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Health Solutions SinuAir Powdered Saline

Health Solutions SinuAir Powdered Saline

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Health Solutions SinuAir Powdered Saline.

  • Ph well balanced saline mix
  • 200 g affordable refill
  • No preservatives
  • Easy to liquify
  • Consists of determining spoon

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Health Solutions SinuAir Powdered Saline.
Size: Person SinuAir is a naturally created powdered saline mix for utilize as both a nasal spray and sinus watering solution. It is created to approximate the body’s natural salinity structure and is finest utilized with the SinuPulse Elite. Advised by leading healthcare specialists for sinus and allergy relief consisting of sinus infection, sinus problems, and post nasal drip. SinuAir is created to liquify better and consists of no preservatives, iodine, or silica that might hurt delicate nasal membranes. It is particularly advantageous to thin nasal secretions and clear stuffy, blocked nasal passages without the frustrating burning or stinging feeling. Might be utilized as both a hypertonic or isotonic solution.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Health Solutions SinuAir Powdered Saline.

Question Question 1

What Are The Components?

Sodium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate, PotassiumChloride, Calcium Chloride.FYI: we find it most effective when utilized with another product called Alkalol a mucus Solvent and cleaner.

Question Question 2

Does This Include The Little Spray Bottle Displayed In The Picture?Can We Simply Utilize It Like That?

Yes, when we have bought SinuAir in the bottle (instead of the packages), it came as revealed – with the bottle. The bottle can then be utilized to mix and utilize the powder.

Question Question 3

What Is The Country Of Origin For This Saline Powder? There Is Absolutely nothing On The Packages That Definitively States Where It Is Made.?

There is a toll-free number on the bottle. we called. The powder is made in the U.S.A..

Question Question 4

Is The Bottle Leak Evidence In A Knapsack?

Sorry, we never ever utilized the offered bottle. we only mixed the powder for the plug in system. we believe it would be great. The powder is truly not that unique. It does not mix in addition to NeilMed. Honestly, we are ill and fed up with all of the powders, however the Neilmed Blends quickly and does not sting at all. Good Luck.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Health Solutions SinuAir Powdered Saline, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Actually like this things. We had been coming off the shop purchased neilmed things initially and we do remember it taking a little getting utilized to. We have attempted going utilizing neilmed again couple times (purchased some at a shop when we forgot to refill) and we in fact do not like that kind any longer. What we like:- we can change the strength as required- less waste/ more eco-friendly/ less frustrating plans to deal withwhat we do not like:- we do netwe pots relativelyfrequently Not simply when we believe we may be getting ill. We want they had an even larger one than the refill containers (which are at least rather larger than this). Something that was at least a 32 oz/ 900 ml would be remarkable. – would be great if the container neck was broader and/ or had a put spout. Truthfully, if it was simply a square box with a snap-on seal type cover, that would be perfect (simple to make, simple to leave, simple to fit the scooper in even when it gets low).

We are 47 years of age male and have very bad all year allergic reactions. We utilized to get sinus infections severely a minimum of 4 times a year. We have had endoscopic nasal surgical treatment done by our ent two times and now (knock on wood) with medications and this product we might only get a sinus infection as soon as a yerar. Medication nasal sprays for allergic reactions are need to however so is self care. We do a nasal watering of our sinuses every night and our medical professional states it is this self care that has us a lotbetter And this sinuair powder is what we utilize for our nighttime watering. We have a nasal spray bottle and we mix one spoonful of this powder with water for a gentle cleansing and moisturizing nasal wash. It is so soothing and takes very little time. Plus making this part of your daily routine will keep the sinus infections away and keep your allergic reactions at bay. We have acquired this powder from allergy websites and our medical professional’s workplace however this rate here is an incredible bargain. We believe with allergic reactions so widespread now that individuals forget self care is the main resource to good heath. This product is suggested by leading ent’s and specialists. Our nose states thank you every day and our health has been a lotbetter We simply wish to end by stating this powder is very gentle and soothing when utilized. It does not sting or trigger any irritation. If you have allergic reactions, sinus infections and headaches or a stuffy nose, this product is a must.

We utilize saline in a number of various gadgets – this bottle is what we acquire and bought due to the fact that it’s hassle-free, large and affordable. It comes with a little scoop for usasuring out the saline powder, and it’s great due to the fact that you can make the concentration to the strength of your picking.

This, integrated with the ainu pulse watering system is possibly the very best natural allergy relief made duration. A chronic spring allergy victim, we have attempted almost whatever and anything to great relief. This system integrated with the allergy watering nasal system is better than any antihistamine we have attempted. Usage to the two together and you have a complete evidence solution to your allergy and cold issues. Well worth the cash. Strikes an ideal success in rate here again.

We began utilizing sinuair every day (in our sinupulse elite advanced nasal sinus watering system), and now utilize it every other day. Formerly, we were on a daily routine of saline solution and rhinocort. Because beginning sinuair, we no longer need to utilize rhinocort (a steroid, which constantly made us anxious to utilize daily). We reside in houston where allergic reactions are basically an all year issue. Sinuair keeps our allergic reactions under control without the requirement for extra medications.

This saline product is a completely appropriate replacement for the more pricey grossan breathe ease xl mix. Sinuair offers the exact same concentration in a bigger package and with a lower rate, and the efficiency is identical from breathe ease.

Never ever burns or aggravates. When we run out and require to utilize another product, we constantly regret it.

Easy to mix and does a great task with our sinus aire pump. Made some up for the little sprayer that comes with it. Provided to next-door neighbor she likes it. Ok, we were getting near to the time to re order this however we began to believe that the rate was a bit high for 200 grams of salt. So we looked into on the internet and found this home made dish. 2 parts salt to 1 part baking soda. We comprised a batch in a little mason jar. We included 1/2 cup salt and 1/4 cup baking soda at a time and then put cap on and shook it to mix then included next part and duplicated up until complete. Our home made works simply as well and costs about 75 cents for 200 grams.

Great things. Forget the bottle.

If you or you household has a stuffy nose due to allergy or sinus problems sinuair provides you a relief. Simple to utilize with your netipot and to make your one saline spray.

Works in addition to the pre-packaged private packages.

Love this saline mix. Does not contain the preservatives that were burning our sinuses. The factor we are utilizing saline rinse in the first location is due to the fact that our sinuses get dry in the winter and burn. Delighted we found this product.

We choose this saline powder over all other brand names. We have severe sinus issues and utilize a maker to rinse two times daily. This powder is gentle on the sinus’s and liquifies quickly.

We suffer from chronic sinus infections. We utilize this product to assist avoid them and to clear our passages throughout. Works great.

Great alternative to private packages when you require a bigger volume of saline solution.

Our preferred to utilize in our netwe pot. So great and carefully ground and comes with a little scooper. Love this one.

Works well. Appears to be weaker solution than either salt or another brand we have been utilizing. The other brand we utilized no longer offers in large container, however in more pricey little packages.

Got here on time and as explained.

We can’t survive an allergy season without saline lavage. And we constantly return to the source. Sinuair, utilized in the sinupulse system, is a blessing.

Great saline rinse solution. Usage practically every day and it assists keep our sinuses clear. We would state this is the very best saline solution out there.

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