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Rester’s Choice Gel Cold & Hot Pack

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Rester’s Choice Gel Cold & Hot Pack.

  • ALLEVIATE PAIN QUICKLY – Reduce your pain without mess and inconvenience. This ice bag minimizes your pains and swelling with no lotions or tablets. Whether you have neck and back pain from cycling, or you ache swelling from surgical treatment, the Rester’s Choice gel ice bag is here to assist.
  • CONVENIENTLY COLD – After a couple hours in the freezer, the ice bag for injuries gets super cold. In reality, it gets so wintry, we suggest putting a fabric in between your skin and the back and knee ice bag for the most relief and comfy usage.
  • BEST COMPRESSION, ANYWHERE YOU REQUIRED IT – Whether you require a shoulder ice bag or warming knee pain relief, the ice gel pack provides warm and cool compression precisely where it injures. It’s the ideal fit for any body type, simply the gel pack to protect it around your waist, hips, legs, or chest.
  • FLEXIBLE WHEN FROZEN – Change the ice bags into the shape you require even after they have been frozen. Our ice bags for injuries stay flexible so you can put them around your knee, shoulder, and neck.
  • THE RESTER’S CHOICE PLEDGE – Ensured to last a life time, the ice bags for injuries minimize your limps, better your back, and minimize your pains permanently. Easily shop in refrigerator, freeezer, or knapsack for on the go pain relief for years to come.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Rester’s Choice Gel Cold & Hot Pack.
Keep Cool with Rester s Choice Bid farewell to filling baggies with ice whenever you have a pains. It s a pain and you currently have enough of that. Rester’s Choice ice bag for injuries make your life much easier and lower pain straight and quickly. Every pack is reusable, flexible, and developed for you to put on your back, shoulders, shins, and thighs to bring you fast pain relief. Rest and recuperate with Rester’sChoice PROTECTION WHERE YOU REQUIRED IT The Freezer Relieving pain is as simple as 1, 2, 3. First, put the gel ice bag in the freezer. Leave it in there for a minimum of 2 hours so it gets cold and remains cold for longer. It s Ready to Utilize Carefully knead the ice bags for injuries so the gel spreads out uniformly throughout. To secure your skin, wrap them in a towel, or cover your affected location with a fabric. Experience the Cold, CalmingRelief Location the ice bags for injuries on your hurt location, and keep it there for as much as 20 minutes. Repeat every hour as essential up until you feel good when again. Read more ALLEVIATE PAIN QUICKLY Reduce your pain without mess and inconvenience. Extra Large for Every Injury This ice bag covers and cools to eliminate both sharp pain and extensive injuries. Completely Flexible Type it to fit you. Read more Feel Like Yourself Again From twisted ankles to strain injuries, utilizing the ice bag for knee assists get you back on your feet. The ice bag numb your pain while limiting blood circulation to the injury to reduce swelling. Keep it prepared to utilize in your freezer, due to the fact that the earlier you utilize it, the better you ll feel. Read more Manage Minor to Major Pain Whether you have small injuries, or you re recuperating from a significant surgical treatment, the reusable ice bag for injuries provides a simple and medication-free way to get pain relief. Soothe pain from swellings, bug bites, muscle convulsions, whiplash, sports injuries, chronic pain, andmore No matter where you’re harming, Rester s Choice can assist.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Rester’s Choice Gel Cold & Hot Pack.

Question Question 1

How Long Does This Ice Pack Stay Cold?

A minimum of an hour however it was still cold. Finest ice bag we have owned.Other ice bag do not stay cold as long as this one. Very happy 4 1/2 star

Question Question 2

Does This Ice Pack Leak?

Up until now my own has not dripped, it s huge and heavy, thick material

Question Question 3

Cómo Se Calienta?

Hay instrucciones en el paquete para entruct Cómo calentar la mochila.

Question Question 4

Why Is This Marketed As A 2 Pack When There Is Only One Gel Pack? There Is A Card To Get A Free Gel Pack, However That Is Not What Is Marketed.?

we did Not get a card to dispatch for a free one.we did get 2 in the pack though.

Question Question 5

The Heading States It Can Be Utilized For Heat, However There Is No Other Reference Or Instructions. Can It Be Utilized As A Heat Pad By Putting It In The Microwave?

There are guidelines printed straight on the bag for heating the pack up in either the microwave or warm water.

Question Question 6

Are Returns Free?

Mine have been. depends upon seller

Question Question 7

Is This Finest To Buy For Hot Pack?

we have not utilized for hot pack however if you wish to utilize for hot pack put it in warm water

Question Question 8

How Thick Is It?

