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MedX Back Pain Cold Ice Pack Therapy for Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Degenerative

MedX Back Pain Cold Ice Pack Therapy for Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Degenerative

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of MedX Back Pain Cold Ice Pack Therapy for Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Degenerative.

  • THERAPY ICE BAG – Spine therapists advise utilizing ice bags for therapy is the very best way to minimize inflammation.
  • FLEXIBLE – Gel pain in the back cushion stays flexible after freezing to comply with the shape of your back.
  • MEDICAL GRADE – Instantly feel the distinction of the Med- X completely weighted gel back pad for moderate pressure on irritated locations.
  • DEALS WITH SEVERAL CONDITIONS – Cold pack for usage with sciatic nerve pain, degenerative disc illness, tailbone, coccyx pain.
  • WARRANTY – We desire you to enjoy this. If you are not 100% pleased, simply return it (even utilized) for a 100% refund. You have no danger, include one to your cart now.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on MedX Back Pain Cold Ice Pack Therapy for Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Degenerative.
Why utilize low-cost little ice bag that can not separate the inflammation? Why Med- X gel back pads transcend to comparable products: -Patented flex gel innovation permits for even circulation of ice bag therapy throughout your back. – Triple strengthened gel compartment avoids dripping and permits the medical grade therapy ice bag to stay cooler longer. – Extra-large large style makes sure the irritated location gets appropriate cooling treatment. – Several usage permits relief from sciatic nerve pain, degenerative disc illness, coccyx, tailbone pain. We have a no trouble 100% warranty refund policy. If you utilize this and do not enjoy it, simply return it for a complete refund.You have absolutely nothing to lose. Think about getting an extra one for travel or as a thoughtful present.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on MedX Back Pain Cold Ice Pack Therapy for Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Degenerative.

Question Question 1

What Sort Of Product Is It Made from?

Some kind of material that remains dry. Perhaps nylon. Filled with gel. It does not freeze however gets cold, remains cold for a long period of time, and outside stays dry. It is large so you get great protection. we actually like it and would advise it extremely.

Question Question 2

What Is Its Size?

Not exactly sure of specific measurements however huge enough to go all the way throughout our spouses back. He enjoys it. And even when froze you can flex it. Truly great product.

Question Question 3

How Do You Shop This Pac When Not Utilizing It? Does It Required To Be In Freezer All The Time?

we keep it in the freezer ready all the time, however no you do not need to keep it in the freezer however then it would n’tbe cold.

Question Question 4

Ill This Fit Somebody With A 44-46 Waust, Will It Cover The Complete Back Location?

Probably.we have actually never ever covered it around me, however we can lay it flat over our entire back and we use a 2xl top.For our partner, it covers the majority of his back location, however not all and he’s developed like a football gamer.3 xl shirt.USA sizes.

Question Question 5

Is It Fabric Covered?

It has strong material rather of plastic covering the gel. We have actually utilized with and without a pillowcase. It depends upon how cold you desire it to be on your skin.

Question Question 6

The Image Reveals It Being Utilized Without The Fleese Cover. Can It Be Freezed With The Fleese Cover On It, As It’S So Thin It Appears Worthless To Even Utilize?

It might look thin in the pic nevertheless it is very expert grade in our viewpoint. we make sure you might freeze it with the fleece. we put it on us as displayed in the picture. we have actually utilized numerous ice bag and this is without a doubt the very best choice we have actually ever made.

Question Question 7

Can We Put Down On The Pad?

Yes, we concur with others that you must lay a towel down in between you and the pad. we would recommend too that you lay a towel on whatever you are laying also. we made the error of laying on it wihtout safeguarding our carpet and a black residue was left on the carpet. It showed up, however still. Mistake and learn.:–RRB-

Question Question 8

Does It Feature A Detachable Material Cover?

Yes it comes with a washable and detachable fabric cover

Question Question 9

Can You Go To Sleep Using This?

we do drop off to sleep laying on this, however as we sleep on our side we typically do not have it straight on our back. There are no straps to keep it in location. Likewise, it is exceptionally cold in the beginning and we need to wrap it in a bath towel. we DO advise this product though as we have sciatica and degenerative bone illness along with herni we do drop off to sleep laying on this, however as we sleep on our side we typically do not have it straight on our back. There are no straps to keep it in location. Likewise, it is exceptionally cold in the beginning and we need to wrap it in a bath towel. we DO advise this product though as we have sciatica and degenerative bone illness along with herniated dics. we utilize a smaller sized 8 hr. ice bag tucked into our shorts to assist even more with sciatic pain. Hope this assists.

Question Question 10

Could You Lie On Your Back In Bed With This Underneath Back In Bed? Leak?

we have actually utilized this cooling pad below our back while laying in bed. we have actually experienced no problems with leak and we utilize it a number of times a week.

Question Question 11

Could You Utilize This Under A Pillow Case On Hot Nights?

we typically wrap it in a towel due to the fact that it is SUPER cold. You absolutely do not wish to put it on bare skin. we believe a pillow case may be too thin. You may wish to lay a towel over the pillow case. Great purchase however.

