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Natural Remedies For Cold Sores

Natural Remedies For Cold Sores

Natural Cold Sore Prevention To Know About

Cold sores are ugly things. However, did you know that you can prevent them from happening? Many of us are accustomed to having them. However, we have found that you don’t have to live with them as often. What are those things that you can do to make sure that you don’t get them as often? Here are some natural approaches. Let’s look at the natural cold sore prevention ideas we have heard about.

One of the first things that you can use is called lysine. This is an amino acid. You can get this in a pill which is all natural. Just take this daily and it can help you to prevent a cold sore from appearing. This is just one thing you can do.

Another thing that has been said to help preventing cold sores is garlic. So, those of you who like eating garlic will find that it’s anti viral. This takes the virus away. Some of you might not like eating garlic all the time. That’s okay too. You can usually get garlic supplements. This might be easier for some of you.

For others, you might feel one coming on and often wonder what it is you can do for them. Well, here’s an easy solution. Many haven’t heard of this method, but you can use lemons. While you shouldn’t use this on open blisters. However, when you first feel one, just apply a slice to it for a few minutes and reapply every so often. This can help keep it at bay.

The biggest thing that you can do to keep cold sores away would be to make sure that you have a great immune system. When you look at the immune system and it’s healthy, outbreaks will occur less. So, start pumping the Vitamin c people and you will notice a big difference when you have less and less of a chance for cold sores.

These are a few of the things that you can do. When you do this, you will notice a big difference. You will notice that you don’t’ have to live with them. Cold sores are annoying, so you should do what you can to abstain from having to deal with them. You would be surprised at how well these suggestions will work.

How To Get Rid Of Cold Sores Fast Naturally

If you suffer from cold sore, you clearly know how painful they can be! Today, we want to explain to you some easy ways you can heal cold sores rapidly and keep them from pestering you again in the future.

A practical and ignored way to heal cold sores is to change your toothbrush immediately upon the sore developing. The cold sore virus can live on your toothbrush and if you keep using it, the sore will last much longer. Also get a new brush again once the sore is totally gone, in order to avoid a re-occurrence.

Once you already have a cold sore you want to do everything you can to prevent it spreading, keep your hands away from it. Make every effort not to pick, squeeze or nip it, however tempted you may be, as this will just spread the fluid inside the sore area to the rest of your mouth. If you do pick at the sore, ensure you wash your hands immediately.

More simple cures for cold sores include applying ice or tea bags to the affected region to slow down the development of the sores. Ice is good as it decreases itching and works as a desensitizing agent while tea bags are beneficial due to the tannic acid present in tea} Sun exposure is a factor that can be responsible for causing cold sores. Anyone who has a cold sore on their mouth; you know all too well that it is very simple and painful to have them crack open.

In fact, one of the best things that you can do to prevent this from taking place is to keep your lips nice and moist. Ensure you use sun block when necessary and always moisturize your lips to avoid a breakout when you are in the sun.

Lysine stops the virus from further reproducing while arginine aids their growth. Eat more dairy products and potatoes; they are two of the best sources of lysine. Reduce or avoid totally arginine sources like peanuts, whole grains, and chocolates.

Coconut nut oil is widely used for many things and that includes cold sores. By using a few drops when you wake up and than in the afternoon you could notice the itchiness going and the oil will also provide a soothing element.

Natural Cold Sore Prevention – Remedies For Reoccurring Outbreaks

No one wish for cold sores, so most people try to keep from ever contracting the herpes simplex virus-1. For people who do have reoccurring outbreaks, there are many remedies available. The following natural cold sore prevention techniques are some common remedies used by individuals who battle the effects of HSV-1.

Apply Zinc:

Ointments with zinc have been shown to keep blisters from spreading, when applied as soon as the blisters first appear. This ointment will also speed up the healing process.

Replace Toothbrush:

Brushing your teeth when cold sores are present is inevitable. However, your toothbrush will carry the virus for a few days after the cold sores are no longer visible. Replacing the toothbrush will keep an outbreak from reoccurring so soon.

