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Quantum Health Super Lysine Cold Sore Treatment

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Cuts Healing Time in Half

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Question Question 1

What Are The Real Active Ingredients, In Order, Please?

Zinc Oxide 1.2% Olea Europaea (olive) fruit oil beeswax lyine Calendula officinalis extract Echinacea angustifolia extract Gum benzoin tincture Propolis extract Tocopherol (vitamin E) Hydrasuis Candensis (Goldseeal) Melaleucaollemifolla oil Melaleuca cajupull oil Retinylpalmiate( vitaminA) Chhoelectaiclferol (vitamin Zinc Oxide 1.2% Olea Europaea (olive) fruit oil beeswax lyine Calendula officinalis extract Echinacea angustifolia extract Gum benzoin tincture Propolis extract Tocopherol (vitamin E) Hydrasuis Candensis (Goldseeal) Melaleucaollemifolla oil Melaleuca cajupull oil Retinylpalmiate( vitaminA) Chhoelectaiclferol (vitamin D)Honey This things is fantastic in 24 hours gone.

Question Question 2

What Color Should The Ointment Be?The One We Simply Opened Is Brownish.Not Sure If It Has Expired Or Not Since We Forgot When We Purchased It?

Exact same thing occurred to me.But that’s right.It’s like a brownish greenish awful color, however it works well.

Question Question 3

Have Actually Utilized Thisointment For Several Years, However This States It’S ACream We Choose TheOintment Isit A Cream Or An Ointment.?

It’s the ointment.Not sure why it states cream??? It has actually ointment on television.

Question Question 4

When Does This Product End?

we do not have the original product packaging so we can’t state. A little goes a long way so we will inform you that the previous tube we had was well over 2 yeears old. Nevertheless, it was still effective. this has actually been an extreme winter so we are utilizing this last tube to avoid chapped lips. we put some on every night at bedtime.we love this product.

Question Question 5

Ummm. What Took place To The Original Variation That Had Zinc Oxide As The Active Active Ingredient?

Here are the components for this product: Components: L-lysine, Vitamins A, D and E in a natural base of Olive Oil, Yellow Beeswax, Goldenseal Extract, (hydrastis canadensis), Propolis Extract, Calendula Officinalis Extract, Echinacea Angustifolia Extract, Zinc Oxide, Cajeput Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Gum Benzoin Tincture, Here are the components for this product: Components: L-lysine, Vitamins A, D and E in a natural base of Olive Oil, Yellow Beeswax, Goldenseal Extract, (hydrastis canadensis), Propolis Extract, Calendula Officinalis Extract, Echinacea Angustifolia Extract, Zinc Oxide, Cajeput Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Gum Benzoin Tincture, Honey, Lithium Carbonate (3x). Size: 7 GRM/.25 ozZinc Oxide is simply among the components.

Question Question 6

What’S The Experation Date We Can’T Find It Anywhere.?

That’s an outstanding question.we have never ever had an issue with the efficiency of the product.Even approximately a year of a half of purchase.Maybe contact the seller and ask?

Question Question 7

Do You Like This Product?

The product is good.However it appears that the company is exploring with the formula, despite the fact that the components discussed on the package are the very same in all the style reiterations of the product. Possibly is our creativity. However still a great product.

Question Question 8

This Product Is Simply For The Lips?

Yes it is for fever blisters on the lips, topical only. However you can buy lyscine tablets. Supplements.

Question Question 9

Do You Feel Tingling From The Menthol?

we feel no tingling. It simply feels smooth.And then the pain is gone. Very crucial to us due to the fact that they injure so bad.

Question Question 10

Does This Have Tea Tree Oil In In As Our Older Package Suggested?

Tea tree oil comes from the melaleuca plant. So, it’s the very same thing.

Question Question 11

Besides The Texture, Exists Any Distinction In Between This And The Super Lysine Plus Coldstick? Https://Www..Com/Super-Lysine- Coldstick-Spf21-?

Coldstick is more of a preventative upkeep product. Like chaplips. The cream is more of a treatment.

Question Question 12

Is This 7 Gram Tube As Noted In Title And Elsewheere? Or Is It.25 Gram As Pictured And Noted On Product Purchased Link?

The tube is little however it has actually printed on it” Net Wt 7 gm/.25 oz.”