Question Question 12

How Long Does It Stay Cold?

It remained cold longer than the routine gel packs. we didn’t time it, however about 30 minutes. It was still cold when we put it back.

Question Question 13

What Is The Outdoors Made From?

It resembles a heavy nylon. It never ever gets wet when utilizing the pad. This is an actually great product.

Question Question 14

Just How Much Does The Pack Weigh?

Reasonably speaking, it’s very light. we simply selected the one we have up in the freezer and it’s most likely a few pounds – 5 pounds max.

Question Question 15

How Do You Need to Freeze It?

This needs to enter your freezer. It s ultra thin and can move right in on top. Generally requires to freeze over night. we enjoy my own. Works perfectly.

Question Question 16

How Long Do We Keep It In The Freezer Prior To We Can Utilize It?

1hour at less, however we leave mine in the freezer all the time. It remains cold for an hour pluse that’s awesome.It’s made actually well.

Question Question 17

How Long Does This Stay Cold?

This remains cold for a number of hours. Lasts a long period of time.

Question Question 18

Would This Work For Neck And Shoulder Pain For Somebody Who Requirements To Lay On Their Side?

This is a very flexible ice bag. we utilize it in several positions for our back and neck. It works great seared and resting.

Question Question 19

Do We Need To Put This In The Freezer? Isn’T Too Large?

We do put it in the freezer, however do not believe you need to. If you put in the fridge to get it cold, it must be OKAY. It is bigger than the majority of the cold packs we have actually had, however we have a large freezer, so it works for us.

Question Question 20

When You Put It In The Freezer To Get It Cold, Can It Be Folded? We Have A Very Little Freezer.?

Yes. fold 2 times that makes it 1/4 the size. Easy to save. What we can not respond to is, the number of times can one anticipate to do so till the casing uses and leakages the gel. we anticipate at some time it will occur. we have actually owned for 3 months and utilize it a minimum of 3 to 4 times a week.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on MedX Back Pain Cold Ice Pack Therapy for Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Degenerative, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We definitely enjoy this product. It might be 3 to 4 stars due to the fact that of the cons that we will speak about in a bit nevertheless, it is the best cooling pad that is fairly rate that we have actually seen up until now. If you examine our other evaluation on another cooling pad it discusses how our back gets so hot that it would heat the cooling pad a lot so that the heat goes through to the bed mattress within a brief duration. With this cooling pad we could not inform you the length of time the coolness last due to the fact that it gets us so comfy we can t focus enough to keep the time or we will dosage off. We can t describe it however it feels a lot cooler than other cooling pads- it s a bit cold (however again it might be even if our back is so hot. ). It might be due to the fact that of the thicker quantity of gel inside in-comparison to others that we have actually attempted. Yes, by the time we wake in the middle of the night it has actually warmed up, do to our back being hot however, its simply warmed however, not annoying our back and including heat. There s only one thing that might make this great pad lose stars. It wrinkles quickly simply after one usage and can not be returned to its original state. This can trigger those with level of sensitivity to feel unpleasant. We actually do not care due to the fact that absolutely nothing has actually come close to the comfort it provides me. It s a 5 for getting the job done the very best and longest then we have actually seen. We will take an image to reveal the wrinkles.

This far exceeds our expectations from an “ice bag”. It remains very cold for a long period of time. It is flexible and relocations with our back. The compress is very resilient and well made. Its fantastic to be able to fold it to suit our freezer. And, the very best part it was cold and prepared to enter simply 30 minutes. It was so fantastic, we purchased a 2nd within a week to present to our sis. We understand what we are getting liked ones for upcoming birthdays, and christmas. Thank you, seriously, for a terrific product.

Okay, we were doubtful and we can inform you this is great. It has such a long lasting cover, thin enough and soft adequate to not be troublesome, freezes well, and is large enough for our whole back. We can fold it in half if we do not require the whole piece. It remains cold for a number of hours.

Great quality. We enjoy that the contents are flexible and simple to handle. Fits well in the freezer. Doesn t fracture or break. High quality. Easy to utilize and we position in pillow case for upper back, neck, lower back to assist ease pains, discomforts, and prevent/treat migraines and sore muscles. Lovely.

Badass, we have pain from our head to our toe essentially and this thing offers great protection (huge) remains cold for a while does not leak. Dino suggests covering a t-shirt around the ice pak so you do not burn up your skin.

We purchased this to assist with our sciatica pain and we enjoy it. We enjoy that it can be utilized for heating and cooling. It has no odor to it. We utilize it in your home and take it with us in the vehicle and utilize it at work. Remains hot for a long time and remains cool for rather some time. Extremely advise.

We actually enjoy this product. It’s the response to our prayers when it concerns decrease back and hip pain. A number of great things: it complies with the back of a chair, or a bed rest pillow, and right where the pain is, so we can sit anywhere with our laptop computer for longer time periods, now; likewise, it folds nicely in half, and then in half again, and it’s flat, so it does not use up a great deal of area in the freezer.

