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Hot Cold Gel Ice Pack for ARRIS Ice Back Brace

Hot Cold Gel Ice Pack for ARRIS Ice Back Brace

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Hot Cold Gel Ice Pack for ARRIS Ice Back Brace.

  • High Compatibility Replacement ‘- The size of the ARRIS lower back ice pad is 15 x 7 inch, which works with lots of other gel ice bag in the market.
  • Work as A Standalone Ice Pad ‘- The ARRIS ice pad can be utilized on every part of your body, such as head, neck, shoulder, waist, hip, leg, wrist, foot, ankle, etc to relive muscle discomforts.
  • Hot & Cold Therapy ‘- For cold therapy, put the reusable knee ice bag in the freezer for a minimum of 90 minutes. For hot therapy, put the soft ice knee pack in the microwave or warm water. This flexible ice pad will increase the blood flow of your knee and repair work your hurt knee joint and muscles.
  • 100% Safe Product ‘- This reusable cold pad is made from non-toxic gel consisted of in leak-proof nylon.
  • 100% Cash Back Warranty ‘- If for any factor you do n`t 100% please with this knee cooling pad, you can quickly reach out to us for our 1-year FREE no-hassle replacement procedure.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Hot Cold Gel Ice Pack for ARRIS Ice Back Brace.
Color: Ice Pack Only This is an extra ice bag for ARRIS lower back ice bag (ASIN: B07 LF5Z65 K). It can likewise be utilized individually.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Hot Cold Gel Ice Pack for ARRIS Ice Back Brace.

Question Question 1

Does It Leak Through The Material After You Lay On It A While?

After a while it has a moist feel as the ice melts, however we would state that it does not leak through the material. we believe the product does a good task.

Question Question 2

There Appears To Be 3 Various Sizes.To The Seller: What Are These 3 Various Sizes?Thanks.?

Not various sizes the first choice is simply the pack that would enter into the 3rd choice. The second choice is essentially an ice bag with a strap. And the 3rd which is the very best choice is a wrap that comes with the freeze pack consisted of.

Question Question 3

What Is The Size Of The Gel Pac Itself, Omitting The Elastic Strap?

The pac is 13″ x 6″ not consisting of the straps.

Question Question 4

Exists A Way To Buy Another Insert Gel Pack?

The different gel pack has been offeredout The new batch will show up in mid June. You can keep your eyes on our shop.

Question Question 5

Does It Have Metal In It?

No psychological in it.

Question Question 6

Is This Good For A Large Ankle?

yes, the size of this ARRIS ice bag is ideal for large ankle.

Question Question 7

We Utilize This Brace Everyday, And It Actually Assists. We Use Under Our Clothing, So We Wonder, Is This Brace Washable Or Not?

we werehed mine in Luke warm water and air dried it.

Question Question 8

Is It Comfy To Utilize This Product Laying Down? Or Is It Too Bulky?

we wear t utilize it that way, however it s not so large that we believe you could.

Question Question 9

Is It Only One Size? We Can T See A Choice To Select A Size?

our company believe it is only one size.

Question Question 10

Can We Get A 2nd Ice Pack To Utilize On The Brace?

The within is made with a pocket were the ice bag suits and the exterior has two bands slots however we wear t believe you can move if you utilize the outdoors slots.They consumed for pads

Question Question 11

Do You Have A Larger Size Belt?


Question Question 12

Is This Maker Washable?

yes, simply choice out the gel pack. The outside back wrap is device washable.

Question Question 13

How Long Does It Last Cold?

It lasts about 20 minutes normally, however the use time likewise depends upon the space temperature level.

Question Question 14

How Do You Warm It Up?

our company believe 3 minutes in a microwave will work. we would begin with two minutes and go from there

Question Question 15

Can You Use This Without The Ice Pack As Support While Doing Something Active Or Is It More For Heat/Cold Therapy?

Yes no issue, you can use this back wrap without placing the ice bag.

Question Question 16

Can It Actually Fit A Plus Size Individual?

Actually we wear t understand, our size is 38 and fit completely

Question Question 17

Im A Waitress, Is This Good For Very Active Individuals?

Do you suggest while they are active? No since it falls off. However it does assist otherwise

Question Question 18

Why Is This $10 Less Expensive On The Website?Arrislife Site?

Do not knoq.Ask

Question Question 19

What Is Your Return Policy?


Question Question 20

How Do You Cold It Up?

The ice bag comes out and we put it in our freezer. It does not freeze strong however the gel gets cold and last 20 minutes. The belt works for the back however the gel pack works for any nody part required.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Hot Cold Gel Ice Pack for ARRIS Ice Back Brace, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Love this product. We purchased it after pulling a muscle in our lower back in hopes it would assist with the muscle convulsions and soreness. It got here quickly and is of good quality building. The insert has the ability to be utilized as an ice bag or as a heat pack which we found to be practical. The insert enters into the pouch for the wrap quickly and remains in location. The wrap itself is very comfy to use for extended amount of times. We used it for a couple days for the majority of the day due to the extra support it offered our lower back. The wrap is adjustable so that you can taylor the fit to your lower back contours. We would first freeze the insert and use it as a cold wrap till our temperature warmed it which took about 30+ minutes. Then we would heat the insert in the microwave for 1 minute and it would provide a great heat which assisted to unwind our muscles. Extremely suggest this product.

