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How To Heal Cold Sore

How To Heal Cold Sore

How To Heal Cold Sore

Cold sores are a contagious disease residing in the host body. Normally, it starts as a small lump and then it bulges out and forms a blister which is painful, oozing and contagious. This blister is not a pretty sight as it is usually on the face and it swells and forms a red spot which grows into a bigger lump before passing into remission. This virus may lie dormant for years or it may attack you every month. Cold sore can cause a person to withdraw from embarrassment.

Some of the early symptoms that the virus is getting ready to flare up are a tingling feeling and then a small lump which eventually develops into a bigger lump. This bigger lump may not swell but in some cases a small lump swell up and presents a nasty oozing sore. Many people find it emotionally disturbing to find this lump right at the corner of the lip, and cold sores.

As we know, humans need oxygen for basic bodily functions. Oxygen contains certain properties which help in metabolism. Without these basic functions the human body cannot continue to live. Lack of oxygen in the blood cells causes diseases to be able to run rampant. Disease causing bacteria and virus tend to survive in conditions where there is low amount of oxygen. Herpes simplex virus type 1 cannot be destroyed by increasing the amount of oxygen levels in the body but it can be made dormant.

Discover how cold sore can be effectively controlled. Oxygen supplements are generally recommended by doctors all over the world. Alternate medicine consultants also recommend medications and oxygen supplement drops. These oxygen supplement drops are easily absorbed by the body due to their fluid state. These drops are available in pharmacies and from chemists and over the internet as over the counter drugs.

Increased levels of nascent oxygen is very helpful for other body process such as digestion, increased levels of energy, blood flow, immune system, etc. Oxygen is a free radical scavenger and it is known to cure many disease caused by anaerobic bacteria in the body without damaging the tissue and aerobic bacteria.

Oxygen supplement drops do not have any smell and they do not tend to cause a nauseous feeling. These drops react with the stomach acid to produce nascent oxygen which is readily absorbed by the body, thus helping to make the herpes simplex virus dormant for long time. The cold sore can be quite stubborn, and when one shows up without warning, well cold sore can be quite demanding.

Cold Sore Free Forever – Heal Cold Sores Fast

Home treatments for cold sores have been increasingly popular as they have been seen to be more effective in not only giving cold sore quick relief, but also in speeding up the healing process, preventing further recurrence and preventing others to contract them. Here, now, is how to heal cold sores fast.

Number one: Don’t touch the sore. Squeezing, pinching, or picking a cold sore can cause bacterial infection. Moreover, cold sores are extremely contagious. Therefore, avoid kissing and sharing cups, towels, or other such items. Wash your hands frequently, and take care not to touch your eyes of genitals immediately after touching a cold sore.

Number two: Protect your cold sore against the sun. Most outbreaks are due to being exposed to the sun, so use sunscreen whenever you go outdoors for any length of time.

Number three: Change your toothbrush. Get a new toothbrush after the blister has formed and again after the attack has cleared up. This is because toothbrushes can harbour the virus. Consult your health care provider if you have frequent or severe cold sores. In some cases, you may be prescribed with an antiviral medication called acyclovir.

Number four: Use milk. Do not drink the milk. Instead, soak a cotton ball in milk and apply it to the sore to relieve pain. Also, if you feel the tell-tale tingling before the cold sore surfaces, do this treatment right away in order to help speed the healing right from the beginning.

Number five: Avoid triggers. Stress is one of the common activating factors of fever blisters. Make sure that you learn to deal with stress to prevent further outbreaks. Practice stress-busting techniques like exercise, meditation, yoga or reading. Also included in the list are fever, infections such as colds and flu, ultraviolet radiation such as sunburn, fatigue, changes in the immune system, trauma, food allergies, and menstruation.

Healing Cold Sores with Natural Remedies

Get rid of cold sores faster and prevent spreading, there are many natural ways to help speed up healing and get rid of a cold sore, here is a list of natural remedies that can speed up healing. Save money on over the counter chemicals try some of these natural and effective methods.

Tea tree oil will help it to dry out faster and also helps to disinfect it. It works best when you apply the oil the same day you feel the cold sore coming on Hydrogen peroxide will help it to dry out, oxygenate and disinfect the area.

Ice cubes pressed to the area for several minutes will reduce the blood flow to the area and cut the chances of the sore spreading. Baking soda works wonders on cold sores and fever blisters because it helps sap all the acid out of the sore and helps dry out the sore fast so your lips can begin to help correctly.

Aloe Vera also is splendid at healing cold sores in about three or four days. I would suggest keeping an Aloe Vera plant in your home. This plant has many healing properties. Aloe attacks and kills the herpes virus in all stages of its life cycle including replication, bloom, and dormancy.

Lemon Water – drinking lots of water with lemon alkalizes the body. And the vitamin c in the lemon is powerful and helps in rapid healing of skin infections fast as long as you consume enough of it each day. You can also apply a little piece of lemon skin to your cold sore or fever blister three times a day and that will help apply vitamin c directly to the infected area.

