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Optivida Health Nano-Silver Sol Lozenges

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Optivida Health Nano-Silver Sol Lozenges.

  • NANO-SILVER DROPS: Our lozenges are made with patented nano-silver particles. Unlike colloidal silver, our silver is a new generation of silver with much greater efficiency.
  • NATURAL FLAVOR: Our nano-silver lozenges were made with organic honey, lemon, and peppermint oil for a sweet, soothing flavor.
  • EFFECTIVE REMEDY: These difficult drops can eliminate pathogens in the mouth, throat, and digestion system. They target 143 disease-causing bacteria, causing a much healthier body immune system and more energy.
  • SMALL & PORTABLE: Each lozenge comes individually covered, so you can take them with you on the go. Position them inside your bag, purse, pouch, or knapsack while taking a trip for instant relief.
  • SAFE TO USAGE: These cough drops can be taken by anyone, consisting of children, the senior, and women throughout pregnancy. They can likewise be utilized along with recommended or non-prescription prescription antibiotics.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Optivida Health Nano-Silver Sol Lozenges.
A great deal of lozenges on the marketplace today can only soothe a sore throat for a brief time and can t stop the infection at its source. Our Nano-Silver Lozenges can not only soothe and calm your throat however likewise boost your body immune system by getting rid of pathogens. Our cough drops start acting within minutes of direct exposure, ruining 143 pathogens, like germs, infections, fungis, and mold, that can damage your body immune system and decrease your recovery. Our patented solution of nano-silver consisted of inside each lozenge can eliminate active pathogens in several methods, making it far more effective than colloidal silver remedies. As a reward, getting rid of these pathogens from your system can boost your total energy. There are no synthetic active ingredients utilized in the making of these lozenges. The sweet, candy-like flavor comes from the natural organic honey and lemon and peppermint oil. These lozenges are essential for when the seasons begin to alter and colds and sore throats end up being more common and begin to spread. These drops are safe for both kids and adults to utilize to support their body s natural recovery. Whether its a little bug, the flu, a sinus infection, a coughing fit, drain, or a dry throat that simply doesn t appear to disappear, our lozenges can cool off your burning throat while likewise eliminating the majority of the viral and bacterial intruders. Purchase a box our Nano-Silver Lozenges today and provide your body the boost it requires throughout the healing procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Optivida Health Nano-Silver Sol Lozenges.

Question Question 1

Program Amount?

21 lozenges, net wt3.4 oz

Question Question 2

How To Know Freshness? No Expiration Date, The Box Is A Little Various Than Photo & The Lozenges Are Not In Blue Wrapper However White. Seller Pls Reply.?

The expiration date for our Nano-Silver Sol Lozenges can be found on the cellophane bag inside package. It ought to be a red strip with a date printed on it. The expiration date for our Nano-Silver Sol Lozenges can be found on the cellophane bag inside package. It ought to be a red strip with a date printed on it. Thank you.

Question Question 3

Where Is This Made?

This is made here in the United States. This is made here in the United States. Thank you.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Optivida Health Nano-Silver Sol Lozenges, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Finest drops on the market. Our household utilizes these as we suffer from dry mouth syndrome and they truly do assist. Great taste too.

Have actually been coughing non stop for 3 weeks. These lozenges offered required relief. Had the ability to get to sleep at last.

The optivida nano silver lozenges that we bought was utilized for a bad sore throat. They reduced off our sore throat quicker than other brand names of lozenges that we had actually utilized prior to. Will continue to utilize them when required, since they truly did look after our issue.

We like that this product assists naturally recover sore throats and congestion. They taste great, too.

These taste incredible and work truly well. Our throat felt incredible after utilizingthese We were bummed out when we returned to order more and they were offeredout We will certainly be seeing for these to be in stock and will purchase more.

Yeah, they are sweet and taste remarkable. It suffices to have a billion other products on the marketplace that are terrible to take when currently ill. This is a great exception. Relentless cough for a month. Taking these every day for a few days has actually offered relief.

Great flavor. We purchased an off brand to compare and like these much better.

We definitely like the flavor of these and they work incredible. We need to use a mask at work and the heat in the structure plus the heat from breathing our own hot air masks us cough like insane. These are soothing to our cough they assist with the sore throat we get from coughing a lot.

We truly value these lozenges. They work better than anything else we have actually attempted for sjogren s syndrome and allergy caused sore-scratchy throat. We won t usage anything else now. Outstanding product.

Boiled Down with a cold and wished to provide ourself the advantage of some extra protection, simply in case it was more than an acute rhinitis or flu. This product was great and we recuperated in record time.

The liquid our hubby does not wish to mess with, however he likes these cough drops- flavor is good and so are the outcomes.

Our company believe in colloidal silver, so we purchasedthese A lot easier than gargle or swishing, and it is very soothing.

These are 100% natural with honey & other natural healing active ingredients without other heavy chemicals,these soothe our throat truly fast with a great natural flavor, no unfavorable negative effects, simply a natural soothing healing.

It works.

Love having this things around for back up simply in case cantbget to the physician.

Finest toolbox to have when a scratchy throat appears.

Incredible. Silver sol lozenges for sore throat relief.

Appears expensive for only 21 lozenges. Taste is great.

Work great. We live this product.

Has zinc and didn’t trigger indigestion. Well done. Flavor is carefully mint not subduing.

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