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HONEY FEAST 95% Propolis Throat Spray

HONEY FEAST 95% Propolis Throat Spray

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of HONEY BANQUET 95% Propolis Throat Spray.

  • ABOUT PROPOLIS: Bee Propolis is a remarkable production from our bees that is anti-bacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. Propolis consists of over 300 substances mostly including polyphenols and flavonoids. The bees produce propolis from tree sap so it’s a sticky compound utilized in the hive. Propolis is generally drawn out into a liquid utilizing alcohol which is extreme on the mouth. Our extract is made WITHOUT ANY ALCOHOL.
  • NATURAL COMPONENTS THAT TASTE GOOD: Bee Propolis, non-GMO veggie glycerin, cleansed water. Premium 95% Propolis extract. There is no extreme alcohol taste. This is 100% natural propolis spray. A natural alternative to sore throat medicine.
  • COMMON UTILIZES: Immune support spray typically utilized for Flu and sore throat support, throat health, fever blister spray, kids cough, allergic relief for kids, kids cut spray, dry throat products, propolis alcohol free,
  • WARNS: Not advised for pregnant or Breast feeding women. If you dislike bee pollen or bee products seek advice from with your medical professional prior to usage. If you have a medical condition its constantly a good concept to seek advice from with your medical professional prior to utilizing any supplement.
  • ABOUT United States: We are little batch beekeepers bringing you the finest products from the hive.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on HONEY BANQUET 95% Propolis Throat Spray.
Flower Powered Wellness from the Hive Propolis Throat Spray Our Propolis Throat Spray is a remarkable immune booster made by bees. Bee propolis is made to protect the hive and is antimicrobial, anti fungal and antiviral versus hive bugs and intruders. Only 3 Components Our Propolis Throat Spray is made into a 95% propolis extract with only 3 components (Propolis, Veggie Glycerin, and Water). It tastes great and is simple on the throat. Great for tourists and for basic immune support. Made by natural beekeepers and evaluated for quality. No Alcohol – Naturally Soothing The majority of propolis extracts are made with alcohol and are extreme on the throat. Our Flower Powered Propolis Throat Spray is made with only water and veggie glycerin making it much more soothing on the throat and kid friendly. Read more Organic Floral Sources Whenever possible we pick organic flower sources found in parks & protects. These flowers are non GMO and are not sprayed with pesticides or fungicides. Urban Beekeeping We set up hives in city locations too. These hives are utilized for education and mentor individuals about bees. We likewise set up pollinator gardens to produce an environment for all pollinators consisting of bees. Natural Beekeepers We are dedicated to natural & sustainable beekeeping. Our beekeepers are establishing natural remedies to hive bugs & infections. We share our work with other beekeepers to promote the practice. Read more Little U.S.A. company We are a small company situated in the U.S.A.. Laboratory Evaluated We send out honey & hive samples to researchers to ensure you’re getting a tidy product. From GMO’s to pesticides we have actually got you covered. Bee Above IT Bee Above IT is our city beekeeping and pollinator garden effort. Read more Bee Pollen Royal Jelly BlendSuperfood HoneyMelaleuca HoneyHemp HoneyImmune Defense Energy Boost Skin Care Brain Food Honey Pollen Royal Jelly Propolis

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on HONEY BANQUET 95% Propolis Throat Spray.

Question Question 1

Where’S Made?

This Propolis is from Canada. Veggie Glycerin and water might be from Canada or the United States.

Question Question 2

What Is The Expiration Date? The Bottle In The Photo Reveals A Date Of February 2020?

A minimum of 2022

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on HONEY BANQUET 95% Propolis Throat Spray, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Hang around looking into propolis and you will see this is a remarkable handle regards to its pureness per rate. Tastes incredible too. We mainly got this due to the fact that of the speed, the things we typically get could not come for a minimum of a week and this was prime, however turns out it was half the rate and practically similar. Now as we are composing this evaluation it s gone from 9. 99 to11 99 oh well.

We acquired this to offer to our pet; given that it is a non-alcoholic tincture it is great for animals & children. He appears to like the taste and it s simple to administer, plus it assists boost his body immune system.

We have actually been fighting off a bad sinus infection with a great deal of throat concerns likewise, so we chose to provide this a shot. It is very soothing to our throat. It tastes okay too.

Very good to outstanding quality propolis. Obviously locally u. S. Sourced. We have actually reordered and on our second bottle of honey banquet. Usage for wound healing from falls on ourself and the household pet; gingivitis. Great value. Update: there is good proof at the nationwide institute of health docs, other that this spray, propolis sprays work versus coronavirus, infections, when sprayed back of throat (under specific conditions ).

We have actually only utilized this product for 4 days now and we are currently seeing good outcomes. Our dry patch throat has actually cleared substantially and we do not need to be clearing our throat all the time as held true. We are keeping back one star to see what takes place after about a week or two.

Honey banquet – bee propolis throat spray works for our throat. Did not like the quantity versus expense of the product.

Coats throat.

We had a cold that went on and on and the coughing and drain had our throat so upset. We wished to find something that wasn’t bad for us so we might utilize it typically and chose to provide this a shot. It works actually well and we would suggest it as a good alternative for sore throats.

This throat spray assists when utilizing at the start of a cold and throughout, particularly with sore throats. It’s a little bottle and simple to bring with you to utilize anytime you begin to feel a cold beginning.

We like the flavor. Not strong at all. Great to keep with you on the go. If we have a cough or something we simply provide a quick spray.

Our boy has allergic reactions that leave him with a stuffy nose and scratchy throat. This propolis spray assists with those symptoms everytime. We ensure to have a backup spray on deck due to the fact that it appears to be the only spray he likes and that assists. We have actually checked out some of these examines about taste however our boy is 8 and he doesn t mind it. He comes near us asking formore Thanks honey banquet for making our task as a mommy a little simpler. * we moms and dads understand the battle of discovering things kids like *??.

Gross flavor and we kinda anticipated that, however we didnt utilize it enough time to see if it actually worked, we utilized it in preparation for allergic reactions that we might feel beginning.

It worked for our sore throat.

This things is great. Had a cough for 2 weeks that simply wouldn t budge. We chose to buy this product due to the fact that we have actually formerly attempted their honey which was incredible, so we chose to attempt out their throat spray. Took our throat irritation away in 2 days. Certainly suggest.

This is good for our kid.

Very good.

Simply incredible. We had a sore throat the other day, utilized it for a number of hours & im ok now.

Do not like taste. Not honey, very bitter.

Its best for sorthrought.


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