Question Question 13

What Percentge Of Lysine Does It Contain?

fourth noted component out of14 No % offered.Lysine works better for us than Abreva.The crucial thing is that we should begin utilizing it as quickly as we feel any tingling in our lip.

Question Question 14

How Long Does This Last? We Have A 2 Years Of Age Bottle And Can’T Find A Date?


Question Question 15

Is This Good For Acne?

This product is for fever blisters. We do have a great product for acne. Heal & Conceal in 4 tones. Clear, light, medium, dark. https://www..com/dp/B0088 E2YH2

Question Question 16

What Occurred To The Variation That Had Zinc.?

Needs to be noted as the last component in the Other Components on the label it has Zinc Oxide noted on the product we are holding now.

Question Question 17

Can You Utilize This Versus Shingles?

we are not surebut you can research lysine tablets which a Dr. informed us assisted with avoiding the herpes zoster. This little tube would not suffice for topical usage on the body.

Question Question 18

Does Anyone Keep In Mind If This Product Features A Sealed Foil On Leading Of The Tube Opening?

we truly can t keep in mind. Been some time considering that we purchased however package was sealed. we wear t believe it had the foil on the tube

Question Question 19

Can This Be Utilized For Cold Sores Inside The Mouth?

we do not believe you can utilize this product inside your mouth (not 100% favorable). we believe a “fever blister” inside the mouth is a canker sore.You might wish to search for treatment for those.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Quantum Health Super Lysine Cold Sore Treatment, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

If you read this evaluation, you probably have a fever blister or are currently fearing the next one. We have actually suffered with them considering that we were little and get them on a regular basis. We have actually attempted whatever, even a 9v battery out of desperation. We have actually been truly stressed out out recently which led to the worst 3 fever blisters of our life. For two weeks we have actually been exploring with various treatments attempting to get this embarrassing monstrosity to disappear. We encountered this in our medicine cabinet and totally forgot we purchased it. It’s been two days now and we can’t think just how much it has actually recovered. It’s not a wonder treatment by any methods however we can see outcomes, which we can’t state for other treatments. In two days, the scab has actually diminished to half the size and this things eliminates the pain and itching. We hope this evaluation assists somebody else. Cold sores are terrible and uncommon penalty and we would not want them on our worst eneour (ok possibly two individuals we understand of. ).

Wow. Wow. Wow. Ok, so we bought this product back in march 2016 as a safety measure, due to the fact that we have actually gotten fever blisters as long as we can keep in mind and for those people who tend to get them, they make us very self mindful and constantly appear to appear at the worst times. Let us inform you, we are extremwly delighted we gambled with this product. We simply recently got a fever blister and as quickly as we felt the tingling on our lower lip (after shrieking in anger obviously, that our old friend has actually returned) we right away leapt up and browsed for this super lysine+ (we purchased it early this year we had no concept where we might have tossed it lol). We followed the instructions of using and reapplying every two hours while we were home and able to we picked not to use it at work or have it on in public, due to the fact that it does produce a glossy radiance that accentuates it, however after leaving work we used it prior to our drive home. So, let us put this in viewpoint for whomever might read this: we felt tingling on our lip thursday early morning prior to work (ugh) we used the product every two hours while in the house prior to preparing for work. When it was time for us to go we took a slice of tissue a dabbed the recurring compound off totally off. We dabbed it off. We made sure that we did not unintentionally rub it in any way to aggravate it. On our drive home we reapplied and continued this procedure in the list below days. Getting up today, sunday early morning, we nocticed it was nearly totally gone. It’s not even gross appearing like they normally get. Yeah can actually hardly see anything. We are simply very delighted with this product. We needed to come compose this evaluation. It cut healing time in half as marketed. Only 3 days of a visible fever blister. Incredible. 5 stars.

We have actually been waiting for a fever blister outbreak to see if this truly worked prior to we provided an evaluation. Due to tension and disease, we had 3 at one time start to appear previously today. We began using this as quickly as we had a sign of an outbreak, and it stopped the development of all 3 right away. The blisters still go thru the procedure of scabbing, however they stay little and covered quickly with makeup. We used about 3 times daily at the and less than 18 hrs the development had actually stopped. It is very crucial to keep this with you at all times in case of an outbreak. You require to use as quickly as you feel the outbreak. If you’re at work when you feel it and do not have any, you do not have time to wait up until you get home. You require to keep some on hand.

