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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Mueller Cold- hot Wrap.

  • Wrap function hold cold/hot pack in location
  • Inludes one 6 inch x 9 inch reusable cold/hot pack in mesh pouch with safe closure
  • Easy to utilize for all body parts

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More Info:

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Adjustable flexible wrap complies with all body parts. wrap function hold cold/hot pack in location. inludes one 6″ x 9″ reusable cold/hot pack in mesh pouch with safe closure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Mueller Cold- hot Wrap.

Question Question 1

We Are Searching For Something To Ice Our Achilles Tendon At The Back Of Our Heal – Will This Work For That?

This pack will work great.we utilize it to ice ourknees You can wrap it around and it remains in location even when we are strolling.

Question Question 2

Is This Product Latex Free?

The packaging states the wrap consists of latex.we usually have a response with latex however have not had any with this product.

Question Question 3

What Should The Hot Temperature Level Of This Pack Expected To Get Up Too? We Purchased One For A Friend And She States After 1 Minute Microwave, It’S Not Tht Hot?

we utilize my own only for cold– and very effectively.But the instructions on the gel pack itself state heat for 20 seconds and let being in microwave for 20 more seconds prior to taking out– then massage the pack– do 20 more seconds if pack is not hot enough.Hum.one minute.

Question Question 4

Can These Covers Be Cleaned In The Cleaning Maker Or Should They Be Hand Cleaned?

The covers ought to be hand cleaned in cold water with a moderate soap (like meal cleaning agent), then let it air dry.

Question Question 5

Does This Include The Gel Pack Or Is It Only The Wrap Gadget?

the wrap comes with the one gel pack with it the wrap can walk around your two times when utilized, it remains in location extremely well. when utilizing the wrap put a couple of wash clothing in between your leg and the wrap.we are very happy with mine

Question Question 6

For Usage On YourBack What Size Waist Will It Fit?

we are 42 waist with lots of space to spareso likely will fit 46 to 48

Question Question 7

Strap Length?

24 in By the way they work GREAT we have 2

Question Question 8

How Long Does Reusable Cold/Hot Pack Last?

we have actually only utilized it as an ice bag for 20 minutes at a time. That is the quantity of time that is suggested by our doctor.It remained very cold for the whole 20 minutes. we put it back in the freezer and took it out an hour later on for another 20 minutes and it remained simply as cold.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Mueller Cold- hot Wrap, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have actually been well pleased with the muller cold wrap that we have actually been utilizing for two months now. It comes with a detachable ice bag that you can freeze or boil. Though we have actually never ever required to boil it for heating. The pack itself is made from simple food-service product packaging which we will get to in more information later on. The sleeve that holds the ice bag has two sides. The whole back is velcro adhereable( sic?). The opposite is a great internet that offers good heat transfer from the ice bag and is soft enough to feel good to bare skin. The sleeve is sealable with another velcro strip. The white wrap is made from nylon that permits for a good tight wrap around the icing location. It is likewise velcro adhereable. Very practical. In general the muller cold/hot pack is a very practical product. Nevertheless, we can’t offer it 5 star for one factor. We predict that this product is not developed to last. The sewing in between the two sides of the sleeve are not very strong. The ice bag is made from food-service packaging product that seems like it might leek at anytime. The white wrap part is currently beginning to fray from duplicated velcro wear. We are gladly ready to accept these disadvantages as a trade off for the low cost we paid ($11 95). For the periodic injury this product is a great therapeutic gadget. Nevertheless, if you require a icepack for long term usage, it might be beneficial to find a more quality developed product. (or simply buy two ofthese )* upgrade: one year later on *11/ 7/2013- we have actually been utilizing this pack for about 16 months at this moment and whatever is still working effectively. We feel we need to reclaim our discuss it being “not developed to last” since we actually had absolutely nothing to base those declarations on other than for our suspicions. The pack is still being utilized by us about as soon as every two weeks and we have actually had no issues. Yes, the velcro tears the white strap, however this is a simply visual problem. No damage has actually come of it. In general we are still pleased a year later on.