It has to do with17 or 18 mm thick.This is great quality and we would suggest it. The 3 areas make it simple to utilize.

Question Question 9

We Are Expected To Put Ice On Lower Back After Execises And Lie Flat On OurBack Would This Pack Stand The Pressure?We Can Not Lie On Our Stomach.?

Yes we believe it would. Very durable and well made. It is still rather soft even when it s frozen.

Question Question 10

Exists A Service Warranty (This Q Is Only Asked To Those Who Know – Like The Seller)?

kept reading the package for that response.

Question Question 11

Why Does The 3 Secretions All Various Sizes? Like More Gel In One Then The Other Two?

: our packs got here the with unequal gel also. The company quickly reacted and let us understand that the gel can be uniformly dispersed by simply crushing the gel through the little, unstitched openings in between the channels. Works completely that way. These packs are fantastic. The material is exceptionally long lasting — making this: our packs got here the with unequal gel also. The company quickly reacted and let us understand that the gel can be uniformly dispersed by simply crushing the gel through the little, unstitched openings in between the channels. Works completely that way. These packs are fantastic. The material is exceptionally long lasting — making this hot/cold pack a life time purchase.

Question Question 12

Does It Have Gel In 3 Person Chambers? We Like Private Chambers Due To The Fact That It Avoids The Gel From Going To The Edges?

Yes specific chambers.Lovethese Utilizing the today.

Question Question 13

Is This Fsa Qualified Product?


Question Question 14

Do These Handle That Freezer Odor After A While? Some Fabrics Tend To Get Smells Quickly And We Are Wondering If These Will Likewise? Thanks.?

we had no odor problems with these, & we utilized them for 0ver 3 months.

Question Question 15

Does This Mold To The Sides And Back Of The Neck Very Well?

No. It folds in 2 locations which are the lines you see in the picture.Would be great for your back however will not adhere to your neck.

Question Question 16

How Thick Is This Ice Pack?

we would state about 1/2 – 1 inch. we purchased them due to the fact that we simply had knee replacement surgical treatment. They come 2 to a pack so, one is constantly in the freezer while the other remains in usage. They were precisely what we required and worked exceptionally well. we would absolutely provide a 5 star evaluation

Question Question 17

The Number Of Ml Of Gel Inside Each Pack?

we do not believe you an get thee solution to this without damaging the pack to determine it.The pack is large and rather heavy so it sits perfectly on a shoulder or knee and with the straps can do well for a whole foot or ankle. More than a totally saturated disposable diaper if that assists

Question Question 18

Where Is This Made At Who Is The Producer?

This is made in PRC, simply put Made in China.It might have been made in Taiwan or Macau.But China just recently altered it markings due to the fact that PRC was chosen and presumed to be better than simply Made in China items.Is there anything that is NOT made in China?Comparatively speaking, to some of the other Chinese ge This is made in PRC, simply put Made in China.It might have been made in Taiwan or Macau.But China just recently altered it markings due to the fact that PRC was chosen and presumed to be better than simply Made in China items.Is there anything that is NOT made in China?Comparatively speaking, to some of the other Chinese gel packs, this is the one to buy.

Question Question 19

Can This Be Microwaved?

No. we got this response from package. It s a great ice bag.

Question Question 20

Is It Microwavable?

Yes it is with care not to over heat it is a very good product

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Rester’s Choice Gel Cold & Hot Pack, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This is an outstanding product. We have a number of professional athletes in our household and we have a freezer filled with gel packs and we have never ever found one that pleased all of us. Previously. This product is soft – which is a huge problem when you pull a frozen pack out of the freezer – yet it holds its chill permanently. We believe it’s cooler than the other gel packs we have acquired throughout the years and we have acquired great deals of them. We enjoy the triple sized one – our kids are huge and have huge areas to utilize freeze therapy on. The xl one twists around a substantial thigh and covers the whole back. You can fold it down if you do not require a huge one and make it smaller sized and because it’s soft it’s not uncomfortable if you utilize it by doing this. In addition, the company or owner of these products is concentrated on customer fulfillment. It’s plainly a high concern and as a consumer we value that. Extremely suggest this product.

This rester’s choice ice bag is the very best we ever purchased. We are 75 years of ages. This is a very comfy wrap for our relative’s knee. She had a complete knee replacement and the pain can continue for some weeks past surgical treatment. She is attempting to lessen her dependence on pain medication and anti-inflammatories and for that reason uses this pack whenever the pain breaks down. It offers some quick relief. We purchased two so one is constantly prepared. At 20 degrees farenheit out of our freezer it is rather flexible and stays rather cool for hours. Its covering is enjoyable. It folds or lays spread out to accommodate whatever area we have in the freezer at the minute. We can roll it into a cylinder and stand it on edge upright on the freezer drawer.

