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Rubbing Alcohol on Cold Sore

Cold sores are triggered by the herpes simplex virus. They most typically show up on the lips and are red, painful-looking ones. Individuals have contracted this virus in their early life, with absolutely no signs and symptoms. The virus exists inactive in the body and when resistance degree in the body goes down that it emerges out.

Cold sore is contagious and to prevent it from spreading you need to avoid kissing, sharing dining utensils like cups and mugs and avoid sharing towels and lip balm with others.

Typically, cold sores are fluid-filled small sores visible in and around the lips and mouth. These are painful, bothersome and typically go away with 5-7 days. There are ways, however, to speed up the healing procedure of cold sores. Rubbing Alcohol is one of the remedy for you.

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What Is Rubbing Alcohol?

Rubbing alcohol also called isopropyl rubbing alcohol, is a kind of denatured alcohol. It is made from 70 to 90 % of alcohol in addition to water and other ingredients. It is a fluid that is used topically for decontaminating the skin. It acts as an antiseptic when scrubbed on the skin and is very effective against infection and fungi and have a cooling effect as well.

Rubbing alcohol has the capability to recover cold sores within short time. It is found to work well when combined with other high quality skin moisturizer.


  • Heals cold sores within short time
  • Acts as antiseptic and very effective
  • Prevents sores infection from spreading
  • Minimizes swelling, discomfort, pain

Are There Any Adverse Effects?

Rubbing Alcohol for cold sores helps but careful use is a must to prevent any harm on the skin. Problems like dryness, skin splitting can cause infection to thrive. Also, there might be burning of the skin, pains and discomfort if it is used throughout the scab stage. Consult your doctor if any discomfort occurs.

When To Apply Rubbing Alcohol on Cold Sores?

The perfect time to use rubbing alcohol to recover cold sores is at the first indicator of the cold sore i.e. at the tingle phase, the initial sensation that a cold sore break out.

You need to apply the rubbing alcohol on the affected lips before the sores spread and expand. Thus, you will be free for any discomfort, infection and other unpleasant signs and symptoms of cold sores.

Initially, dab the cold sores with drenched cotton swab. It might cause stinging and burning for few minutes after applying rubbing alcohol. You can repeat the process 5 to 6 times daily depending on the needs and severity of cold sores. Use it regularly till the cold sore recover completely.

Can I Integrate Rubbing Alcohol With Witch Hazel?

The integration of rubbing alcohol and witch hazel promotes faster healing of cold sores. It helps to minimise swelling, irritations etc. Care must be taken to avoid splitting, drying of skin. If used sufficiently as needed, this mixture definitely helps heal cold sores.

Final Thoughts

Rubbing alcohol is an alternative cold sore therapy. Some users find this effective and others just ignore this.

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