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Marie’s Original Cough Compress Decongestant Oil

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Marie’s Original Cough Compress Decongestant Oil.

  • EXPELS MUCUS FOR CLEAR BREATHING: Clear up congestion & clogged up respiratory tracts without exposing yourself to the chemicals in cough syrups & prescription medications. Our organic decongestant is effective & tested effective.
  • FOR HOMEMADE COUGH COMPRESSES: Advised for those practicing in the house homeopathic & holistic healing. Give decongestant drops onto a fabric & use to the chest (wrap with soft plaster to keep it in location)
  • NATURAL BOTANICAL HEALING BLEND: Sincerity is the very best policy, which is why we are upcoming about the components in our natural healingproducts Straight from nature, this decongestant oil is the # 1 non-drowsy cough treatment.
  • SAFE CHOICE KIDS, YOUNG CHILDREN, ADULTS: Usage homemade cough compresses to suppress coughing spells day or night. Apply topically only. Safe for children 2 years & older. Clears packed noses or runny noses + loosens up phlegm.
  • COUGH TONIC MADE IN U.S.A. WITH PRIDE: As with all of our health & wellness products, this congestion liquid includes NO fillers, parabens or GMOs. Loaded to the brim with the goodness of nature, it’s the healthy cough suppressant.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Marie’s Original Cough Compress Decongestant Oil.
Stop & believe prior to you treat a cough. Packed with questionable components, some cough syrups & medications are to be prevented. The wise solution? Nature. And our decongestant essential oil blazes a trail. TWO MAIN COMPONENTS – CLEAN, PURE & EFFECTIVE NATURAL CONGESTION RELIEF Peppermint: refreshing mint fragrance supports relaxation, cleans up blocked respiratory tracts for better breathing Wintergreen: scent of stimulating essential oil unwinds & opens sinuses to assist you get relaxing sleep HOW TO USAGE COUGH COMPRESS LIQUID use oil to a fabric & protected to the chest with a soft plaster wrap, get rid of as soon as scent dissipates ** for topical usage ONLY, prevent contact with eyes – seek advice from physician for infants, children under 2 year NATURAL COUGH COMPRESS BENEFITS Functions As External Decongestant to Treat Coughs, Wheezing, Congestion, Bronchitis 100% Organic Cough Remedy – Decreases the Requirement for Cough Medication & Syrup Homeopathic, Holistic Treatment – Breathe in the Soothing Relief of EssentialOils Happily Made In America with Plant-Based Active Ingredients Grown on American Farms Gentle, Safe for Infants, Toddlers, Children – The whole household will be relaxing The stimulating fragrance of our cough suppressant oil draws mucus from sinuses to unblock respiratory tracts. Stop the sniffles the way nature meant. Our natural herb oil coughing liquid is backed by outcomes. OUR GUARANTEE OF PURENESS & EFFECTIVENESS The origins of Marie’s Original health & wellness brand go back years. Handmade from herbal extracts, our products are the healthy healing options for tidy living. Each blend if a production of Marie, a natural living expert who began offering her handmade soaps, natural creams & healing lotions back in the 1990’s. And the rest is history. Discover the healing powers of herbs with our American Made Herbal Treatments.

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