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How To Stop Cold Sores?

How To Stop Cold Sores

If you feel like you are in a never ending cycle of dealing with cold sores, it is time to stop them! There are many action steps you can take in order to do so. Identifying those triggers that cause them is very important.

Taking immediate action is important to stop the cold sore from developing. If you feel itching, burning, and tingling then there is a good chance one is developing under the surface. Begin cleansing the area with milk, with essential oils and herbs, and applying ice. The use of ibuprofen will also reduce swelling. Early intervention can stop a full cold sore development from occurring.

Eat right and you can stop cold sores before they even develop. This includes drinking lots of water to flush toxins from the body. A diet that has too much salt, too much acid, or too much sugar can result in cold sores developing. Sometimes, it is an underlying food allergy that you aren’t aware of that is the culprit.

A healthy immune system is essential if you want to stop cold sores from developing. Make sure you wash your hands frequently to reduce the spread of germs. Get a flu shot in the winter so that you are less likely to get a flu strain. Take vitamins to supplement what you get from your healthy diet.

Reduce stress if you want to end the cycle of cold sores. This is one of the most vital areas where many affected individuals need to make change. Meditation, better communication, and even better organizational skills can all help with reducing stress factors that may trigger cold sore outbreaks.

Be careful when it comes to how you come into contact with bodily fluids of others. Avoid doing so when they have signs of cold sores as they are highly contagious. Don’t eat with the same utensils or drink out of the same container as others. Know your sexual partners well before you become intimate so that you don’t come into contact with genital related cold sores. The use of a condom can also offer protection.

Talk to your doctor if you have issues with cold sores and your other choices for stopping them haven’t been enough. They can help you with evaluating other causes that are specific to your body. It may be necessary for you to take medications that can end the cycle of cold sores from developing.

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