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Home Remedy Cold Sore


Hemoform Serum

Do you want to get out from cold sores faster? Use Hemoform Serum for effective relief. The stuff is so good that you might find it better than any tablets. The powerful ingredients added in it allow to sooth the sore itself. Try this for quick remedy. It’s indeed a wonderful product…It is the best treatment for cold sores. It’s expensive… But it is worth!

2. Tea tree oil

Treatment of cold sores with tea tree oil works greatly well. Your tingle might just go away and the sore will disappear with less chance to occur again. Use this to come out of this tragedy that troubles you.

3. Lavender

Lavender oil too does great job in removing cold sores. In two days time you will notice that your sores vanish away. You will be at ease. Your sores will dry so fast. You can easily do it at home. Best of luck as you fight this.

4. BUY LYSINE!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!

Lysine is the number one product that works best for cold sores. It guarantees you with no further outbreaks of sores. Lysine is an amino acid. It perfectly prevents and treats cold sores. You must buy this product. It works so well that you won’t realize how it works.


Olive leaf extract is a product that is available both in liquid as well as pill forms. It is a bit costly but it is worth buying. This product treats the sores and prevents further occurrence of cold sores. It is scientifically proven for effective use. Delay no more if you want a speedy recovery.

6. Intercept CS

The fast and indeed the most used cold sore remedy now is Intercept CS. You gain perfect solution in two minutes after use. It is a fast relief. Try and you will never ever regret buying it at all?

7. Witch hazel

Witch hazel causes your redness to dry out. Thus, it prevents cold sores from occurring again. Use witch hazel for sore treatment is good.


Bicarbonate of Soda aids your cold sore to go away. You need to apply a thick layer to the sore areas and patiently wait for it to dry up into a scarp. It eventually will peel off. You might be losing hope… but be sure that it works. The sore will go in four to five days time.


Heat treatment for cold sore too works effectively. Studies showed that if you apply heat at 131F/55C straight to the sores for few seconds, the virus will be killed and the growth of the sores will be stopped. So your cold sore will go off with this remedy. You can go for it to quit sore finally.


At times you may not be aware how cold sore appears. When you notice one you need to take 800mg ibuprofen. Your swelling will cure fast. You need to dip a Q-Tip in bactine and in peroxide. Hold these on the sore for 5 minutes. Do this every two hours and your cold sore will be gone quickly in few hours. This is the good way to kill your sores in no time. Be patient to win the best.


Tea works wonders in treating your sores. All you need to do is to heat up the black tea teabag in the microwave or stove. You need to cool the bag slightly. Then apply the bag to the sore areas. Use peroxide or alcohol to disinfect the sore. You must repeat the process. You will see the size of the sore will be small by morning. Make tea to let sores vanish quickly.

12. DMSO cream

Cold sores are awful, ugly and painful to see. The best remedy, DMSO Cream delivers sufficient oxygen to the cold sore. The viruses cannot survive when oxygen is rich. You must apply to the sore areas and in back of your neck. Cover the entire sore areas with toothpaste to lock the oxygen effects of the DMSO. It kills your sores away. It helps you.

13. Zovirax

Zovirax is best suited if you use before the blisters are present. It will prevent sores from growing.

14. Oil Of Oregano Super Strength

To treat cold sore the Oil of Oregano Super Strength proves to be effective. It is in liquid form. You need to take 3 drops under your tongue once daily. You need to take this constantly to be cold sore free. Have a good use of it always to prevent outbreaks again.


Make a paste from Alum powder and a drop of water. Apply the paste to cold sores. The sores will stop swelling and will eventually clean in few days. You will be cold sore free. It’s easy to do… it’s cheap. It causes you no side effects at all. So use this to be normal self again… No shame, no pain evermore.


Samurai Virus Buster is highly recommended for treatment of all symptoms especially for cold sores. Your cold symptoms will be less. It is worth a try. You can get it in an affordable price. The result will be perfect.


Cold sore makes you horrible and disgusting. Sores manifest incurable herpes simplex virus. You must treat to remove them away. Garlic has antiviral properties which cures cold sore. Place pieces of garlic on sores. The sores will be destroyed fully. This causes much consolation to all who suffered from cold sore. It doesn’t sting you but heal you fully.


Need simple, easy home treatment for cold sores? Use Ice cube for combating cold sore. You have to wrap the ice cube in a towel. Hold the ice cube on the sores as often as possible. The sores will go away. It works better than any over the counter creams. Do it and experience the change in you. The cold sore is no more…


Rubbing Alcohol directly on the sore helps a lot to dry out. The earlier you apply on the spots the better the improvements. It removes the redness away. Try to use as much as possible to be free from cold sores. It amazingly works… have a try and feel the difference…


Want to rid cold sore finally? Use Magnesium oil. Your cold sore will reduce the first day itself. In few days time you won’t believe it will be fully gone. You must spray well to work well. The pain and burn will heal naturally. You can see smooth lips… better than before…

21. Mederma

You can use Mederma to clear your skin once the sore disappeared. Apply this once or twice a day for best results. Do use this to beautify your skin again…

22. Campho-Phenique.

Campho-Phenique is an antiseptic gel that treats to dry the sore in few days time. It works best as it kills bacteria thus prevents future occurrences. Use this gel and be out of your cold sore.

23. Acyclovir

Acyclovir is a product used to treat the first stage of cold sore. You need to take one or two pills every 4 hours for 4-5 days constantly. This will stop the sore from breaking further and heal you in time. When you notice you have cold sore take acyclovir right away. If you are prone to cold sore often, it’s best you include it in your health kit as well.