiotic that is inadequate on the specific germs triggering their client’s symptoms at that specific time. The great feature of silver is that it’s a long-proven antimicrobial that works versus all sort of pathogens, bacterial & fungal alike. Additionally, it works without the hazardous results that all the prescription antibiotics & antifungal medications made by the contemporary pharmaceutical market sadly can have. Since a number of the sinus infections we have had more than the years are triggered by pathogens that can cause be lethal sepsis, we have needed to utilize a variety of targeted prescription antibiotics & antifungals – iv & topical ones, not simply the typical oral ones, too. A few of these have worked wonders for us, however the majority of have not – & all have had dreadful so-called “side” results. Absolutely nothing has worked as efficiently versus all pathogens as silver nanoparticle products like sinus silver, & with no undesirable “side” results up until now. Prior to spraying sinus silver up our nose for the very first time roughly five-six years back, we completely looked into today’s silver nanoparticle products & the business who make them. The silver sinus folks addressed all our questions instantly, matter-of-factly & without buzz; & they upgraded their site info based upon what weasked As an outcome, we had the ability to attempt the product with a sensation that it could not injure, which it didn’t. However we were impressed at just how much it assisted – & how quickly, too, typically within 24-48 hours. We would suggest sinus silver heartily, though we would likewise recommend that every consumer do his/her own research first. Likewise, be prepared for your physician to be suspicious of your utilizing it, a minimum of at first. Our doc was, however he’s been not able to argue with the outcomes we have gotten. Btw, the silver sinus site has useful info about sinus infections in basic, so it deserves an appearance for that factor alone.

We utilized to get sinus infections 4 to 5 times a year and the dr. Would constantly recommend us prescription antibiotics. We do not like taking medications unless we need to and was looking for more holistic methods to resolve our sinus infections. Wow. Whenever we feel a sinus infection beginning. We begin utilizing this and within a day or more we are back at 100%. We have haven’t seen a dr. For a sinus infection for over a year now. Going to buy some more to keep on hand.

Can t live without it. Truly assists when the runny nose begins breaking down.

Love this things, our 2nd bottle. Has assisted immensely with our sinus things. Absolutely nothing appears to be a best solution, however anything that assists is great.

Great product.

It cleared our stuffy nose within most likely 10 minutes.

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