Clean and Dry Infected Area:

Trying to cover up cold sores with an oil-based make up can cause the blisters to spread more, due to the oil. Wash the infected area regularly, avoid oily face lotions, and allow the cold sores to completely dry.

Apply Ice:

Most people can tell when they are beginning to have an outbreak of cold sores. A tingling sensation is usually the first sign of an outbreak. As soon as the tingling begins a cold compress can be applied to the affected area. This will reduce the amount of inflammation and cause the cold sores to be less severe.

Don’t Eat Foods with Arginine:

The herpes simplex virus feeds off of arginine. Foods rich in this substance include; peas, gelatin, cola, peanuts, chocolate, beer, and grain cereals.

Besides the above remedies, natural cold sore prevention can include methods as simple as not drinking after other people or being the sole user of your chap stick. The more sharing that goes on with drinks, food, eating utensils, lipstick, and other types of makeup, the more potential you have of contracting the herpes simplex virus.

Cold Sores Natural Remedy – Improve Your Diet Step by Step

If you could find a cold sores natural remedy, you could prevent the occurrences of those painful and unsightly blisters. Cold sores hurt, and they can be quite bothersome while eating and drinking. If you take the proper steps, you can avoid the pain associated with the herpes simplex 1 virus. Some of those proper steps include changing your food choices, keeping stress levels low, and even using sunscreen lotion when out in the sun. These are some of the methods that stop the virus from triggering cold sores.

There are some over the counter and prescription medications that can be used to inhibit viral replication, shorten healing time and the duration of symptoms, and provide soothing sensations. These usually require applications five times a day for a few days, but when you have those cold sores, you will do what it takes to get rid of them. To avoid using brand names, some of these main ingredients include acyclovir, penciclovir 1%, and docosanol 10%.

Those medicines certainly cost a bit of money, but we can choose to spend our money in a different way on items we already planned to buy. At the same time, we can prevent the occurrences of the cold sores. Spend the money on better food choices, and stop spending it on cold sore medicines while at the same time suffering from fewer fever blisters.

Cold Sores Natural Remedy #1

Change your eating habits, even though it may be difficult. It is best to try and change one thing at a time so the changes can take hold. If a full diet change is attempted, good luck, but history has shown that change won’t stick. For one week aim to replace your soda drinks with a better choice such as water or other low-calorie drinks. Come week two, implement another change.

Why implement these changes you might ask? An improved diet as mentioned earlier leads to fewer cold sores. Natural remedy number one would be to eliminate anything that could be characterized as junk food. These are classified as such because they are usually full of sugar, high in preservatives and calories, and sometimes they have a lot of fat too. Stop consuming colas, chips, cookies, fried foods, snack cakes, and so forth.

Cold Sores Natural Remedy #2

In reducing cold sores, natural remedy number two would be to treat your good food better. Avoid freezing foods for extended periods of time. Nutrients suffer with freezing, and they also suffer with over-cooking. So be careful with the times and temperatures you use, and the fresher the ingredients the better.

Fresh produce and fruit are great choices for the diet, but make sure those fruits are low in acidity. Fresher foods and meats are obviously low in artificial sweeteners and preservatives also, so move in that direction one step at a time.

There will be times when you are out with family and friends, and you will either be at their house or at a restaurant. Your ability to fully control your food choices will be diminished, but you still have full control over what enters your mouth. Use what you know to select the best food choices available. At a restaurant, you usually have a bit more control as you can kindly ask the wait staff if they will prepare your food with less salt and oil and so forth. If it comes down to it, you can eat a little bit before leaving the house, and prepare to eat when you get back home, and just have a small amount of what is healthy while away from the house.

4 Best And Commonly Used Natural Remedies

This is a list of 4 commonly used natural remedies for cold sores, which include ice, aloe Vera, lysine, and tea tree oil.

