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Mucinex Cough Suppresent - Chest Congestion and Stuffy Nose Relief

Mucinex Cough Suppresent – Chest Congestion and Stuffy Nose Relief

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Mucinex Cough Suppresent – Chest Congestion and Stuffy Nose Relief.

  • Relieves stuffy nose and chest congestion, manages cough, and separates mucus
  • Active active ingredients consist of Dextromethorphan HBr 5mg, Guaifenesin 100 mg, Phenylephrine HCI 2.5 mg
  • Pediatrician advised
  • For children ages 4 and up
  • Alcohol and sugar free

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Mucinex Cough Suppresent – Chest Congestion and Stuffy Nose Relief.
Mucinex Children’s Multi Symptom, Cold Relief Liquid, Very Berry, 6.8 oz

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Mucinex Cough Suppresent – Chest Congestion and Stuffy Nose Relief.

Question Question 1

How Effective Is This Actually For A Childs Coughing?

It’s better than any standard children’s cough medicine that you can buy from a chemist. The highlight is the decongestant which truly assists them sleep.

Question Question 2

We Are FosterParent All Of Our Med Need To Remain In Date. Pls Inform United States What The Expiration Date Is Of This Batch. Thanks.?

The last batch we bought remained in August 2015 and the expiration date was November 2016.

Question Question 3

Can You Please Inform United States The Expiration Date For This Product/?


Question Question 4

Our 4Yr Old Dislikes Taking Medicines. Can Somebody Please Inform United States If This Medicine Has A Good Taste? Or Does It Have A “Mediciny/Bitter” Taste? Thanks.?

It has a sweet berry flavored taste. It’s not bitter at all.

Question Question 5

Has Anyone Child Skilled Rash After This Particularly Cherry Flavor?

our children did not experience a rash while taking this. our child is extremely adverse numerous things. As a mom of 4 we have actually pertained to discover that children typically experience rashes when ill. It resembles a negative effects. When our earliest would get ill normally with a head or chest cold she ‘d constantly break out throughout her chest our children did not experience a rash while taking this. our child is extremely adverse numerous things. As a mom of 4 we have actually pertained to discover that children typically experience rashes when ill. It resembles a negative effects. When our earliest would get ill normally with a head or chest cold she ‘d constantly break out throughout her chest and stomach. It appeared like hives or heat rash. we would ask your pediatrician though simply to be safe.

Question Question 6

What Is The Expiration On Current Stock Please?

It lasted well over a year.we utilized mine within a year. Hope our response assisted.

Question Question 7

The Number Of Oz Is This Description States 6.8 Oz, Pictures Of Product Reveals 4Oz.?

thanks for bringing this to our attention.This product is available in a 6.8 oz bottle.We’ll make sure to upgrade the graphics and we say sorry for the confusion.

Question Question 8

Is This Really 6.8 Ounces (Like The Description States) Or 4 Ounces (Like The Photo Reveals)? Thanks.?

we’re sorry for the confusion that the image has caused.This product is offered in both sizes however this listing is for the 6.8 fl. oz. bottle.We will make sure to repair this description quickly.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Mucinex Cough Suppresent – Chest Congestion and Stuffy Nose Relief, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

As an individual that relies greatly on natural remedies, we recognize that often you require something a little more effective. When our young boys get truly ill, we provide this. We have actually attempted numerous other brand names for many years, however this one appears to work the very best – although the active ingredients are almost similar to numerous others. It’s no wonder employee naturally, however when the kids are truly feeling unpleasant due to a cold this product truly does assist alleviate of their symptoms. We extremely advise it over any other children’s cold medicine.

The product is great (other than the taste isn’t good). The arrival condition left much less to be wanted.

Great value.

Our go to for children s chest congestion relief.

This is an offer.


Good cold medicine.

Works great for the little herb when she’s ill. 8 year old. Knocks the cough and flem right down. Make certain you child blows nose a lot to clear flem.

Fantastic medicine and the product was delivered and got here quickly. Would 10/10 advise.

A requirement for a winter filled with infection after infection after infection.

Children’s mucinex multi-symptom cold certainly assisted our boy with his cold. He began with a cough and chest congestion a few days back, then some head congestion camera along later on. As quickly as it began, we began the children’s mucinex multi-symptom, that we had actually gotten for free from smiley360 Com. First, we need to state, our boy dislikes liquid medicine. It normally makes him gag, or he spits it right backout However, the mucinex was without a doubt among the most convenient for him to take. We mixed it with a bit of beverage, and he took it right now. Later on, when we attempted to offer him another medicine, he stated “that’s not the one we desire, we desire the berry one” (describing the mucinex). However, as far as efficiency, it likewise assisted. It definitely estimated the cough and you might inform that it was separating the congestion, so that when he did cough, he was getting itout This certainly assisted him breath a little simpler. As for the head congestion, it assisted some, however not as much as it did with the chest congestion. He still had a great deal of head congestion, and while it did break it up, he recently had a great deal of drain. In general, we would state it is a good cold product, specifically for cough and chest congestion, and simple for the kids to take.

