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HALLS Relief Black Cherry Sugar Free Cough Drops

HALLS Relief Black Cherry Sugar Free Cough Drops

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of HALLS Relief Black Cherry Sugar Free Cough Drops.

  • 12 plans of 25 HALLS Relief Black Cherry Sugar Free Cough Drops
  • Relieves coughs, relieves sore throats and cools nasal passages
  • Usage with allergy medication for included relief
  • Includes 5.8 mg of menthol per drop to eliminate symptoms
  • Sugar free cough drops accommodate a range of way of lives

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More Info:

Here are some more information on HALLS Relief Black Cherry Sugar Free Cough Drops.
HALLS Relief Black Cherry Sugar Free Cough Drops are all set for whatever life tosses, or coughs, your way. With 5.8 mg of menthol per drop, these cherry cough drops eliminate coughs, soothe sore throats and cool nasal passages to eliminate your worst symptoms. The satisfying and refreshing black cherry flavor is sugar free, making these cough suppressant drops great for a range of way of lives. Whether you’re utilizing HALLS cough drops for sore throat relief, cough relief or as an oral anesthetic, simply liquify one drop in your mouth gradually, and repeat every two hours as required. HALLS Relief menthol cough drops are developed for adults and children 5 years and older. Each package consists of 12 resealable bags including 25 drops each.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on HALLS Relief Black Cherry Sugar Free Cough Drops.

Question Question 1

Are The Drops Individually Wraped?


Question Question 2

Are These Mentholated Cough Drops Or Like The Citrus Free Candy Cough Drops? We Normally Buy The Citrus Assorted Fruits However They Are All Out?

These cough drops have eucalyptus oil to name a few components. They are real cough drops. we buy the sugar free Black Cherry flavor and they work for us.Dave in Canton, Ohio

Question Question 3

Does This Product Have Any Carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates would be sugar.And the labeling states no sugar.

Question Question 4

Do These Have Advantage Of Real Black Cherry, Or Phony Flavoring?

There does not seem any natural black cherry in this product, according to the component list on the package.The list reveals “flavors” and other non-active components, absolutely nothing that states natural or real.

Question Question 5

Are The Cough Drops Individually Covered? If So Are They Paper Or Foil Wrapped?Thanks.?

They are individually wrap in a comparable wax paper sorta of product. Which likewise specifies sugar free on the wrappers

Question Question 6

Does This Product Have Any Carbohydrates?

The package doesn t state anything about carbs. There are 5 calories per drop and they do contain soy.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on HALLS Relief Black Cherry Sugar Free Cough Drops, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Absolutely nothing truly to state. These are what they are – halls cough drops. Very soothing and we like sugar-free. Bought these since they’re not offered in your area any longer. Good rate, and showed up immediately in good condition. Will buy again.

We could not find these cough drops in shops sometimes so getting this huge batch was great.

This was a good rate forthese They appear to be a bit off on the flavor. Perhaps they re a little old, since some of the wrappers rip when opening. This flavor is our preferred cough drop since it is yummy, with menthol, and truly assists with sore throat/cough.

These conserve us at work. We operate in customer support and invest 8 hours a day on the phone. We cant survive a day with out them.

This truly works to clear out the back of our throat to keep us from coughing.

We acquired these for our friend who is diabetic. She is very pleased with the way they eliminate her scratchy throat which is the outcome of living in a high allergy location and whatever is flowering now with great deals of pollen in the air.

We utilize for a cough and 5. 8 mg of menthol is a good quantity without being too strong. We need to turn down the honey lemon flavor at 7. 6 mg menthol as too much of a good thing.

We have allergy & get a tickle in our throat so these drops assist a lot 2 control cough. Kk.

Acquired at lower rate than other alternatives. Cherry flavor is a preferred at our home. Very fresh and was available in hall’s box.

We attempt to see our sugar and these are terrific for the flavor and truly assists.

Great value for a case of cough drops. Taste is good. Difficult to find sugar free drops.

While hall’s does not have the absolute best cherry flavoring we have come across in a cough drop it’s all right and, more notably, the cough drops work well. We go through a reasonable variety of cough drops due to allergic reactions, so this bulk order matches us well. We choose for the sugar free in deference to our dental professional’s costs. We have found that drawing on the less expensive ones with sugar expenses more than drawing on the spendier sugar free variety.:-RRB-.

These were priced right and had good flavor. They are sugar free. Worked well for us.

Great for cough or dry throat and tastes good too.

Sore throat relief and some cough relief with immediate shipment.

Long earlier, when giving up smoking cigarettes, we began a search for a throat-moisturizer and oral fix/candy/snack alternative. We were likewise quiting sugarproducts We required a portable mouth-throat moisturizer likewise for hiking tracks in our very dry environment here. This serves every purpose very well. We have not wearied of these in lots of a year, and can’t picture what we would do without them. Where we go, they go.

Product showed up when guaranteed.

Great value and truly assists the cough.

Work like they should. Great offer.

The only flavor sugar free we like.

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