We are sadly experiencing some issues with ankle pain and our medical professional advises icing after activities that usually aggravate it. We purchased this to hold an ice bag to our ankle. It works extremely well being both safe and comfy. We purchased a 2nd ice bag to disperse wear and tear and to be able to ice for longer than one pack remains cold. The pack does stay cold for a while and can be uneasy in the beginning due to the cold. We use it over a thin sock when we first put it on to prevent that. We have actually been utilizing it numerous times weekly for numerous months and it reveals no indications of wear. It looks like it is going to be relatively long lasting.

We have never ever found an ice bag we likemore We could not find this anywhere after somebody at work took mine, so we were beyond stired to find this on. We have actually had numerous knee surgical treatments at 26 years of ages and we still work outfrequently We are super active and this has actually been our go-to for most likely 10 years now. Still the exact same great quality from mueller. Does not get hard when it’s frozen. The flex wrap is very comfy. Remains in location well if you need to get up for something. And it’s low-cost. Guy, simply include it to your cart.

These are great. We need to state these are the most comfy & practical ice bag we have actually ever utilized. We purchased them for an achilles tendon problem & we have found we can even wrap them around our ankle & work conveniently around your home throughout the day. After a few minutes we do not even see they exist. We likewise have an ankle compression sleeve, so normally we placed on the sleeve (which is a thick material) & then put this wrap over the sleeve. This permits the ideal quantity of cold to travel through & includes a soft barrier under the wrap (the wrap itself is very soft so the softness of the sleeve isn’t required – we similar to it better that way). We have 2 of these, so when one is no longer cold we lay it back in the freezer & placed on the other one. By the time one is no longer cold the other one is all set to go again. Certainly advise these covers.

We were having a hard time with regular ice bag for our ankle and knee and stumbled upon this. Was hesitant offered the cost however it wasn’t much to run the risk of so we provided a shot. These turned out to be precisely what we wanted the medical professional had actually purchased. The versatility and the velcro on this ice bag enable it to be quickly and conveniently twisted around ankle and knee. Even when as frozen as it’s going to get the “ice” can quickly be kneaded back to being soft adequate to twist around ankle. Only grievance at all is for how long it requires to get the ice bag cold. We are thinking that this is a by-product of whatever product is utilized to keep the pack from ending up being a frozen rock. Offered the cost, we had the ability to work around this issue by purchased a second set enabling us have a set all set to go whenever required.

We had arthroscopic knee surgical treatment and was purchased to ice our knee all the time throughout the day. The medical facility was actually pressing a pricey cold therapy device however the nurses stated it was unneeded and that ice bag would be adequate. Not only was this definitely real, however way less expensive than paying $100-$200 for the device. We purchased two covers along with extra ice packs for an overall of 4 ice bag. These covers made icing our knee so simple and practical. We didn’t need to stress over the ice bag slipping off and might get up and hobble to the restroom without a reservation. We did this for two weeks and the covers are still going strong. Extremely advise.

Can’t think this was so low-cost. We have had it for numerous years now, and we still utilize it frequently. We are utilizing it now after knee surgical treatment. It remains cold for enough time (20 minutes a minimum of), it’s soft and flexible, and it remains on. We have actually utilized it on our ankle and our knee.

This is the 3rd mueller hot/cold wrap we have actually bought, as college bound kids keep taking them with them. It is very helpful for any location you wish to keep ice on without needing to keep the ice bag the entire time. For knowledge teeth extractions we utilized two packs, one on each side of the face and it worked great. We like to have two on hand in the freezer at all times. The first one we purchased about 12 years ago and we are still utilizing it – the flexible is still elastic and good and the velcro still works great. It’s simple to get rid of the ice bag for cleaning, however it sits tight perfectly otherwise.

We bought these a number of years ago and utilized them as ice bags for knee pain. Later on had knee replacement and found they were great for that. We never ever utilized them as hot packs. In fact we never ever understood they might be utilized as hot packs. Anyhow the factor we are back at evaluations is that we were questioning if they can be utilized hot. We presently have a rotator cuff injury and the doc is recommending heat therapy. We simply put one in the microwave for 50 seconds and am taking pleasure in therapeutic heat on our arm. Not the very best plan for connecting it to the shoulder however we will deal with that. In general a great value.

