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Rockay Flare Running Socks for Men and Women

Rockay Flare Running Socks for Men and Women

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Rockay Flare Running Socks for Men and Women.

  • QUARTER LENGTH EFFICIENCY RUNNING SOCK – It s everything about balance, breathable mesh to manage temperature level, plus arch compression for keeping your feet supported. With extra length to keep you warm on a cooler day. All this in a sock, simply high adequate for a sensation of protection and efficiency.
  • We Provide LIFE TIME ASSURANCE – We wait the quality of our all our running gear & look after our clients. This is not the type of sock you change after 10 cleans. Every inch of this sock has actually been evaluated for maximum resilience in extreme conditions like ultra-marathons & challenge course races
  • 100% RECYCLED PRODUCTS – We produce our products from 100% recycled products. By buying our products, you assist to upcycle marine waste from our oceans. Our Partner Econyl gathers old fishing webs and other Nylon waste from the Oceans, and produces a premium regrowed Nylon yarn, allowing us to develop our high-end running socks.
  • ANTI-BLISTER – Bid farewell to blisters and chafing. Our Flare socks are made with ventilation zones, that wicks away sweat. Delight in a super breathable sock thats constructed to last mile after mile whether you are running, hiking or strolling. Keep you feet bone dry and blister free no matter what you are doing.
  • ANTI-ODOR & EFFICIENCY CUSHIONING – Our socks are dealt with with Polygiene Stay Fresh Innovation and are odor-free. This suggests you can use them more and wash them less. The socks comes with cushioning in the toes and heel locations. We have actually created them with a compression arch & a tight flexible at the top of the cuff to avoid dirt & minimizing the opportunities of irritation through dirt and grit. This sock was evaluated to stand out for all running, strolling and hiking activities.

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More Info:

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Recycled Waste The bulk of waste that goes into the ocean each year is plastic. So we intend to do something about it. We gather and recycle this plastic waste and provide it a 2nd life Waste into Nylon With our partner Econyl, We gather and recycle the Plastic waste from the Oceans. Where a unique procedure produces a 100% regrowed, first class, nylon yarn Our Designers Our designers then begin the substantial procedure of creating, screening and prototyping our Efficiency wear. Putting countless miles of screening on each style 100% Recycled Our sock variety incorporates Efficiency, Comfort, Quality and 100% recycled materials Check out more The Rockay Group Our Group comes from all over the world to bring their unique abilities to Rockay. Our Designers and Athletes, never ever stop establishing, improving and consistently field screening ourproducts Everyone associated with our procedure, works with unrelenting decision, to guarantee our products satisfy our core worths. AccelerateAgile20 four7FlareRazerVigorAnti-blister Smooth Knit CompressionArchArch-ArchArchGraduated Calf & Arch Compression, 16-23 mmHgCushioning LevelMediumNoHighMediumHighMediumSock HeightNo-ShowNo-ShowNo-ShowQuarterCrewKnee100% Recycled Anti-Odor Innovation Prevent Blisters

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Rockay Flare Running Socks for Men and Women.

Question Question 1

Hi Everybody, Is The Ecowhite Color Really White? Or It Is Type Of Light Grey? (In The Photo Look Like Silver), Thank You In Advance.?

They are a type of silver or grey, not white.Also, simply to be exact– they are little much shorter on the ankle than real quarter cut socks, so if you actually desire the extra protection of quarter cut, they may not suffice.we needed to return mine.The color was not an issue for us however.

Question Question 2

What Is The Portion Of Polyester, Cotton And Nylon For This Socks?

This sock is made from the following materials: 50% Econyl Regenerated Nylon, 46% Recycled Polyamide, 4% Recycled Elastane This sock is made from the following materials: 50% Econyl Regenerated Nylon, 46% Recycled Polyamide, 4% Recycled ElastaneBest Regards, Daniel ChabertCEO & FounderRockay.com

Question Question 3

Why Is No Xl Size Provided?

Sadly it is offered out, we are sorry it is not presently readily available. We will have size XL back in the stock in the end of May. Sadly it is offered out, we are sorry it is not presently readily available. We will have size XL back in the stock in the end of May.Best Regards, Rockay ApS

Question Question 4

We Use A Size 11 Shoe. What Size Sock Do We Required To Get?

HiYou requirement size XL. It is created for United States( M) size United States 9.5-125. HiYou requirement size XL. It is created for United States( M) size United States 9.5-125. Finest Regards, Rockay ApS

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Rockay Flare Running Socks for Men and Women, these may be helpful for better understanding.

