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Satori Vocal Rescue Spray

Satori Vocal Rescue Spray

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Main Benefits:

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  • 1 oz spray
  • Country of origin: U.S.A.
  • Please check out all label information on shipment.

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Independent research programs and specialists concur that a person of the very best methods to keep your voice clear and smooth is to dampen the throat and vocal cords.Formulated as a refreshing liquid, SATORI Vocal Rescue supplies a favorable reaction to the results of contamination, dryness, smoke and simple over-use. Individuals who need the utmost vocal comfort and clearness possible will benefit from routine usage of SATORI Vocal Rescue, as will all individuals who simply wish to indulge and safeguard their throats naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Satori Vocal Rescue Spray.

Question Question 1

Is It Effective For Post Nasal Drip?

It’s more for soothing your vocal chords if your throat aches, dry or scratchy. It does not have much of anything to do with postnasal drip or your sinuses. Hope this assists

Our Insights:

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This is the very finest spray to assist your voice. We have nearly been completely hoarse throughout the day and still managed a sensible (as far as the audience goes.) program in the evening. We utilize it for live gigs, 3+ hours of singing and talking, and it is remarkable. It’s been a life saver in smokey environments where our allergic reactions go bananas and mucous and dryness afflict our sinuses and throat. It’s worked astonishingly for us, and we figure if it suffices for ann wlison, it suffices for a regional expert vocalist.

We are vocalist songwriter and have utilized this product throughout the years when we carry out, when our vocal chords require a little improvement and smoothing tones. Great product, better than all the others we have attempted.

Vocal concerns doing long term in spacious home. Assist us survive hard scenes.

We utilize this when we will sing. It assists our voice.

Got here quickly and well packaged. Works great.

It works. It’s not as good as it utilized to be (they eliminated among the active ingredients a couple years back), however it is the only such product we have found that genuinely works. On numerous celebrations we have appeared at gigs hoarse or a bit busy (fine, we are cigarette smoker, we confess). 8 or 9 spritzes and we are singing as good as ever (and even better). We have had difficulty discovering it, recently. Got another gig in a couple weeks, they better have it in stock.

This throat spray is far more practical than lozenges and works rather well. Great for speakers, singers, or anyone with a dry mouth condition.

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