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Shakespeare ATS Trolling Reel

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Shakespeare ATS Trolling Reel.

  • Deal both line counter and non-line counter choices in sizes 15,20 and 30
  • Rugged one-piece graphite frame and side covers
  • 2 ball bearing for smooth gear feel
  • Stainless-steel pinion gear for increased Rust resistance
  • On/off selective bait remote control

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Shakespeare ATS Trolling Reel.

Question Question 1

Can You Utilize It In Salt Water?

Yes you might however remember it’s ranked for 17 pound test line. It would be great for stripers and bluefish from a boat, simply rinse it good in fresh water when your done fishing for the day.You might most likely go a little greater in line pound if you went with a braid line.

Question Question 2

What Is The Max Drag?

The 20 is 15 POUND, the 30 is 20 POUND.

Question Question 3

Does It Have Two Deals With Or One Image Is Not Even A Line Counter Reel?

The 30 has 1 handle. When casting ensure the handle is down or the momentum will make it turn and engage the reel.With a 4oz weight on a long rod you better hold on if that takes place lol

Question Question 4

How Huge Is The Size 15?

Possibly similar to an abu garcia 5500 baitcaster. Its heavy sufficient to pull dipsy scuba divers great. Might utilize for anything approximately the huge catfish. Hope this assists

Question Question 5

What’S The Distinction In Between The Sizes?

Line capability. Size and length that you have the ability to spool.

Question Question 6

Can We Utilize 100 Pound Braided Fishing Line On This?

The reel is smaller sized than other trolling reels. It is basically the size of your standard round baitcaster. 100 pound braid would be overkill for the reel. The types you would be targeting with 100 pound braid would need a much bigger reel with greater line capability and drag.

Question Question 7

What Is The Pin For In The Middle Of The Reel?

It self spindles. we like it

Question Question 8

Just How Much 12 Pound Mono Will The Size 15 Hold?

we put 500 backyards

Question Question 9

What Is The Leadcore Capabilities Of The Ats Series?

we only utilize mono?

Question Question 10

Is This A Left Hand Or Right Hand Reel?


Question Question 11

Does This Reel Have An On/Off Remote Control Setting To Suggest When Line Is Being Stripped Off While Trolling?

yes it has a remote control on/off

Question Question 12

What Is The ‘Design Call’. Box And Plasticlam/Blister Choice? Is This A Choice On What Sort Of Product Packaging We Wished To Get It? (Why Put This Choice?)?

plastic calm

Question Question 13

Is This Reel Left Or Right Handed?

RH handed

Question Question 14

Just How Much Line Can The 30 Series Hold?

Depends upon what sort of line you place on it. General guideline is 200 yds. Generally its smart to put a hundred yds of scrap line on and then a hundred backyards of good line so you aren’t losing pricey line.

Question Question 15

What Is The Leadcore Capabilities Of The Ats Series?

we do not understand, we would utilize the lightest lead core on this reel

Question Question 16

Will This Work For 50 60 Pound Catfishing?

Yes. we own two of these reels and for the cash you can not beat them. When we first acquired among these to attempt it out it cost us $27 now you’ll pay practically40 we have both of mine spindle up with 50 pound intertwined no we have actually not captured a catfish in the 50 pound variety we have actually captured 30- pound variety catfish and the reel has actually wor Yes. we own two of these reels and for the cash you can not beat them. When we first acquired among these to attempt it out it cost us $27 now you’ll pay practically40 we have both of mine spindle up with 50 pound intertwined no we have actually not captured a catfish in the 50 pound variety we have actually captured 30- pound variety catfish and the reel has actually worked completely.

Question Question 17

What Pound Line Can You Place On A 20 W?

we utilize 15 # to 30 # Berkley Huge video game and they work well and they hold a great deal of line.we wade out on the flats and cast 60 to 70 backyards then wade back to bank. Still a lot of line left on the reel even with the 30 # mono.

Question Question 18

What Is The Distinction In Between The Design Names Box And Plastic Clam/Blister?

The box is the regular box design baitcaster reel. Clam blister is the huge fat reel

Question Question 19

Can You Utilize 20 Pound Test On This Reel?

Yes 20 pound test will work great.It compares to something like the old penn-9 in size.

Question Question 20

Does This Reel Have Aspool Tenchoner To Assist When Discharging Lead Core. Assists Prevent Birds Nests.?

