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LotFancy Hot Cold Pack for Therapy

LotFancy Hot Cold Pack for Therapy

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of LotFancy Hot Cold Pack for Therapy.

  • EMERGENCY TREATMENT ESSENTIAL: Instant pain relief for injuries, hurting muscles and joints, backache, arthritis pain, stress, swellings and sprains and swelling and more; suitable for home or clinical usage
  • SAFE and REUSABLE: Latex-free and non-toxic ice bag, safe for any ages to utilize; reusable and lasting; keep flexible even at 0 ° F(-18)
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Hot ice bag can be utilized for knowledge teeth, back, shoulder, neck, head, facial pain, feet, hand, arm, anywhere you require
  • HOT COLD THERAPY: Gel pack can be cooled in freezer as cold therapy and heated up in microwave or boiled water as hot therapy
  • 100% COMPLETE SATISFACTION WARRANTY: We provide 1-year guarantee and pleased after-sale service

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More Info:

Here are some more information on LotFancy Hot Cold Pack for Therapy.
LotFancy intends to bring the high quality products at very similar cost to clients. All the LotFancy gel pack can be used to both hot and cold therapy. Non- harmful and Safe The hot ice bag is filled with non-toxic and safe silica gel, it stays flexible throughout treatment. Hot and Cold Pack These gel pack can be warmed in the microwave to assist unwind muscle and boost blood circulation or cooled in the freezer to help in reducing swelling, minimize blood circulation and promote healing. Multifunction Hot ice bag can be utilized for knowledge teeth, back, shoulder, neck, head, facial pain, feet, hand, arm, various body parts where you require. Read more Usage as cold therapy Cold therapy must constantly be utilized as quickly as possible after an injury takes place and continued for the following 48 hours at 15 to 20 minute periods or as recommended by a physician. Put the gel pack in a freezer for a minimum of two hours and use to your body. It is safe and effective to minimize swelling, easing pain and reduction muscle convulsions, which are extremely suggested by Physiotherapists and Sports Trainers. Usage as Hot Therapy Hot packs physical therapy ought to not be utilized up until 48 hours after the injury. Warmed the hot therapy pack in warm water or by microwave. Boiling Water: Warmed in boiling water for 2 to 5 minutes. Usage tongs to get rid of the pack from the water. Microwave: Heated for 20- 2nd periods up until the pack reaches the preferred temperature level. After eliminating from the microwave, knead and flex the gel-pack to even out the heat. For extra benefits, users can position a moist towel around the heated pack for moist heat therapy. Keep in mind In-depth direction is printed on the support of gel pack, please read it prior to usage. Even the hot ice bag prior to heating it in microwave. NEVER EVER get too hot the gel pack. Package consists of: 2 x Gel Ice packs (105 x 5 inches)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on LotFancy Hot Cold Pack for Therapy.

Question Question 1

When The Measurement States 10.50″ For Lenght, Is That Simply The Measurement Of The Ice/Heat Pack Only, When It Consists of A Strap. Thanks?

Sincere question. Yes the measurement of 10.50 is simply the gel pack itself. we put on t have the pack on hand or we would provide the measurement of the strap.

Question Question 2

Does This Odor At All Like Chemicals? We Bought Another Brand And It Stunk.?

Mine did not.The hot/cold pack product is more like material then plastic.The shoulder strap was much less excellent.The pack deserved the cost of the order.

Question Question 3

Will It Break If You Sit Or Sleep On It?

we only utilized it around our foot, and did not sit, stand, or sleep on it

Question Question 4

Is This Rather Flexibke When Frozen? We Dislike Putting A Block Of Ice On An Injury?

we put on t understand whatflexibke is however these packs are not hard like ice.

Question Question 5

The Number Of Been Available In The Package?


Question Question 6

Does This Been Available In Pairs Or Songs? We Required 2 For Both Our Ankles.?

Yes the order we made came 2 in package.

Question Question 7

We May Be Missing It Someplace However How Long Do These Stay Frozen/Cold? We Have Had 6 Back Surgeries And Requirement Something That Lasts A Good While.?

Depending upon the length of time they have actually remained in the freezer (minutes of 4 hrs) and where you position them, they stay cold for about 2-3 hrs.

Question Question 8

We Utilized This Perhaps 10 Times (Heated) And Now It Has Holes And We Can See The Gel Inside. We Warmed Them Up For ~ 1 Minute EveryTime Is This Regular.?

we only utilize this heated up also and we believe even prior to the 5th usage, the gel was attempting to permeate the edge and by the tenth usage, some of it has actually lastly made its grand escape. Ever since the gel appears to have actually dried out in some locations and is more like dry jelly than gel. This product has actually lasted us about a year and no we only utilize this heated up also and we believe even prior to the 5th usage, the gel was attempting to permeate the edge and by the tenth usage, some of it has actually lastly made its grand escape. Ever since the gel appears to have actually dried out in some locations and is more like dry jelly than gel. This product has actually lasted us about a year and now it’s time to toss it out.

Question Question 9

Where Are The Ice Packs Made?

Sorry, no concept. Do not have the package any longer, ice bag not significant.

Question Question 10

For How Long Can This Keep Warm To Preserve Food Hot?

Simply got it.Haven t utilized it yet.

Question Question 11

What Is The Width Of The Elastic Strap?

Velcro utilized to wrap the ice bag around ankles, wrists, etc

Question Question 12

The Number Of Been Available In The Order?

The package consists of one piece of large hot ice bag.

Question Question 13

How Thick Is It?

