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O2 Ice Cold Therapy Reusable Ankle - Foot Support Brace

O2 Ice Cold Therapy Reusable Ankle – Foot Support Brace

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of O2 Ice Cold Therapy Reusable Ankle – Foot Support Brace.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Pump up with AIR and compress the cold to minimize pain much faster
  • Detachable Gel Liner for cooling in Refrigerator/ Freezer
  • Universal One Size
  • Quickly used over clothes without destroying them in all emergency situations

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More Info:

Here are some more information on O2 Ice Cold Therapy Reusable Ankle – Foot Support Brace.
The supreme ice bag for icing down your ankle injury. The patented style of the gel pack with the air pump and compressed air permits for the gel pack to comply with your ankle in a very comfy and helpful style. With the gel packs detachable to position in a refrigerator or freezer and the air pump detachable also. this is the ideal product to suit your travel luggage or sports bag.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on O2 Ice Cold Therapy Reusable Ankle – Foot Support Brace.

Question Question 1

Just How Much Compression Should There Be? We Couldn’T Inform Any Distinction In Compression After Pumping And Pumping And Pumping With The On Turn on.?

Mine we can inform very quickly that it is pumped up. Ensure the valve is truly relied on on when pumping

Question Question 2

Does This Extend To The Front Of The Ankle? Had Ankle Stablization And Peroneal Tendon Surgical Treatment So We Required It To Cover Both Locations.?

It depends upon the size of your ankle although the ice bag is velcroed into the system and can be positioned in various methods to get the protection you will require.

Question Question 3

Can You Fly With This Gel Pack? Indicating Pass Tsa Screening For Carry On? Because It Does Not Freeze Totally?

It need to not be an issue. It is all confined in the sleeve. FYwe this is quickly the very best product we have ever utilized. we have 2 kids in club soccer with a great deal of ankle injuries. We purchased a second one.

Question Question 4

What Does It Expense To Change The O2 Container, And Where Is It Acquired?

There is no o2 container. It is simply a little hand pump. We have owned 2 ofthese It is the very best product on the marketplace for sports ankle injury

Question Question 5

Can You Order Extra Cold Packs?

You can utilize routine ice packsin he brace while waiting for the other one to freeze. Simply take care not to break them.

Question Question 6

Can The Pump Be Eliminated And The System Stay Pumped Up? Or Does The Tube And Pump Need To Stay Affixed To Keep Pressure?

Yes, the tub & pump are one system that can be eliminated. They connect to the wrap by means of a little open/close valve that can be set by turning it left or right.

Question Question 7

Can You Buy A Replacement Gel Pack?

Yes you can buy a replacement. We purchased a second simply to have an extra in the freezer however the ice bag is truly sturdy.We had 2 kids playing club soccer and sent it off to college with our daughter.This is without a doubt the very best ankle wrap

Question Question 8

Can You Stroll With It?

Yes you can however we would not recommend it.It might potentially break the air pouch or the ice bag.

Question Question 9

Does The Cold Pack Extend Down To The Bottom Of The Heel?

No. The heel is left out of the brace.

Question Question 10

What Size Is This Ankle Foot Cuff?

It is universal

Question Question 11

Can The Gel Packs Be Warmed For Using Heat To The Ankle?

we do not understand. If you’re using it for swelling, you need to constantly utilize cold.

Question Question 12

Exists More Than One Size Of These Or Is It One Size FitsAll We Use A Size 13 And We Are Handling A Greater Ankle Sprain.?

It need to fit the heel and the majority of the ankle fine.The ~ top is open so sizes is practically unlimited.If this is too brief for a “greater ankle” sprain then a 3-4″ fabric plaster with flexible ice bag would suffice.( On the other hand, if the fabric plaster isn’t good then this need to work.)

Question Question 13

Will This Apply Cold To The Bottom Of The Foot?

