Nature Bound Lysine 500mg

Lysine is a wonderful worker that can truly prevent cold sores that can bring more discomfort to your body. It is proven safe, natural and effective in treating and preventing cold sores.

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Cold sores also called fever blisters are lesions that resemble blisters that usually appear on the face near the mouth area or inside the mouth. They can be so uncomfortable and irritating with painful burning sensation or sometimes, very itchy sensation.

The sores are actually caused by a certain virus called HSV or Herpes Simplex Virus. There are two types of HSV – HSV type 1 or HSV-1 and HSV type 2 or HSV-2.

HSV-1 is the typical culprit for cold sores around the mouth area. Cold sores usually bother their victims for two weeks (some may be shorter and some are longer). A number of sufferers have them for longer periods because they failed to exercise preventive measure to stop the virus from infecting another cell which will eventually give way to a new cold sore.

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It is a good thing that you can spare yourself from nasty cold sores (when you happen to catch it) with some help from Lysine.

Lysine Cold Sore – The 5 Important Things to Note

Lysine Cold Sore – First

The body is not capable of making lysine on its own and you will need to get the essential amino acid from food sources that are rich in lysine or from supplements, and you need to make sure to take in the right amount of lysine.

The amino acid is essential in producing protein which your body needs to produce anti-bodies (that fight infection), hormones, enzymes, and tissues.

A research proved that lysine can actually prevent or restrain HSV from proliferating which can help the body a lot in stopping new cold sores from manifesting that can create further discomfort.

Lysine Cold Sore – Second

You need to design a balanced diet which includes foods that are rich in lysine like red meat, cheese, eggs, chicken, fish, potatoes, wheat germ, and soybeans. If you think that you don’t get enough lysine from your diet, then you can always opt to take some supplements.

Make sure that you have properly consulted a doctor before taking it although a 1,000 mg. of lysine taken thrice a day (during outbreak) may yield significant effect on your cold sore.

Lysine Cold Sore – Third

If you have cold sores and you want to incorporate the proper amount of lysine in your diet, then be wary of arginine in your menu. The two amino acids actually contend with each other and occupy the same space in your body.

Make sure that you have less arginine in your diet so that your body would be able to absorb more lysine which you need for your cold sores. Foods rich in arginine include peanuts, almond, and chocolate (it’s like your favourite chocolate bar).

Lysine Cold Sore – Fourth

You must know that you can catch the virus that causes cold sores through fluid exchange with someone who already has them that even if you are taking lysine you might not be spared.

Avoid activities like sharing eating utensils, drinking cups or glasses, and sharing a kiss. Cold sores are not contagious but you need to avoid doing such activities or practices as the ones mentioned before.

Lysine Cold Sore – Fifth

Although lysine is safe, it is still better to consult your physician regarding the needed dosage if you want to take it daily just to make sure that cold sore will not be able to attack at the least suspected time.

It can also increase the amount of calcium in the body. It is better not to take large doses of lysine and calcium at the same time.

Lysine Cold Sore – Final Words

Lysine is a wonderful worker that can truly prevent cold sores from escalating into something that can bring more discomfort to your body. Bear in mind that lysine also needs your help to be able to perform the task that you need it to fulfil. It will not be able to function by itself without outside support from the body owner.

While taking lysine, make sure to avoid doing things that will complicate the entire endeavour. Avoid activities that might lead to cold sores like sharing a spoon or a bite with a person who already has a cold sore even if he or she is your spouse.

If you have a cold sore, then avoid passing it unto your family members and take your lysine religiously. Different people might have different time period for its efficacy.