1. Use Ice to Heal Cold Sores Before They Appear

Many cold sore sufferers have successfully staved off an outbreak by applying an ice cube to the affected area at the first sign of the tingling/itching sensation. It is thought that the cold repels the virus back to dormancy.

Never touch the area with your fingers directly. Place the ice cube in a plastic bag and apply to the area. Once the ice cube has fully melted, dispose of the bag to prevent spread of the virus. If the lesion is already broken with fluid weeping out, it may be too late for this method, as once the sore is there, it must heal on its own or be healed quickly with Herpaset.

Use ice to heal cold sores works best when combined with the other treatments in the ultimate cold sore treatment arsenal.

When using ice to treat cold sores, timing and repetition are important. Apply the ice at the first sign of the tingling sensation and repeat at least every two hours in conjunction with other treatments until the herpes virus has subsided.

2. Aloe Vera Can Soothe Cold Sore Symptoms

Known as a healing agent for everything from sunburns to skin lesions, Aloe Vera has also been found by many to be quite helpful at staving off a stubborn cold sore and helping ones that reach the blister stage heal more rapidly.

Like almost every other cold sore medicine and treatment, Aloe Vera seems to be most effective when utilized during the first stages of an outbreak – when the tingling and itching is warning of the inevitable blisters. Apply liberally and often and never use it by itself. It’s much better when supplemented with one or more other treatments. Always apply with a cotton ball, tissue, or a Q-Tip to keep the virus off your hands so it doesn’t spread even more.

Use Aloe Vera along with other home treatments and medicinal treatments in the ultimate cold sore treatment arsenal to send the cold sore virus into submission to completely avoid the cold sore outbreaks most of the time. If a cold sore breakout does occur, then you can at least count on the blister surface time to be reduced 50% to 75% using the Aloe Vera and other cold sore treatments.

3. Lysine Can Treat and Prevent Cold Sores

Lysine is an essential amino acid that can be obtained in foods like meat, poultry and milk. L-Lysine can also be purchased as a supplement very cheaply in drug stores, retail stores, and health food stores. Since L-Lysine is balanced in the body, supplementing it for an indefinite amount of time is not usually a good idea as it will throw off the natural balance your body keeps.

Like many of the other herpes cold treatments, L-Lysine can be effective if taken at the first sign of the tingling, itching sensations that signal an oncoming cold sore. Recommended dosages vary between 1,500 mg and 3,000 mg spread over the course of the day. Some users have reported taking up to 10,000 mg per day to increase this effectiveness, but this is not recommended. Talk to your physician to determine what is best for you.

For the most part, it has been found that taking L-Lysine while “battling” an oncoming cold sore seems to help, but does not perform miracles on its own. Also, taking the supplement during times of stress or when exposed to a lot of sun (two prime accelerants of outbreaks) seems to help immensely.

Have a bottle of L-Lysine handy for times of high stress, extreme sun exposure, or any other time that you are subject to cold sore break outs. At the first sign of tingling, immediately take 3,000 mg. This, along with the rest of the ultimate cold sore treatment arsenal, will work to send the virus into submission, allowing you to avoid cold sore outbreaks altogether a great majority of the time. If an outbreak does happen to occur, then its outbreak time will be reduced 50% to 75%.

4. Tea Tree Oil Can Help Relieve Cold Sore Outbreaks

Tea tree oil has a plethora of uses from athlete’s foot to acne, and it has historically been a popular cold sore home remedy. It has been found to help clear cold sore and fever blister lesions by drying the area and sending the herpes virus into remission. The healing properties of the oil can sometimes speed the healing time of the actual blister for many users.

Many varieties of tea tree oil are commonly available in drug stores, vitamin shops, and department stores at an affordable price.

Like most other cold sore treatments, tea tree oil works best when applied as soon as the tingling/itching sensation that signals the presence of an impending cold sore outbreak is felt. It must be applied subsequently for best results.