From the top of your ankle to the bottom of your foot will entirely freeze within minutes.we had vehicle mishap and required to get ice to that location off and on for the past few months.This product could not be made anybetter we do have it being in a freezer to make certain it is cold on the insert. The insert goes aro From the top of your ankle to the bottom of your foot will entirely freeze within minutes.we had vehicle mishap and required to get ice to that location off and on for the past few months.This product could not be made anybetter we do have it being in a freezer to make certain it is cold on the insert. The insert walks around the bottom of your foot into the little hole.Then you position the other part around the ankle and strap it up throughout the ankle.Then pump it up very little required to get the outcomes you want.Yes we suggested this product 100%. You have the ability to rest on a sofa or have foot on the flooring and not stress it will come loose and fall off or simply relocation out of location. It’s simple to utilize and pimp up and release with the pressure button.It resembles pumping a high blood pressure cup up.One more thing is it does not leak water or melting ice either so it’s not messy.we will inform you one, ore thing we personally needed to do.we needed to put a little wash fabric over the bare skin so it didn’t burn our skin from the cold becuase it does get cold fast and remains a long time.Hope this addressed your question.Any more assistance please call us at disabledsfcvet @ AOL.com.

Question Question 14

Evaluates State Consisted Of Ice-Packs Are Thin. What Other Ice-Packs Deal With This System?

The O2 system will work with other ice bag although constantly comes with an ice pack.We have been getting great evaluations on our ice bag also.

Question Question 15

We Can’T Get The Air Out Of It. We Have The Valve To Off. How Do We Repair It?

There is a button on the bulb.Press the button and lean on the system to press the airout Hope this assists

Question Question 16

Does The Icing Pack Cover The Back And Sides Of Heels? Thanks A Lot?

Yes however some ankles are larger than others and there might be gaps.This can be fixed by velcroing the gel pack into other areas for your particular requirements

Question Question 17

We Use A Size 15 Shoe. Will This Work For United States?

Yes, it does not reach the toes for any shoe size and it will definitely fit the density of your ankle

Question Question 18

The Number Of Been Available In An Order? Is It A Set If Two?

There is one wrap in an order.

Question Question 19

Are You Expected To Freeze Or Refrigerate The Ice Pack?

we keep our ice bag in the refrigerator.

Question Question 20

Can These Gel Places Likewise Be Utilized In A Microwave For Heating Functions?

If you position them in the microwave you will not hurt the O2 system although burning your skin might occur. Constantly seek advice from a physician for heat therapy

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on O2 Ice Cold Therapy Reusable Ankle – Foot Support Brace, these may be helpful for better understanding.

This is our fourth purchase of o2 cold/compression packs. We are veteran of the current wars in the center east and have suffered lots of injuries due to service. This line of products works astonishingly well & makes a world of distinction. This carries out in addition to the shoulder and knee variations. Covers the injury in cold, it does not simply position the cold on top of the injury like traditional ice bags do. The compression assists with pain in addition to keeps the cold where it belongs & is much more effective than resting an ice bag or bag of ice over a towel on our knee. We extremely advise buying the designs you require, you do not regret it.

Incorporates whole ankle, heels and bottom of foot. Compression and ice was amazing and the chill went right through our soft cast. We included an extra ice bag to the front due to the fact that the soft cast didn’t permit our whole front of our ankle to be covered with the original ice bag. It would have fit no issue with out the soft cast. The strap is likewise enough time to accept the extra ice bag. We enjoy this product. We right away tossed our ice bags after utilizing this as soon as. The benefit and quality is exceptional.

We bought this for a ligament tear in our ankle/ grade 3 sprain. It had been our outright lifeline. We enjoy the air compression and desire there were more ankle products with this function. We sleep with this on rather of “the boot” for us it suffices support for sleeping. We do not stroll on it while it’s inflated, we make certain it would pop. We deflate if we require to shuffle to the restroom and so on. It can make the bottom of your foot cold (desire we had this when we had plantar faschitis) when it troubles me, we fold a sock or washcloth at the bottom to keep the cold from reaching the sole of our foot. We have likewise used the ice bag on top of a more safe and secure lace up brace and got advantage from the cold. We want it was taller, however it really covers our whole hurt location. Somebody discussed it not covering the achilles location well. Most likely real, however there is space and versatility to tuck a little ice bag back there. If you have an ankle/ foot injury and remain in the rice stage of treatment this is a should have product.

