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Potter’s Original Licorice Lozenges

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  • 125 g lozenges
  • Country of origin: Netherlands
  • Please check out all label information on shipment.

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Addicting licorice lozenges with menthol and a tip of salmiak imported from the Netherlands.

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We enjoy these lozenges. Our task as a coach reguires us to talk all day to customers and this lozenge assists us to that. They are samll bur oh so powereful. We simply pop one in and our cough subsides. Since they are so small (smaller sized than a tic tac) nobody understands you have something in your mouth. They tast like licorece, which we are not found of, however kid do they work. We were so ecstatic to be able to get them on, a customer had actually sent them to us from the another country. We extremely reccomend this product, it has actually kept us talking on lots of occassions.:-RRB-.

Our household is dutch and we have actually been utilizing these for years for a cough, cold, stuffy nose or sinus concerns. The menthol cleans up your nose as you draw on the small little pieces. This is not your regular “cough drop,” it’s much more medical and much more effective, we believe. Provide a shot. You will not be sorry. If you like licorice, menthol and a little touch of saltiness, you’ll enjoy these.

We looked all over for something comparable to “assists” our papa constantly had them in case of a tickle in his throat. We remember him providing to us likewise. They where the only thing that assisted. They no longer make “assists” however these come very near it. Thank you potters.

So charming and yummy. A terrific economical high-end.

We are looking for a replacement for sen sen. This is yumour other than for the menthol is not sen sen. Please think about making these w/o menthol.

This was presented to me, several years back, due to the fact that we sing. Very useful for the consistent tickle of a cough.

Was missing out on sen sens. This product was good. We enjoy a strong licorice taste.

These have a good licorice flavor with a little zing that we were lookingfor When we were a child we had “assists” which were very comparable and this is the only product we might find that comes close. They are the very same size, the flavor isn’t precisely the very same however is close adequate to please me.

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