Sorry we are uncertain. However the Size: 11.5 X15 inch

Question Question 14

Does The Strap Deal With Velcro And Does It Permit Twisting Around Several Times Prior To Protecting? Wish To Make Certain It Is Tight On A Little Frame.?

Hi friend, the Covering Strap can several winding

Question Question 15

How Long Does It Produce Heat?

we want we might inform you however we only utilize them for cold.If we keep in mind, we will attempt to heat one and return to you however it wont be for a few days.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on LotFancy Hot Cold Pack for Therapy, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We like this product as it maintains heat extremely well. Nevertheless, beware to not get too hot more than 30 seconds in the microwave on default setting (max power). Although the directions state you can heat it for longer, in our case we warmed it for a complete minute (30 secs and then another 30 secs) and part of the outside material melted, making a hole and leading to the gel comingout We needed to toss thatout We called the company and they kindly sent us a new one. Conclusion: microwave no more than 30 seconds on max, or 60 seconds on medium. Or you will harm your pack. Following these directions, you will have a good ice/heat pack for a long period of time.

We are constantly utilizing cold gel-packs, either for our neck, our feet, or to assist when the pet dog is having a focal seizure and his temperature level increases too expensive. A lot of ice bags either leak or are too little. These are fantastic. A good plus size and are well made. We purchased 2 of these to begin and we believe we are going to toss all our others and simply begin purchasingthese Great pack for the cost.

This is simply what we were lookingfor We have a difficult time remaining cool during the night in our bed room and even with air conditioning and a fan. It still gets rather hot. We put this in a plastic bag in between the sheets and our toes on it keeps us cool through the night. We want it was somewhat bigger, perhaps even double the size. Nevertheless, one we formerly purchased smelled highly of chemicals. This one does not. It lays flat in the freezer and unfolds or folds, depending how large you desire it. We delight in composing evaluations on products that we enjoy and hearing feedback, because we base a lot of our individual purchases off of the evaluations of others also. We likewise feel that truthful and handy evaluations provide insight to the company.

Broke our ankle previously this year, and began physical therapy a few weeks ago to find out to stroll. After utilizing smaller sized ice bag, which work, however you require a minimum of double to cover the entire location, we chose to look for bigger ones to cover our entire ankle location with one ice bag. This gets the job done. We placed on a long sock to keep the location from getting too cold. We utilize a 2nd long sock to connect it on. The only concern we have with this, and all icepacks, is that they do not hold the cold as long as we would like however with the weather condition getting warmer we do not anticipate it lasting any longer.

We like these ice bags. The only drawback is that despite the fact that they are the soft “comfort” product on the outdoors, it is still far to cold to position as is straight on the skin initially. We wrap mine in a thin material up until it thaws a bit. They aren’t very flexible right out of the freezer too. So covering them around a body part might be tough, however they work well to rest your head on for headaches.

Our spouse overheated our other one, and it sprung a leak. We were so grateful that still brings this, due to the fact that it’s flexible. Our only grievance is that it does not appear to hold the heat as long as others. It’s flat, so quickly positioned behind the back of somebody being in a chair.

We purchased this product due to the fact that we were utilizing several smaller sized ice bag to lay on for our back. We desired something the size of a heating pad for cold therapy. This product gets the job done. It maintains its cold/cooling result for longer than the 20 minutes recommended for icing a location. We frequently go to sleep on it. It s divided into 3 areas, so when it comes times to freeze, we fold it along the creases and stack in our freezer. We have actually not utilized for heating, however this product is remarkable for icing.

This is a fantastic ice bag, it remains cold for way longer than our flexwe ice bag. The main concern is that the ice bag hass to be frozen in a even position otherwise when you take it out it will be frozen and it s too difficult to reverse.

Kinda smaller sized than we prepared for, however they work actually well both hot and cold (for hot, the edges tend to warm up more than the middle, so utilize a fabric to get it). We have a connective tissue condition and something is * constantly * harming and requires heat or ice so it’s good to have something reusable around.

We dislike the pads that flatten out and press the gel to the sides. This one is stuffed complete of gel and remains cold longer. We we can rest on it and not break it.

Works well as long as you do not go beyond the directed microwave/heating directions. If you do that the external shell melts and the gel goes all over. We melted our first one however liked it so purchased the very same product as a replacement.

This wrap is simply the right size to twist around our elbow/arm, wrist, or forehead (when we get a sinus headache). Having the strap makes this an important purchase. We advise it.

This was a 2 pack. And it’s a best size, not to huge however adequate to cover locations requiring to be iced. It’s good to have an extra so that one can be utilized and the next one prepared when required.

This is flexible after remaining in the freezer. You can form it to fit the body part. The box came with an image of the possible usages. One was to utilize it on your fore head. We reside in florida. It is exceptionally hot here this year. We began putting it on our head (not a style declaration) when we work outside. Wow. It works. We can do backyard operate in the heat and not suffer.

We keep these in the freezer. They are best for emergency situations or when you ve pulled a little something and require to treat it.

These were best. Our child got her knowledge teeth out and these remained cold enough time and were still plyable like a gel.

Their ice bag, what can you actually state? they stay cold and they were well priced.

Love these ice bag. Our child has a knee injury and these are best.

Great ice packs. These get cold fast and last a long time prior to loosing their cold. Great product on exterior.

These packs a great. They warm up quickly in the microwave and stay warm for a minimum of half an hour. We utilize them with a wet washcloth for moist heat, they are great for cramps and other kinds of muscle pains. They stay good looking too, simple to tidy.

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