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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Oakhurst Co. Nose Better Moisturizing Nasal Spray.

  • NASAL SPRAY: Developed for year-round nose care. Nose Better Natural Mist Moisturizing Spray showers your dry nasal passages with a gentle, soft & moisturizing mist that relieves in seconds.
  • ALCOHOL FREE: Get timely relief from nasal dryness, pain & irritation due to dry air (low humidity), dust, smoke, air contamination, a/c, winter home heat, high elevations, travel, oxygen therapy & overuse of decongestant sprays.
  • OUR HOUSEHOLD OF PRODUCTS: We bring a broad variety of medications & hair & skin care products, from creams & hair treatments to laxatives, lotions, lotions, cough suppressants, nasal sprays & more.
  • CONVENTIONAL TREATMENTS: Lots of people have reported great benefits from alternative & standard remedies & treatments. We make these hard-to-find medications extensively readily available & more budget-friendly for you.
  • OAKHURST REMEDIES: Covering over 4 generations, we provide numerous old-time remedies & medications, some of them coming from as early as1841 We hang out & effort to make sure the quality you anticipate.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Oakhurst Co. Nose Better Moisturizing Nasal Spray.
Read more Oakhurst Company High Quality, Classic Products Covering over 4 generations, Oakhurst uses numerous old-time, hard-to-find remedies, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, and health and appeal products – some of them coming from as early as1841 From lotions to rubs, powders, tonics, creams and oils, we hang out and effort to make sure the quality you anticipate. Made in the U.S.A.. Read more Daddy John’s Cough MedicineNose Better Fragrant Relief GelUnguentine Antiseptic Klutch Denture Adhesive PowderTreatment Alcohol- free syrup relieves coughs due to colds & small throat inflammations.Non- oily gel relieves soreness under and around the nose, and inside the nostrils.Pain alleviating antiseptic ointment developed for small burns, cuts, and scrapes. Assists temporarily alleviate dry, inflamed, and itching skin.Forms a soothing cushion that offers a long-term self-confidence to denture users for roughly 10 to 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Oakhurst Co. Nose Better Moisturizing Nasal Spray.

Question Question 1

Does It Have Saline?

It includes: Active components: Glycerin 1/0%, Sodium Chloride 0.35 %Non-active components: Water, potassium phosphate, methylcellulose, Disodium EDTA, Sodium hydroxide, benzalkonium chloride.Saline is watered down salt water.This product sodium Chloride, which when mixed with water is called Saline solution

Question Question 2

We Can’T Find An Active Ingredient List On Line.Does Anyone Know What Remains In This?

If you raise Nose Better Active ingredients in an online search engine or a location that offers it, it will have them noted alomg with other features of it.

Question Question 3

Is The The Very Same Formula As The Gel Variation?

we are sorry however we have not utilized the gel variation, so do not understand.

Question Question 4

Does It Burn? Our Nose Is Raw From The Dry Cement That Keeps Forming.?

Never ever has burned for us.we likewise utilize their gel that we rub in our nose.we constantly travel with their gel.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Oakhurst Co. Nose Better Moisturizing Nasal Spray, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We had a dry nose and pain for several years. We were quite unpleasant. Our nose seemed like we remained in a wind storm it was so dry. We attempted saline sprays and they truly harm our nose and contributed to the issue. A pharmacist informed us about nose better and we have been utilizing it for about fifteen years now. We no longer have sinus pain from dry sinuses. It s a wonder. We simply put one spray in each nostril in the early morning and that works for the remainder of the day and night. Thank you nose better.

These products alleviated our nose irritation. We have the ability to breathe better than and we found that our nose felt better than with most nasal sprays.

We have utilized this things for years. We have attempted numerous products for dry nose and to assist avoid nose bleeds. Absolutely nothing we have attempted works better to alleviate a dry nose as nose better spray.

Its great.

We require this every day. We have currently composed numerous evaluations on it.

Have not utilized enough time for real modification. However assisting.

Advised by ent physician.

Better than saline solution if you do not require more salt in your diet plan.

Works great.

Good moisturizing spray.

Terrific product – can’t find anywhere other than on line.

We utilized as part of a three-step procedure with their nasal emollient. First, one spray of saline mist in each nostril, then a quick nose blow to tidy. Second, one spray of nose better moisturizing spray in each nostril. Third, use nasal emollient with a q-tip. Had the ability to lower use of our warm mist humidifier as an outcome, and we have nose bleed/cold free up until now this season.

We just recently saw an ent in concerns to an ear issue and he likewise took a look at our nose and throat. Our nose has been stuffy for years considering that moving from california to new mexico. We have attempted nasal sprays with no relief. He suggested nose better and after only two days our nose is clear. We utilize oxygen and was having problem with breathing through the cannula. Now we can breath all night without getting dried out.

We reside in the southwest where it is not unusual to have humidity levels in the single digits. This product works well and lasts a little longer than simply saline.

We truly like this since unlike xclear or other xylitol natural sprays it does not leave any taste once it reaches the throat. It can be utilized as frequently as required with zero bad adverse effects. This is the only nasal spray we buy now.

Uses our cpap device simple on our nostrils. Love it.

If you get a dry nose in the winter, for us this nose spray is excellent.

We first utilized this product years back, up in the mountains of colorado. We found it very effective, it hydrated our inner nasal membranes, and in our viewpoint it worked better than routine saline sprays. Maybe it has an active ingredient or more not found in routine saline? reader might wish to check out that. Suffice it state that we liked the product enough to avoid purchasing saline in the drug store, and appearance for it online to buy and be delivered to me. The nose better nose gel is likewise excellent, imho.

This is the very best product we have found for all nasal issues. It clears stuffiness & clears dryness. Pleasant aroma assists likewise.

This product works great. It moisturizes ideal and has a refreshing and tidy scent that assists us breath a good cool.

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