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Natra-Bio Sore Throat Spray

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Size: 4 OunceSore Throat Spray offers relief for the symptoms of pain, irritation and problem swallowing.

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Question Question 1

Where Are The Components? We Can T Find Them Anyplace. Thank You.?

Cone Flower, Blue Gum Tree, Garden Thyme,Zinc Gluconate, Pokeweed, Club Moss, Cayenne, Peppermint, Phosphorus, Alcohol, Fructose, Glycerin, Natural Flavors, CleansedWater our relative swears by this things. States it stops a sore throat in it’s tracks.

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We continue to utilize this throat spray every night in winter particularly. Zinc is exceptional for healing and lots of health problems, for us it is body immune system. Appears to be tops for this. Taste is great, unlike other zinc throat sprays we have attempted. We utilize this all year. Specifically practical in cold weather. A few sprays towards the back of the throat prior to sleep. Likewise if you have an irritation in your mouth this looks after it. Very very extremely suggested.

Works great.

This works.

Great product. Great value.

We have purchased 5 bottles works great,. We have eoe and this assists take out the swelling so we sleep better in the evening.

We have utilized this for years with constant outcomes. Have Not found anything better, and we have attempted numerous. Will not lack it.

Utilize it frequently.

We had never ever become aware of this product previously, however we purchased it due to the fact that of all the radiant remarks. The very first time we attempted it within 30 minutes our throat felt better and the puffy sensation was gone. We utilized it a few days later on and on the other side and that worked too. Our throat puffy, swelling sensation comes from allergic reactions.

This throat spray is the only thing that assists us alleviate pain, irritation, coughing in our throat.

Our particular partner states this is definitely the very best throat spray ever. She’s attempted a great deal of them. It works well and quickly. It is something you wish to have on hand when cold and flu season sets in.

Finest utilized several times throughout the day initially indications of a sore throat.

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