Yes little knob beside crank

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Shakespeare ATS Trolling Reel, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This is the 2nd ats 30 trolling reel we have actually owned in the previous year. When we first purchased it we anticipated to utilize it for “light” fishing offshore. Despite the fact that the reel had a drag ranking of 20 pounds, we were reluctant to think that held true for a reel under $50, and even if real, that it would break under that much pressure. So we took it with us for “light” usage on a 40 hr offshore celebration boat journey. We struck the first stop, and we were reeling up decen 4-5lb mangrove snapper, without and drag being pulled. This reel deserves its weight in gold. Our uncle and we hammered fish after fish with a set of these reels. We were reeling up a fish and an amberjack obstructed midway up, which we believed we were as good as done with our reel. The drag worked perfectly. Did not capture the fish, most likely was a huge one as it damn near spooled us prior to we needed to use extra pressure to the line to snap it. After capturing over 200 fish over the journey, we for sure believed it would break. Never ever quit on me. We been utilizing it for inshore grouper fishing and the equipments removed on the reel, in some way still got the 28 in grouper up and home on a plate. For under $50 certainly worth attemptingout The image is not fix on here for the ats 30, which we were rather delighted about. With the ats 30 you get the good huge power-handle, not the two sided handle. We are certainly advising this reel. If you are on a budget plan and can’t pay for a $200 reel, this is the one to get.

We were looking for a little and economical line counter reel for light responsibility freshwater fishing. We were not actually anticipating much, however shakespeare surprises from time to time and a great deal of their economical things is well made. This seems among those products. We have actually only utilized it on one fishing expedition so this evaluation can’t speak with durability (yet), however from what we have actually seen up until now, we anticipate this reel to be great. Very smooth, good drag with large star wheel adjuster, simple grip deals with. Simply total seems a lot better quality that the low cost shows. 5 star till long term usage needs a various ranking.

We looked around rather thoroughly prior to deciding on this reel. Having actually owned a number of penn and diawa saltwater trolling draws in the past, we purchased this one in hopes it would be “as good” as our previous ones. And the response is “yes”, it is. As this is a lighter weight reel, we utilize it in freshwater for trolling and for that it is exceptional, it requires a few years of burglary to get whatever chilled out a bit, however it works simply as a new reel should. The remote control is good, crisp and a bit on the loud side, (as a number of other evaluations have actually kept in mind), however that’s an advantage and okay. A flip of the lever and the remote control is off which is good when drawing in good size fish. The level wind and star drag works as the penns and much heavier daiwas, although it is not as “sturdy” that is not as crucial to us now as it was out at sea capturing larger fish. We have not had it torn apart yet, so we do not understand how simple it will be to service, that will come a little later after the fishing season is done. For the cash, this reel fills the costs completely and it’s precisely what we required for trolling the lakes and rivers here in oregon.

Okay reel for the cash, we were looking for a line counter for an existing reel and this was simply 20 dollarsmore Does what it’s expected to, however not a most enjoyable experience. The reel feels a little “tight” or rough. Another problem when dropping the downrigger the antwe reverse will engage often by itself popping the line out of the clip. As far as a cheep back up its has actually held up for a few month. Our other reel is a penn warfare, however two times the cost.

Suprised at the quality. It can hold about 520 backyards of 30 pounds intertwined spectra line. Cost & time delivered was sensible. Only recommendation would be to lube it prior to usage.

Good reel. Have t utilized it much yet. Ideally lasts a long period of time at very little usage.

Up until now so good. Holds alot of line and cast good. This needs to have the loudest bait remote control we have actually ever heard. Perfect for night catfishing. The only downside is the 30 size is a bit huge do not no what size the others are.

Bought it since we were seeking to get a baitclicker on a buget for catfish and this reel dosage not dissatisfy we understand have 2 and we intend on getting more.

Great reel.

Great for the cash.

Hubby is very delighted with this reel.

Fast shipment and product is as explained.

Great cost. Great functions. Simply dream we held more line. Only holds 100 backyards of lead core line. Description does not inform line capability.

For the cost these reels can’t be beat. We utilize the to troll dipsy scuba divers for trout.

One of the better quality reels with a deal cost.

Works great.

Good reel.

We are very delighted with the reel, it’s well constructed and works well with our lead core line. The bearings make the recover very smooth and the drag can be tweaked over a large variety.

Worked great good reel for the cash.

It is the best size for for trolling in a 2 male kayak. This was a present for our gal sally along with a medium 4 piece unsightly stik rod.

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