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N'ICE Sugar Free Lozenges - Cherry

N’ICE Sugar Free Lozenges – Cherry

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of N’ICE Sugar Free Lozenges – Cherry.

  • Pack of 6, 24 count package (overall of )
  • Temporarily relieves coughs due to small throat and bronchial irritation from a cold or breathed in irritants
  • Relieves periodic small sore throat pain
  • Sugar free, diabetic-safe

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More Info:

Here are some more information on N’ICE Sugar Free Lozenges – Cherry.
Cooling Relief for Coughs and Minor Sore Throat Pain10 Calories per lozenge.Questions: Call 1-800-344-7239

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on N’ICE Sugar Free Lozenges – Cherry.

Question Question 1

What Is The Sell-By Date On The Boxes?

P06/16 E06/19 we presume E06/19 is the expiration date

Question Question 2

How To Check Out Expiration Date Codes? How Do You Inform If They Are Past Rack Life?

we do not fret about it

Question Question 3

The Number Of Overall Lozenges Does This Include?Description States “Pack Of 6, 24 Count Package (Overall Of )”. Is It 1 Box Of 24 Lozenges Or 6 Boxes (Pack)?

It is 6 boxes with a count of 24 per box for an overall of 144 Shark Dew

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on N’ICE Sugar Free Lozenges – Cherry, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have actually utilized this brand for years. You can’t find it in shops so we purchase it from, it’s sugar free which is great if you are diabetic. And it works. As an instructor we can’t inform you the number of times we have actually utilized it throughout the years.

It has actually been the only lazonger that will ease our congestion and does not aggravate the stomach.

Our regional pharmacies do not bring these and they’re simply our preferred lozenge. We are grateful that we can get them on. Cherry is our preferred.

Finest cough drops offered. We have actually attempted other flavors however choose the cherry. Good cost although it is more than we can utilize now. Intending to stay healthy however likewise hoping they will be good next winter season which they likely will in the private covered packaqing.

We find that many brand names of cough drops do not actually work. However these do.

This product actually assisted with our sore throat. It taste great. We likewise didn’t need to fret about our high blood pressure given that they are sugar free.

Great product fast shipment.

Exceptional. Thank you.

Love these things.

Love these lozenges however not offered in shops any longer – so pleased we found them. Thanks.

They do not offer these in shops anywhere we have actually gone shopping and our hubby likes these trigger they assist alot when his sinuses begin.

N’ice lozenges are the finest. Have actually utilized them for several years/.

Great lozenges are the only throat drops that calm our throat. And they are sugar free. We are so pleased to be able to be able to acquire them as we can not buy them anywhere near our home town.

Every shop in the location has actually stopped these splendidly effective cough drops. Actually delighted to find them. They have actually been a life saver throughout allergy season.

Our relative and we have actually both suffered from long term coughs that left our throats raw. These are the only cough drops that work. Sadly they can only be acquired over the internet. They came as marketed and in a prompt way.

We were pleased to find this product again. Delivered on time. Would buy again.

No better cough drop on the marketplace.

With 10 calories per lozenge you get a cooling relief for coughs and sore throat pain in a pleasing cherry flavor. There are twenty-four lozenges in each red box with the adorable penguin on the front covered in a red headscarf. There are 3 silver blister packs including 8 in each. We keep one pack in our bag for benefit when a sore throat or sofa starts. Children over the age of 6 can draw on a lozenge too. Our kid is nearly 9 and did not like the n’ice cherry lozenges at all, so he sticks with the cold relief pops. The active component is 5 mg of menthol with the non-active active ingredients including dyes, flavors, sorbitol and tartaric acid. Those who have children following the feingold diet plan would not wish to utilize this product. The lozenges are very simple to press through the blister pack. There is no requirement to cut or twist anything to get them eliminated. The flavor is cherry and immediately identifiable when put in your mouth for liquifying. Sorbitol is a diabetic safe sweeter; diabetics need to ask a physician prior to taking these lozenges. About two minutes later on after having a great sensation of cherry in your mouth with the n’ice cherry lozenges bam. It strikes you. The medicine taste begins to make its way into your mouth. This is a lot various than when you first pop one in your mouth and why our kid after a few minutes needed to spit itout There are times we do not require to have it liquify completely and will deal with it in the trash. Other times we are out and about doing errands and simply withstand the feeling of medicine mouth. Your tongue does alter color, however there is no staining to your teeth. We have often times popped one in our mouth prior to taking kids to school and continue about our day without eliminating it. Drawing one lozenge will take no more than fifteen minutes to liquify. The entire procedure is not agonizing and does not leave your throat dry. We have actually chewed the last staying bits or swallowed it with no ill impacts. N’ice cherry lozenges is a cough suppressant and oral anesthetic that provides cooling relief for coughs and small sore throat pain.

In our 68 years of life this is the only product that ever touched a sore throat. And, yes, they work immediately. Today we have a sore throat. We had actually stockpiled on numerous bags (as we understood that given that they worked they ‘d be removed the marketplace), nevertheless, after numerous years and having actually moved this previous summer season we dealt with the only bags we had actually left. Now, we can not find them in any drug stores/supermarkets. Even walmart stopped bring them, which didn’t come as a surprise given that anything they bring that is either inexpensive and/ or works, they cease in favor of greater priced things (which might not work). We prepare to order these online, nevertheless, we think they will not get here in time for this present sore throat. Do stock up on these and keep them in an airtight container. They are gems. Kay.

Love these sugar free n’ice cherry lozenges and never ever wish to lack them. Simply got an order and wondered if there is a service life and how to inform the expiration date. We called the company and got the response. There is a service life. On the bottom of package are some codes. On packages we simply got, there is: p09/17 e09/19 Leosons international is a terrific company – outstanding customer support. The p number is when it was produced and the e number is the expiration date. So my own are for sure good up until september of2019 Hope this info is useful to others.

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