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Magnachem Broncochem Cold and Flu

Magnachem Broncochem Cold and Flu

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Magnachem Broncochem Cold and Flu.

  • The safe and effective Multi-Symptoms Cold and FluSolution It covers from Cough, Congestion, Pain,
  • Fever, Allergy responses for most respiratory condition throughout the cold and flu duration. With its
  • unique formula mix. Makes The Most Of the Active Components with all the other ones that complete
  • this very strong solutions into a cold and flu remover

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Broncochem Cold and Flu, 2 Caplets per Pack, 50 Pack

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Magnachem Broncochem Cold and Flu.

Question Question 1

Do You Bring Broncochem Tea Bags? We Would Like Purchase A Number Of Boxes.?

You can buy them here: https://broncochem.com/products/ broncochem-cold-flu-tea-6-packets

Question Question 2

What Are The Components Please? No Picture Of The Back?

Active components (each caplet)Acetaminophen (Analgesic). 325.00 mg Active components (each caplet)Acetaminophen (Analgesic). 325.00 mgChlorpheniramine maleate (Antihistaminic). 3.00 mgDextromethorphan HBr (Antitussive). 30.00 mgPhenilephrine HCwe (Descongestant). 5.00 mgInactive Active ingredients: Cellulose microcrystalline, colloidal silicon dioxide, green opadry, magnesium stearate, starch, polyethylene glycol 4000, 2-amino-3-5 dibromobenzyl( cyclohexyl) methylamine hydrocloride.

Question Question 3

Is This From Dominican Republic?

It is Made in the Dominican Rep. By Magnachem. We did updated Broncochem line of product discussion for the United States Territories you can likewise visit our website. Hope this response your question. Thank you

Our Insights:

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Incredible. It has kept our asthma under control for over a year and a half. And the only way to buy this only manner in which we understand of is ebay or. However it’s a lot better through since of your choice to have this product delivered over night if you truly require it. Thank you people.

The finest product for a bad cold.

Incredible product. Great value for the cash. We generally take one pill at the first indication if a cold, ect. And its gone. We enjoy how each pack is packaged with 2 tablets. You can toss it in your purse/bag, location it in the restroom or anywhere. Great product.

Our daddy had purchased us some in tea type, so we gotthese We highly suggest we were not ill for to long after taking these.

Our spouse has had a very dry cough for a month it resembles a coughing spell that takes your breath makes you cry and you can’t breathe. Choking gagging it is dreadful. After taking the second pill we observed a big enhancement much less coughing. After the fourth dosage it was essentially gone we extremely suggest this.

So you understand it’s “cold” not “colf”. This remedy, knocks the heck out of all symptoms of colds, flu or allergic reactions.Fast The extra benefit is it is non-” drowsy”, so you can drive & feel safe or simply stay woke up and look after your company. To complete whatever else the cost is sensible.

The bestia pilla forcold. Thanks.

Great products.

Dvd es muy bueno trabaja rapido y seguro dvd gracias.

Work well.

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