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Paramed Heating Pad XL King Size

Paramed Heating Pad XL King Size

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Paramed Heating Pad XL Economy Size.

  • SOOTHING PAIN RELIEF: 12 by 24 size, it s ideal for covering large muscle groups in your back, neck, shoulders abdomen or legs. Functions automated shut-off function and comes with a convenient storage bag
  • DESIGNED FOR BENEFIT: Comes with a digital LCD controller that makes for simple operation while the 7-foot cable permits you to enjoy your heat therapy session from the comfort of your bed/ chair, without barriers
  • EASY CARE-SILKY SOFT: Made with coral fleece & warp knitting material, the Paramed heating pad stays gentle on the skin and magnificent comfy. Plus, the cover is simple to keep as it s maker washable and will stay soft for years on end
  • DRY HEATING THERAPY: Select your preferred temperature level from 3 modes (low, medium, high) and utilize your heating pad depending upon your requirements
  • A TRADITION IN CUSTOMER FULFILLMENT: All Paramed heating pads come with a 30-Day Cash Back Warranty so that you feel definitely safe in your purchase

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Paramed Heating Pad XL Economy Size.
XL Electric Heating Pad by Paramed Soothe back, neck, shoulder, leg & abdominal area pain by means of heat therapy & let absolutely nothing hold you back from making the most out of your day. Paramed brings you a premium heating pad, Extra Large in size (12 by 24) that will look after your all your requirements. 3 HEAT SETTINGS: Low temperature level variety (~104 ° F) Medium temperature level variety (~122 ° F) Heat variety (~149 ° F) Geared Up with an LCD controller, you can quickly select the temperature level and function you prefer, according to your specific requirements. Created for Comfort & Benefit, our heating pad comes with a 7-foot long cable for maximum ease of usage Silky Soft & Easy-To-Care For, with a coral fleece & warp knitting material our pad stays soft for years on end and you can simply wash it in your washer, to quickly keep it for years on end. With Automatic Shut-Off Function, which avoids getting too hot, saves money on electrical power and makes for safe usage Features Bring Bag, for simple storage in between usages or to quickly bring it with you on the go, any place you go. PRODUCT SPECS: Pad Size: 12 x 24 Power Supply: Air Conditioning 160 W Pad Product: Coral fleece and warp knitting material Vehicle Shut-Off Time: 120 minutes Click Contribute To Cart Today & Enjoy Versatile, Soothing Heat Therapy As Needed

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Paramed Heating Pad XL Economy Size.

Question Question 1

Anyone Else Notification A Fishy/Awful Smell When You First Opened It?

Heating pad smelled like dead fish.After more evaluation, we recognized the odor was coming from the little storage bag that comes with it. The one with the draw strings? we werehed the heating pad itself with cleaning agent in a container and the odor came off right now. Its in fact truly simple to clean up the heating pad its Heating pad smelled like dead fish.After more evaluation, we recognized the odor was coming from the little storage bag that comes with it. The one with the draw strings? we werehed the heating pad itself with cleaning agent in a container and the odor came off right now. Its in fact truly simple to clean up the heating pad itself. The bag tho.had to wash two times and still smells like fish. Most likely will wind up getting rid of the little bag and package it camewith PEEYEEEW.

Question Question 2

Does This Have The Choice To Leave It On As Long As You Want?

It remains on for rather some time however we have discovered that when you do not move or change it after ahout 30-45 mins it will instantly shut down

Question Question 3

Which Side Are You Expected To Place On Your Body? The Soft Side Or The Side With The Guidelines.?

we utilize the soft side when we are covering the pad. Nevertheless, when we are laying on it, such as our back, we are utilizing the side with the print. we have utilized only the pad as dry heat. When we do utilize as moist heat, it is our strategy to utilize the softer material side. Hope this is useful.

Question Question 4

We Switch On High For An Hour And It S Hardly Even A Little Warm, What Is The Issue? We Simply Got It?

If it hardly got warm, it s most likely a problem. we simply got ours and we enjoy it. Really the low setting is plenty warm enough, we can t think of utilizing it on the high setting. It would be way too hot. Hope this assists.