We got this in the mail as a free sample from smiley360 Com to attempt (complete size). It came right on time, specifically considering that our child has actually boiled down with a quite bad head cold from the weather condition. We chose to eliminate two birds with one stone and offer this sample a test, putting aside our typical go-to product. Although it was berry flavored, our boy wasn’t too huge on the taste. He explained it as tasting like “truly bad candy that burns”. We offered it a taste for ourself, and truthfully we believed it was great. It did have that cough syrup taste, however the berries bypasses it and it left an aftertaste that was better than most medications. Everybody is various when it concerns taste, so your child might like it. When it concerns assisting him with his cold and cough, it worked marvels. For about 6 hours, we didn’t hear him sniffle and cough as much, and he might breathe through both openings. It didn’t make him drowsy and was very simple on his stomach. When it came time for bed, we offered him another dosage and he slept better than when he was taking another brand. As a mom, we like to stick with a product that works for our child, and we are starting to prefer this one a lot. Despite the fact that the taste isn’t something he takes pleasure in, it’s what it does that matters. We can see ourself purchasing it and changing the typical brand we utilize. Mucinex has actually constantly been good with their products, so we want to let you understand (if you intend on purchasing this) that you can trust them.

We were fortunate sufficient to get a free 4 oz. Bottle of children’s mucinex multi-symptom cold for our evaluation from smiley360 It came at a best time. Not long after we got it, our earliest boy boiled down with a nasty cold. This product for ages 4 -12 came right in useful for our 8 years of age considering that we weren’t stockpiled on cold medications for the kids. This was our first experience with this medicine. The flavor is very berry. Obviously this is the one and only flavor in this product. Our boy’s symptoms fit whatever noted on the package. Did he like the taste? not truly, we should confess. And after that, we waited for results. He began cleaning up and lastly began coughing that horrible things out of his lungs. Our boy has cough-variant asthma, and when he gets ill with a cough, it is harder for him to clear out his lungs. Typically, cough medications with simply dextromethorphan do not do much good with him, even to reduce his cough. This is the only children’s medicine we have actually ever seen with guaifenesin in it. There might be others that we are not familiar with, however this was a first for us. We have actually typically questioned why we might never ever find any with guaifenesin in it. And the phenylephrine truly assisted to unblock his sinuses likewise. It made his symptoms much more bearable. We truly like multi-symptom medications for our kids. They make taking medicine much more practical. We would advise this product. ~ we got a free sample of children’s mucinex ~.

When we first saw the children’s mucinex first marketed, we constantly wished to offer it a shot. However, we never ever was triggered enough to wish to change it with the other children’s cold and flu symptom medications in our medicine cabinet. However, just recently, in thanks to smiley 360 and mucinex brand, we were sent out through mail, a complete sized free sample to attemptout And we got this in the nick of time for another episode of coughing, sneezing and runny noses. Our kids were getting ill with the flu and we were skeptic they would attempt the children’s mucinex multi-symptom cold liquid. We believed this was the ideal time to put taste and impact to the test. On the first indications of a runny nose, we took place to run out of vitamin c and only thing offered was the children’s mucinex multi-symptom cold liquid. So, our kids chose to offer the children’s mucinex their judgement. We attempted it out and it momentary relieved the kids of their runny nose. The kids believed the taste was horrible, however they liked how it worked to assist clean up the runny noses and sneezing. And mixed in a little cup of orange or apple juice, who understood that would suffice of making a suggested dosage of mucinex decrease a lot easier and quicker. Our kids enjoy the little mucus animated characters and we believe we found another preferred to contribute to our medicine cabinet. Throughout nights when coughing and stuffy noses made sleep very challenging, we offered our kids the children’s mucinex prior to bed so they might sleepbetter The medicine worked enough time for the kids to get a good night sleep and for us to capture a break. Thank you mucinex.

