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Scandinavian Formulas SalivaSure Lozenges

Scandinavian Formulas SalivaSure Lozenges

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  • 90 Lozenges
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Fast Relief From Dry Mouth Get up your palate and aid eliminate dry mouth with SalivaSure, a self-dissolving lozenge in a pocket size flip-top box that moisturizes the mouth and assists refresh your breath. SalivaSure increases saliva production through the physiological stimulation of palate. SalivaSure lozenges provide instant relief for dry mouth upon contact. Its unique structure of sorbitol, fruit acids, salts and a phosphate buffer are created to prevent any damage to teeth or oral tissue.

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Question Question 1

Is It Gluten Free?

our company believe it is. A minimum of it does not state anything about gluten in the components. The main active ingredient is xylitol, which we utilize for dry mouth due to an autoimmune illness. Hope this assists.

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Good. They do trigger some saliva generation, however mainly if we constantly roll it around on our tongue. When we do that, we forget to simply draw it and begin chewing, and that’s inadequate time. However if we tuck it into our cheek during the night, the majority of it is still there when we get up. They’re little enough we have no choking issues. We purchased a choice of anti-dry mouth products. We choose the xylimelts which can be stuck in the cheek however still liquify quickly. They’re more of a tums texture whereas these are more of a difficult mint. Good light citric flavor. If you’re better at not-chewing things than we are, you may like them more.

These tablets are very good for those people who suffer from dry mouth. We box lasts quite long. A minimum of a month we would state, maye two., and we utilize likewise gum and water to sooth the dryness our numerous medications trigger.

We have a very dry mouth due to medications we need to take. Salivasure is a great way to dampen our mouth. It lasts for numerous hours. We are offered on this product.

Very gentle and effective mouth lozenges. This product utilizes natural apple flavoring rather of citrus with less of an attack on our saliva glands.

Does what is claims. Thanks.

Work for me.

Precisely as explained.

Fast shipping. Good buuy.

We utilize these throughout the night for dry mouth & they have an enjoyable moderate flavor.

Not best however more effective than other dry mouth preparations that we have attempted. However, it must have some flavor.

The finest for dry mouth.

This product has assisted a lot. Neurontin recommended by our physician assists with pain however the salivasure assists with the dryness of our mouth. It is a slightly flavored lozenge and is for that reason not apparent to everybody around us that we have it in our mouth. We have purchased it two time and we will placea 3rd order.

Assists hubby with mouth wetness post 2010 throat cancer. Advised.

We have an autoimmune illness that triggers dry mouth. Salivasure is the very best product we have found to assist. Our only problem is that it takes so long to get here after we have purchased it.

We buy these for our 93 years of age mother and she states they are the only thing that works for her dry mouth.

Our mother-in-law takes about 25 medications daily. She has very dry mouth. Salivasure assists immediately and she enjoys it. No stinging or aftertaste either.

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