We have actually been getting fever blisters more frequently the last number of years. We utilized to get them as soon as a year, however recently we have actually been getting them every 2-3 months approximately (mainly from sun direct exposure). The last outbreak, about 1. 5 months earlier was especially bad so we wound up doing some research on some preventative treatments. That s when we found super l-lysine. We purchased this ointment towards completion of the last outbreak and have actually had it in our drawer prepared to utilize in a minutes notification. Low and behold we felt the tingling a few days ago and we right away opened this baby up and used some over our lips with a q-tip (making sure not to pollute television). Up until now we have actually used possibly 4-6 times throughout 2-3 days. We still have some basic tingling over the location, however no outbreak. We see some puffiness where it was tingling however it s hardly obvious. If they sanctuary t come through by now, we are thinking this things reduced the outbreak/blistering. This is the very first time we attempted a preventative step and am super delighted.

We have actually been utilizing this product for a number of years now. It has actually genuinely been a lifesaver. If we feel a mouth sore beginning, on our lips (outer/inner), nose, or around the mouth, if we utilize this right away it will practically stop it from entering into a complete blown attack. If we wear t capture it immediately, it considerably cuts the time down. So appreciative for this product. In some cases even when we wear t have sores, we will still utilize this to hydrate our lips. The color can be a bit off putting however there is no taste or odor, and it goes on clear.

We have actually attempted whatever (even other extremely ranked products) and this is the one that works finest for us. Along with with the chapstick, it cuts the pain, pain, healing time, and size in half. The secret is using it with a qtip every 2 hours and utilizing the chapstick bar in between usages too so we keep it covered 24/ 7. This product is even better than prescription strength things we have actually gotten from the medical professional in the past. We do not understand what we would do without it. We keep 2-3 tubes on hand all over. Thank you for selling this.

This things is fantastic. The technique is to use it as quickly as you feel a fever blister beginning. However if you occur to miss out on that brief window, use it anyhow due to the fact that it reduces the duration considerably. We reapply consistently up until the fever blister is totally gone. An included advantage is that it ll leave your lips soft and hydrated when you re done. Simply a note, wear t let the little tube size issue you. It actually takes a minwe dab to be effective.

We get a cold sore a number of times a year on our chin. It’s very unpleasant and takes permanently to recover despite the fact that we take valcyte as quickly as we feel it beginning. While we likewise was taking oral lysine daily to assist avoid, they would still happen. The healing time was the worst. It left us with a very humiliating scab on our chin and would later on become flaking scab. It’s been bad. The last time we felt it beginning, besides right away beginning valcyte, we used this ointment non-stop. For the very first time ever (in 20 years) it stopped it in it’s tracks, was recovered and not obvious after about a week. We are so delighted we found something to assist with this issue that was truly beginning to bring us down.

This appears to assist when we get some sort of allergic or viral sandpaper like rash on our lips arbitrarily. If we utilize this for a number of days it appears to clean up quicker than without. We have no concept what the rash is however it’s super frustrating. We understand it’s not a sexually transmitted disease due to the fact that we have actually never ever taken part in oral and neither has our partner so we truly have no concept, however it’s not a normal fever blister. So we were eliminated to find something that appears to assist. Simply 4 stars however due to the fact that we still can’t get it to disappear fast enough.

This things works great. We combat fever blisters rather bit, and they are normally noticeable, uneasy and awful for a minimum of a week (looks like an eternity.) we do not understand if it’s a fluke or not, however attempted this as quickly as we felt the “tingling” and understood we had a red area and small bump. Cleared it up nearly overnight. Took a few days to disappear totally, however incredibly fast and not even obvious after 2 days. That’s not to state it wasn’t still there- we would not kiss hubby yet simply in case, however noticeably “gone.” this dealt with 2 up until now. Will absolutely be purchased again.

We have actually been utilizing abreva for the longest time whenever we have fever blisters however considering that we began utilizing quantum super lysine+ cream we are never ever returning to utilizing abreva. We simply began utilizing it 2x for 2 days and on the second day our fever blister has actually quickly dried up, and on the 3rd it s nearly gone. We must have attempted utilizing this previously, we wereted a great deal of cash on abreva with sluggish healing outcomes. We extremely suggest this product. 5 stars.