Compression and cold is what was suggested. We want we might pay for those video game all set makers you see in the physical therapy workplace due to the fact that they work truly well and we might discriminate in our ankle after simply 10 minutes of utilizing it. This was the more affordable alternative. For the cost it works and offers the needed compression and cold. The ice bag only covers about 75% percent of the ankle, primarily focused towards the posterior. We have swelling towards the front also so we include another little ice bag in front, which still fits when you wrap it.

We like it. We have only utilized it for a weekend however it got the job done. Our child plays volley ball and rolled her ankle prior to a huge competition. Ice packs will work (we buy the get rid of ones and reusable ones by the bulk, we likewise have a child that plays football and basketball) however we were going out of state and didn’t wish to take a great deal of materials. So this worked great. We kept it in the hotel freezer while we were gone and utilized the sports emergency treatment camping tents while there (thanks to those huge south employees for their effort), she likes the pressure this one places on her ankle and it sits tight while her foot rises rather of needing to tape it around her ankle. Whatever worked great, up until now, for us with this product. We are utilize to utilizing velcro straps that stay with whatever due to the fact that of ankle braces, so for this one when we freeze it we keep it folded close, we take it out and knock it in the wrap quickly, while it’s still closed, and we didn’t need to deal with it adhering to the sides. If this keeps working, we make certain we will most likely need to buy a number of back ups. We will wait to see how this one works for a number of months.

Ok. Broke our ankle in august, it’s now october. Might not figure out how to get the inflamation down. Attempted ice in a ziploc bag. It dripped. Then purchased some gel paks to twist around our ankle utilizing a velcro knee wrap to keep in location. Difficult to handle. Then off we visit if has anything. We are depending on bed with it on. First time. This is the felines meow. It fits great, simple to place on. Kicking ourself for not discovering it quicker. The air compression truly squeezes the gel versus your ankle to keep it truly cold. Rest, ice, compression, elevation. Thank you for this product.

This is fantastic for plantar pain. We had attempted routine ice bag for 4 months prior to buying this product and routine ice bag did not provide the healing that this product has supplied in simply a few brief days.

We truly enjoyed this little device. Our child is competitive gymnast and suffers from severs illness. She likes how she can ice her feet and at the very same time put that pressure on her foot. The only thing we did not understand is that it does not go all the way around your heel. There is in fact opening that you re recover need to enter into. We didn’t stop us and we had the ability to utilize the velcro and compose it on the back of the heel and close the opening. It has truly worked for her. Whenever she feels her feet injuring she simply pulls it out of the freezer and put it on. We do suggested for any kwe we didn’t stop us and we had the ability to utilize the velcro and compose it on the back of the heel and close the opening. It has truly worked for her. Whenever she feels her feet injuring she simply pulls it out of the freezer and put it on. We do suggested for any kid who does sports and suffers from sore feet.

Definitely exceptional product. Our physiotherapist liked it when we revealed it to him, and advises it to other clients who are recuperating from foot and ankle issues. The ice bag that comes with it is a little slim, so does not hold the cold for long. However it is very simple to put another, thicker ice bag in. We have likewise taken it on aircrafts with us and utilized simply the compression to cushion our foot and keep the swelling down from elevation. We have been utilizing it for a number of months every day and it is holding up effectively.

Great product and very pleased with hit. Just recently rolled an ankle path running and have utilized the cuff for regular icing to handle swelling and pain. The essential distinction of this vs. Standard ice bag is the compression and the cuffs capability to direct more cooling to the hurt locations. Product quality is excellent, hand pump works as anticipated with he value on the cuff to keep a consistent level of compression without having the inflator pump hanging off. We can validate our recuperate time from the injury has been sped up compared to previous ankle injuries. The cuff has been an essential factor to our sped up recovery.

We believed we had plantar fasciitis in our heel and then our huge toe joint put us out for another 5 days. We required an ice bag for the heel. Then for the huge toe joint later on. So we covered it upside down. This is the only gel pack wonder we havefound Super cold and complies with the foot. We are informing everybody about it. We have attempted whatever. We enjoy it. Yay. Relief from pain. Super pain- extruciating pain.

