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Salonpas Pain Relieving Hot Gel-Patch

Salonpas Pain Relieving Hot Gel-Patch

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  • Salonpas Pain Alleviating Gel-Patch Hot
  • 6 each
  • (Pack of 3)

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790441 (pack of 3)

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

What Is The Overall Variety Of Patches In This Order?

There are 18 spots in 3 boxes.

Question Question 2

Why Does It State Overall18 Patches Then In Customer Question States 6 Patches?

There’s 3 boxes.6 per box. 3 per pouch.

Question Question 3

Is It Oderless?

It is not totally oderless.

Question Question 4

Any Exp Date Of This Product?

The expiration date that we have in stock presently is Feb2019 If you have any questions you can call us on at AllThatUNeed.

Question Question 5

What Are The Active Components?

examine package

Our Insights:

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The active ingredient in this patch that triggers the experience of heat is menthol. No, it isn’t the like real heat from a heating pad. For those with extra delicate skin it cah cause skin irritation particularly when pressure is used i. E. Resting on one’s back with the patch throughout the lower back. A back injury triggered herniated discs that needed surgical treatment in1977 Chronic pain in the back can be tough to treat and depends upon the cause. Oral medication can be handy however there are negative effects that require to be thought about. What has shown both safe and effective for us (as effective as possibke) is 500 mg bayer aspirin and using the patch prior to specific activities such as vacuuming. We likewise utilize the salonpas 4% lidocain patch. We are 6 months past that 3 quarters of a century mark (sounds a lot older than 75;) and starting to establish arthritis. The salonoas spots are significantly better for us than anything else we have attempted. Both the gel and lidocain spots impacts users in a different way. From our experiences, we would provide a trial.

We have had as numerous as 3 on our body at any provided time. We frequently put them on and lay on a heating pad at the exact same time. Pure paradise as the multi-applied heat sinks in. If you’re utilizing them for your lower back, we have found that positioning a back supporting belt secured well around the waist to support the spinal column while positioning it over these pads is surprisingly handy in minimizing pain. This keeps the heat in and the pads in location. And we can feel the fascinating heat while we walk.

Remains hot for about 5 hours, however does not stick effectively, we wound up purchasing a broad flexible flexible plaster to keep it in location when we sleep.

It take the pain away, the adhesive can be a difficulty, other than that it works like magic.

These spots do assist sometimes. In some cases they ll stretch and stay-put; often not.

This is a remarkable product. We have suffered from chronic low pain in the back for several years. The pain relief is fast, as is the durability of the relief. This has been a life saver for us.

These spots are fantastic. We put one on top of each foot for arthritis pain.

Practically immediately relieves pain in the back.

We cant’ get enough ofthese We require the hot spots to ease our lower pain in the back.

A needs to have for anyone with pain we have attempted whatever and keep returning to this extremely suggested.

They work effectively.

Great for pain.

Pain? adhesive assists.

The product was bought for a relative & were very pleased.

So good for when you have a back pains.

All favorable with no hold-up.

Finest cost. Cant live without them.

These spots manage pain and are simple too use.

Outstanding for bad pack pain. It assists us make it through the day sitting at work.

Works great.

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