Purchased 2 of these for icing our knee after overall knee replacement. Worked extremely well, twisted around the knee, velcro strap held it in location. The cool result lasted over 30 minutes.

Bought this when we dropped the stairs and badly hurt our back. Stumbled around with ice bag on hand, covered in towels– unpleasant. Purchased this and it was paradise, depending on bed or sitting. Ice pack is fast freezing, simple to take in and out of the belt, thin enough to be comfy, and never ever feels wet. Belt is a generous height, has outstanding grip and change, with simply the correct amount of tightness. Flat sufficient to use under clothing. Can likewise hold heated hand towels. The finest.

We purchased this while we were recuperating from herniated back discs. We wished to ice our lower back, however with herniated discs, the worst thing you can do is sit. Nevertheless, all of the ice bag we had, we could not utilize while standing, unless we wished to hold them in location. This was the outright finest response to that issue. The ice bag that comes with the brace gets rather cold and is very resilient (we do not expect it dripping ever). The brace has a pocket to put it in, then simply strap it to our waist. It was very simple to place it where we required it and set about our day.

Happy to find it a good size. It is 3 areas of gel compacts to make one so it folds quickly at the areas after it is frozen.

After working as a tow truck operator we ruined our lower back. Since we have days that it s difficult to even move. We found this back wrap on here and chose to offer it a shot. It has genuinely been remarkable. We put it on when we first get up to assist with some relief and it works great. It is made from quality product and is very comfy to use. We would absolutely suggest.

Bought this for our relative who has routine neck and back pain due to a bulging disk. On previous sees to the physiotherapist’s workplace, they do some stretches, offer her some works out to do, and then constantly end the sessions with a cold wrap much like this one. So now when her disc flares, she can do the stretches and the workouts herself, and then end with this wrap. It is reliable and holds the cold precisely where she requires it. Perfect.

Great quality and works great. After purchasing this our relative has utilized it none stop. The strap is a substantial plus, since you can strap it on and get what you require to get done. Exceptional product suggest it thanks.

We liked this a lot that we got two. Works great for ice, simply ok for heat. Doesn t hold heat long. Our one dissatisfaction is that we desired another gel pack, not the entire brace however might not buy simply the pack. We got a card in the mail stating that if we had a facebook there was a way we might get a free pack however we wear t have facebook or anything else so we are out of luck. We want you might get the free pack another way.

Lastly a back brace that we can can use daily and have either hot or cold depending what im in the state of mind for or simply use it without. Not large very encouraging and im handicapped.

Not as huge as we had hoped, and this being for our back makes that a little a concern. Does not appear to stay cold long. All in all, not a bad product, and definitely okay for the rate. It is very functional, simply not wowed.

Have utilized it a few times now and it does assist. We did need to heat the hot/cold insert for a lot longer than they stated in the directions to get the level of heat required. The support wrap is very comfy and offers our back the compression it required to ease our pain.

We attempted numerous various back belts however they were incredibly broad and large. This is very resilient and quality is great. We are small size 2 and this belt is very comfy to use. The adjustable side straps enable our to cinch the pack on without having bulk or overlap. Gel pack freezes quickly and slips into a back pocket. Very pleased with this product.

We purchased this for our mama. She desired something that would support her back and keep pressure and this has been great for her lower neck and back pain. She is utilizing this more than the one offered by her physician. She enjoys the truth that it is adjustable and the pressure on her back is ideal. The ice bag is huge enough and she utilizes it with and without the belt. In general the quality is great and we would suggest this product to anyone.

We like this back brace. Why. Since it works. If we wear t wish to utilize the cold or heated gel-pack, we can simply rest on our heating pad. That way we can suffice up on a greater setting without getting burned. The heating pad heats up the gel pack simply great. We are then pain free all night long. Plus, when we use it under our clothes most can not inform we even have it on, even with the gel pack in location. It likewise includes more support while driving our vehicle which works well for our mid or lower back. Great task. Doc. C.

We purchased this back wrap for our other half since he has been having lower neck and back pain. We are very pleased that we chose to attempt this product. The wrap is very comfy and resilient and the insert is very simple to utilize. The insert can be frozen for cold therapy. It can likewise be boiled for moist hot therapy, and it can be utilized in the microwave for a minute. We are utilizing it for both heat and cold therapy and it has assisted ease our other half s neck and back pain.

You heat the gel pad up or freeze it, put it within the strip and velcro around your waist and let the heat/cold do it’s thing. It’s great when you’re needing to get up and down or needing to move. It sits tight while you get the benefits of a heating or cooling pad.

The product is appropriate as an ice bag, remaining cold for more than 15-20 minutes. We utilized for a knee problem and the velcro straps were great to hold pack in location. Nevertheless, the pack is not appropriate at all in the hot pack use. We warm in microwave for 40-42 sec. It comes out at a hot temperature however remains at any kind of therapeutic temperature for no longer than 4-5 minutes. Cools very quickly.

Bought this for our relative who has chronic back and joint pain. The hot-cold therapy has can be found in very helpful for her disorders– she is utilizing the product daily.

We were so delighted when this gotten here. Our lower back seems like it might simply snap from standing. We purchased the ice bag with hope’s it would ease some of the pain and without stop working, this ice bag has done simply that. Our other half utilizes it on his shoulder and now he desires his own arris ice bag. We have no grievances with this and we will be purchased another one.

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