Natural Treatment for Cold Sore – Alternative Methods

Cold sores usually remain present for about nine to twelve days, passing through the various stages of the life cycle of a blister. During this time, there is pain and swelling, they grow in size, and then they will eventually dry up in the end. When the fever blister dries up, it may leave a dark spot behind for a while, and it is tempting to scratch the itchy skin, which is not good for the healing. Be gentle to the area.

When the herpes simplex virus 1 attacks and creates the blisters, there are some precautions that should be taken.

As a sore starts to take shape, it should be cleaned with an anti-bacterial solution or gel, and then it should be cleaned with a disposable piece of cotton. Pain, itching, and swelling are three symptoms occurring at the affected part of the face when the virus goes on attack. If the area is touched while this is occurring, please thoroughly clean your hands followed by a sanitizer, and prevent spreading the virus to other parts of your body and especially other people.

After cleaning the blister itself with an anti-bacterial solution, one can apply dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) or protamine zinc to the location. The protamine zinc aids in recovery, and it is estimated to improve the recovery speed by about thirty percent.

DMSO is also a good medication in treating blisters as it can get through the exposed cells to kill the present bacteria. DMSO is usually applied every other day, and it is used to aid the prevention of a cold sore recurrence.

Some natural treatments for cold sores include toothpaste, when the two above options aren’t readily available. It can provide some comfort and relieve the pain when applied to the fever blister. People have used toothpaste for years as a treatment because it contains those chemicals that provide a soothing effect to the sore.

Prevent Cold Sores with Exercise

The herpes simplex virus 1 is a virus that is anaerobic, so it does not thrive when in the presence of large amounts of oxygen. Exercising will increase the body’s intake of oxygen, not just during exercise, but also during resting periods. Extra oxygen in the body aids in killing the unwanted anaerobic virus attempts at outbreak, preventing the occurrence of cold sores.

All the costly lotions, creams, and medications will become unnecessary to treat fever blisters when a healthy lifestyle is achieved. Improved food choices, balanced diets, reduced drinking, and elimination of smoking are positive directions for the natural treatment for cold sores. Cold sore remedies that work fast are the ones that prevent cold sores altogether.

Natural Remedy for Cold Sores

A natural remedy for cold sores is desired as it is so easy to transmit this disease from one person to another. Generally, the sore causing virus is transmitted between siblings and spouses by way of kissing or even sharing a drink from the same cup.

There are various treatments available, but all of these are a temporary solution to a continual problem, as the virus will never go away. Over-the-counter treatments including creams and ointments help treat the individual sores and relieve the pain. Sometimes, varying pills are prescribed to people according to different factors of the person and the severity of the outbreak.

Are Purchased Drugs a Long Term Solution?

People who are suffering from fever blisters need to remain calm and reduce the stress they place on their immune systems. With the blisters so visible, anxiety is hard to avoid and places undue stress on the immune system. We worry about stress with cold sores as it interferes with the human body. Harmful toxins can build up in the body when put under stress.

There are some vitamins and minerals that can be used as natural cold sore remedies. These nutrients include vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc oxide. Usually these nutrients can be purchased separately or consumed as a multivitamin. It is advisable to consult a physician if you want to greatly increase your vitamin intake.

Vitamin C is good for a lot of things, but more than 1200 milligrams can sometimes result in diarrhoea. Large amounts of vitamin C at the beginning stages of an outbreak can provide relief and reduce the attack of the virus. Vitamins and minerals certainly strengthen the immune system, but one must be careful not to take more than the recommended daily dose. Again, consult a physician if unsure.

In regards to our immune system, there is a natural remedy for cold sores we can take advantage of to battle fever blisters. The first thing is to strengthen our immune system. A stronger immune system is more effective in battling the virus and works to prevent the outbreaks that result. The second thing is to stop the virus from replicating. If we can stop virus replication, then we are putting it into a dormant state. The immune system can be improved through healthy eating habits and an exercise regimen.

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