We got mucinex children’s multi-symptom cold liquid as a sample from smiley360 and wish to publish our truthful evaluation in the product. It was as if they understood the week after it got here in the mail we would be browsing the medicine cabinet to find relief for our little man who awakened christmas early morning sensation not so great. All shops closed and not wishing to leave your home we were delighted when we remembered our sample had actually gotten here and it covered all the symptoms our little man required aidwith He didn’t mind the taste and desired more believing it was more of a treat than medicine. We ensured to clarify to this two years of age it was only what mama and papa can offer him to assist him feel better and and so on. It didn’t appear to work right now however by the following doses there was a huge distinction of relief and you can inform he was more as much as enjoying our hectic day. It assisted nip the cold and offer relief where required. We were thankful it only covered the symptoms we required and not all the other unneeded active ingredients. Grateful we have some still on hand and will be acquiring it again in the future when the time is required. We are thankful we had the possibility to discover of mucinex and their kids multi-symptom cold medicine.

We truly took pleasure in utilizing this medicine, our 8 years of age child was the main one that kept getting colds from school. The taste is very berry and we felt it tasted like the flavor. Our child didn’t like the taste of it however she took it without fussing and it assisted her within 2 days. We enjoy that it worked so fast and her cough was entered 2 days of her utilizing it. We do advise it to any parent with young kids, although they may not like the taste, it truly assists. We are customer for smiley 360 and this product was offered to us to examine for the winter season, we are so grateful to have actually belonged of this evaluation. The bottle is less than half complete, she began coughing again so we are utilizing it again, we understand that we have found a new medication to keep in our medicine cabinet for the year. We enjoy mucinex products and this is a great additional edition.

We got mucinex multi-symptom cold for children for free from smiley360 We were very delighted to get an opportunity to evaluate it for free, considering that our 5-year old child is very vulnerable to cough with the tiniest bout of cold or allergy. It frequently keeps her up night on end (and us also. ). We have actually even seen an ear and throat expert since of it. We have actually attempted numerous over-the-counter cough syrups and suppressants in addition to prescription strength ones and none appeared to be making any distinction. To be truthful with you, when we got mucinex we did not have high hopes since of years of frustrating outcomes. Not only we were happily stunned, we were stunned how quickly it worked. Generally, as soon as our child gets ill it takes a minimum of a week from starting to end for the bug to get out of her system. This time it took 3 days. We were so surprised with the outcomes that when we boiled down with a cold within a number of days later on, we firmly insisted that our hubby gets a mucinex brand cold and cough medicine and we went from totally misted up with sinus pressure to clear and alert in half an hour. We have actually never ever seen otc medicine work this efficiently. To summarize, we would totally advise this product/brand to anyone and we understand it will be a staple in our family now – the extra dollars are certainly worth it.

We got this as a free sample, and we require to share our truthful applauds. Our three-year-old boy was fighting a nasty chest cold complete with nose congestion, wet cough, and basic pain. It broke this mother’s heart. We attempted his typical shop brand medicine, however it wasn’t able to cut through all the scrap in his nose and chest. We were a little reluctant to provide him some of the children’s musinex since it wasn’t the typical favored flavor (grape) and our boy understood it wasn’t the typical medicine box. We were both desperate for something to work, so we attempted it. He liked the flavor right now. About 20 minutes after the took the medicine, he was sounding and sensation muchbetter It was a relief to both people. We would extremely advise this product to other mamas-in-need due to ill child/children.

This truly is the finest brand that we have found to alleviate all these symptoms. Regrettably, our boy who has sensory processing condition and a wicked active gag reflex can not even stand to try to consume this. He has actually gagged and barfed it up each and every single time, even with the sugar technique, or blending it with juice, or chocolate milk and so on. We attempted a little for ourself to see how it truly tasted and it really is revolting. There is a very bitter however extremely sweet aftertaste that you simply can’t shake. Our child is a champ at taking her medications and she was even grumbling about the taste. We are providing it 5 star since it truly does work marvels. You can inform a distinction very quickly after. If you have a child with the exact same problems as our young boy we have found that he is a little more tolerant of the mucinex chest congestion minwe melts. Included pudding or apple sauce and works also this liquid kind.

We got a bottle of children s mucinex multi-symptom cold medicine to attempt as a sample from smiley360 Our 4 years of age child got a cold this winter that struck her like a brick wall. She was coughing and had a stuffy nose and a heavy chest from the mucus accumulation. We offered her a dosage of it in the early morning and by twelve noon she was running all over the location and you d never ever understand she was ill. Regrettably she ended up having this horrible cold off and on all winter and w ended up the bottle of mucinex. We attempted changing her back to the shop brand cough & cold medicine that we had at home and might right away see the distinction. She was still coughing, had a stuffy nose, and had no interest in playing. We went to walgreens to get another bottle of the mucinex and found it on an incredible sale. We cleared the rack and equipped our cabinet in the house for the future. Great product. We got a free product for the purpose of our evaluation. Viewpoints are 100% our own.

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