Question Question 5

Is This Pad Actually Moist And Dry Heat?

No most however dry heating pad

Question Question 6

The Number Of Watts Does It Utilize?

we put on t understand the wattage.It has 3 various settings so we make certain the wattage will vary.It is a comfy heat even on the greatest setting and it gets very hot

Question Question 7

Where Is This Product Made?

The product is made in China according to the printing on the Heating pad product.

Question Question 8

Does The Dead Fish Odor Disappear?. It Appears Like It’S From The Bag, However The Heating Pad Itself Odors Like It Still Too.?

our heating pad did not have any smell, however the bag did.we werehed it in cleaning maker and dried in clothes dryer.The smell Is entirely gone. Hopes this assists.

Question Question 9

How Do You Get Moist Heat?

Nope. Simply as in.

Question Question 10

We Simply Cleaned Our Heating Pad And Later On Plugged It In After It Dried. It S Not Simply Blinking And Not GettingHot Anyone Else Experience This?

No however we have not cleaned mine as its brand new. we didn’t recognize it might be cleaned.

Question Question 11

We See This Gets ~149 ° F On High.Does It Actually Get 149 Degrees Hot?

we are not exactly sure specific temperature level, however it does get truly hot. we can t run it on high. It s too hot for us, haha

Question Question 12

Dosage 5His Heating Pad Get Real Hot?

It gets quite darn hot and we enjoy it

Question Question 13

How Do We Fill For A Service Warranty On Our Product? It Is Not Working.?

Did not see a service warranty on this product. Only a 30 day cash back assurance.

Question Question 14

What Does It Mean That This Can Be Utilized For Dry Or Moist Heat?

From what we can inform this is simply a dry heat heating pad

Question Question 15

How Do You Wash This – Can You Take The Cover Off?

The cover disconnects from the cable.

Question Question 16

If We Desired Moist Heat Do We Wet The Pad With Water?

The directions do not point out anything about moistening the pad for moist heat.

Question Question 17

The Light On Our Heating Pad Is Blinking Red And Not Coming Back On. What Is The Problem?

Don t have that concern.

Question Question 18

The Plug For Linking Does Not Come Off The Pad – Can You Wash It With The Plug On Without Messing Up The Pad?

The plug does come off, you can wash it in the maker on gentle cold and dry on low or can be cleaned by hand.

Question Question 19

Does This Heating Pad Heat Up Well?

Yes, heats up well and works good on our pain in the back.

Question Question 20

Does It Really Have 2 Hr Vehicle Shutoff? Control Light Still Shining.?

Yes it does. It s in fact a good heating pad and it s substantial.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Paramed Heating Pad XL Economy Size, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This heating pad can be found in useful for our backache. Its plus size offers good protection. We have the ability to sit and curtain it over our back along with put it on our back while we lay in our stomach. The low, medium & high levels provide us good control of temperature level. The pad heats up quickly and remains at a comfy level. This is fantastic for anyone desiring some relief from muscle pain.

We just recently got our paramed heating pad. This was a replacement for a home medic pad that we had for a number of years. We got this one based upon the good evaluations. First, we truly like the rectangle-shaped shape of this one compared to the old one which was more of a square. It covers us from the knee up which is where we experience pain during the night. It’s likewise enough time to twist around our knee if we require to. This is a great function. We likewise enjoy the truth that there’s a button for the 3 heat settings/off switch. Our other one was a slide and you needed to want to see where you were precisely. With this you simply need to inspect the colors. The green, yellow and traffic signals are simple to see in the dark. Given that we utilize it primarily during the night, it makes operation very simple. It’s likewise very soft and feels great versus bare skin or over clothing. We would provide it 5 stars.

This product is great. It has come a long way considering that the old plastic variations of yester year. Its light compact styling is great for saving. It warms up quickly and has vehicle shut down in case you drop off to sleep while utilizing it. The thing we like the most is its maker washable. Likewise, its large sufficient to cover the whole afflicted location and it’s great for women to sooth menstrual cramps. We enjoy this product and will absolutely suggest it to everybody.