Peppermint Tea is loaded with lots of vitamins and antioxidants that help heal the sores fast. Using a tea bag to help you rid cold sores is one of the cheapest and most effective ways of riding a cold sore.

Golden-seal is amazing for its ability to fight viruses. When scientists began investigating why Goldenseal had such a powerful anti-viral effect, they found a unique component known as bebeerines, which is found almost exclusively in Goldenseal root.

Clove – Clove contains the compound eugenol, which clinical studies show has direct anti-herpetic action. The whole plant extract, like that in Prevasure, starts inhibiting both HSV-1 (oral herpes) and HSV-2 (genital herpes) within three hours. Kissing should be completely avoided when you are experiencing an outbreak. This is when the virus is most contagious and will most likely spread to a partner.

The Best Treatments to Speed Up the Healing Process of Cold Sore

Having a cold sore must be painful for some people. They need something to help them out of cold sore problem quickly. Beside it can be painful, it is also contagious and embarrass. Cold sore come from virus that lies down on your body and the virus name is Herpes Simplex Virus or HSV. This virus can active by itself if you are getting stress, cold, and anxiety. Cold sore can last 10 to 14 days and it is painful for someone. If you have cold sore on the area of lip, it means that you have oral herpes.

Oral herpes are the symptoms of cold sores and it also caused by HSV-1 or Herpes Simplex Virus type one. This virus usually stays in the nervous system and lies dormant for very long time. Because the virus itself is come from your body, there are some methods that you can do as the best and fastest way to get rid of a cold sore. Within 10 to 14 days, cold sores usually heal by your body healing system.

By using the method, you can hasten the process of cold sore healing. There are 5 methods that you can do as the fastest way to get rid of cold sore.

First, the over counter medicine is the best way to relieve the symptoms. Pain and discomfort is the feeling that you can feel when you have a cold sore. You can try to use painkiller such as acetaminophen and aspirin to relieve the pain.

Second, protecting and covering the affected area is very important. It also can speed up the healing process and protect the first area from the further infection.

Third, avoid consuming salty food. Salty food such as citrus fruit contains high salt that is aggravating the oral herpes symptoms.

Fourth, for some people home remedies are the best treatment to cure cold sore. Cold compression such as applying ice can slow down the virus metabolism and prevent the severe outbreak. Applying teabags are also effective to speed up the healing process of cold sore. The tanic acid tea on the teabag has strong antiviral properties that are good for cold sore cure.

The last, herbal treatments are also good to cure cold sore. There are many herbs such as tea tree oil, aloe Vera, sage, and witch hazel. Those herbs have a function to speed up the healing process of cold sore. By using appropriately, the herbs will work best to speed up the healing process of cold sore.

Remedies For Cold Sores And Herpes

Healing cold sores can be a tough and drawn out process. Healing cold sores is not the prettiest sight, and it is not particularly an ordeal that anyone would want to go through.

Cold sores or fever blisters are recurrent conditions characterized by the appearance of small and painful clumps of blisters on and around the lip. And they are highly contagious. If there was one good thing about this, it’s that healing cold sores takes place on its own. This condition just comes and goes, like acne, which eventually resolves after a few days to weeks.

For healing cold sores, it usually takes eight cycles of infection that spans from day one up to day ten. Some people have to deal with the process of healing cold sores for more than that, but chances are healing cold sores would not take any longer than fourteen days at most.

To better give you an idea about healing cold sores and how you can help quicken the recovery process, here are some details about the eight cycles of cold sore infection.

The first five stages in the cycle, which spans from day one through day eight, are the stages when cold sores come at peek. After that, it’s all about healing cold sores. Though, you can start healing cold sores immediately after you recognize the symptoms.

But for now, let us focus on the process of healing cold sores. At the sixth cycle to the last, from day eight today fourteen, scabs start to form to outline the infection. Later on the process of healing cold sores, the blisters will become isolated and eventually peel off.

Healing Cold Sores: Natural and Home Remedies

Aside from healing cold sores the most natural way, which is to just let it be, you can also take some steps to help quicken the process of healing cold sores. Did you know that simple cold compresses help a lot in healing cold sores? In the same way, you can use peppermint oil as an antibacterial topical ointment for healing cold sores. You can also help healing cold sores by eating healthy foods, which are high in lysine. Lysine is an essential amino acid in forming lots of bodily defences, including antibodies, haemoglobin and other.

Healing Cold Sores: Modern Medicine

Healing cold sores, though not easy, is not impossible. If you want to speed up the process even more, you can take medications prescribed by doctors. Just a word of caution, be careful when taking medicines not prescribed by your doctor, because instead of healing cold sores, this might just trigger another outbreak.

The medicines for healing cold sores come in three forms; antibacterial and oral medications; topical ointments; and anaesthetics. All of which have practically balanced effects on the body. Some medicines for healing cold sores may have certain side-effects, or are not suitable for certain people. Be sure that you are aware of this so as to help healing cold sores, without risking any downsides at all.

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