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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Nutribiotic Throat Spray.

  • Grapefruit Seed Extract and Zinc make a great mix that work harmoniously together to reduce foreign intruders and enhance the body immune system
  • Refreshes breath
  • Great alternative to the alcohol based throat sprays

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Nutribiotic Throat Spray.
NutriBiotic Throat Spray with Citricidal brand grapefruit seed extract, zinc, and menthol assists promote healthy conditions in the mouth and throat.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Nutribiotic Throat Spray.

Question Question 1

Some Evaluations Have Discussed The Dreadful Taste Does It Taste Like Gse Which Is Very Bitter And Would Be Difficult To Take?Thank You?

we believe it depends upon the individual. You absolutely taste the zinc and menthol. we are not a substantial fan of mint/menthol however this isn’t awful. The taste doesn t stick either. The product works great, specifically with the post nasal drip that comes from allergic reactions.

Question Question 2

Does This Aid With Decreasing The Length Of A Cough From Either A Cold And/Or Allergies?

We utilize it only for sore throats, not coughs.our partner has that awful allergy dry cough that he can’t appear so shake off.If you understand of a remedy please let us understand.

Question Question 3

Acquired Nutribiotic ThroatSpray Lot No. 2A19 Has No Exp. Date. (Product No 1016) What Is Its Exp Date?

That indicates it not gon na be end end the Nutribiotic Throat Spray, 4., as long has it. Sadly we do not utilize it, becauseit teste is nasty.

Question Question 4

Does Anyone Know Where This Is Made? Thanks.?

our bottle states Made in U.S.A.

Question Question 5

A Customer Stated It Has Xylitol However We Only See Stevia On D Ings – What Are All D Ings Truly?

No xylotol. Simply Stevia.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Nutribiotic Throat Spray, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This is an individual evaluation, not sponsored in any way. We have sung in the mormon tabernacle choir for 12 years, and another choir member presented this product to us when we were on trip in europe. It in fact recovers your throat. We didn’t think it might operate at first, today it’s our vocal “trump card. “we have 4 examples of how this has worked for us. 1- after a great deal of singing (ex: complete show after a 2 hour noise check), our speaking voice is sort of raw. We utilize 3 sprays of this and our voice is quickly typical again. 2- if we need to sing high notes after recuperating from being ill or having not sung for some time, it if we are simply exhausted and it’s impacting our singing voice, we spray this and our high notes end up being pure and clear, like they usually are. Fantastic. 3- our ent informed us that 3 days after an episode of reflux, the voice is impacted. We suffer from bad gerd. When we utilize this spray, our voice isn’t impacted. 4- we utilize this, along with zinc and airborne, to keep from getting ill. This great trio have stopped a cold in its tracks sometimes. We have shared this with a great deal of other singers. Some individuals do not care for the menthol, however the majority of people have found it to be truly valuable.

This things is remarkable. Our hubby brought home some bug that he captured from a colleague and then you can think what takes place next. We get it. Well since we have a weakened body immune system condition this bug developed into the flu for us. We were fighting daily sore throats and a consistent hacking cough (along with fever, sinus problems, etc). Simply when you require to rest the most during the night is when we would begin hacking so hard that we would get a headache . This is where this incredible spray enters play. We instantly opened the package as quickly as it got here and checked out the instructions. We sprayed about 4 squirts (lol, you truly only require a couple) onto our throat. Immediately it relaxed that scratchy sensation and offered us relief. It likewise tasted good unlike that nasty drug shop things that makes us gag. We have been keeping this by our night table every night for whenever that scratchy throat appears again and simply a number of sprays is all that it requires to provide us instant relief and we can fall right back to sleep without hacking up a storm. We cant think that we recently found this remarkable product and we currently understand that we never ever wish to lack it. If you can not stand the taste of the drug shop throat sprays and require real relief, then you require this product in your medicine cabinet now. We hope our very sincere evaluation assists somebody. Be well, stay well and god bless. =-RRB-.

We concur with all of the other evaluations concerning the effectiveness of this spray for throat comfort and immune conditioning. Nevertheless, we have had a sore on our leg (more like a crusty skin tag, we think). It had existed for a number of months and was growing. It itched and bled often. Yes, we must have gone to the skin doctor. However we are single mommy and it is tough often to avoid to the physician for whatever. Long- story-short; we got this things and began spraying it on the location daily for about a week each time we got out of the shower. The area has all however vanished. Naturally you must see somebody if you have a suspicious area. We are only stating this things absolutely enhanced, if not treated the sore after a week of using, we needed to share.

This it the very best throat spray we have ever utilized. It makes your throat feel all tingly and its remarkable when you have a post nasal drip cough at bed time. A couple sprays and you fall right to sleep. Love this product.

