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How To Cure Cold Sore?

How To Cure Cold Sore

Cold sore is an annoying and painful blister that appears out of your mouth, commonly known as fever blisters. Since the cause of cold sore is herpes virus, they might be passed to you from a direct contact with someone else; they may be passed on by kissing, sharing eating utensils, or drinking after another person.

1. Your Immune System

Because the cause of cold sore is virus, it is a good idea to increase your immune system. Make a habit of consuming vitamin C every day, and always eat healthy food. Stress also can have a detrimental effect to your immune system.

2. Ease The Symptom Of Cold Sores

Before know how to cure cold sore, first thing you want to do is finding out how to ease the symptom. Applying ice and tea bag can help easing the symptom. Apply it on the affected area for 15 minutes a day. A tea bag also can literally cure your cold sure since it contains tannin acid that can be useful as antiviral.

3. Boost The Healing

You can do several things to help boosting the healing of your cold sore. One way is to keep your cold sore dry, also avoid direct contact with outside air whenever you go out, since it can trigger breakouts of the blisters, you can prevent contact by covering your cold sore with petroleum jelly using cotton swab whenever you are outside.

The most important thing to do is to have enough rest and reduce your stress level. Once your immune system is strengthening, your cold sore will disappear on itself. Applying lemon balm also can speed up the healing process.

There are several other cold sores remedies, but the most important thing you want to do is to boost your immune system since the cause of cold sore is a virus.

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