Our partner suffered an irreversible foot injury a number of years earlier. We bought this cold compression wrap hoping it would assist eliminate some of his swelling and pain. Initially, he would not utilize it. One night, when we might see that he remained in great pain, we didn’t offer him a choice. We put the cold compression wrap on his foot, connected the pipe, and pumped the bulb 12-15 times. Now he asks for the compression wrap a number of times a day. We likewise include a little ice bag throughout the top of his foot and attach the compression brace strap over it and around his foot to wait in location. This compression wrap has been among the very best purchases we have ever made.

We truly enjoy the ice bag. Never ever again will you be annoyed from resting an ice bag on your ankle in an uncomfortable position. The compression assists the ankle in addition to the cold. We only have one significant problem- the ice bag does not constantly pump up evenly, as in it will pump up the left side of the ankle more than the right. It’s not substantial, however juuuuust enough that we will see the distinction in between our injury/pain is on the right-hand man side. Other than that we believe that this product is ideal.

This is the very best. Keeps cold approximately an hour from the middle of our archway to an inch above our ankle bone. Inside sleeve enters into freezer and then velcros within wrap. Pump compression and then sit and unwind while your foot is frozen cold. Lol. Easy to utilize and is ideal for an exhausted and sore foot. We have plantar facwe and achellies tendonitis and this feels great.

We enjoy the efficiency of this product. We have never ever had any other product to offer us relief and assistance recover our injury. We are permanently injuring, spraining and breaking our ankles. Today we keep our o2 compression ankle pack on travel journeys with me. We have talented 2 other systems and preparing to buy a second for ourself so we can get relief 2 both ankles at the very same time. Do not be reluctant if you have a sprain or require pain relief from a previous break this is the ice bag for you. Our cousin likewise enjoys it and we do not have an unfavorable thing to state about. An awkward gals friend. Assists the swelling decrease and uses the cold right where we require it. It does what the costly device at our physiotherapists workplace does for countless dollars less. Our pt has been amazed at the quantity of healing we have had. He believes its all the excercises however its this commpression ice bag.

Bought this ice wrap after surgical treatment for a damaged ankle. We required something that formed better around our entire ankle than your common blue gel ice bag. This did an excellent task of icing both sides of the ankle with the benefit of remaining in location. The air pump assists to guarantee the ice is formed around your ankle. In our case we likewise required ice on top. This wrap does not have that constructed into it. However, the change strap is plenty long that you can quickly put another ice bag on top and strap it on with out any problem. We do want the ice bag remained cold longer. However other than that we would state it is an excellent product.

This product is great. Been looking for something to mirror the ice pack at the pt workplace and this is the closest thing and within our cost variety. Had surgical treatment on our ankle and required something that would twist around. The boot is comfy and the pumping up action is great to get the ice twisted around entirely. It states to put it in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours, however we find that does not keep the cold factor for long. We advise keeping it in the freezer over night. The valve for pumping up can be switched on or off so you can get rid of the pipe and rest with it on. Even with the pipe off, if you are laying on your right side it’s a bit unpleasant due to the fact that of the valve, so we fixed by not laying on our right when we have that on.

We have had numerous ligament tears and sprain/strains. Just recently we sprained our ankle and now 2 weeks later on, we can stroll and it is normally non-tender nevertheless much swelling remains. We utilized this for the very first time tonight. And the compression currently pressed some of the swelling down. We will warn you. You will require socks. And it keeps the cold for a long time. We have had it on for an hour. And it’s still cold. Love how simple it is and how good it feels. Extremely advise.

Partner hurt his knee throughout soccer one weekend, then played again the following weekend and made it even worse. He’s likewise because fallen off a ladder while installing vacation lights. All- in-all, he’s gotten a lots of usage out of this, so it was a beneficial purchase. Our infants take pleasure in playing with the “pumper” part. It’s been battle-tested by getting tossed, bitten, pulled, and so on Very durable piece.

Bought mine some months back, and for home-treatment of sore ankles, it is beyond compare – high quality products. Then, a week approximately earlier, our pet dog got her paws on it and chose the pump and pipe were chew toys – entirely damaged them. We composed the company asking if it were possible to simply buy the pump and pipe, w/o getting an entire new kit. They enthusiastically changed the pump, pipe, & sleeve at no charge. That’s some a+ customer service.

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