We acquired this product for spinal column problems. While we simply began utilizing it, we are up until now happy. The cover is incredibly soft and plush and the gadget is fantastic for pain in the back. The 3 settings for heat can easily be changed. The leading heat is substantially hot/warm so you have this setting if you choose. Understand that this gadget has an automated shut-off so if you prepare to run everything night, you will not have the ability to do so without awakening and resetting it. At first, we weren’t sure we liked this function, however chose it was most likely finest for safety factors. If this gadget continues to operate well, this will be a fantastic purchase.

We found the product to be effective, particularly for pain in the back. The size of the pad covers the locations that we required. The 3 levels of heat is simple and simple to utilize. We found the greatest level to be more than enough to provide relief. The heating pad is soft and made from comfy product. The bag that comes with it works for covering it up nicely and saving it when it’s not being utilized. Likewise, the power cable was long enough to reach where we required it on the sofa which was a plus.

The paramed xl heating pad surpasses our expectations. The cover is comfortable and plush and the pad itself is very flexible, contouring to where the pains and discomforts are. We are pleased we bought this specific heating pad as it fits our requirements completely.

We acquired this product for our relative. She found the product comfy and the 3 warmness settings all enjoyable and precise. She utilized the low setting many. Some warming pads have the “low” setting to hot and undesirable. Thats not the case with the parameds. She had the ability to keep the setting on low and be comfy. We do want it had a choice to remain on forever without an automobile shut down. The material is soft also. The cable detach and length is a great function and well believedout She feels that this is a good product for the cost point. As long as it keeps working we’ll enjoy with it. We will upgrade if the product stops working within a year.

We enjoy the size and the way it s made, the only thing we put on t care for is that it will shut down after so long. We put on t like when they have the vehicle shut down.

The heat pad is truly great. It’s large enough to cross our back and very flexible and soft. The only concern would be that the location where the power cable links can make it a little tough to adjust the heat pad precisely the way you desire it to be. It’s not a big concern since it is simple enough to work around it, however it is absolutely the most irritating part of the heat pad. The temperature level control is restricted, with there only being a low, medium, and high setting. The heat pad warms up exceptionally quick and the heat can get rather high, however after it reaches its peak it absolutely dips down in the quantity of heat it radiates. It still remains decently hot however often we want it would stay a little hotter. The temperature level is managed by a single button. This button is huge and quite delicate and each press cycles from off to high. Due to this, it’s incredibly simple to unintentionally turn it on by simply tossing it to the side, resting on it, or simply tossing a pillow over it, so it is very important to disconnect it after usage or to put it someplace where it will not unintentionally be switched on. As anticipated from a good heat pad, it does work to alleviate some sores such as neck and back pain from bad posture. It is a truly good heat pad for the cost. Extremely suggest it.

++ plus for us that there is no autimatic turnoff after 3 or 4 hours. We find that the temperature level settings are deceiving. The low setting is the only setting that our body endures. Low is fine. Nevertheless, medium and high we find excruciating. The pad is so very soft and flexible. We purchased it to assist with shoulder and arm muscle pain triggered by an injury. We have the ability to wrap the pad in such a way that accommodates our injury.

Its a good heating pad, nevertheless there are pro’s and con’s. * pros: very soft and flexible, washes and dries very quickly, fumes quick, long cable with simple press button, appears quite long lasting, can utilize dry or wet obviously. * cons: rank fishy odor on arrival (needed to wash two times) we believe odor is from storage bag that comes with it- wound up getting rid of the storage bag- will smell up your space so wash instantly, does not get as hot as other heating pads we have had in the pastoverall, assisted with cramps and muscle discomforts, lasted the 2 hours however didn’t like how it would not get very hot.