Made to last. Finest ice bag we have ever purchased. Quality product, heavy and thick. The more we utilize it, the more feed back we will offer. Do not lose your time or cash purchasing any other ice pack.

We have been tending to an ill partner for the last 2 weeks, flexing over while he’s laying on the bed. It has triggered extensive tiredness in our back, unlike the regular localized neck and back pain we frequently get. We required an ice bag to cover the entire location. We browsed, checked out evaluations, and picked this one. It works great. 5 minutes of laying on it is all we require to dull the pain. Likewise, it folds into 3rds so it fits perfectly in the freezer, then unfolds completely flat when you are prepared to utilize it. No kneading it or waiting for it to thaw to get it flat, like some others. We enjoy it.

When you open the box, two notes fall out: one from the owner of this company welcomes you with a guarantee for the product, and one provides you a free ice bag. Whatever about this product was quality. This product made 5+ stars for these factors: the cold level of these packs is well above what we had been utilizing; strength, softness, and quality of the material and stitching; gel remains cold for a minimum of 20 minutes; the cold is deep permeating, even after pack is eliminated; they refreeze quickly; they cover a large part of the body; the gel molds to the body with soft versatility, hugs your neck and shoulders; is available in a set, no time out in between usage; the cost is wonderful for two. Well done, rester’s choice.

We are 63 years of age male, had significant shoulder surgical treatment back in 2003 and have suffered from chronic shoulder pain since. We have attempted a number of ice bag throughout the years and hands-down, this rester’s choice large ice bag is the “finest”. Adheres completely to our shoulder and remains cold for 20-25 minutes. We are likewise in requirement of a tkr, (overall knee replacement), and this ice-pack covers totally around our knee and provides immediate, long-term pain relief. Anyone out there looking for the ideal ice-pack, we highly back the large ice-pack by rester’s choice. Thank you. Dave a.

Id suggestion this. It assisted our back.

We enjoy this gel pack. We have arthritis in our neck and have invested well over100 00 dollars on gel packs, this gel pack is the very best. Here’s what we like, the product is exceptionally flexible and seems like a smooth nylon. We wish to have the ability to wrap the gel pack around our neck and with this one we can do that. As you can see in the image we rolled my own up and put it in a sock then put it in freezer. Another plus is the length of time this gel pack remains cold. We generally awaken at 130 am with our neck stiff, burning and in a lot pain we can not return to sleep. We get the gel pack return to bed and wrap it around our neck within 20 to 40 mins our neck feels better (it possibly it’s simply numb) in either case we take it off and we have the ability to drop off to sleep. When we awake around 9am this gel pack is still semwe cold. Love love love this gel pack. And the cost is exceptionally sensible.

The ice pack the healthcare facility offered us with our knee replacement surgical treatment does not keep up. The large gel ice bag twists around the knee and sits tight.

We like this product, rester s choice did an incredible jog, it remains cold for more than 20 minutes and it s simple and comfy to utilize.

05/12/19: this product exceeded our expectations. It s well made, feels good and doesn t appearance or seem like it s low-cost or will break down. We are anticipating utilizing these on our ankle sprain and likewise for post exercise recovery. Edit 05/18/19: there was a card in package that had guidelines for how to get a free gel pack. We went to their site, filled out our info, and was shocked to get the free product so quickly. It came suddenly in the mail the other day and is another gel pack of the exact same size. We are very happy with this product and the company. 2 quality and good-sized gel packs for less than $25 is rather a take, however 3 (when you consider the free gel pack) for < $25 is an even more fantastic offer. Thank you, atom.

Love the plus size. It covers the entire back. Comfy to lay on. Remains cold a very long time.

Made with super high quality product. We are positive that, when dealt with well, this thing has beside zero danger of dripping or rupturing. Now undoubtedly freak mishaps can happen, and except attempting to rest on it, this product and edges on this pack offer us much more guarantee than the ones that are made with simply that clear plastic. We have had this for about two weeks now after hurting our calf in a soccer video game and its size worked completely to wrap totally around our calf without problem. Update: in the package of our original ice bag, there was a little slip there for a “free present” from the company. Usually, we dispose of these things as we do not care for another low-cost drawstring bag or an ineffective sweatband, however we believed “why not?” and chose to go to the link on the slip. All we required to do was key in the link, copy and paste the order # in, and that was it. We likewise believed it would take 4-6 weeks to get anything, however incredibly enough, two days later on, we got another among these specific ice bag. Our mind is blown. This is a premium ice bag that we simply got 2 for the cost of one, and all within 4 days of each other. Definitely extraordinary. Our mommy was simply speaking about how she desired one of these ice bag due to the fact that she saw how good it was, and now shes got one. Great company for honouring their product packaging slip and for providing high quality service+products We likewise had a heat wave in the last few days and moving this thing beneath our pillow cover was a blessing. Our head remained completely cool the entire night and never ever needed to fret about turning it over. We likewise like that it does not get super stiff when frozen and still is quickly maleable. 5/5 would suggest. (will upgrade if any breaks/leaks happen).