A huge part of what interested us about these socks is the truth that they’re made from products diverted out of the waste stream, some of which is gathered right out of the ocean. The product rockay makes is called regenerated nylon, and it’s simply a great concept. Due to the fact that the company is taking a technique to their product with an eco-responsible technique, we paid specific attention to the product packaging that socks was available in (see image). We believe the company might minimize the overall variety of pieces from 3 to simply 1: the info on the little slip of paper might be integrated onto the cardboard sleeve, and the plastic baggie for the socks must simply be gotten rid of, though a minimum of it is 100% eco-friendly (however absolutely nothing biodegrades correctly if it winds up in a land fill). And now for the socks: simply put, they’re great. We have actually currently strolled more than 100 miles in them and they have actually held up great. They are long lasting and have a very tight fit, which we like. They have actually been washed 3 times. There has actually been a little pilling with them, and we recognize now we most likely must not have tumble-dried them with our other laundry. However, as our go-to workout socks, we truthfully do not care a lot about what they appear like– they’re generally concealed inside our tennis shoes while we are utilizing them. We provide this company’s objective and product a leading score.

These are the very best exercise socks on the marketplace. The fit and building were ideal: tight around our heel, wonderful arch compression, a lot of space for our toes, and not too thick. The socks provide a lot of arch support and wear t slip even throughout longer runs. They wicked sweat away and were comfy even throughout extended walkings. We used the socks with both good running shoes and older, used shoes. Our feet didn’t blister in the older shoes, which is unmatched, so the anti-blister sweat-wicking style worked completely for us. The smooth toe was a particularly good touch. Better yet, these socks are made from recycled ocean product, and given that non-traditional product was utilized, we were shocked by how comfy they were.

The flare socks are great. Very similar to other efficiency socks at this cost point. They were very soft and held up well to a continuous week’s worth of wear without cleaning. Simply hanging them up over night sufficed to avoid any smells from remaining. We had no concerns with blisters or motion within the sock and we believe the compression points were ideal. In regards to fit, the large fit was ideal for us, being a size 9 shoe and on top end of the size variety for that sock size. We tend to choose absence socks so we were a little worried about the ankle height, however the fit for us made them quite near to absences. In general, we can’t think about a single unfavorable aspect of the socks and the company appears to be doing the right thing in regards to their objective declaration. We would more than happy to suggest them to anyone that was asking.

We have actually used these socks for numerous activities and we enjoy the fit and feel of the socks. We choose tight socks, as we dislike the sensation of our socks slipping down our feet. These socks never ever slip and fit firmly around the ankle. These socks are outstandingly created for active individuals, as you hardly observe you are using socks. The breath capability these socks provide is absolutely nothing we have actually ever experienced prior to. We understand our feet sweat, however these socks never ever leave your feet feeling sweaty or gross. Even better is the socks do not stink even after being used and only washed in cold water.

Initially we believed the expense was excessive for a set of socks, however our mind was altered after we began using them. One of the positives is the truth that they are made from recycled products from ocean waste — which is actually essential in this day and age if we are going to look after this world we call home. They are sound, and we might feel the advantage of the support in the arch. At the end of a long day using these socks doing a variety of activities, our feed did not feel exhausted. While not a regular ‘utilize case’ we likewise used these socks under another set of thicker socks when the weather condition was chillier. Due to the fact that of the thin style and tight fit (with no bunching), this was very comfy. More significantly, our feet were warm and did not sweat– which is what typically takes place when you need to use 2 pairs of socks at the exact same time. Since these were ankle/quarter cut socks, this was a great layering circumstance for heat and comfort. One of the functions of these socks is that they are promoted to need less cleaning. While we most likely would not typically check this out by not cleaning socks in between uses, however we wished to see if it held true. We took the possibility of going 3 days using socks without cleaning them (our inner us screams ewww) and was rather shocked that they carried out as assured and did not odor. This advantage would make these socks a great choice for hikers and travelers who do not have as much access to running water on the routes.

We can’t state enough good ideas about this company. First of all, the socks we purchased got here numerous weeks prior to the projected date, so that was a good surprise. Then, there’s the real socks. We enjoy that they’re made from recyclable products, anti-odor, and come with an assurance. We need to confess that the product wasn’t what we were anticipating initially, however as quickly as we put them on, we saw how completely they fit our foot. The product is fitted and comfy so it made our shoes seem like they fit better, too. Hiking, cycling, and walking were all simpler in these socks, which might sound weird, however they seriously increased the support we felt in our ankles and feet. They likewise do not slip down, and not needing to stop consistently to pull our socks up was an amazing reward. The shape, fit, efficiency improvement, and support are all exceptional. We have actually never ever been so fired up about a set of socks prior to.

We need to be sincere, we didn’t believe we would like these socks as much as we do. We offered it a shot in purchased and they’re better than we anticipated (at about two weeks in). The material is exceptionally light-weight and we swear these socks seem like they were made for our foot. This may sound unusual, and we do not understand if it would use to everybody, however it seems like the sock was actually made for our foot. And since they’re so light-weight and hug the foot so well, they’re ideal for running. We were happily created with the pattern too. We believed it looked a little manly from the image, however it’s absolutely a unisex style. In fact, we actually like the style face to face. The only caution is that you’re expected to handwash the socks. However it’s simple adequate to organize them with other delicates.

