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Hubner Tannenblut Cough Syrup

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  • 250 ml cough syrup
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Please check out all label information on shipment.

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Find fast relief from cough and bronchial irritation with soothing Tannenblut CoughSyrup Clear up chest congestion, coughs, lung shortages and bronchial concerns with this alcohol free, natural syrup from Germany.brALL/ This product is an example of an old made 1000 years of age remedy that is both simple and effective.

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Question Question 1

What Are The Active Ingredients?

we have actually currently utilized it an no longer have it.All Ican state is that it did appear to assist support the body immune system and our cough.

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Exceptional. Would extremely suggest. Tastes great.

We dislike decongestants and antihistimines. This fantastic product keeps chest congestion lose.

The product work great our body reacted nearly instantly and now we feel great we are prepared to handle the world thanks.


This is by far the very best cough syrup ever made. From the first spoonful you begin feeling better from the flavor alone.

We had an awful cough and runny nose. Not even nyquil assisted. We took this syrup and it knocked the cough out within a brief time. Great things.

We had pneumonia and had actually completed our prescription antibiotics, however we began worsening. A friend of mine sugested tannenblut. Absolutely nothing else we attempted was assisting. After a two days of taking tannenblut we were getting better very quikly. We did need to get a 2nd bottle though, to complete getting better, since you need to take it a minimum of 4 times a day and the bottle isn’t that huge for just how much you need to take. This things definatly works marvels though for eliminating those coughs that remain for ever.

We reside in germany and have actually been utilizing tannenblut for several years. It’s made with an herb mix from the black forest area, is natural, and has 0% alcohol. It can be provided to little kids, has a taste and it truly assists clean up chest congestion. It’s not precisely low-cost in the u. S., however if you resemble us and do not wish to offer your children something synthetic everytime they cough, this is great. Extremely advised.

The title states all of it. The worst-tasting, most effective cough syrup we have ever found.

The finest.

Very good. Purchasing it not very first time.

Good tasting, very effective, gets the job done.

We initially found this product in israel. We required a cough medicine and it remained in a drug shop. We believed we might find it at and mored than happy that we might get it whenever we required it. It is fantastic to be able to sleep without coughing. We could not find another product that would do the exact same thing.

We too found this cough syrup while residing in israel. It is genuinely fantastic things. We have actually been offering it to our child considering that she was a years of age for coughs and absolutely nothing works like this. We both enjoy the taste of it too. It is rather expensive, however well worth it.

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