This is the ideal size for our back and it’s feels cool even without requiring to cool in the freezer. However if you choose it extra cool for longer then follow the directions. The case is simple to slip on and it is soft to the touch. Thank you for the fast processing and delivery. Great product.

Love this product. We utilized a various one prior to however it broke after simply a few months. We discovered the evaluations for this one and needed to get it. It is larger than the one we utilized prior to however we simply fold it and it works ideal. It is well made and holds the cold actually well. Our ankle swells throughout the day so we utilize it at night and fold it. We likewise utilize it on our lower back for pain relief if we have actually strolled excessive that day, (the location we work has concrete floorings and it is tough on our back). Thank you for such a long lasting and well made product.

Love this. Going through menopause and hot flashes wake us continuously in the evening. We put this in the freezer, put it under our sheet, and sleep like a baby. Remains cold permanently. We extremely advise. Ps our husband has a bad back, two surgical treatments, stated the cold of it makes his back stiff.

We first utilized the gel pads after surgical treatment practically a year back. You can put the gel pads in the fridge or the freezer depending upon your tolerance for cold. These pads will stay cool for as much as 3 hours or two. We kept mine in a cooler beside the bed so we might alter it to a cold one without needing to get up. We were recommended narcotic painkiller however was very hesitant to utilize them due to the negative effects. We just recently purchased some for our child and she has actually been very happy with them also.

We purchased two of these extra-large gel ice bag for bilateral knee arthritis and general muscle pains in both legs. They cover from top of thigh to ankle (we are 5 4) and the weight includes a little compression. We like the flexible material & resilient joints rather than the plastic on other gel packs. Likewise consisted of is a super soft material cover if you are utilizing it on bare skin. The cooling result is even throughout the pad and it assists eliminate the pain in simply a 15-20 minute application, particularly if we put expert biofreeze on first. It assists us get to sleep better & not fear getting out of bed in the early morning.

This is the very best ice bag we have actually ever seen. We had ham string stress so we utilized this ice pack to rest on. The detachable cover makes it comfy to utilize straight over light clothes. It remains flexible after remaining in the freezer for days. We just recently had surgical treatment for rotator tendon tears and have actually utilized it on our shoulder/ arm and again we are so delighted with it. We have actually revealed it to all our household and use to obtain it to them must they ever require it when we are not utilizing it. The rate was very affordable. We are so grateful we purchased it.

This is a very large ice bag. It actually does cover your whole back. We are 5 feet 7in and it goes all the way length smart from our shoulders to our lower back. When individuals state it gets actually cold they are not joking. We are not exactly sure what is various than other ice bag we have attempted? possibly the size? anyways it is so cold that we need to put the cover on and even have it over clothing and it s still very cold. Our only grievance is that it tends to type of lot up or wrinkle in the freezer after a number of usages. It s still useable simply a little bothersome. We have actually 2 herniated discs l4l5 and it assists a lot. Not exactly sure the length of time it remains cold however we understand we take it off after the suggested 20 minutes and our sheets even feel very cold where the ice bag way laying. We are thinking it would stay cold for a long period of time.

We enjoy this ice pack. This ice bag is soft after freezing that makes it more flexible for us. We utilize it on our back, our knees, our neck and our shoulders. This ice bag changed an older one that we had for several years and there is definitely no contrast. We enjoy the size due to the fact that it fits over our whole back. We must have acquired this a long period of time back. Thank you for a terrific product.

Love the way this pack remains cold for like an hour. Perfect for our spinal column. When we wrap in a blanket and pillowcase. Wished to purchase two more however it’s outta stock. Please make med x you have. Superior oversize ice bag product. And the rate was ideal.

We get severe migraines. At those times we need to be horizontal, even if we only make it to the flooring. Our migraines remain in our neck and all over our head. This is flexible enough to twist around locations. We have actually put a thin fabric in between us and the pad, due to the fact that it gets so cold. We drop off to sleep with it on. We prepare to utilize it for upper back pain. We have other ice bag, however this is our go to. We would advise and buy again.

Love this ice bag. It s a great size to cover our back, and remains cold a lot longer than previous ice bag we have actually had. It doesn t have a cover, so you won t wish to put it straight on your skin like they display in the picture: it s way too cold for that. We put it in a pillow case, then on top of our t-shirt, and even then, it s actually cold.

We were very anxious purchasing this ice bag. Simply for the reality that all the one’s we have actually attempted, didn’t work for us and our lifestyle. However this is the very best ice bag ever. We enjoy how we can utilize it and stretch it out and it last for more than an hour. We utilize it almpst everyday and it likewise assists when your child requires it. It’s the first one he will endure without taking it off in less than a minutes. Extremely advise it.

This product is plenty large adequate to cover the majority of one’s back for amount to back relief. The slip-on sleeve is rather thin and permits for a very cold experience. We have actually treated this by insulating with a towel in between our back and the product. In general, a great product for pain in the back victims who need comprehensive protection. We advise this product.

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