We have actually been purchasing socks from this company for some time now. Every set has actually been durably packaged and supplies us with the support we require while running, however this flare set has actually got to be our preferred up until now. The breathable material keeps our feet cool, even when we are sweating. Plus, they continue to hold up even after various washes. The cut is ideal and we value the level of compression supplied. Up until now, we have not found a better brand and will continue to support this company.

We are devoted runner, and at this time of year, we are looking for a product that offers us stability and support when there’s snow and ice on the ground. This is the 2nd rockay product that we have actually purchased, and we are as impressed by this as we were with the first one. It cushions our ankle, however likewise supports. What’s even better, however, is that it’s made with premium products at an affordable cost point. We are delighted with these socks and prepare for utilizing them for a long period of time to come.

Great socks. When we first pulled them on our feet, they felt strangely smooth. As soon as in our shoes, they felt incredible. We typically use our workout gear as soon as prior to cleaning it. Since these claim to not require it, we chose to check that. Over one 4-5 day period, we rode our bike 3 times (for an overall of 6-7 hours, we believe. Perhaps 100 miles) and jogged as soon as (about 3 miles). We put the socks flat in front of a fan to let them dry. As promoted, they still passed the smell test. They did get a little brown on the bottom though. This cleaned up when we werehed them with our typical exercise kit. Cold water, fragile cycle, no material conditioner, hang dry. We believe the company encourages hand cleaning to assist the socks last. Our way got them tidy – we can’t state if it reduced their life expectancy (the socks are holding up great, for now. ).

We have actually attempted to publish this evaluation numerous times, and have not had the ability to due to some problem with the examining system stating we had not had them enough time. However we have had them for numerous months now and we need to state, we actually like them. We have actually most likely put about 100 miles on these socks up until now as we run almost every day. They are comfy and do not trigger chafing – nor do they ride up, which is a concern we have actually had with comparable running socks. 5 star for sure.

These work actually well & remain in location when using. They feel great, the product is soft, & they wear t lot up in your shoes. One little thing. The flexible around the ankle is great. If your have a swelling concern in your lower legs, wear t wear these since the ankle flexible doesn t release.

We were hesitant about purchasing a set of socks at this cost point, which were not in a multi-pack, and not cotton/wool. These socks are incredible. Comfy, helpful, and ideal fit for our shoe size. Being a fairly new runner, given that covid began, we have actually been looking for a set of socks to assist with our feet sweat concern and the resulting toe blisters. These socks have actually conserved our runs.

These are our 2nd set of rockay socks and like the first set (the speed up) we were impressed by the quality and comfort of the flare. We used them strolling and running, and the anti-microbial fiber implied we might avoid a wash after a lighter usage. The somewhat greater ankle offers more protection for chillier weather condition, and the building of the flare supplies comfort and support. We like that there’s no joint at the toe and, as with other rockay designs, there’s a band of compression product at the arch for included support. These socks do not lot or relocation while running – they have actually ended up being the first set we reach for when we are heading out for a run.

We weren’t sure about the claim that these socks can be used several times prior to cleaning, so we evaluated thatout After one run, the socks were hardly wet. We laid them out, and they were totally dry by the next day with only a somewhat salted odor to them. We used them two times more prior to cleaning, and most likely might have used them a few more times if we had not gotten them unclean. These socks fit great and remained in location, and the greater ankle will be good as the weather condition keeps getting chillier. We absolutely intend on taking them to michigan with us next month for some snowy runs.

Worth the high cost. Very comfy. No locations while running. Easy to wash and dries very quickly. Rockay sent us a message with pointers on how to care for our purchase – very practical. Extremely advised.

We use 13 size shoes since of broad feet. (12-12 5) the socks diminished to the point that is unpleasant to use. The socks themselves are great however would not suggest to individuals above size 12 and broad feet concerns.

We utilize them in our running workout for arch support and blister prevention. We use them along with a set of knee-high compression socks to get the very best blood circulation qualities in addition to damage prevention to the heel, and bottom of the foot. We are diabetic and blisters on the feet can become an unsightly mess quickly and cause undesirable issues such as amputation of toes and feet.

We have actually used these socks for the previous two weeks– at the health club, on long walkings, and for everyday usage– and we should state we are satisfied. The material feels as though it is high quality much better than normal name-brand running socks. The socks hug the shapes of our feet and provide strong arch support. The absence of joints assists make the most of comfort. The socks appear exceptionally long lasting, as their life time guarantee assurances. Based on what we have actually seen so far, however, we do not believe we would ever require to utilize the guarantee. Great socks in general.

We have actually had these socks for numerous months now and they are our outright favorites for running. We enjoy the support and the manner in which they fit. They do not lot or move when we run, however hug the shape of our foot. We have actually utilized them for path running, track running, and even on the treadmill. And in all circumstances we are very happy and will absolutely purchase more.

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