We have actually suffered from fever blisters for over 40 years. This is the first product that has actually worked well and genuinely minimized the pain, suffering and length of outbreak. Within minutes of application, it is soothing and lowers the pain we feel. Lowers the intensity of the outbreak and lowers the outbreak from 3-4 day to 6-8 days.

This things is a severe wonder employee. Individuals do not like to discuss fever blisters, however they must so more individuals learn about this cream. It’s sort of like petroleum jelly consistency. By the time we got it, our sore was currently midway through it’s procedure, however this truly assisted it along. We utilized specific other “treatments” that are expected to suffice down to 3 days, ha. We will never ever utilize anything else again.

We have actually constantly utilized abreva, however we ran out and it’s a lot more pricey than this things– so we chose to offer it a shot. We had currently had the fever blister for a few days, so we are not totally sure if it shortens healing time or not, however it absolutely assisted it feel better.

This product is fantastic. We just recently got fever blisters this year and we use a mask for work and it would continuously rub on it while it would recover. When we saw the evaluations we figured why not attempt to ourself. This made the fever blister clear up so quickly and we like that it didn’t leave a white mark from where we put the ointment on. We have this on our list so we can constantly have it prepared to buy if we require it.

Can’t envision how we got along without this. Great moisturizer for the lips. Terrific for avoiding or preventing a herpes breakout. Utilizing it as a preventative action. A smidgen goes a long way.

Here’s our story. We have actually just recently suffered 5 intense months of repeating cold sores, since beginning a new task. Prior to this, we would get a fever blister every 4 to 5 years, set off by fever or disease. So we at first began utilizing valtrex (approximately 2000 mg daily) and was still getting fever blisters continuously, a day or more in between outbreaks. We attempted abreva however was still getting the starts of fever blisters. They ‘d still vanish in a few days only to repeat again. We relied on this lysine product, entirely counted on the great evaluations. We put the product on as quickly as we got it in the mail (it took about 10 days to get). Hallelujah. It’s been 5 days now and we have not had another fever blister. It’s a bit early to be applauding this product, however without it, for sure we would have had another fever blister by now based upon what’s been occurring over the last 5 months. We can still feel the tingle – however no eruption of anything. We are using the lysine ointment now every 3 hours, simply in case. We will upgrade this evaluation when we have actually been utilizing this ointment for a while longer. We are now a follower in lysine. Obviously oral lysine tablets (1000 mg 2 to 3 times daily) is well recorded in research research studies to be very effective in avoiding and dealing with herpes simplex infections. We simply began this program too today. However up until now, the topical appears to be working. Update: 3/27/16 – this is still a wonder product for us. Works marvels for avoiding fever blisters. We have actually even bought other lysine lip balms/ointments simply to compare the formula. We feel that l-lysine ointment (likewise bought on) is a bit more moisturizing than this one. We still offer super lysine 5 stars due to the fact that it works, and would offer it 10 + if we could. We have actually not had another fever blister considering that we have actually been utilizing this ointment for 3 weeks. We are still getting some tingling, however have actually seen it ending up being less regular. We are no longer utilizing oral lysine tablets. The lip ointment is working simply great.

Long-lasting fever blister patient. We have actually bought this product a number of times to utilize if our prescription does not capture it fast enough. It relieves the pain and itching and it’s not creaour so it will not leave that white area. It likewise does not dry it out wildly and leave dry skin all around the area. It does have a green natural tint so if you do not rub it in all the way it will reveal (a little) however the positives far exceed that a person little unfavorable.

This things is remarkable. We utilize this for the periodic fever blister. We have actually utilized abreva in the past up until somebody presented us to lysine. For us this ointment worksbetter It has a melaleuca fragrance. It is thick so it remains where you dab it. This product is sooo worth the little expense. Pointer: a bit goes a long way – this little tube will last us for years.

As quickly as we feel a tingling on our lips we utilize the quantum health super lysine fever blister treatment. Up until now we have actually not had any new case of fever blister that surpassed a simple tingling. We would for that reason consider it very effective and we are totally pleased.

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