Minty flavored zinc throat spray is our go-to health plus fresh breath spray. We utilize this all year long to preserve a defense versus getting ill, and it is our breath freshener too. Zinc in this kind is finest for our stomach. We had attempted zinc tablets, however they distress the tumour. This requires to be in your winter time-kill a cold- health toolbox, along with garlic, echinacea, and goldenseal. Love this things.

Our mommy since of inhalers and nebulizer treatments her mouth and throat ached and the hospice nurse recommended that we go to the health shop and get a bottle and attempt it and it works great it truly assisted and it did not burn like some throat spray does and we looked it up on and saw that it was half the expense as the health shop.

This is what keeps us healthy. If our neck glads begin to swell, we do a number of spays inside each cheek a number of times a day and we seldom get ill. Spraying on mouth lining takes the zinc directly to your blood stream, where it stops any infections from increasing so your body immune system gets a possibility to deal with them prior to they get developed.

This things is magic. We had such a cough and sore throat that we could not sleep and this things conserved us from an agitated night. We have informed many individuals about this and even our teenage boy swears by it. His throat harmed a lot a few weeks ago that he could not sleep. We offered him 5 sprays of this and within seconds he stated this relieved his throat. Attempt it, you will not be dissatisfied.

We have burning mouth illness, and likewise, we get dry mouth during the night. We could not manage without this spray, it helps in healing our mouth, although it will returns, however a minimum of we get a reprieve with this. Burning mouth or scalding mouth illness is a off-soot from auto-immune illness. Not everybody gets it thank-god, however for those people who do, it’s terrible beyond belief. This will provide you relief. Great for sore throat too. Extremely advise.

This spray truly works. If our allergic reactions begin to break down, we utilize this throat spray, the nutribiotic ear drops, and the xlear xylitol sinus nose spray and we are good to go. It’s great having the ability to utilize natural remedies for our allergic reactions.

We have chronic tonsillitis our entire life. We are very happy that we found this product. It truly works. As quickly as we feel pain (cold, or drinking cold beverages) we utilize gse spray, it suffices to utilize 1-2 doses prior to bedtime and in the early morning our throat is healthy again. Now we are not scared to consume cool champagne at a celebration, since the gse spray will conserve me. Thanks nutribiotic for theirproducts Extremely suggested this who has tonsillitis.

We sleep under a sleep apnea maker every night. Sometimes we are mouth breather so when we wake in the early morning we constantly have a sore throat. Upon utilizing this product we are not having the sore throat throughout the day or when we awaken. We extremely advise and in truth purchased another one and sent it to our boy. He is as amazed as we are with the product. Extremely advise you buy.

Each time we first feel a sore throat, fever or basic illness, we assault it with throat spray and it should be the zinc and gse in it that (along with a large glass of water simply prior to throat spray) knock it almost everytime simply then and there.

Outstanding product. We have not been dissatisfied by any nutribiotic product we have attempted: gse concentrate, gse skin, gse throat spray and tha nasal spray. The spray part of the bottle of throat spray we got did leak when we tipped. It might have been broken, idk. However we simulate to bring nutribiotic with us and would find a smaller sized bottle beneficial for this and for travel. Nutribiotic is a staple for your natural med rack.

This is a remarkable product that our household utilizes daily. The taste is strong if taken right prior to consuming, however still enjoyable and minty. Extremely extremely advise this as a proactive action for everybody no matter the age.

We have utilized this for years now. We consider it a “healthy mouth” spray, rather than a sore throat spray. If we are feeling a cold begun or allergic reactions, we begin utilizing this a couple times a day and we swear it stops the condition dead in it’s tracks. We seem like it assists keep our mouth and throat healthy too.

Without extreme chemicals very good for when that sore throat begins. We keep at bedside for night time usage.

This things is remarkable. It took our sore throat away in 1. 5 day. We sprayed 3x a day 3 sprays. We likewise utilize it when we feel we have a drip and get that tingle. Our hubby likes it too as it likewise works for him. And it likewise took our teenage boy s sore throat away after 1. 5 days of usage.

Tastes of peppermint. We spray first feel of health problem. That sensation you get at the base of your nose/back of throat feel. Spray about 3 sprays in the back of throat, and either we never ever get the cold, or if waited too long to utilize the spray it only lasts about 3 or 4 days (if it is a cold not the flu) truly works. Bought it for our grown kids and household, too. We found this at an organic food shop.

This is our attempted and real throat spray. When we feel a start of allergic reactions or any throat itching or dryness, this is it. We extremely advise this product. We normally have two in the house.

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