Certainly worth every cent. It s very simple to strap on anywhere you d like, very cold compared to other products we have actually attempted, remains cold for more than the time required, and is very practical. Presently we are utilizing it for an ankle sprain and this has actually taken a lot trouble off filling a container with ice and water every 2-3 hours. Don t be tricked by the low cost, we were hesitant in the beginning it wouldn t be as good as other products that remained in the $30 variety, however this beats every one. Provide it a shot and you won t be dissatisfied.

We just recently bought this wrap since the last one we had (exact same brand) lastly got a leak in the gel pack and we could not find a refill for it. Can’t grumble, it was 10 years of ages and utilized continuously. That one was the 6×9 size which we later on found refills for on likewise. The external wrap was still in good condition. We need to state that mueller makes an incredible product. These hot/cold covers are tough, practical,and comfy to use. We can wrap our knee and still get up and move without stressing over them slipping or falling off. They stay cold a lot longer than any other gel pack we have found and are reasonably low-cost. We would certainly advise this product.

We utilize these when we are training thoroughly for triathlons and require to ice instantly after biking and swimming (we do not train on the running part, however we believe these would serve the exact same purpose. ). Yes, if you require to utilize these on your arms, it’s actually a two individual operation, however for your legs and shoulders, they work great. We like that they stay cold for a significantly very long time (roughly 30 minutes), however that it’s not ice cold (a minimum of to me). Likewise, if we feel we require to enter into a 360 degree icing session (i. E. All the way around the arm), we utilize the extra packs we bought and simply wrap the entire thing or include frozen veggie bundles, which work simply as well. If you tighten up the band enough, whatever will stay in location. These are certainly a lot more flexible than more costly icing products, so simply from an expense viewpoint alone, these deserve it.

After having arthroscopic knee surgical treatment, we required an ice bag to ease the resultant, periodic inflammation. The mueller product gets the job done. Evening after freezing, the cool pack stays flexible. Simply slip the cool pack into the the wrrap pocket. The wrap is firmly kept in location with a velcro strap. This wrap fit completely around our knee. The pack remains cool for a minimum of 20 minutes. The capability to quickly wrap and conture the pack around the shape of the knee joint is a significant plus. It’s likewise good for ankle sprains. We advise it.

We do not normally leave product evaluations however this is actually good. We brought 2 for our shin splints and just recently twisted our ankle real bad. We handled to put a pack either side of our ankle with simply one strap holding them on. It’s a great product and seems long lasting. We advise it. The straps can be quickly control to fit on nearly any part of your body, though presently we have actually only attempted our legs and ankles and it works a dream.

We sadly get headachesfrequently This is without a doubt the very best ice bag we havefound We wrap it around our head and it assists alleviate our headache. It s not so cold it injures like others we have actually attempted. Extremely advise.

We injured our knee just recently and after obtaining some twist around ice bag we lastly wished to get our own. Obviously we found them on. Com; we purchased two and they got here in simply a few days. Folks, these are the real offer. Our knee is hurt on the top and likewise beneath, so we put among these ice bag under our knee and the other among leading, and it is instant relief. The large rubber bands with velcro ends actually hold them on firmly. After they have actually been on for 20 or 30 minutes, back they go to the freezer, to be all set for the next time. These are both a heat pack along with an ice bag; we have actually not attempted the heat part however it’s good to understand that it will be offered if and when we require it. We do not be sorry for purchasing these for a 2nd.

These freeze up relatively securely however still are absolutely malleable. That makes them exceptional for twisting around your body like the photo reveals. The velcro works well. We have among these that we have actually had for numerous years and it’s still working well. We purchased another one since we required two.

This remains cold. We have actually utilized a great deal of ice bag in our athletic years and this without a doubt is among the very best. No problems and the velcro sits tight.

Bought this dealing with arthritis in our ankle and achilles tendinitis. Works ideal. Very long lasting one size fits all style that makes it possible for adjustable compression (we like it tight and this provides). Might not find this product regional and closest rivals were two times as much.

This is an incredible ice bag. We only want they might make a gel pack that remained cold a bit longer, however all the gel packs appear to be about the exact same, considering that they do not adhere a difficult consistency. This purchase was a reorder so we might have a 2nd one to alterout It holds securely in location and the large band makes it comfy to use – we have another wrap pack with a slim rubber band that cuts into the covered location, so this is one is far superior.

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