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Polenectar Propolis Extract with Honey in Spray Form

Polenectar Propolis Extract with Honey in Spray Form

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Polenectar Propolis Extract with Honey in Spray Type.

  • Great flavor, as you can drop straight mouth.
  • Usage idea: Drop straight into mouth or throat.
  • Bundles: Spray Glass Flasks consisting of 30 ml of extract each.
  • Do not leave the standard treatment shown by the physician. If allergies take place, take in should be ended.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Polenectar Propolis Extract with Honey in Spray Type.
English: This product is the result of a mix in between eucalyptus propolis and the purest honey. It includes no saving compounds nor does it contain synthetic chemical additive. It is elaborated from Polenectar alcoholic extract, the product is gotten through the mixture with honey and pure water. Portugues: Este produto o resultado da combina § ₤ o da mais nobre pr ³ polis de eucalipto e do mais puro mel. N ₤ o possui conservantes ou qualquer aditivo qu mico, como fragrances ou corantes. Com sabor agrad ¡ vel, o Extrato de Pr ³ polis e Mel em Spray Polenectar amplamente utilizado diretamente na garganta e boca. Al m disso, devido sua pr ¡ tica apresenta § ₤ o em spray, facilmente transportation ¡ vel, podendo ser utilizado a qualquer hora. Sugest ₤ o de uso: Aplicar diretamente na garganta ou boca. Cada caixinha com 1 frasco de vidro mbar tipo spray contendo 30 ml de extrato.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Polenectar Propolis Extract with Honey in Spray Type.

Question Question 1

Does This Product Contain Alcohol?

Yes, the honey spray includes alcohol.The Liquid Crystal does not contain alcohol.

Question Question 2

Did Honey Be Utilized As A Solvent? Or Simply For Mixture?

we believe it is utilized as a sweetener.

Question Question 3

There’S No Portion Of Propolis Quantity In The Label?

No, There’s no portion of propolis quantity on the label.

Question Question 4

Does It Need To Be Cooled After First Use?How Typically Do You Spray It?

You do not need to cool it after first usage. You can utilize it 2 to 3 times a day, or whenever you wish to. It is natural, like honey. You do not need to fret. There is no adverse effects. Thanks for asking. Regards, Peter

Question Question 5

What Is The Distinction In Between This Product (Asin: B005 Zxq0Kg) And Another Comparable Product $2188 (Asin: B005 Uqzd6A)?

we never ever utilized comparable product prior to. However, every body advise brazillian propolis. And this product some effective to me.

Question Question 6

Does Polenectar Offer Any Propolis Without Alcohol? And Whats The Distinction With Or Without?

Yes Polenectar has just recently came out with a alcohol-free propolis.We have it on sale here on also under “POLENECTAR Aqueous Proplis Extract Crystal” ASIN: B00 A6LTTIM.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Polenectar Propolis Extract with Honey in Spray Type, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Our other half’s colleague referred this product to him for a sore throat in 1996 and we have actually been utilizing it since. If you have a sore throat, a cold, a nasal allergy, a sore tooth. This bee spray stops all of those disorders pointed out in their tracks and you’re health is brought back. We do not understand what remains in this bee spray that’s wonderful, however it works like magic. It’s costly, however we swear by it and advise to everybody.

We utilize it each time when we feel our throat is uneasy, and it works.

We like this pray. It actually relieves on our throat when we have cold.

Super fast shipment.

We have actually been utilizing polenectar s products for a few years now. The quality is constantly the very best out of the other brand names that we have actually attempted.

We utilize all of it the time. Particularly when we are coming down on a flu or when we have fever blister. We have actually purchased over 10 bottle. Our entire household utilize it.

Even better than other medications for athma rescue. And more, sometimes and regular usage all are no issue since it’s material is natural. Love it. All the times, every days go with me.


Very good.


We like it’s two pack together. One bottle will last about a year- to year and half.

It s so helpful for the throat and tongue uncomfort.

Very good.

We like it. Not too strong taste and simple to utilize. Simply what we desire.

Good cost, fast shipment.

As we anticipated.

Great things.

We purchased these since our existing bottle (exact same brand) will runout This things actually works for us and our relative in avoiding on-coming colds/sore throat. We feel this brand (alcohol-based) worked better than a previous one that we had (water-based). The water-based one we had likewise ended up being foul-smelling since it was not as firmly sealed as this alcohol-base style. Sorry, we can not keep in mind the previous one we had.

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