The texture of the external covering is soft and soothing. Cable length is great since we can plug it in and sit or lay where we wish to rather than discovering a location to sit or lay right by an outlet. Large on/off button. The pad does not feel stiff so it can quickly curtain over limbs. The heating pad s extra plus size makes it more beneficial than routine size pads we have had in the past. The micromink surface area is very soothing and we believe it assists to disperse the heat more than other heating pad materials. The pad warms up quickly and the 3 levels of heat are very beneficial since often we like heat and often we like heat. The information with the pad is good suggestions to prevent burns/blisters and yet get the very best advantage. Thanks for a great product.

We purchased the product for some shoulder muscle pain. We need to confess, we gave up even after checking out the evaluations however we had prepared our partner for what was to come, excruciating fishy smell based upon the evaluations. We need to state, unless there’s various degrees to that odor and we lucked out, the odor isn’t almost as bad as individuals are making it to be. Do not get us incorrect, the bag that comes with it does odor fishy however it’s really not a huge offer and, if it was, we would simply toss that bad away. The product itself didn’t smell bad in our experience and it heats up appropriately. We paid 20$ for it, for that cost we are more than pleased with what we have purchased. We suggest it, try and see how it works for you. If the odor remarks are preventing you do not stop yourself from purchasing it, simply discard the bag that comes with it and you’re good to go.

Without a doubt, we are pleased it came and when it did. The box appears to come as it looked opened at one point. It may not have, however it was closed shut. It simply doesn t reveal a complete closer to provide the purchaser a relief that it precisely brand new, despite the fact that it might be. It appears so, no discolorations or anything. However it does come with an odor. Most likely even if of the product it is, or being new or perhaps what it s made out of. It warms up as directed and expected to and that s what truly matters. So it works and we enjoy it and it s huge to utilize for more then one little location.

We purchased this product for our other half as he’s a paratrooper and has periodic pain in the back after dives. This is very soft so we might take it from time to time too. He states it gets plenty warm without being uneasy and likes the length of the cable. The only thing we didn’t care for (and we saw others likewise had this concern) exists being a heavy fish/sardine odor. Taking the suggestions from another customer, we tossed the grey bag it came with for storage alternative. He’s right. Given that we did that the odor is gone. Which is great. It does not get put away. We keep it to the side, prepared and offered, when required.

This is a great heating pad — particularly for the cost. This is simply as great as much more pricey heating pads we have attempted. We have utilized a succession of heating pads over the last 10 years for chronic pain in the back; we have them versus our back in our recliner chair for most of our waking time, taking breaks for safety of the skin, naturally. We like that this has 3 temperature level settings and turns itself off instantly after an hour. Some individuals wouldn t like that it shuts off instantly at all, however it s a crucial safety function. We absolutely suggest this heating pad.

You can t fail with bought this heating pad. A very sensible cost and a heating pad that works as marketed. Heats up quickly to an effective temperature level. Comes with a great storage bag. We were a bit unwilling to acquire this pad, as typically lower-priced products like this put on t work well. However no concerns here. You will enjoy you made this purchase.

We believe our sweetheart truly may enjoy this more than she likes me. She had a couple bothersome injuries + pms and it appeared like she had us filling the warm water bottle almost every night. Chosen to get this electric pad and have not utilized the water bottle considering that. Cost was a significant consider selecting this pad. Looks like a quality pad. Warms up quickly and gets rather warm. We are undecided on the cleaning in a washer. We simply toss it in a pillowcase so we will not ever require to wash it. Dream we would have acquired this a long period of time back.

This is ideal. We were reluctant initially since it wasnt the company we been utilizing for the previous 3 years, however this is ideal. Its xl, which is finest for cramps or backpains. & & the heating tempertures are ideal. This is what we would recommand to everybody thats looking for a heating pad. It gets the job done so great. Been utilizing it considering that the first day of getting it.

We are treating our tennis elbow with rotating hot and ice bags. We have a plastic (health center design) heating pad which we do not like since it is stiff when cold and stays with our skin when warm. This pad is truly great and soft and never ever makes our skin feel sweaty. When on the high setting (the only setting we utilize) it shuts itself off temporarily so as not to get too hot. We want it would refrain from doing that and we want we might keep the setting completely at the high level.

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