Love this ice pad. Size is ideal stays cold for more than 20 minutes. Great quality.

Stop reading evaluations and simply buy them. Dream we would have purchased these months back. Heavy thick gel icepacks 2 pack. Large enough to ice from mid back to mid ass. Great for our lower neck and back pain, and oh our gosh it is so cold for so long. We nearly eliminated it in worry of frostbite, however toughed itout Was going to order more however these are substantial. We believe we will be great with simply the 2.

We are very pleased with this product. We have heat intolerance due to ms. What we were looking for is some gel packs for both around the home and travel to cool us off when we notice we are getting too hot. We took them in a cooler for a 2 mile walking. When we returned to the vehicle we put the gel pack in between our back and the safety seat and it provided fantastic comfy cool on the flight home. The flight was over 40 minutes and the pack was still cool. We utilized it again the other day. We drove to town with it on our back again. We left it in the vehicle after a 20 minute flight while we did a quick shopping journey (20 minutes) it was still plenty cool when we returned in the vehicle. We went to consume (30 minutes) and still cool. We took it out of our vehicle for a 30 minute flight with our hubby for an errand we fulfilled upfor This pack offered us cool comfort for the whole flight and up until we returned home which was 3 hours after we initially left our home. No it wasn’t cold, however it was cool enough that it kept us comfy. If you are utilizing these due to heat intolerance problems, we provide a 5 start. The cost is so good too.

We opened it and screeched with surprise & pleasure. We had gotten one, far inferior, for the exact same cost at a regional med supply shop bc we needed to have it that day. We liked that a person, so when our child had surgical treatment & required a huge ice bag that would not leak, and so on (like ice in bags), we provided it to her. Well, she continues to require it, & we didn’t have the heart to take it back from her (she could not manage to buy one), so we offered it to her & purchased this one for ourself. It’s remarkable. We enjoy the weight & versatility of it. We intend on purchasing more various ones for us, & as presents for others. The only unfavorable we can consider is it didn’t come with a cover. We will need to make one. We believe it would likewise be a great thing if it came with something to secure it in the freezer while it’s getting cold. We put it in there with the plastic bag it can be found in over it.

Double pack lets one cool while we do a heat session. Perfect for hot/cold rotation therapy. Love the style and softness of the packs. Size is good for over or under knees or body areas. If you desire a wrap result go bigger. It is difficult to get it heated up to our ideal heat setting. However cooling is simple. 2hr wait is long and forgot it in the freezer. Super cold however still soft and portable simply was wet when it heated up due to condensation. You should utilize a rag/towel/pillow case as it is excessive heat/cold for direct contact. Ensure to heat it up in increments and utilize mitts as the edges fume prior to the middle even when turning turning for even heating. Mush completely. And take pleasure in. Lasts a very long time once you get it warmed up. Great weight to it also.

We enjoy this ice pack. First, it s large and covers our whole lower back. It gets cold in the freezer quickly (couple hours) and remains ice cold for a minimum of an hour to an hour and a half pending your position (we lay on it in bed with it in between our back and the bed) than simply cold sufficient to look after small pain for another hour or 2 (twisted around our shoulder and arm – nerve pain). This is by far the very best ice bag we have acquired. The pack has 3 compartments, and is filled with a thicker gel that does not freeze strong however does freeze company however malleable (if that s a word). The compartments are open on completions in between so the gel will press in between compartments and after sleeping on it you might need to press the gel around to rearrange.

Very from time to time we experience severe neck and back pain in our lower back. We have the ice bag that twist around however it never ever appeared to strike all of the location that was harming and never ever offered us complete relief. Out of seriousness when we experienced a bout with the neck and back pain over the vacation, we went and purchased an ice bag from a regional drug store for relief for that day. It was a large ice bag however didn’t appear to stay so cold for long. The list below day the cold therapy gel pack got here and we instantly put it in the freezer. We had the ability to utilize it at night and it covered all of our lower back, and thensome It remained cold, not cool, however cold for a very long time. The material that the gel remains in is comfy and very flexible, not like tough ice frozen strong like other packs we have in your home. We suggested it to our friend to simply have one on hand when the injuries happen. We absolutely will purchase more of this kind in the future.

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