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Mentholatum Cherry Vaporizing Rub for Kids

Mentholatum Cherry Vaporizing Rub for Kids

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Mentholatum Cherry Vaporizing Rub for Kids.

  • 100% NATURAL ACTIVE COMPONENTS: Mentholatum Cherry Vaporizing Rub provides natural camphor, eucalyptus oil, and menthol in an enjoyable, cherry-scented formula.
  • LOWERS COUGH TO ASSIST YOUR CHILD SLEEP: A cold and flu season preferred, Mentholatum Cherry Vaporizing Rub launches soothing vapors when used to the throat and chest to assist eliminate coughing caused by colds.
  • SOOTHING CHERRY-SCENTED AROMATIC VAPORS Natural camphor, menthol and eucalyptus oil integrated with an enjoyable cherry fragrance offer Mentholatum Cherry Vaporizing Rub its apparent signature soothing scent. You child will feel the relief and breathe in comfort.
  • DYE-FREE, SAFE TOPICAL FORMULA: Mentholatum Cherry Vaporizing Rub is dye-free, utilizes 100% natural active components, and is a safe alternative to oral cough suppressant medications. Ideal for children ages 2 and up.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Mentholatum Cherry Vaporizing Rub for Kids.
Size: Pack of 6 Mentholatum Cherry Vaporizing Rub is a topical cough suppressant created particularly for kids to temporarily eliminate coughs due to small throat and bronchial irritation associated with a cold. Applied to the throat and chest at bedtime, the fragrant cherry-scented vapors eliminate cough to assist your child sleep and provide soothing comfort to stuffy nasal passages. For topical usage only. Safe to utilize in mix with orally consumed cold medications. Active components: Camphor: 4.7%, Eucalyptus oil: 1.2%, Menthol 2.6%. Non-active components: scent, petrolatum, steareth-2, titanium dioxide.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Mentholatum Cherry Vaporizing Rub for Kids, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This is some terrific things. We can’t find it at our target or any regional drug shop so it’s great we can purchase it on. Granny purchased this for the kids when they captured colds and simply smothered them in it. Outcomes have been great. She constantly recommend to put a big quantity on the bottoms of their feet with socks over night. Appears that works. Good indication too that the kids do not battle us off when we put it on them as the odor isn’t powerful compared to other brand. ** product packaging is various and upgraded can be found in green box now, so not envisioned the exact same on product image **.

We enjoy this things at our home. It’s the very best way to assist the kids “decongest” when they have got colds. We much choose rubbing this on their chests (and bottoms of their feet if their coughing is out of control. ). Rather of having them take an oral decongestant. This things is a blessing. We even utilize it on ourself. We enjoy to buy it in the 6 pack, particularly prior to winter. We want they offered it in big tubs.

This product truly works to sooth and stop coughs in kids. We have utilized it in the evening for our 2 and 4 years of age’s with great success when they have had small colds and congestion. It does not have the strong odor of vapor rubs, so it appears a little more gentle on their sensitives noses and eyes. We likewise might not find this in the shops any longer, so enjoy that we might buyfrom While a jar will last a while, they typically have a 2 year life span (so can last for 2 more winter seasons) and are great to share with other moms and dads looking for more gentle procedures for relieving coughing and chest congestion in the evening.

Our household has utilized cherry mentholatum ointment for nearly 30 years. It was the most effective cough suppressant for those middle of the night cough attacks for all of our relative. We now have grandchildren and cherry mentholatum will continue to remain in our medicine cabinet. The unfortunate part is how challenging it was to find.

Works great.

We enjoy the fragrance. Kids doesn t difficulty when we use it to them particularly these week they have cough and colds. Not ugly at all.

Product is great. The grandkids enjoy it. Assists them out alot. And it does not burn them like vicks. Vicks is to srong for little kids.

Usage this for our grandchild and enjoy it.

Smells great and not too strong.

Amazing product.

It truly works for cough and congestion.

Great things.


We have utilized this in the past and was not able to find it in shops any longer. We were very happy to find it on line.

Was precisely what we asked for.

We hope it is the exact same formula we still have some purchased from dollartree it works truly well when in an emergency situation you have headache we rub a little on the location it is great on sore throats and nose location it does not have a strong odor and is very effective.

Ok. Well, first. Real mentholatum groupies understand that mentholatum is not vicks – please, gurl, do not puzzle the 2. Mentholatum is without a doubt the superior of the 2products Our siblings and we have been loyal mentholatum users given that we were small. Our mama utilized it when we were children, and so we matured with it. We are all in our 50’s now, and we will not touch anything else. We utilize it like chapstick. So our sis was looking for some in texas just recently, and could not find it, so we went to prime (our go-to) – and omg, they had mentholatum with lavender. So we purchased 3 of them. It is the bomb. Our new favorite. Then, on a fluke, we found the cherry mentholatum. Omg. So good. So we purchased the 6 pack of that, too – our older sis’s favorite. You can’t fail. This things is incredible. We have them all around your home.

We have allergic reactions and asthma so we go through a great deal of vapor rub. We enjoy the way this brand smells. The bottles are bigger than we anticipated. We have been searching for this type with the cherry for a very long time. No shops near us bring it any longer, we were so grateful to find it online and wholesale.

We enjoy this and keep in our bed basket of things – utilize it for our throat right in the center puddle area if we ever cough and likewise rub in completion of our nose where the nostrils are – not in the nose – on the exterior. We enjoy it – we enjoy vicks too however this is so moderate.

We reside in pa, winter gets cold and we constantly get the sniffles. We purchase the 6 pack due to the fact that the kids are grown and the6 require their own for their kids( our grandbabies). We still utilize it in our home. It doesn t seem like winter without the cherry smell.:-RRB-.

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